Original textModern textKey line
Heere, if it please you. Here, an't please you.2H4 III.ii.101
Yea, if it please you. Yea, an't please you.2H4 III.ii.105
I was prickt well enough before, if you could I was pricked well enough before, an you could2H4 III.ii.111
haue let me alone: my old Dame will be vndone now, for have let me alone. My old dame will be undone now for2H4 III.ii.112
one to doe her Husbandry, and her Drudgery; you need one to do her husbandry and her drudgery. You need2H4 III.ii.113
not to haue prickt me, there are other men fitter to not to have pricked me; there are other men fitter to2H4 III.ii.114
goe out, then I. go out than I.2H4 III.ii.115
Spent? Spent?2H4 III.ii.118
And good Master Corporall Captaine, for my old And, good Master Corporal Captain, for my old2H4 III.ii.223
Dames sake, stand my friend: shee hath no body to doe dame's sake stand my friend. She has nobody to do2H4 III.ii.224
any thing about her, when I am gone: and she is old, and anything about her when I am gone, and she is old and2H4 III.ii.225
cannot helpe her selfe: you shall haue fortie, sir. cannot help herself. You shall have forty, sir.2H4 III.ii.226

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