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'Saue you, Sir Iohn. God save you, Sir John!2H4 II.iv.106
I will discharge vpon her (Sir Iohn) with two I will discharge upon her, Sir John, with two2H4 II.iv.110
Bullets. bullets.2H4 II.iv.111
Then to you (Mistris Dorothie) I will charge Then to you, Mistress Dorothy! I will charge2H4 II.iv.117
you. you.2H4 II.iv.118
I know you, Mistris Dorothie. I know you, Mistress Dorothy.2H4 II.iv.123
I will murther your Ruffe, God let me not live but I will murder your ruff2H4 II.iv.130
for this. for this.2H4 II.iv.131
Not I: I tell thee what, Corporall Bardolph, I Not I; I tell thee what, Corporal Bardolph, I2H4 II.iv.149
could teare her: Ile be reueng'd on her. could tear her! I'll be revenged of her.2H4 II.iv.150
Ile see her damn'd first: to Pluto's damn'd I'll see her damned first! To Pluto's damned2H4 II.iv.152
Lake, to the Infernall Deepe, where Erebus lake, by this hand, to th' infernal deep, with Erebus and2H4 II.iv.153
and Tortures vilde also. Hold Hooke and Line, say I: Downe: tortures vile also! Hold hook and line, say I! Down2H4 II.iv.154
downe Dogges, downe Fates: haue wee not Hiren here? down, dogs! Down, faitours! Have we not Hiren here?2H4 II.iv.155
These be good Humors indeede. Shall Pack-Horses, These be good humours indeed! Shall packhorses,2H4 II.iv.158
and hollow-pamper'd Iades of Asia, And hollow pampered jades of Asia,2H4 II.iv.159
which cannot goe but thirtie miles a day, Which cannot go but thirty mile a day,2H4 II.iv.160
compare with Caesar, and with Caniballs, Compare with Caesars and with Cannibals,2H4 II.iv.161
and Troian Greekes? nay, rather damne them with And Troyant Greeks? Nay, rather damn them with2H4 II.iv.162
King Cerberus, and let the Welkin roare: King Cerberus, and let the welkin roar!2H4 II.iv.163
shall wee fall foule for Toyes? Shall we fall foul for toys?2H4 II.iv.164
Die men, like Dogges; giue Crownes like Pinnes: Haue Die men like dogs! Give crowns like pins! Have2H4 II.iv.169
we not Hiren here? we not Hiren here?2H4 II.iv.170
Then feed, and be fat (my faire Calipolis.) Then feed and be fat, my fair Calipolis!2H4 II.iv.174
Come, giue me some Sack, Come, give's some sack.2H4 II.iv.175
Si fortune me tormente, sperato me contente. Si fortune me tormente sperato me contento .2H4 II.iv.176
Feare wee broad-sides? No, let the Fiend giue fire: Fear we broadsides? No, let the fiend give fire!2H4 II.iv.177
Giue me some Sack: and Sweet-heart lye thou there: Give me some sack. And, sweetheart, lie thou there!2H4 II.iv.178
Come wee to full Points here, and are et cetera's no-thing? Come we to full points here? And are etceteras nothings?2H4 II.iv.179
Sweet Knight, I kisse thy Neaffe: what? wee haue Sweet knight, I kiss thy neaf. What! We have2H4 II.iv.181
seene the seuen Starres. seen the seven stars!2H4 II.iv.182
Thrust him downe stayres? know we not Thrust him downstairs? Know we not2H4 II.iv.185
Galloway Nagges? Galloway nags?2H4 II.iv.186
What? shall wee haue Incision? shall wee embrew? What! Shall we have incision? Shall we imbrue?2H4 II.iv.191
then Death rocke me asleepe, abridge my dolefull dayes: Then death rock me asleep, abridge my doleful days!2H4 II.iv.192
why then let grieuous, gastly, gaping Wounds, Why then, let grievous, ghastly, gaping wounds2H4 II.iv.193
vntwin'd the Sisters three: Come Atropos, I say. Untwind the Sisters Three! Come, Atropos, I say!2H4 II.iv.194
Sir Iohn, 'saue you sir. Sir John, God save you!2H4 V.iii.84
Not the ill winde which blowes none to good, Not the ill wind which blows no man to good.2H4 V.iii.86
sweet Knight: Thou art now one of the greatest men in Sweet knight, thou art now one of the greatest men in2H4 V.iii.87
the Realme. this realm.2H4 V.iii.88
Puffe? Puff?2H4 V.iii.91
puffe in thy teeth, most recreant Coward base. Puff i'thy teeth, most recreant coward base!2H4 V.iii.92
Sir Iohn, I am thy Pistoll, and thy Friend: Sir John, I am thy Pistol and thy friend,2H4 V.iii.93
helter skelter haue I rode to thee, And helter-skelter have I rode to thee,2H4 V.iii.94
and tydings do I bring, and luckie ioyes, And tidings do I bring, and lucky joys,2H4 V.iii.95
and golden Times, and happie Newes of price. And golden times, and happy news of price.2H4 V.iii.96
A footra for the World, and Worldlings base, A foutre for the world and worldlings base!2H4 V.iii.99
I speake of Affrica, and Golden ioyes. I speak of Africa and golden joys.2H4 V.iii.100
Shall dunghill Curres confront the Hellicons? Shall dunghill curs confront the Helicons?2H4 V.iii.104
And shall good newes be baffel'd? And shall good news be baffled?2H4 V.iii.105
Then Pistoll lay thy head in Furies lappe. Then, Pistol, lay thy head in Furies' lap.2H4 V.iii.106
Why then Lament therefore. Why then, lament therefore.2H4 V.iii.108
Vnder which King? Bezonian, speake, or dye. Under which king, Besonian? Speak, or die.2H4 V.iii.113
Harry the Fourth? or Fift? Harry the Fourth, or Fifth?2H4 V.iii.114.2
A footra for thine Office. A foutre for thine office!2H4 V.iii.115.2
Sir Iohn, thy tender Lamb-kinne, now is King, Sir John, thy tender lambkin now is King;2H4 V.iii.116
Harry the Fift's the man, I speake the truth. Harry the Fifth's the man. I speak the truth – 2H4 V.iii.117
When Pistoll lyes, do this, and figge-me, like When Pistol lies, do this, and fig me, like2H4 V.iii.118
The bragging Spaniard. The bragging Spaniard.2H4 V.iii.119.1
As naile in doore. The things I speake, are iust. As nail in door! The things I speak are just.2H4 V.iii.120
What? I do bring good newes. What, I do bring good news?2H4 V.iii.126
Let Vultures vil'de seize on his Lungs also: Let vultures vile seize on his lungs also!2H4 V.iii.137
Where is the life that late I led, say they? ‘ Where is the life that late I led?’ say they;2H4 V.iii.138
Why heere it is, welcome those pleasant dayes. Why, here it is. Welcome these pleasant days!2H4 V.iii.139
Blesse thy Lungs, good Knight. God bless thy lungs, good knight!2H4 V.v.9
'Tis semper idem: for obsque hoc nihil est. 'Tis all 'Tis semper idem, for obsque hoc nihil est; 'tis all2H4 V.v.28
in euery part. in every part.2H4 V.v.29
My Knight, I will enflame thy Noble Liuer, My knight, I will inflame thy noble liver,2H4 V.v.31
and make thee rage. And make thee rage.2H4 V.v.32
Thy Dol, and Helen of thy noble thoghts Thy Doll, and Helen of thy noble thoughts,2H4 V.v.33
is in base Durance, and contagious prison: Is in base durance and contagious prison,2H4 V.v.34
Hall'd thither Haled thither2H4 V.v.35
by most Mechanicall and durty hand. By most mechanical and dirty hand.2H4 V.v.36
Rowze vppe Reuenge from Ebon den, with fell Alecto's Snake, Rouse up Revenge from ebon den with fell Alecto's snake,2H4 V.v.37
for Dol is in. Pistol, speakes nought but troth. For Doll is in. Pistol speaks naught but truth.2H4 V.v.38
There roar'd the Sea: and Trumpet Clangour sounds. There roared the sea, and trumpet-clangour sounds.2H4 V.v.40
The heauens thee guard, and keepe, most royall The heavens thee guard and keep, most royal2H4 V.v.42
Impe of Fame. imp of fame!2H4 V.v.43
Si fortuna me tormento, spera me contento. Si fortune me tormenta, spero me contenta.2H4 V.v.99

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