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Good-morrow, good Cousin Shallow. Good morrow, good cousin Shallow.2H4 III.ii.4
Alas, a blacke Ouzell (Cousin Shallow.) Alas, a black woosel, cousin Shallow!2H4 III.ii.7
Indeede Sir, to my cost. Indeed, sir, to my cost.2H4 III.ii.11
You were call'd lustie Shallow then (Cousin.) You were called ‘ lusty Shallow ’ then, cousin.2H4 III.ii.15
This Sir Iohn (Cousin) that comes hither anon This Sir John, cousin, that comes hither anon2H4 III.ii.26
about Souldiers? about soldiers?2H4 III.ii.27
Wee shall all follow (Cousin.) We shall all follow, cousin.2H4 III.ii.34
Truly Cousin, I was not there. By my troth, I was not there.2H4 III.ii.38
Dead, Sir. Dead, sir.2H4 III.ii.41
Thereafter as they be: a score of good Ewes may Thereafter as they be; a score of good ewes may2H4 III.ii.49
be worth tenne pounds. be worth ten pounds.2H4 III.ii.50
Heere come two of Sir Iohn Falstaffes Men (as I Here come two of Sir John Falstaff's men, as I2H4 III.ii.52
thinke.) think.2H4 III.ii.53
Your good Worship is welcome. Your good worship is welcome.2H4 III.ii.91
That's fiftie fiue yeeres agoe. That's fifty-five year ago.2H4 III.ii.205
Ah sirra (quoth-a) we shall Ah, sirrah! quoth 'a, we shall2H4 V.iii.16
doe nothing but eate, and make good cheere, (sings) Do nothing but eat, and make good cheer,2H4 V.iii.17
and praise heauen for the merrie yeere: And praise God for the merry year,2H4 V.iii.18
when flesh is cheape, and Females deere, When flesh is cheap and females dear,2H4 V.iii.19
and lustie Lads rome heere, and there: And lusty lads roam here and there,2H4 V.iii.20
so merrily, So merrily,2H4 V.iii.21
and euer among so merrily. And ever among so merrily.2H4 V.iii.22
Be merry, be merry, my wife ha's all. Be merry, be merry, my wife has all,2H4 V.iii.32
For women are Shrewes, both short, and tall: For women are shrews, both short and tall.2H4 V.iii.33
'Tis merry in Hall, when Beards wagge all; 'Tis merry in hall, when beards wags all,2H4 V.iii.34
And welcome merry Shrouetide. Be merry, be merry. And welcome merry Shrovetide! Be merry, be merry.2H4 V.iii.35
Who I? I haue beene merry twice and once, ere Who, I? I have been merry twice and once ere2H4 V.iii.38
now. now.2H4 V.iii.39
A Cup of Wine, that's briske and fine, A cup of wine that's brisk and fine,2H4 V.iii.45
& drinke vnto the Leman mine: And drink unto thee, leman mine,2H4 V.iii.46
and a merry heart liues long-a. And a merry heart lives long-a.2H4 V.iii.47
If we shall be merry, now comes in the sweete An we shall be merry, now comes in the sweet2H4 V.iii.49
of the night. o'th' night.2H4 V.iii.50
Fill the Cuppe, and let it come. Fill the cup, and let it come,2H4 V.iii.52
Ile pledge you a mile to the bottome. I'll pledge you a mile to th' bottom.2H4 V.iii.53
Do me right, Do me right,2H4 V.iii.73
and dub me Knight, And dub me knight:2H4 V.iii.74
Samingo. Samingo.2H4 V.iii.75
Is't not so? Is't not so?2H4 V.iii.76
Is't so? Why then say an old man can do Is't so? Why then, say an old man can do2H4 V.iii.78
somwhat. somewhat.2H4 V.iii.79
Indeed, I thinke he bee, but Goodman Puffe of By'r lady, I think 'a be, but goodman Puff of2H4 V.iii.89
Barson. Barson.2H4 V.iii.90
And Robin-hood, Scarlet, and Iohn. And Robin Hood, Scarlet, and John.2H4 V.iii.103
Honest Gentleman, I know not your breeding. Honest gentleman, I know not your breeding.2H4 V.iii.107