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Thus Brutus did my Master bid me kneele;Thus, Brutus, did my master bid me kneel;JC III.i.123
Thus did Mark Antony bid me fall downe,Thus did Mark Antony bid me fall down;JC III.i.124
And being prostrate, thus he bad me say:And, being prostrate, thus he bade me say:JC III.i.125
Brutus is Noble, Wise, Valiant, and Honest;Brutus is noble, wise, valiant, and honest;JC III.i.126
Casar was Mighty, Bold, Royall, and Louing:Caesar was mighty, bold, royal, and loving:JC III.i.127
Say, I loue Brutus, and I honour him;Say I love Brutus, and I honour him;JC III.i.128
Say, I fear'd Casar, honour'd him, and lou'd him.Say I feared Caesar, honoured him, and loved him.JC III.i.129
If Brutus will vouchsafe, that AntonyIf Brutus will vouchsafe that AntonyJC III.i.130
May safely come to him, and be resolu'dMay safely come to him, and be resolvedJC III.i.131
How Casar hath deseru'd to lye in death,How Caesar hath deserved to lie in death,JC III.i.132
Mark Antony, shall not loue Casar deadMark Antony shall not love Caesar deadJC III.i.133
So well as Brutus liuing; but will followSo well as Brutus living; but will followJC III.i.134
The Fortunes and Affayres of Noble Brutus,The fortunes and affairs of noble BrutusJC III.i.135
Thorough the hazards of this vntrod State,Thorough the hazards of this untrod state,JC III.i.136
With all true Faith. So sayes my Master Antony.With all true faith. So says my master Antony.JC III.i.137
Ile fetch him presently. I'll fetch him presently.JC III.i.142.2
Sir, Octauius is already come to Rome.Sir, Octavius is already come to Rome.JC III.ii.264
He and Lepidus are at Casars house.He and Lepidus are at Caesar's house.JC III.ii.266
I heard him say, Brutus and CassiusI heard him say Brutus and CassiusJC III.ii.270
Are rid like Madmen through the Gates of Rome.Are rid like madmen through the gates of Rome.JC III.ii.271

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