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So, your opinion is Auffidius,So, your opinion is, Aufidius,Cor I.ii.1
That they of Rome are entred in our Counsailes,That they of Rome are entered in our counselsCor I.ii.2
And know how we proceede,And know how we proceed.Cor I.ii.3.1
Our Armie's in the Field:Our army's in the field.Cor I.ii.17.2
We neuer yet made doubt but Rome was readyWe never yet made doubt but Rome was readyCor I.ii.18
To answer vs.To answer us.Cor I.ii.19.1
All. ALL
The Gods assist you.The gods assist you!Cor I.ii.36.2
Farewell.Farewell.Cor I.ii.37.2
All. ALL
Farewell. Farewell.Cor I.ii.38
No, nor a man that feares you lesse then he,No, nor a man that fears you less than he:Cor I.iv.14
Are bringing forth our youth: Wee'l breake our WallesAre bringing forth our youth. We'll break our wallsCor I.iv.16
Rather then they shall pound vs vp our Gates,Rather than they shall pound us up. Our gates,Cor I.iv.17
Which yet seeme shut, we haue but pin'd with Rushes,Which yet seem shut, we have but pinned with rushes;Cor I.iv.18
They'le open of themselues. Alarum farre off. Harke you, farre offThey'll open of themselves. (Alarum far off) Hark you, far off!Cor I.iv.19
There is Auffidious. List what worke he makesThere is Aufidius. List what work he makesCor I.iv.20
Among'st your clouen Army.Amongst your cloven army.Cor I.iv.21.1