Original textModern textKey line
Thy biddings haue beene done, & euerie houreThy biddings have been done; and every hour,AC I.iv.34
Most Noble Casar, shalt thou haue reportMost noble Caesar, shalt thou have reportAC I.iv.35
How 'tis abroad. Pompey is strong at Sea,How 'tis abroad. Pompey is strong at sea,AC I.iv.36
And it appeares, he is belou'd of thoseAnd it appears he is beloved of thoseAC I.iv.37
That only haue feard Casar: to the PortsThat only have feared Caesar; to the portsAC I.iv.38
The discontents repaire, and mens reportsThe discontents repair, and men's reportsAC I.iv.39
Giue him much wrong'd.Give him much wronged.AC I.iv.40.1
Casar I bring thee word,Caesar, I bring thee wordAC I.iv.47.2
Menacrates and Menas famous PyratesMenecrates and Menas, famous pirates,AC I.iv.48
Makes the Sea serue them, which they eare and woundMakes the sea serve them, which they ear and woundAC I.iv.49
With keeles of euery kinde. Many hot inrodesWith keels of every kind. Many hot inroadsAC I.iv.50
They make in Italy, the Borders MaritimeThey make in Italy. The borders maritimeAC I.iv.51
Lacke blood to thinke on't, and flush youth reuolt,Lack blood to think on't, and flush youth revolt.AC I.iv.52
No Vessell can peepe forth: but 'tis as sooneNo vessel can peep forth but 'tis as soonAC I.iv.53
Taken as seene: for Pompeyes name strikes moreTaken as seen; for Pompey's name strikes moreAC I.iv.54
Then could his Warre resistedThan could his war resisted.AC I.iv.55.1
Anthony AntonyAC
is come into the Field.Is come into the field.AC

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