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Madam, Madam.Madam, madam – AC II.v.25.2
First Madam, he is well.First, madam, he is well.AC II.v.31.1
Good Madam heare me.Good madam, hear me.AC II.v.36.1
Wilt please you heare me?Will't please you hear me?AC II.v.41.2
Madam, he's well.Madam, he's well.AC II.v.46.2
And Friends with Caesar.And friends with Caesar.AC II.v.47.1
Caesar, and he, are greater Friends then euer.Caesar and he are greater friends than ever.AC II.v.48
But yet Madam.But yet, madam – AC II.v.49.2
Free Madam, no: I made no such report,Free, madam! No; I made no such report.AC II.v.57
He's bound vnto Octauia.He's bound unto Octavia.AC II.v.58.1
For the best turne i'th'bed.For the best turn i'th' bed.AC II.v.59.1
Madam, he's married to Octauia.Madam, he's married to Octavia.AC II.v.60
Good Madam patience.Good madam, patience.AC II.v.62.1
Gratious Madam,Gracious madam,AC II.v.66.2
I that do bring the newes, made not the match.I that do bring the news made not the match.AC II.v.67
He's married Madam.He's married, madam.AC II.v.72.2
Nay then Ile runne:Nay, then I'll run.AC II.v.73.2
What meane you Madam, I haue made no fault. What mean you, madam? I have made no fault.AC II.v.74
I haue done my duty.I have done my duty.AC II.v.88.2
He's married Madam.He's married, madam.AC II.v.91.2
Should I lye Madame?Should I lie, madam?AC II.v.93.1
I craue your Highnesse pardon.I crave your highness' pardon.AC II.v.98.1
Take no offence, that I would not offend you,Take no offence that I would not offend you;AC II.v.99
To punnish me for what you make me doTo punish me for what you make me doAC II.v.100
Seemes much vnequall, he's married to Octauia.Seems much unequal. He's married to Octavia.AC II.v.101
Most gratious Maiestie.Most gracious majesty!AC III.iii.7.1
I dread Queene.Ay, dread queen.AC III.iii.8.1
Madam in Rome,Madam, in Rome.AC III.iii.8.3
I lookt her in the face: and saw her ledI looked her in the face, and saw her ledAC III.iii.9
betweene her Brother, and Marke Anthony.Between her brother and Mark Antony.AC III.iii.10
She is not Madam.She is not, madam.AC III.iii.11.2
Madam, I heard her speake, she is low voic'd.Madam, I heard her speak; she is low-voiced.AC III.iii.13
She creepes:She creeps;AC III.iii.18.2
her motion, & her station are as one.Her motion and her station are as one.AC III.iii.19
She shewes a body, rather then a life,She shows a body rather than a life,AC III.iii.20
A Statue, then a Breather.A statue than a breather.AC III.iii.21.1
Or I haue no obseruance.Or I have no observance.AC III.iii.22.1
she was a widdow.She was a widow – AC III.iii.27.1
And I do thinke she's thirtie.And I do think she's thirty.AC III.iii.28
Round, euen to faultinesse.Round, even to faultiness.AC III.iii.30
Browne Madam: and her foreheadBrown, madam; and her foreheadAC III.iii.32.2
As low as she would wish it.As low as she would wish it.AC III.iii.33.1

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