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Original textModern textKey line
Where's the Queene?Where's the Queen?AC V.ii.319.1
Casar hath sentCaesar hath sent – AC V.ii.320.1
Approach hoa, / All's not well: Casar's beguild.Approach, ho! All's not well; Caesar's beguiled.AC V.ii.322
What worke is heere Charmian? / Is this well done?What work is here, Charmian? Is this well done?AC V.ii.324
All. ALL
A way there, a way for Casar.A way there, a way for Caesar!AC V.ii.331.2
A simple Countryman, that broght hir Figs:A simple countryman, that brought her figs.AC V.ii.337
This was his Basket.This was his basket.AC V.ii.338.1
Oh Casar:O Caesar,AC V.ii.338.3
This Charmian liu'd but now, she stood and spake:This Charmian lived but now; she stood and spake.AC V.ii.339
I found her trimming vp the Diadem;I found her trimming up the diademAC V.ii.340
On her dead Mistris tremblingly she stood,On her dead mistress. Tremblingly she stood,AC V.ii.341
And on the sodaine dropt.And on the sudden dropped.AC V.ii.342.1
This is an Aspickes traile, / And these Figge-leauesThis is an aspic's trail; and these fig leavesAC V.ii.349
haue slime vpon them, such / As th'Aspicke leaues Have slime upon them, such as th' aspic leavesAC V.ii.350
vpon the Caues of Nyle.Upon the caves of Nile.AC V.ii.351.1

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