This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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abandon, swear to
abjure (v.)
abandon a way of life
give over (v.)
abandon all restraint
cock-a-hoop, set
abandon forever
bury (v.)
abandon oneself to
fall to (v.)
abandonment [of the world]
renouncement (n.)
lowness (n.)
abatement, source of
allay (n.)
clip (v.)
ABC [book]
Absey book (n.)
rape (n.)
abhorring (n.)
ability, have
can (v.)
ability, lacking all
ingenious (adj.)
ability, to the best of my
all my best,best, in all my
ability to act
powers (n.)
ability to be angry
gall (n.)
ability to carry out a task
profession (n.)
ability to comprehend
thought (n.)
ability to exercise the faculties
function (n.)
ability to hinder
let-alone (n.)
ability to charm
bewitchment (n.)
ability to choose
choice (n.)
ability to lie
leasing (n.)
ability to maintain
holding up (n.)
ability to quote scripture
iteration (n.)
ability to respond to sensation
sense (n.)
ability to revive, with
repairing (adj.)
ability to see clearly
light (n.)
ability to use spurs
spurring (n.)
abject go-between
broker-lackey (n.)
abnormal birth
prodigy (n.)
abnormal conduct
unkindness (n.)
abortive (n.)
abhor (v.)
abortion of nature
abortive (n.)
abounding in shoots
bladed (adj.)
abounding in water
waterish (adj.)
about turn
traverse (v.)
about your business
about (adv.)
above, coming from
downright (adj.)
above, powers
heavens (n.)
above, source of being
high-engendered (adj.)
above a bed, covering
canopy (n.)
above oneself, getting
overtopping, over-topping (n.)
abroad, from
strange (adj.)
abroad, licence to travel as a beggar
passport (n.)
abroad, live
air abroad
abroad, noise
noise (v.)
abroad, procured
strange-achieved (adj.)
abroad, publish
provulgate (v.)
abroad, range
forage (v.)
abroad, send
put forth (v.)
abruptly, enter
break in (v.)
abruptly move
flash (v.)
abruptly shelving
enscarped (adj.)
absence [from court]
removedness (n.)
absence, aware of
missingly (adv.)
absence, dreary
desolation (n.)
absence, of
absent (adj.)
absent, be
stay (v.)
absinthe plant
wormwood (n.)
absolute dominion
empery (n.)
absolute ruler
imperator (n.)
flatness (n.)
shrift (n.)
absolution, grant
shrive (v.)
absorb, quick to
soaking (adj.)
rapt (adj.)
absorbing, all
engrossing (adj.)
abstain from
abrogate (v.)
continence (n.)
abstinence, caused by
fasting (adj.)
abstinence, pass a period of
fast out (v.)
abstinence, sexual
continency (n.)
abstract principle
truth (n.)
absurd behaviour
lewdness (n.)
absurdity, pretentious
monarcho, Monarco (n.)
abundance, growing in
rank (adj.)
abundant store
mine (n.)
abuse violently
shake up (v.)
abused, be
suffer (v.)
abusive, be
rail (v.)
abusive, coarsely
scurrilous (adj.)
abusive, raucously
ribald (adj.)
abusive person
chider (n.)
abusive way, in an
invectively (adv.)
abusive woman
scold (n.)
academic speculation
theoric (n.)
haste (v.)
accept, please
vouchsafe (v.)
accept a challenge
engage (v.)
accept joyfully
embrace (v.)
accept willingly
deign (v.)
acceptable, make more
salve (v.)
acceptance, gain
take (v.)
acceptance, offering for
presentment (n.)
acceptance as a novice
approbation (n.)
accepted as a norm
received (adj.)
accepted joyfully
embraced (adj.)
accepted rule
condition (n.)
accepting, readily
credulous (adj.)
way (n.)
access, means of
mean (n.),recourse (n.)
accessible, immediately
present (adj.)
gap (n.)
hap (n.)
accident [in bowls]
upcast (n.)
accident, tragic
misadventure (n.)
acclamation, shout of
voice (n.)
accommodated poorly
ill-inhabited (adj.)
commodious (adj.)
accommodation, stall
stalling (n.)
accompaniment, bass [in a song]
burden, burthen (n.)
accompaniment, in the manner of a musical
burden-wise (adv.)
accompaniment, melodious
descant (n.)
accompaniment, usual
appurtenance (n.)
appertinent (n.)
accompany [under guard]
guard (v.)
accompany regularly
time (v.)
consorted (adj.)
accomplice, acting as an
packed (adj.)
accomplish an intention
achieve (v.)
accomplished, totally
perfect (adj.)
accomplishment [of mind or body]
part (n.)
accomplishment, successful
fleshment (n.)
accomplishments, slight
little (n.)
accord, reach
conclude (v.)
accord with religious belief, in
religiously (adv.)
accordance, act in
suit (v.)
account, call to
call on / upon (v.)
account, favourable
proclamation (n.)
account, fictitious
forgery (n.)
account, full
particular (n.)
account, fuller
augmentation (n.)
account, historical
chronicle (n.)
account, charging to an
scoring (n.)
account, of no
little-seeming (adj.)
account, rendering of
reckoning (n.)
account, settlement of
reckoning (n.)
account, settling of
reckoning (n.)
account, short
brief (n.)
account, subject to
compt, in
account, take insufficiently into
presume on (v.)
account in words
diction (n.)
account of what is owed, take full
reckon with (v.)
answer (n.)
accountable, be
answer (v.)
accounts, clearing of
quietus (n.)
accounts officer, royal
auditor (n.)
accumulated, already
forepast, fore-past (adj.)
engrossment (n.)
accumulation [of clouds]
rack (n.)
accumulation [of words and phrases]
collection (n.)
accurate, carefully
nice (adj.)
accurate, perfectly
perfect (adj.)
accurate early warning, giving an
well-forwarning (adj.)
accurately, cruelly
ill-well (adv.)
accusation of lying
lie (n.)
accusations, present a list of
put up a bill
accuse, unable to
uncharge (v.)
accuse of treason
attaint (v.)
accuser of treason
appellant (n.)
accustomed, be
use (v.),wont (v.)
ace, double [in dice]
ames-ace (n.)
acknowledge, refuse to
disvouch (v.)
acknowledge in words
greet (v.)
acknowledge publicly
protest (v.)
acknowledged, commonly
vulgar (adj.)
acknowledged widely
airy (adj.)
acknowledgement, official
notice (n.)
acknowledgement, respectful
homage (n.)
acknowledgement of allegiance
homage (n.)
possess (v.)
acquaintance, close
inward (n.)
acquaintance, everyday
community (n.)
acquaintance, intimate
knowledge (n.)
acquaintance, world of
knowledge (n.)
acquainted, be
know (v.)
acquainted, be well
neighbour (v.)
acquainted, well
known (adj.)
acquainted with, be
enter in (v.),ken (v.)
consent (v.)
closing (n.)
acquired, newly
new-begot (adj.)
acquired, recently
new-fallen (adj.)
acquiring things
getting (n.)
acquit of blame
uncharge (v.)
acrobatic feat
tumbling-trick (n.)
acrobatic feats, perform
tumble (v.)
across, carry
waft over (v.)
across, jump
overleap (v.)
across, speed
heat (v.)
across, step/stride
bestride (v.)
across swiftly, pass
overcome (v.)
act, abilities to
powers (n.)
act, in the
fact, in the
act, instruct how to
school (v.)
act aimlessly
mope (v.)
act along with
answer (v.)
act as a follower
follow (v.)
act out
act (v.)
act the duke
duke it (v.)
act upon by force
enforce (v.)
acting, process of
acture (n.)
acting as fast as thought
thought-executing (adj.)
action, allowing changes in location
unlimited (adj.)
action, bring into
lay to (v.)
action, final
last (n.)
action, force into
awake (v.)
action, choice of
dilemma (n.)
action, in
a-work (adv.)
action, initial
stroke (n.)
action, into
about (adv.)
action, military
exploit (n.)
action, out of
unexecuted (adj.)
action, perform the wrong
mistake (v.)
action, period of
day (n.)
action, prepared for
charge, in
action, stirred to
alarumed (adj.)
action, successful
achievement (n.)
action, supporting
second (n.)
action, taking legal
action-taking (adj.)
action one is capable of
ability (n.)
actions, won by
deed-achieving (adj.)
activate promptly
clap on (v.)
active, at its most
primy (adj.)
active, make
bestir (v.)
active at night
nightly (adj.)
active employment
breathing (n.)
active fellow
mover (n.)
active thought
operation (n.)
actively engaged, be
tire (v.)
activity, night-time
night-rule (n.)
activity, ostentatious
vainglory, vain-glory (n.)
activity, reduce
dull (v.)
activity, skilful
craft (n.)
activity, specific
actual (adj.)
activity to be followed, set an
set (v.)
actor, burlesque
mimic (n.)
actor in a dumb-show
mummer (n.)
actor with no words to say
mute (n.)
verity (n.)
wit (n.)
acutely sensed
feeling (adj.)
AD 02nd-century
Galen (n.)
AD 03rd-5th-centuries
Goths (n.)
AD 15th-century
Tewkesbury (n.)
add a coat-of-arms to a shield
quarter (v.)
add fatty juice to
enlard (v.)
add glitter to
spangle (v.)
add glory to
glorify (v.)
add joy to
joy (v.)
add to a total [cards]
vie (v.)
add value to
advantage (v.)
added, badly
ill-annexed (adj.)
adjunct (n.)
addition [bonus]
advantage (n.)
addition [exaggeration]
advantage (n.)
addition [supplement]
annexion (n.)
addition, without
simple (adj.)
overplus (adj.)
additional amount
more (n.)
additional clause
label (n.)
additional demand
imposition (n.)
additional detail
augmentation (n.)
additional instance
boot (n.),superfluity (n.)
additional title
sur-addition (n.)
brained (adj.)
addle-headed way, in an
brain-sickly (adv.)
address, highly respectful term of
worship (n.)
address, make a formal
address (v.)
address, mode of
style (n.)
address, polite form of
addition (n.)
address proposals to
assay (v.)
adept be
dog at, be a
adequate supply
competence (n.)
pass (v.)
umpire (n.)
adjust sails
try (v.)
adjusted to sorrow
care-tuned (adj.)
worthy (adj.)
admiral's ship
admiral (n.)
admiration, inspiring
respective (adj.)
admiration, regarded with
admired (adj.)
admiring oneself in the mirror
glass-gazing (adj.)
admittance (n.)
admit into consideration
entertain (v.)
admit into society
enter (v.)
admit to a university degree
commence (v.)
admittance, refuse
deny (v.)
schooling (n.)
ado, without more
word, at a
adopted, generally
received (adj.)
adoption, through
adoptedly (adv.)
adore as a god
deify (v.)
adorn brightly
spangle (v.)
adorn elaborately
fret (v.)
adorn with studs
stud (v.)
adorn with trappings
trapped (adj.)
adorned, nicely
well-apparelled (adj.)
adorned underneath
undergarnished (adj.)
adorned with designs
figured (adj.)
adornment, costly
jewel (n.)
adornment, criss-cross
lattice (n.)
adornment, showy
knavery (n.)
dexterity (n.)
soothing (n.)
soother (n.)
card (v.)
adulteration [in baking]
leaven (n.)
bed-swerver (n.)
adultery, victim of
monster (n.)
man (n.)
advance, decided in
prefixed (adj.)
advance, know in
foreknow (v.)
advance, knowing in
foreknowing (n.)
advance, payment in
earnest (n.)
advance, provide in
foresee (v.)
advance, specify in
prenominate (v.)
advance, thought in
presurmise (n.)
advance of money to soldiers
lending (n.)
advance preparation
provision (n.)
advance through
proceed (v.)
advance to the front
make up (v.)
advanced one, more
elder (n.)
advanced stage of readiness
forward (adj.)
advanced years
eld (n.)
advancement, career
gradation (n.)
advancement in life
promotion (n.)
advances, make
assay (v.),sing (v.)
advances, making of
accosting (n.)
advancing crowd of insurgents
head (n.)
advantage, be an
avail (v.),serve (v.)
advantage, employ to
improve (v.)
advantage, gain
win (v.)
advantage, give an
accommodate (v.)
advantage, providing
advantageous (adj.)
advantage, set off to
commend (v.)
advantage, show to
set off (v.)
advantage, take
bear in hand
advantageous, make
stand upon (v.)
advantageous position
advantage (n.),vantage (n.)
advantages, receiving
advantage, on that
venturous (adj.)
opposite (n.)
adversary, position as
contrary (n.)
adversely attached
ill-annexed (adj.)
bush (n.),sign (n.)
advice, give
dissuade (v.)
advice, sage
gravity (n.)
advise previously
fore-advise (v.)
advised, you are best
best, thou wert / you were
adviser, close
brother (n.)
adviser, strict
precisian (n.)
advocate, acting as
attorneyed (adj.)
affair, amorous
encounter (n.)
affairs, man of
statist (n.)
affairs, manager of
depositary (n.)
affairs, present state of
time (n.)
affairs, sorting out of
despatch (n.)
affect readily
tickle (v.)
affectation, speak with
lisp (v.)
affected, capable of being
penetrable (adj.)
affected deeply
thrilled (adj.)
affected impression, give an
mince (v.)
affected manner of speaking
carve (v.)
affected movement
mincing (n.)
affected way of walking
ambling (n.)
affectedly foreign
peregrinate (adj.)
affecting closely
near (adj.)
affecting the senses
sensible (adj.)
affection, affirmer of
protester (n.)
affection, bound by
endeared (adj.)
affection, excessive
dotage (n.)
affection, feeling proper
natural (adj.)
affection, foolish
fondness (n.)
affection, have
affection (v.)
affection, lacking in family
unkind (adj.)
affection, lustful
liking (n.)
affection, natural
kindness (n.),nature (n.)
affection, tender
bosom (n.)
affection, with
kind (adv.)
affection, with avowed
professed (adj.)
affection, with natural
kindly (adv.)
affection uncommitted, with
heart-whole (adj.)
affectionate deed
love (n.)
kindly (adv.)
affined (adj.)
affinity, have an
sympathize with (v.)
affirmation, expression of strong
good as the best
affirmed earlier
fore-vouched (adj.)
affix as a supplementary note
label (v.)
afflicted person
affliction (n.)
affliction, full of
troublesome (adj.)
afield, further
higher (adv.)
afloat, be
fleet (v.)
afloat, stay
live (v.)
afraid, be
doubt (v.)
afresh, burn
relume (v.)
after, immediately
rearward of, on the (prep.)
again, live
revive (v.)
again, survey
review (v.)
again, swear over
overswear (v.)
against each other
together (adv.)
against the grain
hair, against the
age, from such an early
young days, of so
age, child-bearing
teeming-date (n.)
age, not matured in
unmellowed (adj.)
age, one whose mind is impaired with
dotant (n.)
age, the
time (n.)
age, youthful old
spring, latter
age of cruelty
iron age
aged, the
gravity (n.)
agent, land
surveyor (n.)
agent, secret
intelligencer (n.)
aggressive movement
scouring (n.)
agitation, with
distractedly (adv.)
ago, not long
erst (adv.)
throe (v.)
agony, go through
die (v.)
agree, ready to
accordant (adj.)
agree with
meet with (v.)
prettiness (n.)
agreeably maintained
easy-held (adj.)
agreed judgement
verdict (n.)
agreed previously
promised (adj.)
agreed procedure
condition (n.)
agreed settlement
composition (n.)
agreeing, always
yea-forsooth (adj.)
agreeing as one
concordant (adj.)
agreeing to a request, reason for
grant (n.)
agreement, be in
sort (v.),through, be
agreement, breaker of an
forfeiter (n.)
agreement, bring to
make whole
agreement, come to an
seal (v.)
agreement, come together in
congree (v.)
agreement, exclamation of
content (adj.)
agreement, in
tale, in a
agreement, joint/articles of
indenture (n.)
agreement, legal
covenant (n.)
agreement, make an
conclude (v.),indent (v.)
agreement, point of
convenience (n.)
agreement, pre-nuptial
pre-contract (n.)
agreement, proposal for
treaty (n.)
agreement, sign articles of
capitulate (v.)
agreement, special
specialty (n.)
agreement to transfer land possession
fine (n.)
agricultural work
tilth (n.)
tilth (n.)
ahead, look
prevent (v.)
ahead, looking
provision (n.)
ahead, move
sway on (v.)
ahead, one who has ridden
fore-spurrer (n.)
ahead, planning
prescience (n.)
ahead, press
go on (v.)
ahead, proceed
wait on / upon (v.)
ahead, shoot
overshoot (v.)
ahead, shooting straight [in archery]
forehand, fore-hand (adj.)
ahead, someone sent to prepare
purveyor (n.)
aches and pains
wringing (n.)
achievable, readily
level (adj.)
achieve a third of
third (v.)
achieved by deeds
deed-achieving (adj.)
achievement, first
fleshment (n.)
achievement, small
little (n.)
doer (n.)
aid, give
comfort (v.)
aiding and abetting
subornation (n.)
aim, direct [in archery]
level (n.)
aim, go astray in
overshoot (v.)
aim, help one's [in archery]
aim, give one
aim, take
traverse (v.)
aim, with a direct
point-blank (adv.)
aim blows
drive, let
aimlessly, act
mope (v.)
aimlessly, move about
lackey (v.)
air, blow in the
flare (v.)
air, breath of fresh
breath (n.)
air, drawn through/in the
air-drawn (adj.)
air, floating in the
pendent (adj.)
air, fresh/open
air (n.)
air, have an
smack (v.)
air, challenging the
air-braving (adj.)
air, of the
region (adj.)
air, take the
air (v.)
aired well
warm (adj.)
vent (n.)
alarmed, become
boggle (v.)
alcohol content, of low
thin (adj.)
sodden-witted (adj.)
ale [as given to horses]
barley broth (n.)
ale, drawer of
tapster (n.)
ale, froth on the top of fermenting
barm (n.)
ale-house keeper
ale-wife (n.)
alehouse tally
score (n.)
tinct (n.)
alignment, direction of [in astrology]
aspect (n.)
alive, be
be (v.)
alive, leave
leave (v.)
alive, man
breather (n.)
alive, return
turn back (v.)
alive, those
quick (n.)
alive to possibilities
quick (adj.)
all, open to
general (adj.)
all at once
together (adv.)
all the while
ever among
all told
all, but in
all-consuming sorrow
canker-sorrow (n.)
cormorant (adj.)
allege bias, ready to
partial (adj.)
alleged ground
pretence (n.)
allegiance, acknowledgement of
homage (n.)
allegiance, alter
revolt (v.)
allegiance, faithful in
true (adj.)
allegiance, of
duteous (adj.)
allegiance, stemming from
allegiant (adj.)
allegiance, total
vassalage (n.)
allegiance, withdraw from
fall off (v.)
moral (adj.)
season (v.)
excellent (adj.)
alliance, close
neighbourhood (n.)
alliteration, practise
letter, affect the
lay up (v.)
allottery (n.)
lottery (n.)
allotted measure
sort (n.)
allow time
tarry (v.)
allow to leave
slip (v.),slip, let
allow to live
save (v.)
allow to pass by
slip (v.)
allow to stay
let (v.)
lawful (adj.)
allowed three suits a year
three-suited (adj.)
allowed to do anything
all-licensed (adj.)
allowed to say anything
privileged (adj.)
wooingly (adv.)
allusion, jibing
comparison (n.)
ally, acting as an
confederate (adj.)
almanac, weather forecast in the
prognostication (n.)
star-gazer (n.)
alms-deed (n.)
aloft, carry
toss (v.)
aloft, make go
hoist (v.)
alone, being
loneliness (n.)
alone, taken
sheer (adj.)
along with that
therewithal (adv.)
alongside, lay
lay aboard (v.)
clerk (n.)
alter allegiance
revolt (v.)
alter disposition
metamorphose (v.)
alter ego
genius (n.)
alter position
move (v.)
alter the shape
trans-shape (v.)
wave (v.)
alternative, have no
choose, cannot
alternative, no
remedy, no
alternative, no better
shift, for a
alternative position
dilemma (n.)
alternative proposition
opposition (n.)
altitude [in navigation]
height (n.)
always agreeing
yea-forsooth (adj.)
always beset
always coming together [after being divided]
still-closing (adj.)
always disagreeing
still-discordant (adj.)
always drinking
ever-bibbing (adj.)
always enduring
ever-during (adj.)
always engaged
busy (adj.)
always reconstituting itself
still-piecing (adj.)
always reproducing
still-breeding (adj.)
amateur, like an
greenly (adv.)
rude (adj.)
amazement, state of
stare (n.)
amazement, with
wonderingly (adv.)
Amazonian (adj.)
ambassador, resident
lieger, leiger (n.)
ambassador, role
embassy (n.)
amber-coloured substance
amber (n.)
ambiguities, dealer in
equivocator (n.)
ambiguous usage
equivocation (n.)
ambitious, becoming too
overtopping, over-topping (n.)
ambitious rivalry
emulation (n.)
highly (adv.)
ambush, lie in
couch (v.)
amend (v.)
amenable, become
temporize (v.)
amenable condition
peace (n.)
redress (n.)
amiable, apparently
smooth (adj.)
amicable arrangement
compromise (n.)
amorous, be
dally (v.)
amorous affair
encounter (n.)
amorous attention
approach (n.)
amorous caressing
dalliance (n.)
amorous dalliance
sport (n.)
amorous fancy
fantasy (n.)
amorous play
game (n.)
amorous sport, make
toy (v.)
amorous sport, one drawn to
gamester (n.)
amorous talk
love-prate (n.)
fancy (n.)
amorphous mass
chaos (n.)
amount, additional
more (n.)
amount, contracted
fine (n.)
amount, equal
quantity (n.)
amount, estimated
estimation (n.)
amount, greatest
extremity (n.)
amount, highest
height (n.)
amount, insignificant
pin (n.)
amount, large
mass (n.)
amount, paltry
denier (n.)
amount, reduced [of money]
abatement (n.)
amount, smallest
wink (n.)
amount, whole
gross (n.)
amount, worthless
doit (n.)
amount obtained
receipt (n.)
amount of money
sum (n.)
amount outstanding
arrearage (n.)
amount owing
due (n.)
amount remaining unpaid
remainder (n.)
amount to be paid
ransom (n.)
amuse oneself
jest (v.),play (v.)
amusement, full of
sportive (adj.)
amusement, source of
recreation (n.)
analogy, scoffing
comparison (n.)
opposite (n.)
anathema, pronounce
ban (v.)
ancestry, noble
birth (n.)
ancient dignity
ancientry (n.)
ancient ruins
reliques (n.)
anew, formed
regenerate (adj.)
anew, inflamed
new-fired (adj.)
angel, high-placed
principality (n.)
anger, find an outlet for
girdle, turn one's
anger, giving rise to
choleric (adj.)
anger, inclined to
choleric (adj.)
anger, inflated with
swelling (adj.)
anger, mad with
giddy (adj.)
anger, move to
move (v.)
anger, show
fume (v.)
anger, spirit of
gall (n.)
anger, stir to
ruffle up (v.)
incensing (adj.)
angrily shout
pelt (v.)
angry, furiously
moody-mad (adj.)
angry breath
blast (n.)
angry exchange
word (n.)
angry noise
chiding (n.)
angry temperament, of
splenitive, spleenative (adj.)
anchor, largest
holding-anchor (n.)
anchor, lie at
rid (v.)
anchor, riding at
anchoring (adj.)
anchor, weigh
weigh (v.)
anchor (n.)
animal, foul
filth (n.)
animal, like an
beastly (adv.)
animal, mere
beast (n.)
animal, stray
stray (n.)
animal skins, clothed in
leathern (adj.)
animal straw
litter (n.)
animals, hole prepared for hunted
pit (n.)
animals, place for keeping stray
pinfold (n.)
cheerly (adv.)
animating essence
spirit (n.)
animating principle
soul (n.)
animation, fresh
quickening (n.)
day (n.)
announce in public
cry up (v.)
announced, be
speak (v.)
announced by proclamation
proclaimed (adj.)
announced publicly
published (adj.)
announcement, public
denunciation (n.)
announcements, officer who makes
crier (n.)
annoyance, cause of
grievance (n.)
annoyance, object of
offence (n.)
ill (adj.)
anointed with fragrant oil
balm (v.)
anointing, oil used for
balm (n.)
another, one who prays for
hermit (n.)
another person, of
strange (adj.)
another time, at [after now]
anon (adv.)
answer, direct in
simple-answered (adj.)
answer, ready with a sharp
quick-answered (adj.)
answer on behalf of
subscribe for (v.)
answer one's requirements
serve one's turn
answer satisfactorily
answer (v.)
answering to each other
commutual, comutual (adj.)
antagonism, shared
contestation (n.)
antagonistic, too
wilful-opposite (adj.)
voiding lobby
lobby (n.)
antic manner, in an
anticly, antiquely (adv.)
anticipate in fear
dread (v.)
anticipate rightly
level at (v.)
anticipate trouble
sing (v.)
hopeful (adj.)
anticipation, watchful
expectance (n.)
dislike (n.)
reliques (n.)
yoke (n.)
antlers first developed, with
head, of the first
anxiety, causing
curious (adj.)
anxiety, free from
secure (adj.),secure (adv.)
anxious, feel
doubt (v.)
anxious attention
heedfully (adv.)
apart, at a distance
contrary (adj.)
apart, draw
distract (v.)
apart, kept
sundered (adj.)
apart, pull
pluck down (v.)
apart, rend
rift (v.)
apart, set
singule (v.)
apart, stand
withdraw (v.)
apart, standing
lonely (adj.)
apart, tear
rend (v.)
apart, wide
abroad (adv.)
apart from each other
asunder (adv.)
office (n.)
apartment, private
cabinet (n.)
ape-like in copying
apish (adj.)
eringo (n.)
apologies, with
saving reverence
device (n.)
apparatus, distilling
limbeck (n.)
apparent, become
appear (v.)
seeming (adv.)
apparition, goblin
urchin-show (n.)
appeal, magical
bewitchment (n.)
appeal, solemn
conjuration (n.)
appeal to
move (v.)
appealing, piteously
compassionate (adj.)
appealing, sweetly
flattering-sweet (adj.)
appear, call to
convent (v.)
appear, cause to
conjure up (v.)
appear, make
feign (v.)
appear, ready to
brewed (adj.)
appear as a ghost
ghost (v.)
appear friendly
weather, make fair
appear in a shape
inform (v.)
appear suddenly
shoot out (v.)
appear unbecoming
misbecome (v.)
appearance, alter
disfigure (v.)
appearance, altered
exchange (n.)
appearance, attractive in
well-favoured (adj.)
appearance, convincing in
seeming (adj.)
appearance, costly
cost (n.)
appearance, external
out-wall (n.),outward (n.)
appearance, favourable
countenance (n.)
appearance, give a pleasing
become (v.)
appearance, give the
seem (v.)
appearance, of more daunting
bigger-looked (adj.)
appearance, personal
character (n.),lineament (n.)
appearance, presenting a plausible
well-seeming (adj.)
appearance, suitable
colour (n.)
appearance, terrifying
fear (n.)
appearance, threatening
bravery (n.)
appearance, ugly
ill-seeming (adj.)
appearance, unfavourable
disaster (n.)
appearance, with sudden
start, on the
appearance in court
answer (n.)
appearance of innocence
clearness (n.)
appearance of lameness, give the
lame (v.)
appearances, refusing to acknowledge
little-seeming (adj.)
appearing, not
unseeming (adj.)
appearing frequently
thick-coming (adj.)
appellation, formal
name (n.)
label (n.)
lean (v.)
appertinent (adj.)
appetite, man of
trencher-man (n.)
appetite, revulsion of
revolt (n.)
appetite satisfied, have
disedge (v.)
applause, cry of
voice (n.)
applause, show
aim, cry
applause, with
plausibly (adv.)
apple, bitter
coloquintida (n.)
apple, russet
leather-coat (n.)
apple, sour
crab (n.)
apple, sweet-flavoured
sweeting (n.)
apple, unripe/half-grown
codling (n.)
costermonger (n.)
incident (adj.)
application, practical
art (n.)
application, steady
industry (n.)
appoint as heir
entail to (v.)
appoint to a position
bring in (v.),place (v.)
appointed, recently
late (adj.)
appointed day
day (n.)
appointed period
limitation (n.)
appointed place in nature
ordinance (n.)
nomination (n.)
appointment [time of]
hour (n.)
appointment, church
benefice (n.)
appointment, make an
appoint (v.)
appointment as deputy
deputation (n.)
appraisal, power of
conclusion (n.)
appreciate, start to
come near (v.)
sense (n.)
appreciation, lack of
unkindness (n.)
appreciation of merit
valuation (n.)
appreciative thought
thank (n.)
apprehension, feel
misgive (v.)
apprehension, free from
doubtless (adj.)
apprehensive, be
apprehend (v.)
apprehensive, cause to be
misgive (v.)
apprehensive state of mind
jealousy (n.)
heedfully (adv.)
prentice (n.)
apprentice, as an
pupil (adj.)
apprentices, call for help
clubs (int.)
apprenticehood (n.)
approach [as an adversary]
encounter with (v.)
approach, indirect
indirection (n.)
approach again
re-salute (v.)
approach with offers of love
assail (v.)
coasting (adj.)
approaches, one who
approacher (n.)
approaching peril
imminence (n.)
approof (n.)
appropriate, most
best (adj.)
appropriate, what is
decorum (n.)
appropriate conduct
fitness (n.)
appropriate character
colour (n.)
appropriate in the home
domestic (adj.)
appropriate measuring
proportion (n.)
appropriate order
sequence (n.)
appropriate rank
blood (n.)
appropriate ritual
due (n.)
appropriate state
fitment (n.)
appropriate time, at the
season, of
adoptious (adj.)
extent (n.)
approval, deserving of
commendable (n.)
approval, expression of
approbation (n.)
approval, murmur
hum (v.)
approval, shout
aim, cry
approval, shout of
applause (n.),cry (n.)
approval, with total
plausibly (adv.)
approved, be
pass (v.)
approved, highly
well-warranted (adj.)
approved, sure to be
probal (adj.)
aproned worker
apron-man (n.)
apt, be
hold (v.)
conduit (n.)
arable land
fallow (n.)
rough (adj.)
umpire (n.)
ardent desire
fantasy (n.)
hotly (adv.)
ardour, warlike
rage (n.)
area [within boundaries]
bound (n.)
area, leave the
give off (v.)
area, living
office (n.)
area, outermost
extreme (n.)
area, performing
scene (n.)
arena, light-filled
lantern (n.)
argue, ready to
disputable (adj.)
argue at length
expostulate (v.)
argue for
reason (v.)
argue rationally
reason (v.)
argue with
law, go to
arguer, contentious
chopped logic (n.)
arguing the pros and cons
moral (adj.)
argument, brought forward in
objected (adj.)
argument, cause of
difference (n.)
argument, present an
plead (v.)
argument, special
circumstance (n.)
argumentative, noisily
unpeaceable (adj.)
arguments, with compelling silent
dumb-discoursive (adj.)
arched back
bow-back (n.)
archery contest
flight (n.)
arid, make
ensear (v.)
generosity (n.)
lady (n.)
aristocratic rank
nobleness (n.)
liberal arts
counter-caster (n.)
arm, muscular
brawn (n.)
arm, strong [in attack]
arm (n.)
arm to, give your
arm (v.)
armed force
power (n.)
armed lightly
skipping (adj.)
armed men
harness (n.)
armed multitude
host (n.)
armed processional attendant
whiffler (n.)
armed response
answer (n.)
armed soldier
shot (n.)
armed with steel
steeled (adj.)
armchair strategy
closet-war (n.)
device (n.)
armour, bolt for
rivet (n.)
armour, coat of
brace (n.)
armour, dress in
harness (v.)
armour, in
iron (adj.)
armour, leg
grave (n.)
armour, piece of
mail (n.)
armour, put on
arm (v.)
armour, remove
unarm (v.)
armour, suit of
armour (n.)
armour protecting the arms
brace (n.)
armour protecting the fore-arm
vambrace (n.),vantbrace, vambrace (n.)
armour protecting the chest and left shoulder
grand guard
armour protecting the shoulder
shoulder-piece (n.)
armour protecting the thigh
cush, cuish, cuisse (n.)
armour protecting the throat
gorget (n.)
armour protecting the torso
corslet (n.)
armoured glove
gauntlet (n.)
armoured trappings, with
arm-gaunt (adj.)
armoured with barbs
barbed (adj.)
plated (adj.)
arms, bear
give (v.)
arms, clasp in the
grasp in (v.)
arms, in
out (adv.)
arms, intertwining of
knot (n.)
arms, might/powerful in
armipotent (adj.)
arms, take into one's
arm (v.)
arms, up in
up (adv.)
arms, with
armed (adj.)
arms bound, with
pinioned (adj.)
army, in charge of a great
high-battled (adj.)
army, provision-seller to the
sutler (n.)
army company of 100 soldiers
century (n.)
army detachment
squadron (n.)
army division
quarter (n.)
aromatic, plant
rue (n.)
around, go
compass (v.)
around, talking [a subject]
encompassment (n.)
around, walled
circummured (adj.)
around, wrap
encouch (v.)
around, wreathe
entwist (v.)
around the brow, wreathe
brow-bind (v.)
aroused, furiously
enraged (adj.)
arrange in ranks
rank (v.)
arrange the seating
place (v.)
arranged badly
ill-disposed (adj.)
arranged in a position of state
set (adj.)
arrangement, amicable
compromise (n.)
arrangement, expected
composition (n.)
arrangement, good
form (n.)
arrangement, summary
method (n.)
arrangement between lawyers
attorneyship (n.)
arrangement of paths
maze (n.)
arrangements, make final
seal (v.)
arrangements, one who makes
disposer (n.)
array [in order]
range (v.)
array, battle
battle (n.)
array, formal
order (n.)
array, in fine
fair (adv.)
array, in military
field, in the
array in a livery
livery (v.)
arrest, circulate with warrants for
lay (v.)
arrest, under
handfast, in
arrival here
here-approach (n.)
arrive, happen to
chance (v.)
arrive, last to
hindmost (adj.)
arrive unexpectedly
pop (v.)
arrived fully
expiate (adj.)
arrives on the scene, one who
appearer (n.)
arrogance, presumptuous
insolence (n.)
arrogant force
pride (n.)
arrow, blunt-headed
butt-shaft (n.)
arrow, hurl like an
dart (v.)
arrow, love-causing
loveshaft (n.)
arrow, not prepared to release an
unbent (adj.)
arrow, shoot an
loose (v.)
arrow for shooting birds
bird-bolt, burbolt (n.)
head (n.)
arrow-head, barbed
fork (n.)
darting (adj.)
art, rhetorical
art (n.)
art, without
right on
artfully outwit
outcrafty (v.)
cramp (n.)
article, fancy
conceit (n.)
articles of agreement
indenture (n.)
articles of agreement, sign
capitulate (v.)
artifice, lacking
natural (adj.)
artificial conduct
art (n.)
artificial practice
affect (v.)
affectedly (adv.)
artificially beautiful
fine (adj.)
artillery, piece of
piece (n.)
cannoneer (n.)
artisan, contracted
journeyman (n.)
artistic inspiration
Helicons (n.)
artistically shape
carve (v.)
artistically skilful
artificial (adj.)
artistry, with great
workmanly (adv.)
artlessly elegant
handsome (adj.)
arts, secret
concealment (n.)
ascend, difficult to
steepy (adj.)
ascendancy, be in the
predominate (v.)
ascendant, in the [astrology]
predominant (adj.)
ascertained, not
untried (adj.)
finder (n.)
ascribing worth
attributive (adj.)
ashamed, be
shame (v.)
ashore, put
shore (v.)
aside, brush
put off (v.)
aside, cast
set apart (v.)
aside, lay/set
lay by (v.)
aside, leaving
reservation (n.)
aside, look
by-peep (v.)
aside, push/thrust
shove by (v.)
aside, set/thrust
put by (v.)
aside, stand
stand by (v.)
aside, step
fall off (v.)
aside, throw
cast by (v.)
aside, thrown
casted (adj.)
aside, thrust
daff aside (v.)
aside, thrusting
putting-by (n.)
aside, turning
blench (n.)
aside, walk
walk (v.)
ask, may I
prithee (int.)
ask after one's whereabouts
inquire forth (v.)
ask persistently
importune (v.)
ask questions of
catechize (v.)
ask solemnly
conjure (v.)
ask you, I
trow (v.)
asleep, fast
fast (adj.)
aspersions, cast
glance at (v.)
device (n.)
aspiration, high
pitch (n.)
aspire to
try (v.)
aspiring person
thriver (n.)
ass, callow
colt (n.)
assault [in fencing]
venue (n.)
assault, shown in an
enforced (adj.)
assembly, judicial
session, sessions (n.)
assembly, royal
presence (n.)
assembly, whole
gallimaufry (n.)
assent, lacking the
unlicensed (adj.)
assertion, false
contrary (n.)
assertion, repeated
iteration (n.)
assess the value
weigh (v.)
rated (adj.)
assessment of debts
reckoning (n.)
asset, commercial
property (n.)
assiduous attention
attendance (n.)
assiduous service to a lady
industry (n.)
assign legally
allow (v.)
match (n.)
assigned portion
sort (n.)
assimilate, ready to
soaking (adj.)
assistance, act of
second (n.)
assistance, claim
pray in aid
assistance, military
succour (n.)
assistance, provide
good, do one
assistant, clown's
zany (n.)
assistant to Roman tribunes
aedile (n.)
assisted, unable to be
inaidible (adj.)
aidant (adj.)
associate, intimate
familiar (n.)
associate, scholarly
book-mate (n.)
associate with
engage to
associate with, impossible to
insociable (adj.)
associated, closely
inward (adj.)
associated with, be
troop with (v.)
association, joint
conjunction (n.)
atone (v.)
assume a burden
take upon (v.)
assume a responsibility
take upon (v.)
assumes a behaviour, one who
seemer (n.)
assurance, give an
warrant (v.)
assured [legal]
affeered (adj.)
assured, rest
resolve (v.)
assured way, in an
safe (adv.)
agazed (adj.)
wonderful (adj.)
astonishment, extreme
amaze (n.)
astonishment, shout with
hoop (v.)
astonishment, target of
wonder (n.)
agazed (adj.)
parlously (adv.)
astray, moving
wide (adj.)
astray from duty, go
err (v.)
astray in aim, go
overshoot (v.)
astride, stand over with legs
bestride (v.)
astride, with legs
colossus-wise (adv.)
astrological diagram
figure (n.)
astrology, knowledge of
astronomy (n.)
sunder, in
asunder, rent
distracted (adj.)
asunder, split
crack (v.)
asunder, splitting
splitting (adj.)
athlete [contemptuous]
gamester (n.)
athletic, not
stiff (adj.)
athletic pastime
sport (n.)
atmospheric effect
meteor (n.)
atmospheric powers
element (n.)
heinously (adv.)
attack [in fencing]
motion (n.)
attack, barrier against
frontier (n.)
attack, damaging
libel (n.)
attack, fresh
reinforcement (n.)
attack, make a sudden
sally (v.)
attack, resisting
defence (n.)
attack, strengthened against
rampired (adj.)
attack, under
stake, at the
attack, vigorous
laying on (n.)
attack against an enemy
sally (n.)
attack at close quarters
lay aboard (v.)
attack by a set of dogs [in bear-baiting]
course (n.)
attack furiously
fly (v.)
attack in force
fall on (v.)
attack of disease
taking (n.)
attack with the sun in the eyes
sun of, get the
attacking stroke [in fencing]
offence (n.)
attach as a codicil
label (v.)
attached, adversely
ill-annexed (adj.)
attached, closely
ingraft, engraffed (adj.)
attached in honour
endeared (adj.)
attaching excellence
attributive (adj.)
attachment, declare
profess (v.)
attain, strive to
reach at (v.)
recovery (n.)
attainment, power of
reach (n.)
attempt, hazardous
venture (n.)
attend well
apply (v.)
attendance, be in
wait (v.)
attendance, court-officer who ensures
summoner (n.)
attendance, fierce in
fell-lurking (adj.)
attendance, in
assistant (adj.)
attendance, people in
tendance (n.)
attendance in court
suit (n.)
attendant [upon]
adjunct (adj.)
attendant, armed processional
whiffler (n.)
attendant, be an
follow (v.)
attendant, boy
footboy (n.)
attendant, ingratiating
observant (n.)
attendant, like an
squire-like (adv.)
attendant, spiritual
chaplain (n.)
attendant on a knight
esquire (n.),squire (n.)
attendants, set of nine
ninefold (n.)
attention, amorous
approach (n.)
attention, anxious
heedfully (adv.)
attention, assiduous
attendance (n.)
attention, careful
observation (n.)
attention, catch
catch (v.)
attention, divert
beguile (v.)
attention, fix
anchor (v.)
attention, focus
dream (v.)
attention, lack of proper
forgetfulness (n.)
attention, object of
object (n.)
attention, object of serious
mark (n.)
attention, pay no
sleep upon (v.)
attention, paying
ear (n.),remembrance (n.)
attention, paying continuous
intentively (adv.)
attention, paying special
superstitiously (adv.)
attention, pressing on the
urging (n.)
attention, with close
narrowly (adv.)
attention, without much
slightly (adv.)
attention, without paying
idly (adv.)
attention to detail, painstaking
curiosity (n.)
attentive, less
slack (adj.)
attentive servant
diligence (n.)
attentiveness, tender
observancy (n.)
probable (adj.)
decking (n.)
attitude, proper
duty (n.)
attracting towards evil
vile-drawing (adj.)
attraction, sexual
liking (n.)
attractive, outwardly
sugared (adj.)
attractive, superficially
flattering (adj.)
attractive in appearance
well-favoured (adj.)
attractive temptations, full of
fine-baited (adj.)
attractive to, be
love (v.)
handsomely (adv.)
attractively looking
well-seeming (adj.)
favour (n.)
attribute, special
appropriation (n.)
attributes, combination of
infusion (n.)
attributes, list
divide (v.)
pertly (adv.)
audience in a theatre courtyard
groundlings (n.)
audience (n.)
auditory reception
apprehension (n.)
auger hole
bore (n.)
authentic [as of a coin]
current (adj.)
stamp (v.)
authenticated [through a wax seal]
sealed (adj.)
seal (n.)
authoritative action
power (n.)
authoritative decision
sentence (n.)
authoritative guidance
direction (n.)
authoritative charge
commission (n.)
authoritative influence
authority (n.)
authoritative opinion
voice (n.)
authority, give
invest (v.)
authority, have total
roast, rule the
authority, highest in
supreme (n.)
authority, kingly
sovereignty (n.)
authority, legitimate
name (n.)
authority, place in
bench (v.)
authority, place of
chair (n.)
authority, position of
command (n.),sway (n.)
authority, speak with
authorize (v.)
authority, those in
authority (n.)
authority, written
writ (n.)
authority to act
licence (n.)
authorization, written
hand (n.)
avail, be of
make (v.)
avail oneself of
embrace (v.)
leave (n.)
availability, spare
superfluity (n.)
available as evidence / as a witness
forthcoming (adj.)
available means
present (n.)
available money
purse (n.),store (n.)
available time
leisure (n.)
available to the mind, make
body forth (v.)
avaricious, craftily
subtle-covetous (adj.)
avaricious disposition
itching palm
loop (n.)
average character
indifferency (n.)
averse, be
distaste (v.)
aversion, displaying
distasteful (adj.)
aversion, silly
toy (n.)
averted, unable to be
avoid, able to
prevent (v.)
avoid, warning to
circumvention (n.)
avoid by prompt action
prevent (v.)
avoid destruction
live (v.)
avoid offending
spare (v.)
avowal of skilled knowledge
profession (n.)
await an opportunity
hearken (v.)
await employment
serve (v.)
await the time
look (v.)
awaiting trial
forthcoming (adj.)
awake, cause to come out by staying
wake out (v.)
awake, keep [in falconry]
watch (v.)
awake, one who stays
watcher (n.)
awake from the grave
araise (v.)
waked (adj.)
aware, privately
privy (adj.)
aware of, made
privy (adj.)
awareness, sense of
feeling (n.)
awareness, with full
advisedly (adv.)
away, be
jog (v.)
away, stay
forbear (v.)
away fighting
out (adv.)
away from
quit (adj.)
away from, get
evitate (v.)
away from, keep
spare (v.)
away from the others
aside (adv.)
away from there
thence (adv.)
away with you
aroint (v.)
awe, full of
awful (adj.)
awe, held in
dread (adj.)
awe, inspiring no
aweless (adj.)
awkward silence
O Lord, sir
axe, executioner's
hatchet (n.)
axe-wielding Irish soldier
galloglass, gallowglass (n.)
axis [astronomy]
axletree, axle-tree (n.)

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