This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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babble about
tongue (v.)
babble away
smatter (v.)
baby, pampered
wanton (n.)
baby girl
child (n.)
back, arched
bow-back (n.)
back, come
turn back (v.)
back, in the
behind (adv.)
back, lead/bring
reduce (v.)
back door
postern (n.)
back streets
backside (n.)
ground (n.)
background setting [as in a gem]
foil (n.)
back-handed stroke [in fencing]
reverse (n.)
back-handed thrust [in fencing]
punto reverso (n.)
backing up
backing (n.)
pack (n.)
bad company, in
ill-sorted (adv.)
bad condition, in
elbow, out at
bad eyesight, with
thick-sighted (adj.)
bad feeling, have a
misgive (v.)
bad influence of the stars
star-blasting (n.)
bad luck, instance of
disaster (n.)
bad management
conveyance (n.)
bad opinion, have a
misthink (v.)
bad report
infamy (n.)
bad reputation
foulness (n.)
bad temper, be in a
piss o'th' nettle
bad temper, causing
choleric (adj.)
bad temper, in a
moved (adj.)
bad thing
pity (n.)
bad tidings, reporting
ill-uttering (adj.)
bad time, at a
untimely (adv.)
bad way, in a
under (adv.)
badger [contemptuous]
brock (n.)
pettish (adj.)
badly, employ
abuse (v.)
badly arranged
ill-disposed (adj.)
badly cooked
ill-roasted (adj.)
badly directed
misshapen (adj.)
badly equipped
ill-left (adj.)
badly express
misspeak (v.)
badly fitting
unsquared (adj.)
badly grafted
misgraffed (adj.)
badly grounded
ill-ta'en (adj.)
badly chosen
unsorted (adj.)
badly matched
ill-sorted (adv.)
badly mixed elements of mood
ill-tempered (adj.)
badly sheathed
ill-sheathed (adj.)
badly swollen
overgalled (adj.)
badly treat
abuse (v.)
bag, air-filled
bladder (n.)
bag, travel
mail (n.)
bag containing the great seal
purse (n.)
bag for carrying clothes
cloak-bag (n.)
stuff (n.)
baggage [affectionate]
harlotry (n.)
bail, go
surety (v.)
bait, fish used as a
gudgeon (n.)
baited, enticingly
fine-baited (adj.)
baited apparatus for recalling a hawk
lure (n.)
baking, cut up into little pieces for
minced (adj.)
balance, mental
temper (n.)
balance, put in
affront (v.)
balance of weight
poise (n.)
staid (adj.)
balanced, equally
hand-in-hand (adj.)
balanced, mentally
safe (adj.)
bald, made
pilled (adj.)
baldness caused by syphilis
French crown
ball, perfumed
pomander (n.)
ball black as pitch
pitch-ball (n.)
ball of thread
clew (n.)
ban, official
inhibition (n.)
band [music]
noise (n.)
band [rim]
verge (n.)
band, encircling
compass (n.)
band, select
choice (n.)
band, shoulder
scarf (n.)
band of followers
company (n.),troop (n.)
band together
bandy (v.)
bang, make a
thump (v.)
bang the drums
strike the vessels
banishment, return from
repeal (n.),repealing (n.)
bank, put in a
bank (v.)
bankrupt, go
break (v.)
breaking (n.)
banner, small
banneret (n.)
banner showing a coat-of-arms
blazon (n.)
banquet, enjoy a
convive (v.)
banqueting table
mess (n.)
baptismal name
christendom (n.)
baptismal shawl
bearing-cloth (n.)
baptismal sponsor
gossip (n.)
bar [ingot]
sow (n.)
bar of precious metal
ingot (n.)
tyranny (n.)
barbarity, enormous
immanity (n.)
barbed arrow-head
fork (n.)
barber-shop, frequenter of the
barber-monger (n.)
barbs, armoured with
barbed (adj.)
bare, peeled
barked (adj.)
bare, stripped
polled (adj.)
bare the teeth
grin (v.)
bareness, in
barely (adv.)
bargain, make a
purchase (v.)
bargain, something added to a
boot (n.)
bargain for
cheapen (v.)
broking (adj.)
bargaining, carry out
go through (v.)
bark, strip
bark (v.)
bark at
bay (v.)
bark at finding a scent
open (v.)
barky (adj.)
barn. store up in a
barn (v.)
barren emptiness
desolation (n.)
barrier against attack
frontier (n.)
barrow (n.)
bars, prison
grate (n.)
base thing
thing (n.)
based firmly
founded (adj.)
pudency (n.)
basic points
rudiment (n.)
basin, pudding
porringer (n.)
basis, on that
thereupon (adv.)
basis in fact
instruction (n.)
basis of, give the
derive (v.)
basket for dirty laundry
buck-basket (n.)
basket with offerings for charity
alms-basket (n.)
basketwork sword hilt
basket-hilt (n.)
bass accompaniment [in a song]
burden, burthen (n.)
bass voice, utter with
bass, base (v.)
bastard [term of abuse]
whoreson (n.)
bastard, conceived as a
bastardizing (n.)
hot-house (n.)
batty (adj.)
baton, military
truncheon (n.)
battle (n.)
battalions, in
battled (adj.)
pun (v.)
ram (n.)
battery emplacement
platform (n.)
battle, day of
day (n.)
battle, engage in
flag, set up the bloody
battle, field of
field (n.)
battle, large body of troops arrayed for
battalia (n.)
battle, meet in
meet (v.)
battle, on the field of
afield, a-field (adv.)
battle, prepare for
buckle (v.)
battle, without being met in
unfought (adj.)
battle array
battle (n.)
battle line
range (n.)
battle-axe made like a sledge-hammer
poleaxe, sledded
battlefield, in the
fielded (adj.)
battlefield, knighthood conferred after prowess on the
knight of the battle
colour (n.)
field (n.)
bawdry (n.)
bay [in hunting]
spend one's mouth
bay, within a
embayed (adj.)
bay tree, of the [as a symbol of victory]
laurel (adj.)
bay-tree leaf
bay (n.)
BC 1st millennium
Carthage (n.)
BC 9th-century
Semiramis (n.)
be, come to
come (v.)
bugle (adj.)
beads, on a bracelet
bugle-bracelet (n.)
beads, rosary
bead (n.)
hermit (n.)
beach, having a
beached (adj.)
beaks together, stroke
bill (v.)
bear [as if on a crest]
undercrest (v.)
bear, be prepared to
vouchsafe (v.)
bear, post for chaining a
stake (n.)
course (n.)
bear-baiting pit
baiting-place (n.)
bear-baiting post
stake (n.)
beard emerging
scarce-bearded (adj.)
bearing, armorial
blazon (n.),heraldry (n.)
bearing, with erect
straight-pight (adj.)
beast, fabulous
griffin (n.)
beast, merciless
dog (n.)
beast, worthless
carrion (n.)
beast of the earth
earth (n.)
beast with horns
cornuto (n.)
beastly (adj.)
beastly manner, in a
beastly (adv.)
beasts, fighting like
ears, by the
beat away
souse (v.)
beat back
buffet (v.)
beat down
lodge (v.)
beat the hell out of
lam-damn (v.)
beat the wings [in falconry]
bate (v.),beat (v.)
beat with a truncheon
truncheon (v.)
beaten against
chidden (adj.)
beaten soundly
dry-beaten (adj.)
fit (n.)
beating, with heart strongly
throbbing (adj.)
beating with a stick [esp. on the soles of the feet]
painting (n.)
beauty, artificial
fine (adj.)
beauty, deprive of
unfair (v.)
beauty, goddesses of
Three Graces
beauty, heavenly
cherubin (n.)
beauty, loss of
defeature (n.)
beauty, model of
grace (n.)
beauty, of diminishing
beauty-waning (adj.)
beauty, of tender
dainty (adj.)
beauty, outdo in
outbrave (v.)
beauty, surpass in
out-brag (v.)
calm (v.)
bed, covering above a
canopy (n.)
bed, fabric hanging over and around a
tent (n.)
bed, get out of
rise (v.)
bed, hanging tapestry for a four-poster
bed-hanger (n.)
bed, leave one's
uprouse (v.)
bed, polluting the marriage
bed-blotting (adj.)
bed, showing the way towards
bedward, to
bed canopy, drapery for a
valance (n.)
bed down
hug (v.)
bed on the ground
field-bed (n.)
bed out in the open
field-bed (n.)
bed-covering, quilted
counterpoint (n.)
bedchamber attendant
chamberlain (n.)
beef, joint of
bull-beef (n.)
beef-witted (adj.)
beehive-shaped head-covering
hive (n.)
beer, sweet unfermented
wort (n.)
beer foam up, make
froth (v.)
beer of poor quality
beer / ale, small
befitting a holiday
high-day (adj.)
befitting a king, not
unkinglike (adj.)
befitting action
becoming (n.)
gently (adv.)
before, go on
wait on / upon (v.)
before, it is a little
lacks of, it
beforehand, name
prenominate (v.)
beforehand suspicion
presurmise (n.)
beg pardon
solicit (v.)
beg to get out of
excuse (v.)
begetting children
store (n.)
beggar, become a
beg (v.)
beggar, fear shown by a
beggar-fear (n.)
beggar, in the manner of a
beggarly (adj.)
beggar, licence to travel as a
passport (n.)
beggar, mad
bedlam (n.)
beggar's mistress
doxy (n.)
Zenelophon (n.)
beggary (n.)
beggary, reduce to
beggar (v.)
begged for
sued-for (adj.)
begging bowl
clack-dish (n.)
begging pardon
saving reverence
begin to do
fall to (v.)
begin to feel
conceive (v.)
begin to understand
come near (v.)
beginning, make a
onset, give the
beginning to end, from
first and last, at
begrimed by smoke
reechy (adj.)
niggarding (n.)
begun, newly
broached (adj.)
behave honourably
keep fair quarter with
behave improperly
misdemean (v.)
behave inappropriately
forget (v.)
behave insolently
swagger (v.)
behave like a prince
prince (v.)
behave like a woman, make
woman (v.)
behave mockingly
dally (v.)
behave subtly
insinuate (v.)
behave together
co-act (v.)
behaved, wildly
madcap (adj.)
behaving, way of
line (n.),manner (n.)
behaving in a contrary way
incorrect (adj.)
behaving in the same way
succession (n.)
behaviour, absurd
lewdness (n.)
behaviour, bestial
Centaur (n.)
behaviour, calm
temperance (n.)
behaviour, conventional
fashion (n.)
behaviour, courteous
civility (n.)
behaviour, courtly
behaviour (n.)
behaviour, decent
handsomeness (n.)
behaviour, excessive
prank (n.)
behaviour, exercise of
extent (n.)
behaviour, foolish
wantonness (n.)
behaviour, childish
childishness (n.)
behaviour, instance of proper
compliment, complement (n.)
behaviour, lapse in proper
digression (n.)
behaviour, lascivious
lewdness (n.)
behaviour, list of penalties for bad
forfeit (n.)
behaviour, manner of
carriage (n.)
behaviour, modish
fashion (n.)
behaviour, one who assumes a
seemer (n.)
behaviour, outrageous
extreme (n.)
behaviour, outward
form (n.),seeming (n.)
behaviour, proper
fitness (n.),manner (n.)
behaviour, quietness of
stillness (n.)
behaviour, regular
habit (n.)
behaviour, ridiculous
extremity (n.)
behaviour, seemly
modesty (n.)
behaviour, show a model of
feat (v.)
behaviour, singular
singularity (n.)
behaviour, strange
distemper (n.)
behaviour, two-faced
seeming (n.)
behaviour, typical
trick (n.)
behaviour, unaffected
simpleness (n.)
behaviour, uncouth
rudeness (n.)
behaviour, unnatural
unkindness (n.)
behaviour, unseemly
uncomeliness (n.)
behaviour, way of
current (n.)
behaviour, wicked
misgovernment (n.)
behaviour, wild
intemperance (n.)
behaviour not in accord with kinship
unnaturalness (n.)
behaviour typical of an ill-tempered hack
jadery (n.)
heading (n.)
hest (n.)
behind, close
foot, at,heels, at
behind, following on
rearward of, in the (prep.)
behind, lagging
lag (adj.)
behind, stay close
hook on (v.)
behind the main body of troops
rearward (n.)
behind the stage facade
within (adv.)
spy (v.)
beholden, make
affine (v.)
seeing (n.)
being [contemptuous]
thing (n.)
being, continue in
bide (v.),endure (v.)
being, core of
centre (n.)
being, foundation of
essence (n.)
being, inner
soul (n.)
being, insignificant
minimus (n.)
being, state of
degree (n.)
being, supernatural
sprite, spright (n.)
being, unnatural
land-fish (n.)
being, without
unborn (adj.)
belief, ground of
theme (n.)
belief, religious
faith (n.),religion (n.)
belief, statement going against accepted
paradox (n.)
belief, with irrational
superstitiously (adv.)
belief, worthy of
probable (adj.)
belief in divine power, someone with no
epicure (n.)
believe, come to
take (v.)
believe, over-ready to
credulous (adj.)
believe, refusing to
negative (adj.)
believe me
trust me
believe to be a fact
suppose (v.)
truster (n.)
emulator (n.)
disabling (n.)
bell, evening
curfew (n.)
bell-ringer who announces an impending death
bellman (n.)
belly, someone who makes a god of the
belly-god (n.)
belong to
long (v.)
belong together
fit (v.)
belong with
answer (v.)
belonging, legally
liable (adj.)
belongings, stripped of all
naked (adj.)
beloved, most
alderliefest (adj.)
bend, cause/make to
bow (v.)
bend into a circle
compass (v.)
bend low
crouch (v.)
bending [the knee or head]
flexure (n.)
bending motion
bend (n.)
bending of a knee
knee (n.),leg (n.)
benison (n.)
beneficial location
vantage (n.)
beneficial result
purchase (n.)
beneficial to well-being
wholesome-profitable (adj.)
fee (n.)
benefit, for your
proface (int.)
benefits, gain
advantage, on that
benevolence, displaying
gracious (adj.)
benevolent, universally
general (adj.)
bench, take a seat on a
bench (v.)
lated (adj.)
bent, not [in archery]
unbent (adj.)
bent posture
hoop (n.)
bent to one side, not
right (adj.)
wet (v.)
bereft of all capacities
unqualitied (adj.)
Bergamo, in the manner of the people of
Bergomask (n.)
beset, always
beside oneself
mad (adj.)
beside oneself, be
unqualitied (adj.)
besides the fact
moreover (adv.)
bedashed (adj.)
best condition
pride (n.)
best of my ability, to the
all my best
best period
best (n.)
bestial behaviour
Centaur (n.)
stir (v.)
bestowal of rights [from a feudal lord]
benefit (n.)
bestowed, well
vouchsafed (adj.)
stride (v.)
bet, offer as a
hold (v.)
betake oneself
frame (v.),wend (v.)
betrothal, act of
troth-plight (n.)
betrothal, offer of
tender (n.)
betrothed, already
sub-contracted (adj.)
bets, make
play (v.)
better [outdo]
out-vie (v.)
better, do
mend (v.)
better, get
amend (v.)
better, held to be
bettered (adj.)
better, change for the
conversion (n.)
better, made
mended (adj.)
better of, getting the
circumvention (n.)
better of, think
think on (v.)
better way
boot (n.)
betterment, social
promotion (n.)
mustachio (adj.)
moping (adv.)
bewildering pace, moving at a
beyond, remain
outstand (v.)
beyond, stay
outdwell (v.)
beyond a (normal) level, go
overtop (v.)
bias, alleging
partial (adj.)
biased feeling
affection (n.)
biased manner, in a
partial, in
biased side of a bowl, swollen like the
bias (adj.)
biased way, in a
partially (adv.)
Bible, oath made on a
book-oath (n.)
bid, put in a
put in (v.)
bill, unpaid after goods have been received
after-debt (n.)
bill, without paying the
shot-free (adj.)
bill of exchange
bill (n.)
billowing movement [of clouds]
rack (n.)
bind by ties
affine (v.)
bind in
coop (v.)
bond (n.)
binding power
bondage (n.)
binding up
bondage (n.)
bird, half
Siren (n.)
bird, thieving
kite (n.)
bird, unfledged
gull (n.)
bird, young
bird (n.)
bird of prey
kite (n.)
bird of prey, height soared by a
pitch (n.)
bird reputed to feed her young with her own blood
pelican (adj.)
bird that sings at night
night-bird (n.)
lime (n.)
birdlime, twig smeared with
lime-twig (n.)
birds, arrow for shooting
bird-bolt, burbolt (n.)
birds, hunting at night
bat-fowling (n.)
birds, hunting small
birding (n.)
pitfall (n.)
birth, abnormal
prodigy (n.)
birth, by reason of
native (adj.)
birth, conjunction of stars at
nativity (n.)
birth, connected by
native (adj.)
birth, give painful
throe forth (v.)
birth, giving
deliverance (n.)
birth, good
gentility (n.)
birth, high
height (n.)
birth, kingdom of
birthdom (n.)
birth, of low
base-born (adj.)
birth, person of humble
vile, vild (n.)
birth, royal
birth (n.)
birth, someone of high
gentleman (n.)
birth, with unnatural
prodigiously (adv.)
mark (n.)
cradle (n.)
birthright, by
natural (adj.)
bit, least
wink (n.)
bit, smallest
rag (n.)
bite, tiny
pinch (n.)
bite into
knap (v.)
bite one's tongue
tongue (n.)
bitingly cold
pinching (adj.)
bits, cut into tiny
mince (v.)
bitter demeanour, with a
tartly (adv.)
bitter substance
gall (n.),wormwood (n.)
bitter taste
wormwood (n.)
coloquintida (n.)
bitterly, speak
bite (v.)
bitterly cold
thrilling (adj.)
bitterly repented
high-repented (adj.)
bitterness, cherishing
stomaching (n.),stomaching (n.)
black, dyed
stained (adj.)
black arts, produced by the
artificial (adj.)
black as night
nighted (adj.)
black clothes
black (n.)
black coal
jet (n.)
black-and-white, in
white and black, under
blackberry, species of
dewberry (n.)
nighted (adj.)
blacking [from a burnt torch]
link (n.)
Vulcan (n.)
blade, long-handled
glaive (n.)
blade of a ploughshare
coulter (n.)
blame, acquit of
uncharge (v.)
blame, deserving of
reproach (n.)
blamed, to be
blame, to
clear (adj.)
blame (n.)
blameworthy, wilfully
wilful-blame (adj.)
blank charter
blank (n.)
blankets, sleep in rough
woollen, lie in the
blast, rough
bluster (n.)
blast, violent
gust (n.)
prating (adj.)
blazing torch
cresset (n.)
blazon, first tincture in a [in heraldry]
first (n.)
linen (adj.)
bleed [as a medical treatment]
let blood
bleeding, prevent from
stop (v.)
blemished [of coins]
cracked (adj.)
blending, physical
commixion, commixtion (n.)
blessing, capable of
blessed, blest (adj.)
blessing, deprive of a
unbless (v.)
blind [in falconry]
seel (v.)
blind, make
blind (v.)
blind man [in a game]
hoodman (n.)
blindfolded god
Cupid (n.)
blind-man's buff
hoodman-blind (n.)
pink (adj.)
bliss, in
well (adv.)
blain (n.)
blisters, raise
blister (v.)
bloated, make
engross (v.)
fatness (n.)
block [ingot]
sow (n.)
block, stumbling
cross (n.)
block, wooden
clog (n.)
block using petty authority
office (v.)
girded (adj.)
blocking out [of sound]
deafing (n.)
blood, cover over with
overred, over-red (v.)
blood, draining away
blood-drinking (adj.)
blood, in the
bloody (adj.)
blood, join in
knit (v.)
blood, lose
bleed (v.)
blood, object stained with
stain (n.)
blood, person of royal
prince (n.)
blood, ready to shed
bloody-minded (adj.)
blood, related by
natural (adj.)
blood, related in
consanguineous (adj.)
blood, show
smoke (v.)
blood, stain with
imbrue, embrue (v.)
blood, token infused with
tincture (n.)
blood, with hair matted with
blood-boltered (adj.)
blood, yield
blood (v.)
purple (adj.)
bloody (adj.)
lym (n.)
paly (adj.)
blood-letting [in medicine]
bleeding (n.)
blood-red, turn
incarnadine (v.)
bleeding (n.)
bloodshed, able to cause
bloody (adj.)
bloodshed, eager for
blood-drinking (adj.)
bloodshed, involving
bloody (adj.)
bloodshed, portending
bloody (adj.)
bloodshed, well used to
fleshed (adj.)
bloodshed, without
maiden (adj.)
sized (adj.)
bloodstained, freshly
reeking (adj.)
bloody act
stratagem (n.)
minded (adj.)
bloom, in its
blown (adj.)
blooming, not yet
unblown (adj.)
blow (v.)
blossom, covered with
bloomed (adj.)
blossom, grub that destroys
canker-blossom (n.)
blossom, with cup-shaped
chaliced (adj.)
blossom of the wild rose
canker-bloom (n.)
blow, deal a swifter
outstrike (v.)
blow, first
stroke (n.)
blow, later
after-loss (n.)
blow, severe
rebuke (n.)
blow away
overblow (v.)
blow in the air
flare (v.)
blow one's nails
nail (n.)
blow over
overblow (v.)
blow to pieces
dismember (v.)
blow upon
fan (v.)
blow wind in the breech
wind (n.)
beating (adj.)
blowing intermittently
fretting (adj.)
blows, aim
drive, let
blows, come to
cuffs, go to
blows, deal
buffet (v.)
blows, dealing of
laying on (n.)
blows, exchange
meddle (v.),speak (v.)
blows, inflict
lay on / upon (v.)
blows, rain
tickle (v.)
blows, unmarked by
undinted (adj.)
blue, coloured
azure, azured (adj.)
blue, heavenly
welkin (adj.)
blue bonnet, one who wears a
blue-cap (n.)
model (n.)
grey (adj.)
fault (n.)
blundering lout
lubber (n.)
blunted, not
unbated (adj.)
blunted, unable to be
bateless (adj.)
blunt-headed arrow
butt-shaft (n.)
blood (n.)
blushing cheeks
cheek-roses (n.)
blustering, force by
swagger (v.)
blustering threat
brave (n.)
boar, fattened
brawn (n.)
board, get on
board (v.)
board, jump on
clap her aboard
board a ship, put on
inship (v.)
board ship, on
shipboard, to
boast, without vain
bragless (adj.)
boast about
boast off (v.)
boaster, triumphant
insulter (n.)
boastful spirit
glory (n.)
boastfully, act
brave (v.)
boasting, scornfully
insulting (adj.)
lace (n.)
bodies, pile of [in hunting]
quarry (n.)
bodily figure
person (n.)
bodily frame
bone (n.)
bodily power
ability (n.)
bodily strength
power (n.),thews (n.)
body, fleshy part of the
brawn (n.)
body, become part of the same
embody (v.)
body, dear [in oaths]
bodkin (n.),bodykins (int.)
body, enclosed
core (n.)
body, human
temple (n.)
body, in a
quill, in the
body, knowledge of the human
physic (n.)
body, lower regions of the
low country
body, made into one
incorpsed (adj.)
body, make one
incorporate (v.)
body, permeating the
distilling (adj.)
body, piece of a
member (n.)
body, solid
solidity (n.)
body, spiritual
spiritualty (n.)
body, united as if in one
corporate (adj.)
body, using substance from one's own
self-substantial (adj.)
body, wasting away
wasteful (adj.)
body, without [of drink]
thin (adj.)
body comprising justices of the peace
commission (n.)
bodyguard, gentleman of the royal
pensioner (n.)
body-part thought to be the seat of the passions
liver (n.)
bugbear (n.)
bogged down, get
mire (v.)
boil, cause to
mount (v.)
boil, small
quat (n.)
boil with urgency
seethe (v.)
boiling, reduce by
seethe (v.)
boiling oil [vat of]
oil (n.)
bold, imprudently
adventurous (adj.)
bold, make more
embolden (v.)
bold front
brow (n.)
bold front, present a
outface (v.),turn head
boldly come / go
press (v.)
bolster, lie on the same
bolster (v.)
bolt for fastening a piece of armour
rivet (n.)
bolted firmly
fast (adj.)
battery (n.)
bond [combination]
composure (n.)
bond [obligation]
band (n.),specialty (n.)
bond [shackle]
band (n.)
bond, sacred
sanctimony (n.)
bond of friendship
league (n.)
bond of wedlock
knot (n.)
bond recognizing a debt
recognizance (n.)
bond securing a debt with the debtor's land
statute (n.)
bondage, held in
thralled (adj.)
bondage, put in
tie (v.)
bone, bobbin made of
bone (n.)
bone, pieces of [as a musical instrument]
bone (n.)
bonnet, one who wears a blue
blue-cap (n.)
bonnet, remove the
bonnet (v.)
book, commonplace
commonplace (n.)
book, memorandum
table-book (n.)
book, section of a learned
partition (n.)
book dealing with matters of love
love-book (n.)
book (n.)
book-learning, of mere
bookish (adj.)
books, obtained only from
bookish (adj.)
inkhorn (adj.)
rudely (adv.)
boot, flap of a top
ruff (n.)
boots, wearing high hunting
buskined (adj.)
border, on the
bordering (adj.)
border fortress
frontier (n.)
border material
list (n.)
bordered with rushes
sedgy (adj.)
borders, with wide
wide-skirted (adj.)
bore (n.)
born, time to be
time (n.)
born, well
gentle (adj.)
born in a ditch
ditch-delivered (adj.)
born in dung
shard-borne (adj.)
born of a witch
hag-born (adj.)
born under a star
starred (adj.)
burgomaster (n.)
bother about
stand upon (v.)
bottle, small
vial (n.)
bottle cased in wickerwork
twiggen-bottle (n.)
bottled (adj.)
bottom, trimmed at the
underborne (adj.)
bottom, well-rounded
brawn-buttock (n.)
bottom, whip on the
breech (v.)
bottom line
plainsong (n.)
bottom of a two-quart vessel, to the
pottle-deep (adj.)
bottom tingle, make one's
tickle your catastrophe
bower (n.)
boudoirs, frequenter of [carpeted]
carpet-monger (n.)
bound, move with a sudden
bounce (v.)
bound, condition of being
bondage (n.)
bound, legally
liable (adj.)
bound, with arms
pinioned (adj.)
bound by marriage
obliged (adj.)
bound by oath
enjoined (adj.)
bound together
pleached (adj.)
bounded region
limit (n.)
boundless opportunities
unchecked (adj.)
bounds, keep within
border (v.)
bounds, shut up in limiting
cabin (v.)
frank (adj.)
fairly (adv.)
bout [in fencing]
pass (n.),veney (n.)
bout, succeed in a [in fencing]
play one's prize
bout, wrestling
fall (n.)
bow [of ship]
beak (n.)
bow [submit]
bend (v.)
bow, hand which holds a
bow hand (n.)
bow, make a brief
duck (v.)
bow, make a formal
congee, congie (v.)
bow and arrow
Cupid (n.)
bowel movement
motion (n.)
bower, canopied
coverture (n.)
bower and scraper
wagtail (n.)
bowing, foolishly
silly-ducking (adj.)
bowl [head]
mazzard (n.)
bowl, begging
clack-dish (n.)
bowl standing on a pedestal
standing-bowl (n.)
bow (n.)
bow-string, draw back a
draw (v.)
horse-hairs (n.)
box for holding snuff or perfume
pouncet-box (n.)
boy, mischievous
wag (n.)
boy, ship's
sea-son (n.)
boy attendant
footboy (n.)
boy-actor level, reduce to a
boy (v.)
bracelet adorned with ornamental tube-shaped glass beads
bugle-bracelet (n.)
nimbly (adj.)
bragging claim
brag (n.),vaunt (n.)
braid, trim with
face (v.)
brain, cavity within the
ventricle (n.)
brain, furnished with a
brained (adj.)
brains, use
understand (v.)
brains out of, dash the
brain (v.)
uplifted (adj.)
branch [split piece of]
sliver (n.)
branch, prickly
briar (n.)
branch, remove a
disbranch (v.)
branch lopped off
lop (n.)
branches evenly layered, with
even-pleached (adj.)
brass, hard as
brassy (adj.)
brass, made of
brazen (adj.)
brass, made of thin
latten (adj.)
brazier (n.)
bravado, young man of
courage (n.)
brave, made
boldened (adj.)
bravery, surpass in
outbrave (v.)
brazen out
face out (v.)
brazen woman
ramp (n.)
brass (n.)
bread, servant in charge of the
pantler (n.)
bread steeped in liquid, piece of
sop (n.)
breadth of the hand
span (n.)
breach of faith
faith-breach (n.)
break [of day]
spring (n.)
break, without a
together (adv.)
break between sessions
intervallum (n.)
break down, cause to
founder (v.)
break down in grief
dissolve (v.)
break free
break (v.)
break in [horses]
dress (v.),pace (v.)
break in a line of scent
fault (n.)
break into
tame (v.)
break one's promise
break (v.)
break out suddenly
flash (v.)
breakdown, total
apoplexy (n.)
breaker, thundering
roarer (n.)
breaker of an agreement
forfeiter (n.)
breaker of promises
break-vow (n.)
breach (n.)
breaking, previous
before-breach (n.)
breaking away
starting (n.)
breaking in
intrusion (n.)
breaking off
stop (n.)
breaking up
segregation (n.)
breaking waves
breach (n.)
abruption (n.)
dug (n.)
wind (n.)
breath, angry
blast (n.)
breath, breathe hot
blow (v.)
breath, catch
breathe (v.)
breath, hold
wind, stop in your
breath, hot steamy
vapour (n.)
breath, lamenting
wind (n.)
breath, lose/gasp for
wind, break one's
breath, put out of
out-breathed (adj.)
breath, struggle for
catch the air
breath of fresh air
breath (n.)
breathe, allow to
breathe (v.)
breathe hot breath
blow (v.)
lively (adj.)
breathing, easy
breath (n.)
breathing, intense
suspiration (n.)
solemn (adj.)
breeding, exhaust through
breed out (v.)
breeding, of good
noble (adj.)
breeding, woman of good
gentlewoman (n.)
breech, blow wind in the
breech (n.)
breeches, dropping one's
untrussing (n.)
breeches, not dressed in
unbreeched (adj.)
breeze, mild
zephyr (n.)
brew [drink]
brewage (n.)
brewing, outhouse used for
brew-house (n.)
bride, dressed as a
bride-habited (adj.)
bride, play the
bride (v.)
snaffle (n.)
bridle-part that goes over a horse's head
headstall (n.)
brief and the long
tedious (adj.)
brief period
trice (n.)
briefly flaming
rash (adj.)
bright light, cast a
reflect (v.)
brighten up
brave (v.)
brightly, adorn
spangle (v.)
brightly coloured
enamelled (adj.)
brightly laid out
fair (adv.)
brightly lit
shining (adj.)
brightness, restore to
scour (n.)
brightness, with lost
vaded (adj.)
purple (adj.)
fiery (adv.)
brilliantly lit place
lantern (n.)
brim, filled to the
full-fraught (adj.)
brimful cup
rouse (n.)
brimming with tears
swelling (adj.)
bring [for favourable acceptance]
commend (v.)
bring about [as if by magic]
conjure up (v.)
bring about, try to
labour (v.)
bring along
bring away (v.)
bring forth lambs
ean (v.)
bring into action
lay to (v.)
bring into effect
effect (v.)
bring into existence
breed (v.), past form bred
bring on
draw on (v.)
bring on to the stage
bring out (v.)
bring people out
produce (v.)
bring the total to
make (v.)
bring to a close
include (v.)
bring to a halt
pull in (v.)
bring to a stand [in hunting]
stall (v.)
bring to an untimely end
cut off (v.)
bring to bay
bay (v.)
bring to maturity
season (v.)
bring together firmly
cement (v.)
bring up for consideration
propose (v.)
bringer of news
intelligencer (n.)
brings to a conclusion, one who
arbitrator (n.)
briskly, move
scud (v.)
briskly enter
clap into (v.)
rugged (adj.)
broad expanse
main (n.)
broad forehead or face, with a
broad-fronted (adj.)
strew (v.)
broadsword, curved
falchion (n.)
tame (v.)
broach a matter
break (v.)
broiling, made ready for
carbonadoed (adj.)
broken in [as a horse]
broken (adj.)
broken off, be
slip (v.)
broken pottery
shard (n.)
broken side-rings, with [in horse-riding]
half-cheeked (adj.)
broken voice quality
crack (n.)
crushed (adj.)
broker, acting as a
broking (adj.)
brown (adj.)
brooding, full of
brooded (adj.)
broom, grove of
broom-grove (n.)
broomstaff (n.)
broth, meat and vegetable
porridge (n.)
brothel door-keeping
hold-door (adj.)
brother, status as elder
age (n.)
brought down, someone
declined (n.)
brought into being from above
high-engendered (adj.)
brought up in society
inland (adj.)
brow, wreathe around the
brow-bind (v.)
brown, dark
abram (adj.)
brown, golden
abram (adj.)
brown, light
auburn (adj.)
brown, pale
fallow (adj.)
brown-coloured earth
umber (n.)
brown (adj.)
tawny (adj.)
browny-yellow [as of limestone or sandstone]
freestone (n.)
brown (adj.)
brush aside
put off (v.)
brush away
throw off (v.)
buck, four-year-old
sore (n.)
buck, three-year-old
sorel (n.)
buckler, central spike in a
pike (n.)
bud, marigold
Mary-bud (n.)
budding courtier
hawthorn-bud (n.)
bug (n.)
build up
lard (v.)
fabric (n.)
building, corner of a
coign (n.)
building, projecting part of a
bulk (n.)
building, public
school (n.)
building in a garden, small
garden-house (n.)
building place
mansionry (n.)
building where sheep shelter
sheepcote (n.)
built, partly
part-created (adj.)
built, strongly
well-knit (adj.)
built for wicked ends
ill-erected (adj.)
built powerfully
large (adj.)
high (adj.)
bulging growth
wallet (n.)
bulging out
child, with
bulk, good
bigness (n.)
bull [animal]
Minotaur (n.)
bull [in archery]
clout (n.)
bull's penis
bull's-pizzle (n.)
bully rook
rook (n.)
humble-bee (n.)
bump into one another
encounter (v.)
bumpkin, country
clown (n.)
bundle, flattened
cake (n.)
bundles, twine used for tying up
packthread, pack-thread (n.)
burden, assume a
take upon (v.)
burden, carry a
draw (v.)
burden, extra
imposition (n.)
burden, given a
charged (adj.)
burden, with a great
sad (adj.)
burden of sorrow
weight (n.)
burden with a cost
charge (v.)
burial cloth
winding-sheet (n.)
burial placce
Colmekill (n.)
burial service
burial (n.)
burial-place, serve as a
sepulchre (v.)
buried with the Church's rites
canonized (v.)
burlesque actor
mimic (n.)
burn afresh
relume (v.)
burn away
outburn (v.)
burn in hell
fry (v.)
burn with lust
fry (v.)
burner of midnight oil
candle-waster (n.)
burning a log
Meleager (n.)
burning coal
cinder (n.)
burning disease
fire-ill (n.)
burning passion
fire (n.)
burning with a hot iron
cantherizing (n.)
blister (n.)
wasted (adj.)
burst, short
fit (n.)
burst from
rive (v.)
burst out
sally (v.)
bursting, stuffed to
overcloyed (adj.)
bursting, swell to
blow (v.)
bursting out
burst (n.)
bury in mud
mud (v.)
bushy tuft
tod (n.)
business, conclude
draw toward an end
business, do
mart (v.)
business, down in
custom-shrunk (adj.)
business, get down to
stand to it (v.)
business, none of one's
welkin, out of one's
business, personal
particular (n.)
business, recognized
trade (n.)
business, settlement of
despatch (n.)
business, well conducting
well-dealing (adj.)
busy, make
go about (v.)
busy oneself
meddle (v.)
busy (adj.)
butt of liquor
piece (n.)
butter up
claw (v.)
buttery, ledge by the hatch of a
buttery bar
butt (n.)
buttock, fleshy
brawn-buttock (n.)
breech (n.)
buttons, fitted out with
buttoned (adj.)
buy and sell
sell (v.)
buy back
redeem (v.)
buy off punishment for
purchase out (v.)
buying and selling
mart (n.)
bygone period
backward (n.)

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