This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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wort (n.)
rude (adj.)
fall (n.)
cadence, closing
close (n.)
cake, small
flap-dragon (n.)
cake, thin lightweight
wafer-cake (n.)
cake steeped in liquid, piece of
sop (n.)
calamity, outbreak of
eruption (n.)
calamity, strike with [astrology]
disaster (v.)
calculations, make
account / accompt, cast
calculations, perform
calculate (v.)
scale (n.)
call [of hounds]
cry (n.)
call, inform with a
sound (v.)
call as witnesses
attest (v.)
call back [from exile]
repeal (v.)
call by a wrong name
miscall (v.)
call for food and drink, tavern
bring in (v.)
call like a hound [in hunting]
cry out (v.)
call of a horn for bringing hounds together
recheat (n.)
call officially
warn (v.)
call oneself
write (v.)
call out about
cry on (v.)
call to a meeting
summon (v.)
call to account
call on / upon (v.)
call to appear
convent (v.)
call to mind
remember (v.)
call with a nod
nod (v.)
calling up of spirits
exorcism (n.)
callow ass
colt (n.)
calm, be
peace (v.)
calm, state of
peace (n.)
calm behaviour
temperance (n.)
calm sea
calm (n.)
traduce (v.)
substractor (n.)
black (adj.)
calumny, with
false (adv.)
camp, form into a
encamp (v.)
camp, living in an army
camping (adj.)
camp, military
leaguer (n.)
camp follower
lackey (n.)
action (n.)
canary, dance in the style of the
canary (v.)
cancel by crossing through [of a debt]
cross (v.)
cancel by making a payment
buy out (v.)
cancel out
buy out (v.)
candidate, be a
stand for (v.)
candidate for knighthood
esquire (n.)
candidate for political office
candidatus (n.)
candidature for membership
probation (n.)
candied fruits
conserve (n.)
candied sweetmeat
eringo (n.)
candle made of a rush
rush-candle (n.)
candle-end, smouldering
snuff (n.)
candle-fat, mine of
candle-mine (n.)
taper-light (n.)
candle-light, reading by
candle-waster (n.)
candles, container for
candle-case (n.)
canstick (n.)
cane used in riding
riding-rod (n.)
canker grubs, eaten away by
canker-bit (adj.)
cannibal, in the manner of a
cannibally (adv.)
cannon, stick for firing a
linstock (n.)
shot (n.)
crack (n.)
canon, scriptural
canon (n.)
canopied bower
coverture (n.)
canopy over a chair of state
cloth of state
quarrelous (adj.)
cap, doff the
off-cap (v.)
cap, fool's
coxcomb (n.)
cap, half removal of a
half-cap (n.)
cap, knob at the top of a
button (n.)
cap, removal of a
cap (n.)
cap for holy days
statute-cap (n.)
cap in hand and bended knee
cap and knee (n.)
capable, be
admit (v.)
capable action
ability (n.)
capable of damaging a merchant-ship
merchant-marring (adj.)
capable of dealing with
able (adj.)
capable of supplying, be
afford (v.)
capacities, bereft of all
unqualitied (adj.)
capacity, mental
strength (n.)
capacity for direction
direction (n.)
cape [clothing]
gaberdine (n.)
cape [headland]
head (n.)
career (n.)
capital nature, of a
life, for one's
waywardness (n.)
head (n.)
fairy (n.)
captive, keep
lock (v.)
captive, made
enthralled (adj.)
captive, take
captive (v.)
captivity, freedom from
space (n.)
capture, point of [in hunting]
bay (n.)
captured, just
new-ta'en (adj.)
captured ship
prize (n.)
caraway seeds
caraway (n.)
carcass, rotting
carrion (n.)
card, mark on a playing
pip (n.)
card that dashes an opponent's hope of success
cooling card
care, give tender
dote on / upon (v.)
care, chosen with great
choice-drawn (adj.)
care, loving
nursery (n.)
care for, have a
beware (v.)
care nothing for
prize (v.)
career advancement
gradation (n.)
carefree way, in a
carelessly (adv.)
careful, most
chariest (adj.)
careful attention
observation (n.)
careful management
husbandry (n.)
careful preservation
chariness (n.)
careful service
diligence (n.)
careful thought, with opportunity for
considered (adj.)
carefully, examine
survey (v.)
carefully, question
sift (v.)
carefully, very
print, in
carefully accurate
nice (adj.)
carefully composed
set (adj.)
carefully considered
leavened (adj.)
carefully fashioned
laboured (adj.)
carefully selected
chosen (adj.)
carefully sifted
bolted (adj.)
carefully think
consider (v.)
carefully watch
eye (v.)
careless, be
slubber (v.)
carelessly waste
cast away (v.)
coy (v.)
caressing [as doves]
billing (n.)
caressing, amorous
dalliance (n.)
cargo, fill up with
stow (v.)
cargo, forming the
fraughting (adj.)
drollery (n.)
carnal enjoyment
jollity (n.)
carnal knowledge
knowledge (n.)
lewdness (n.)
wassail (n.)
carping remark
comment (n.)
carried away
enrapt (adj.)
carried away with emotion
rapt (adj.)
carried by oneself
self-borne (adj.)
carried for one's own cause
self-borne (adj.)
carried off by force
ravished (adj.)
carrier of dispatches, female
woman-post (n.)
carrier of private messages
counsel-bearer (n.)
carrion, lean as
carrion (adj.)
carry a burden
draw (v.)
carry across
waft over (v.)
carry aloft
toss (v.)
carry along
import (v.)
carry on to no purpose
whistle, go
carry out in the past
forego (v.)
carry out well
make good
carry rapidly
post (v.)
carrying away
rapture (n.)
carrying off
conveyance (n.)
carrying on
continuance (n.)
carrying out
practice (n.)
carrying out what has to be done
observance (n.)
cart, drive around in a
cart (v.)
cart, shafts of a
fill (n.)
cart without wheels, man who drives a
drayman (n.)
carte blanche
patent (n.)
barrow (n.)
cartridges, discharge of blank
false fire
carved figure
monument (n.)
carving knife
whittle (n.)
case [box]
tun (n.)
case, enclosed in a
cased (adj.)
case, imaginary
conjecture (n.)
case, in my own
particular, on my
case, in relation to this particular
case, on the
case, judge a
try (v.)
case, make a
plead (v.)
case, outer
shale (n.)
case, parallel
example (n.)
case containing a watch
watch-case (n.)
case containing perfumed substances
pomander (n.)
case for carrying gunpowder
flask (n.)
case for consideration
reference (n.)
case (n.)
cash, ready
treasure (n.)
cask, funnel for a
tun-dish (n.)
cask, one who draws drink from
drawer (n.)
cask, wine drawn directly from the
pipe-wine (n.)
cask (n.)
casks, tap the
strike the vessels
cast a gloom over
overshade (v.)
cast down [as in submission]
vail (v.)
cast out
vent (v.)
cast the eye over
overglance (v.)
cast up
cast (v.)
pursue (v.)
beadle (n.)
cast (n.)
casting, made by
cast (adj.)
castrated cockerel
capon (n.)
castrated horse
gelding (n.)
idly (adv.)
casually, come
drop (v.)
cat, civet
cat (n.)
rheum (n.)
catgut string
catling (n.)
Paul's (n.)
catch blows
buckler (v.)
catch in the act
watch (v.)
catch inside a lock
ward (n.)
catch sight of
descry (v.),espy (v.)
catch up to
overtake (v.)
catch up with
catch (v.)
catching birds roosting at night
bat-fowling (n.)
drovier (n.)
caught, freshly
new-ta'en (adj.)
caught, hopelessly
week, in by the
cauldron [for food]
stew (n.)
cauldron [of molten lead]
lead (n.)
cause [as by magic]
charm (v.)
cause, drawn in a rightful
right-drawn (adj.)
cause, lost in a good
well-lost (adj.)
cause, persuasive
inducement (n.)
cause, support one's
right, do one
cause to be
yield (v.)
causes, inexplicable by natural
causeless (adj.)
admonition (n.)
cautious, most
chariest (adj.)
horse (n.)
cavalry, company of
cornet (n.)
cave, live in a
cave (v.)
cave-keeper (n.)
cave-keeping (adj.)
cavilling critic
carper (n.)
cavity within the brain
ventricle (n.)
cease labouring
unyoke (v.)
cease moving
stand (v.)
ceasing, without
clock and clock, 'twixt
vault (n.)
keep (v.)
famed (adj.)
celebrated, become
famous (v.)
celebrating a great victory
triumphant (adj.)
celebration, day of
high-day (n.)
celebration, display of
triumph (n.)
celebration, divine
mass (n.)
celebration, great
triumphantly (adv.)
celestial being
cherubin (n.)
celestial equator
equinoctial (n.)
celestial globe
sphere (n.)
cell [prison]
hold (n.),ward (n.)
cellar, wine
vault (n.)
lime (v.)
censorious critic
controller (n.)
unhappily (adv.)
censure, deserving
reprovable (adj.)
central part
main (n.)
central point
pith (n.)
centre [in archery]
pin (n.)
centre, nerve
navel (n.)
centre, target
blank (n.)
centre of a ship
waist (n.)
centre of an eye
apple (n.)
centre of control
stern (n.)
centre of the earth
centre (n.)
centre spot
prick (n.)
ceremonial cup
chalice (n.)
ceremonial tent
pavilion (n.)
ceremonial tents, in
pavilioned (adj.)
ceremonious leave, take
congee, congie (v.)
solemnly (adv.)
ceremony, courtly
curtsy, curtsey (n.)
ceremony, dutiful
observance (n.)
ceremony, organization of
ushering (n.)
ceremony, prior
preparation (n.)
ceremony, standing on
formal (adj.)
ceremony, with all due
religiously (adv.)
ceremony, without
headlong (adv.)
certain, be
resolve (v.)
certain to be refused
forestalled (adj.)
certainly, most
questionless (adv.)
certified [through a wax seal]
sealed (adj.)
cessation of movement
still-stand (n.)
coal (n.)
O (n.)
circle [in falconry]
tower (v.)
circle, bend into a
compass (v.)
circle, dance in a
roundel (n.)
circle, shining
paten (n.)
circle on the sovereign's head [on a coin]
ring (n.)
circle round
wheel (v.)
ring (n.)
circuit, make a
compass (v.)
circuit of time
compass (n.)
circuit to intercept game
windlass (n.)
circular motion, in a
circled (adj.)
circular shape
hoop (n.)
circulate with warrants for arrest
lay (v.)
current (n.)
circulation, not yet in
uncoined (adj.)
circumference, in
about (adv.)
circumstance (n.)
buckle in (v.)
even, e'en (adv.)
circumstance, expedient
occasion (n.)
circumstance, fortuitous
chance (n.)
circumstances, fit the
adhere (v.)
circumstances, full of
circumstantial (adj.)
circumstances, governed by
circumstanced (adj.)
circumstances, in the right
fit (adj.)
circumstances, new
change (n.)
circumstances, unfavourable
odds (n. plural)
circumstances admitted in court
premise (n.)
cited in court
alleged (adj.)
citizen, senior
mastership (n.)
citizen of the world
worldling (n.)
citizens, leading
best (n.)
city area outside the walls
suburbs (n.)
city community
city (n.)
City of London
City (adj.)
citizen (adj.)
civil disturbance
mutiny (n.)
civil law, of
civil (adj.)
civil war, of
civil (adj.)
civilized conduct
civility (n.)
civilized society, in
inland (adv.)
clad thinly
thin (adj.)
claim, financial
taxation (n.)
claim, have a rightful
entitule, intitule (v.)
claim, just
right (n.)
claim, lay
interess (v.)
claim, make a
lay knife aboard
claim, present a
put in (v.)
claim, unjust
wrong (n.)
claim, valid
interest (n.)
claim assistance
pray in aid
claim founded on long use, legal
prescription (n.)
claim knowledge
profess (v.)
claim repayment of
call on / upon (v.)
claim to be
write (v.)
claimant, false
simular (n.)
claiming equality
hand-in-hand (adj.)
clamorous complaint
exclamation (n.)
clamour, fill with
berattle (v.)
clamour, force down with
brawl down (v.)
scolding (adj.)
clandestine act
stealth (n.)
clandestine gathering
conventicle (n.)
purged (adj.)
clasp [to seal a bargain]
clap (v.)
clasp in the arms
grasp in (v.)
clasp with a twist
entwist (v.)
whittle (n.)
class difference
difference (n.)
sort (v.)
classroom lesson
lecture (n.)
clause, additional
label (n.)
claws, clutch with
foot (v.)
claws, scratch with
cloy (v.)
cloddy (adj.)
clean, rub
scour (n.)
true (adj.)
cleansed, not
unpurged (adj.)
purger (n.)
cleanser of cloth
fuller (n.)
clear [a way]
sweep (v.)
clear [brightness]
crisp (adj.),crystal (adj.)
clear, make
ravel out (v.)
clear, steer
give way (v.)
clear away
resolve (v.)
clear away [with a cough]
hem away (v.)
clear away from
rid (v.)
clear the table
take away (v.)
clear the throat noisily
hawk (v.)
clear up the matter
crow, pluck a
clearing [in a wood]
laund (n.)
clearing away
purgation (n.)
clearing away of guilt
purgation (n.)
clearing of accounts
quietus (n.)
clearly show
look through (v.)
cleft, incapable of being
unwedgeable (adj.)
cleft apart
cloven (adj.)
clenched hand
neaf (n.)
cleric, roadside
hedge-priest (n.)
clerical garb
coat (n.)
clerk, parish
clerk (n.)
clerk authorized to draw up contracts
notary (n.)
clever debater
sophister (n.)
clever device
cunning (n.)
clever effect
subtlety (n.)
clever remarks
brain (n.)
cleverly designed
crafty (adj.)
cleverly devised
good-conceited (adj.)
cleverly playful
tricksy (adj.)
climactic moment
push (n.)
climb up
scale (v.)
clinging, stop
hang off (v.)
clinging seedpod
burr (n.)
clink the glasses
strike the vessels
clip [of gold illegally taken from a coin]
crack (v.)
clips coins, one who
clipper (n.)
cloak, take off a
dismantle (v.)
clock, figure of a man striking a bell on a
jack (n.)
clock, of the
day, by the
clock face
watch (n.)
clock-setter (n.)
clods, full of
cloddy (adj.)
clogged [of a pistol-barrel after firing]
foul (adj.)
pester (v.)
cloistered nun
cloistress (n.)
close [the eyes]
wink (v.)
close, bring to a
include (v.)
close, keep
stall (v.)
close, lie
hug (v.)
close, stay
stand by (v.)
close, too
familiar (adj.)
close acquaintance
inward (n.)
close adviser
brother (n.)
close alliance
neighbourhood (n.)
close behind
foot, at,heels, at
close behind, stay
hook on (v.)
close companion
gossip (v.)
close friend
familiar (n.)
close in succession
immediate (adj.)
close in upon
fetch in (v.)
close natural relationship
kind (n.)
close of the harvesting season
harvest-home (n.)
close off
shut up (v.)
close pursuit, in
heels, at
close quarters, at
half-sword, at
close quarters, come to
close (v.)
close quarters, fight at
buckle (v.)
close relationship
nearness (n.)
close to a family
familiar (adj.)
close to the throne [in succession]
near (adj.)
close to the wind [nautical]
a-hold (adv.)
close together
close (adv.)
close up [in falconry]
seel (v.)
closed eyes, with
winking (adj.)
closed petals, with
winking (adj.)
close (adv.)
strait (adj.)
close-fitting cap
coif, quoif (n.)
close-fitting jacket
jerkin (n.)
close-fitting jacket made of buff
buff jerkin
close-fitting way, in a
close (adv.)
closely, examine
sift (v.)
closely, follow
attend (v.),dog (v.)
closely, very
inch, at an
closely affecting
near (adj.)
closely associated
inward (adj.)
closely confined
pent (adj.)
closely linked
twinned (adj.)
closely observe
cote (v.),quote (v.)
closely observed
noted (adj.)
closely related
native (adj.)
closely watch
look after (v.)
closest in line
apparent (n.)
lag (adj.)
closing [of the day]
fall (n.)
closing cadence
close (n.)
closing device
spring (n.)
closing of the eyes
wink (n.)
cloth, burial
winding-sheet (n.)
cloth, decorated
imagery (n.)
cloth, garment made of fine
camlet, chamblet (n.),chamblet (n.)
cloth, gauze
cypress (n.)
cloth, measure of
nail (n.)
cloth, piece of
clout (n.)
cloth, square piece of
napkin (n.)
cloth, strong durable
durance (n.)
cloth, twilled cotton
jean (n.)
cloth, woollen
kersey (n./adj.)
cloth case attached to breeches
codpiece, cod-piece (n.)
cloth cleanser and thickener
fuller (n.)
cloth edging
list (n.)
cloth head-covering
kerchief (n.)
cloth measurement
clothier's yard
cloth patch at the centre of a target [in archery]
clout (n.)
cloth worn over the back of a horse
footcloth, foot-cloth (n.)
clothed finely
fine (adj.)
clothed in animal skins
leathern (adj.)
clothed in silver
argentine (adj.)
clothes, black
black (n.)
clothes, carrying bag
cloak-bag (n.)
clothes, fine
bravery (n.)
clothes, in coarse woollen
woollen (adj.)
clothes, in fine
bravely (adv.)
clothes, in poor
mean-apparelled (adj.)
clothes, mender of old
botcher (n.)
clothes, not possessed of
unaccommodated (adj.)
clothes, quantity of soiled
buck (n.)
clothes shop, second-hand
frippery (n.)
clothes-bleaching time
whiting-time (n.)
press (n.)
clothing, in a change of
new-apparelled (adj.)
clothing, ostentatious
flaunt (n.)
clothing, outer
out-wall (n.)
clothing, piece of
weed (n.)
clothing, saffron-coloured
saffron (n.)
clothing, special
livery (n.)
clothing, washing of very dirty
buck-washing (n.)
clothing, wearer of home-made
homespun (n.)
clothing, whitener of
whitster (n.)
clothing made of hemp, in
hempen (adj.)
clothing of a fool, in the
motley (adj.)
cloths for wrapping round a new-born baby
swathing-clothes / clouts (n.)
cloud, cover with
bedim (v.)
cloud, shred of
rack (n.)
clouded [with suspicion]
thick (adj.)
cloudy, make
dreg (v.)
clover flower
clove-scented pink
gillyvor (n.)
clown's assistant
zany (n.)
club [for beating clothes being washed]
batler, batlet (n.)
club, thick
truncheon (n.)
truncheoner (n.)
clumsily contrive
botch up (v.)
clumsily large
hulk (adj.)
clumsily patch together
botch (v.)
clumsy, obviously
palpable-gross (adj.)
clumsy dolt
lubber (n.)
clumsy result
botch (n.)
clumsy workman
cobbler (n.)
heavy-gaited (adj.)
tuft (n.)
clutch with claws
foot (v.)
coach [teach]
read to (v.)
coal, black
jet (n.)
coal, burning
cinder (n.)
collier (n.)
coarse state
rudeness (n.)
coarse vernacular
boorish (n.)
coarsely abusive
scurrilous (adj.)
coarsely luxuriant
gross (adj.)
coarsely woven plain woollen cloth
kersey (n./adj.)
coast, high-lying
brow (n.)
coast, part of the
coast (n.)
coast, travel along the
coast (v.)
coat, cloth forming the lower part of a long
skirt (n.)
coat, long
cassock (n.)
coat, wearing a long
skirted (adj.)
coat made of skin
skin-coat (n.)
coat of mixed colour, with a
roan (adj.)
coated with gold
gilt (adj.)
coating, cover with a
mantle (v.)
coat-of-arms, display on a
blazon (v.),emblaze (v.)
coat-of-arms, gentleman bearing a
gentleman in arms (n.)
coat-of-arms, seal bearing a
seal at arms
coat-of-arms, tablet displaying a
hatchment (n.)
coat (n.)
cock, young
cockerel (n.)
cock that shows no fighting spirit
craven (n.)
cock-crow, morning
cocklight (n.)
cockerel, castrated
capon (n.)
craven (n.)
buzzard (n.)
cock (n.)
cockle shell
cockle (n.)
cockle shell, hat adorned with a
cockle hat
cod, dried
stockfish (n.)
cod, salted
ling, old
code, duelling
duello (n.)
code of conduct
form (n.)
label (n.)
codicil, attach as a
label (v.)
coffin, as if in a
inhearsed (adj.)
coffin, place in a
inhearse (v.)
coffin lining, leaden
lead (n.)
comment (v.)
coin, clipped
crack (v.)
coin, counterfeit
slip (n.)
coin, design of
ring (n.)
coin, imitation
counter, compter (n.)
coined, freshly
new-tuned (adj.)
coins, making
coining (n.)
coins, one who clips
clipper (n.)
cold, bitingly
pinching (adj.)
cold, bitterly
thrilling (adj.)
cold, endure in fierce
starve out (v.)
cold, head
stuffed (adj.)
cold, near-perished with
starved (adj.)
cold, sensitive to
chill (adj.)
cold, wincing with
shrinking (adj.)
cold as a metal key
key-cold (adj.)
cold contempt
ice (n.)
cold dishes, as
coldly (adv.)
cold with fear, become
cool (v.)
coldly received
cold (adj.)
lapsing (n.)
band (n.)
collar, stiff ornamental
rebato (n.)
collect hastily and uncritically
shark up (v.)
collect church revenue
tithe (v.)
collect knowledge
gather (v.)
collect thoughts
gather (v.)
collect together
engross up (v.)
collect up
engross (v.)
collecting activity
engrossment (n.)
collective mass [of people]
body (n.)
once, at (adv.)
brush (n.)
collusion, in
compact (adj.)
massy (adj.)
colossus, like a
colossus-wise (adv.)
colour, dyed over with another
overdyed, over-dyed (adj.)
colour, lacking
white (adv.)
colour, mingling of
commixture (n.)
colour, of varying
changeable (adj.)
colour, stain a new
colour (v.)
colour, subdued in
sober (adj.)
colour in one's cheeks
coloured (adj.)
colour over like a rose
rose over
coloured brightly
enamelled (adj.)
coloured neckerchief
tawdry-lace (n.)
colours (n.)
colouring, diverse
piedness (n.)
colouring, lily-white
lily-tincture (n.)
colours, adorned with
damasked (adj.)
colours, of different
pied (adj.)
combat, field of
field (n.)
combat, for
martial (adj.)
combat, formidable in
doughty-handed (adj.)
combat, challenge in mortal
die on (v.)
combat, leave the field of
come off (v.)
combat, made ready for
pitched (adj.)
combat, oppose in
put together (v.)
combat, presenting for
opposition (n.)
combat, readiness for
array (n.)
combat, single
battle (n.)
combat arena at a tournament
list (n.)
combination of attributes
infusion (n.)
combined in one entity
incorporate (adj.)
combing wool, instrument for
cardmaker (n.)
come / go boldly
press (v.)
come / go on
via, fia (int.)
come, still to
behind (adv.)
come after
succeed (v.)
come and go
trade (v.)
come and go, freedom to
egress and regress
come away
come off (v.)
come back to life
revive (v.)
come by chance
chance (v.)
come casually
drop (v.)
come cut and long tail
cut (adj.)
come down
decline (v.)
come down [in level of aspiration]
pluck off (v.)
come face to face with
affront (v.)
come forth
issue (v.)
come into existence
come forth (v.),grow (v.)
come off
fadge (v.)
come out through staying awake
wake out (v.)
come over suddenly
overcome (v.)
come to be
be (v.)
come together for love
meet (v.)
come together in agreement
congree (v.)
come what may
hob, nob
come with
go along
giber (n.)
fairness (n.)
comfort, fond of
tender (adj.)
comfort, material
creature (n.)
comfort, of great
thrice-driven (adj.)
comfortable, make one feel
countenance, put in
comfortable dignity
worship (n.)
comfortable position
good life
comfortably off
warm (adj.)
downy (adj.)
comforts, unprovided with
unaccommodated (adj.)
comic entertainment
drollery (n.)
comic character, low
clown (n.)
comic performer
jig-maker (n.)
comic picture
drollery (n.)
coming and going
step (n.),trade (n.)
coming before its time
untimely (adj.)
coming from above
downright (adj.)
coming from one's own gracious self
self-gracious (adj.)
coming in
entrance (n.)
coming together
falling in (n.)
coming together, always
still-closing (adj.)
command, brusquely
chide (v.), past form chid
command, contrary
countermand (n.)
command, right to
authority (n.)
command, to
duty, at
distrain (v.)
commander of 100 men
centurion (n.)
captain-general (n.)
imperial (adj.)
commanding manner, with a
imperiously (adv.)
commanding power
command (n.)
commemorated, be
think on (v.)
recordation (n.)
onset (n.)
honestly (adv.)
egally (adv.)
comment, marginal
gloss (n.)
commentary, give a
gloze (v.)
interpreter (n.)
commercial, made
sold (adj.)
commercial asset
property (n.)
merchandise (v.)
commission to raise men
press (n.)
commit oneself
betake (v.)
commit oneself to an enterprise
undertake (v.)
commit to deal with
undertake (v.)
bond (n.)
commitment, religious
sanctimony (n.)
committed, previously
forehand, fore-hand (adj.)
committed individual
soldier (n.)
stool (n.)
common cause, joined in a
enjoined (adj.)
common land
common (n.)
common people, member of the
plebeian, plebeii (n.)
common people, of the
popular (adj.)
common possession, in [of land]
common, in
common report
cry (n.)
common to all
vulgar (adj.)
common way
roadway (n.)
yeoman (n.)
commonly acknowledged
vulgar (adj.)
community (n.)
commonplace, made
common-hackneyed (adj.)
commonplace book
commonplace (n.)
weal (n.)
communication, private
counsel (n.),private (n.)
intelligent (adj.)
communion, without
unhouseled (adj.)
community, city
city (n.)
community, for the whole [of land]
common, in
community, leader of the
magistrate (n.)
compact, not
unfirm (adj.)
fellowly (adj.)
companion, be a close
gossip (v.)
companion, good
Troyan, Trojan (n.)
companion, intimate
bedfellow (n.)
companion, make a
companion (v.)
companion, old drinking
Ephesian (n.)
yoke-devil (n.)
brother, sworn
companions, fine
heart (n.)
company [of maidens]
bevy (n.)
company, belonging to one
companionship, of
company, consent to keep
admit (v.)
company, dancing
fleet (n.)
company, dining
mess (n.)
company, eminent
presence (n.)
company, in bad
ill-sorted (adv.)
company, in habitual
frequent (adj.)
company, marksman not attached to a
loose shot
company, own
private (n.)
company, part
depart (v.)
company, picked
choice (n.)
company, suitable
besort (n.)
company of a woman, be in the
woman (v.)
company of cavalry
cornet (n.)
company of musicians
consort (n.),noise (n.)
company with, keep
company (v.)
comparable, be
hold hands with
compare, quantity beyond
past-proportion (n.)
compared, be
equal (v.)
comparing, act of
comparison (n.)
comparison, beyond
compare, above
comparison, in
respect, in
comparison, means of
comparative (adj.)
comparative (n.)
compassion, evoking
piteously (adv.)
compassion, have
compassion (v.)
composition (n.)
compatible, be
admit (v.),stand (v.)
fain (adj.)
compelling weight
force (n.)
compensate for
weigh out (v.)
compensation, make
quit (v.)
cunningly (adv.)
match (n.)
competition, offer in
vie (v.)
competitive debating, of
skill-contending (adj.)
competitive dispute
controversy (n.)
competitor, tournament
tilter (n.)
commonplace (n.)
complain, not disposed to
contented (adj.)
complaining, full of
plaintful (adj.)
puling (n./adj.)
complaint, cause of
quarrel (n.)
complaint, clamorous
exclamation (n.)
complaint, make
mean (v.)
mutual (adj.)
complementing, well
fulfilling (adj.)
complete, make
fulfil (v.)
complete scope
full (n.)
complete suddenly
clap up (v.)
completely dumbfounded
all-amazed (adj.)
completely give up
enfeoff (v.)
completely instruct
perfect (v.)
completely master
overmaster (v.)
flatness (n.)
completeness, bring to
round (v.)
completion, point of
period (n.)
complexion, healthy
blood (n.)
complexion, of light
fair (adj.)
coloured (adj.)
complexioned, dark
black (adj.)
compliance, willing
dependency, dependancy (n.)
compliant cuckold
wittol (n.)
complicate things
puzzle (v.)
compliments, full of
complimental (adj.)
comply in the same way as
consign to (v.)
compose a tune
set (v.)
composed, carefully
set (adj.)
composed, ingeniously
good-conceited (adj.)
composed of folly
foolish-compounded (adj.)
composed of the elements
compound (adj.)
composed specially
penned (adj.)
Dowland (n.)
composition, impromptu
fancy (n.)
composition, sonnet
sonneting (n.)
composition, written
book (n.)
composure, lack of
impatience (n.)
comprehend, ability to
thought (n.)
comprehension, beyond
incomprehensible (adj.)
comprehension, powers of
apprehension (n.)
comprehension, proper
element (n.)
kneaded (adj.)
compressed pack
cake (n.)
compromise, effect a
temporize (v.)
compulsion, under
enforcedly (adv.)
compulsion, with violent
force perforce
arithmetic (n.)
comrade, merry
bully rook (n.)
company (n.)
concave quality
concavity (n.)
conceal stealthily
steal (v.)
concealed [in falconry]
hooded (adj.)
concealed, something to be
concealment (n.)
concealed spot
covert (n.)
concealing [in falconry]
seeling (adj.)
concealing shade
coverture (n.)
concealment, speedy
dispatch, despatch (n.)
yield (v.)
yielder (n.)
conceited young fellow
princox (n.)
chance (n.)
imagined (adj.)
conceive an idea
conceit (v.)
conceived, be
quicken (v.)
conceived, not yet
ungotten (adj.)
conceived, swiftly
flighty (adj.)
conceived as a bastard
bastardizing (n.)
conceived in the mind
imagined (adj.)
conceived unnaturally
unfathered (adj.)
unbodied (adj.)
conceive (v.)
concern, be of
concern (v.)
concern, main
main (n.)
concern, matter of
care (n.),cause (n.)
concern, raising
mistrustful (adj.)
concern, serious
business (n.)
concern, special
interest (n.)
concern, without
carelessly (adv.)
concern of, be the
concern (v.)
concern oneself
meddle (v.)
concerned needlessly
superfluous (adj.)
concerning that
thereof (adv.)
concerning the matter
thereabout(s) (adv.)
concerning this
hereof (adv.)
concert, acting in
coactive (adj.)
freedom (n.)
smooth (v.)
conciliatory, be
weather, make fair
conclude [a speech]
shut up (v.)
conclude business
draw toward an end
concluded, be
determine (v.)
conclusion, bring to a
consummate (v.)
conclusion, fitting
period (n.)
conclusion, in
fine, in
conclusion, logical
conclusion (n.)
conclusion, one who brings to a
arbitrator (n.)
conclusion, reach a
determine (v.)
conclusions, try
try (v.)
unity (n.)
concupy (n.)
concupy (n.)
closing (n.)
condemned to death
dead (adj.)
vouchsafe (v.)
condition, best
pride (n.)
condition, disordered
distemperature (n.)
condition, fit
plight (n.)
condition, fitted-out
equipage (n.)
condition, good
liking (n.)
condition, heated [through drinking]
inflammation (n.)
condition, horror-struck
stare (n.)
condition, change of
transmutation (n.)
condition, in bad
elbow, out at
condition, in sound
whole (adj.)
condition, make subject to a
condition (v.)
condition, mental
passion (n.)
condition, opposite
contrary (n.)
condition, thin
bareness (n.)
condition, true
qualification (n.)
condition, venerable
reverence (n.)
condition by feeding
diet (v.)
condition for holding property
tenure (n.)
conditions, social
manner (n.)
conditions, without
freely (adv.)
conduct, abnormal
unkindness (n.)
conduct, appropriate
fitness (n.)
conduct, artificial
art (n.)
conduct, civilized
civility (n.)
conduct, code of
form (n.)
conduct, embarrassing
extremity (n.)
conduct, error in
slip (n.)
conduct, evil
illness (n.)
conduct, foolish
trifling (n.)
conduct, good
manner (n.)
conduct, honourable
fair-play (n.)
conduct, improper
uncomeliness (n.)
conduct, moral
government (n.)
conduct, mutual
quarter (n.)
conduct, neighbourly
neighbourhood (n.)
conduct, odd
singularity (n.)
conduct, safe
guard (n.)
conduct, show polite
comply (v.)
conduct against natural feeling
unnaturalness (n.)
conduct safely
safe (v.)
borne (adj.)
conduct (n.)
confection, make into a
conserve (v.)
comfit-maker (n.)
pack (n.)
conference, sit in
sit (v.)
shrift (n.)
confession, hear
shrive (v.)
confession, place for hearing
shrift (n.)
confession, trick into a
fetch in (v.)
confession and absolution, [time] for
shriving (adj.)
shrift (n.)
table (n.)
confide, ready to
confident (adj.)
confidence, lacking
distrustful (adj.)
confidence, with total
cock-sure (adv.)
confidence trickster
cozen-german (n.)
confidences, personal
chamber-counsel (n.)
bold (adj.)
confident, totally
full-hearted (adj.)
bosom (adj.)
confidential matter
counsel (n.)
confidential message
private (n.)
confidentially talk
whisper (v.)
confidently settle
repose (v.)
confine as in a sty
sty (v.)
confine within a small space
crib (v.)
confined, be
cabin (v.)
confined, closely
pent (adj.)
confined path
strait (n.)
confined to bed through infirmity
bedred (adj.),bedrid, bed-rid, bedred (adj.)
confined without food
pent-up (adj.)
confinement, belonging to
childbed (adj.)
confinement, in strict
close (adv.),closely (adv.)
confinement, place of
confine (n.)
confinement, send in
commit (v.)
confirmation, formal
vouch (n.)
confirmation, lacking formal
unsealed (adj.)
confirmation, pleasurable
approbation (n.)
confirmed [legal]
affeered (adj.)
confirmed by oath
sworn (adj.)
confirmed possession
stablishment (n.)
conflict, come into
fall foul
conflict, in
jar / jars, at
conflict, in perpetual
unreconciliable (adj.)
conflict, meet in
join (v.)
conflict, violent
hurtling (n.)
conflicting forces, of
opposed (adj.)
conflux (n.)
fashion (n.)
conformity, observing
decent (adj.)
confound the little goose
whip the gosling
plaguy (adv.)
confront boldly
stand up (v.)
confront impudently
face (v.),face down (v.)
defier (n.)
fronting (adj.)
confronting, overcome by
outface (v.)
confronting face-to-face
teeth and forehead of, to the
confuse by dazzling
bedazzle (v.)
confused, get
ravel (v.)
confused situation
indigest (n.)
confused state
mist (n.)
confused yelling
whoo-bub (n.)
confusion, causing total
confounding (adj.)
confusion, in headlong
pell-mell (adv.)
confusion, source of
perplexity (n.)
confusion, throw into
shock (v.),uproar (v.)
confusion, without
distinctly (adv.)
congealed mess
congealment (n.)
knot (v.)
conjecture, as
guessingly (adv.)
conjugal rights
bed-right (n.)
conflux (n.)
conjunction, in
conjointly (adv.)
conjunction of stars at birth
nativity (n.)
exorcism (n.)
conjure up
feign (v.)
conjure up a bad image of
spell backward
conjuring tricks, play
juggle (v.)
juggler (n.)
connected by birth
native (adj.)
connecting links
gimmers (n.)
wink (v.)
conquer by swearing
outswear (v.)
soul (n.)
heedfully (adv.)
ware (adj.)
conscious, fully
ingenious (adj.)
impressed (adj.)
impress (n.)
conscription of men
levy (n.)
conscripts, money paid to
press-money (n.)
bless (v.)
consecrated, well
well-hallowed (adj.)
consecrated oil
balm (n.)
consent to keep company with
admit (v.)
consequence, involve as a
import (v.)
consequence, matters of little
beer / ale, small
consequence, of no
immoment (adj.)
consequence, of no
light (adj.)
consequences, have
depend (v.)
consequences, suffer the
answer (v.),buy (v.),lie under (v.)
consequences, take the
abide (v.)
sequent (adj.)
hold (v.)
consider, take time to
pause (v.),pause upon (v.)
consider carefully
scan (v.)
consider equal in value
value (v.)
consider it an indignity
scorn, take
consider it beneath one's dignity
scorn, think
consider to be
quote for (v.)
carefully (adv.)
consideration, leave out of
bate (v.)
consideration, admit into
entertain (v.)
consideration, bring up for
propose (v.)
consideration, careful
leisure, by
consideration, case for
reference (n.)
consideration, produce for
exhibit (v.)
consideration, with
respect, upon
considered, well
well-respected (adj.)
considered carefully
leavened (adj.)
considered properly
ripe (adj.)
considering, carefully
deliberate (adj.)
considering, deeply
deep-revolving (adj.)
considers, person who
entertainer (n.)
consistency, of loose
unfirm (adj.)
console oneself
comfort (v.)
kiss (v.)
conspicuous, make
brand (v.)
conspicuous place
picture (n.)
constable, jacket worn by a
buff jerkin
constable, parish
beadle (n.)
constantly occupied
busy (adj.)
simple (n.)
regular (adj.)
constitution, proper
square (n.)
constrain [by invoking divine powers]
conjure (v.)
constrain in fear
awe (v.)
constrained outcome
necessity (n.)
constraint, free from legal
free (adj.)
constraint, painful
grievance (n.)
compound (v.)
constructed, elaborately
composed (adj.)
constructed, well
well-knit (adj.)
constructed skilfully
ingenious (adj.)
constructor of gibbets
gibbet-maker (n.)
constructor of military works
engineer, enginer (n.)
conster (v.)
consul, provincial commander carrying out the duties of a
proconsul (n.)
consumed, be
outburn (v.)
consumed by fire
consumption (n.)
consumed totally
bare-gnawn (adj.)
pining (adj.)
consumptive cough
tisick (n.)
contact, come into
cope, cope with (v.)
contagion brought by the south wind
south-fog (n.)
contagious quality
contagion (n.)
container [especially for market produce]
sieve (n.)
container for candles
candle-case (n.)
container for charity offerings
alms-basket (n.)
bounding (adj.)
blow (v.)
sick (adj.)
purposed (adj.)
contemplation, engage in
contemplate (v.)
contemplation, moody
consideration (n.)
contemplation, spiritual
meditation (n.)
contempt, cold
ice (n.)
contempt, dismiss with
slight off (v.)
contempt, full of
contemptible (adj.)
contempt, held in
disprized (adj.)
contempt, hold in
disprise, disprize (v.)
contempt, holding in
misprising (n.)
contempt, mouthe in
blurt (v.)
contempt, refuse with
scorn (v.)
contempt, reject with
kick at (v.)
contempt, show
disdain (v.)
contempt, treated with
despised (adj.)
contempt, with
disgrace, in
contemptible, heartily
scurvy-valiant (adj.)
contemptible fellow
churl (n.)
contemptible work
baseness (n.)
contemptuous treatment
spurn (n.)
contumeliously (adv.)
contemptuously, deal with
make nothing of
contemptuously, throw
slight (v.)
contemptuously exulting
insulting (adj.)
content [subject-matter]
matter (n.),tenor, tenour (n.)
content, expressed
method (n.)
content, totally
perfect (adj.)
contention, point of
argument (n.)
contentious arguer
chopped logic (n.)
contents, table of
index (n.),method (n.)
contents of a scrip
scrippage (n.)
contest, archery
flight (n.)
opposition (n.)
continency (n.)
tract (n.)
continuance, steady
insisture (n.)
continue in being
bide (v.),endure (v.)
continue to practise
enjoy (v.)
continued presence
stay (n.)
continuing existence
life (n.),standing (n.)
continuing with a supply
supplyment (n.)
often (adj.)
contract, day for confirming a
sealing day (n.)
contract, sealed
specialty (n.)
contracted amount
fine (n.)
contracted artisan
journeyman (n.)
convulsion (n.)
contracts, clerk who draws up
notary (n.)
contradicting, persist in
face down (v.)
contrary (adv.)
contrariety (n.)
cross (adj.)
contrary, say the
gainsay (v.)
contrary behaviour
incorrect (adj.)
contrary command
countermand (n.)
contrary direction, moving in a [in astrology]
retrograde (adj.)
contrary to inclination
hair, against the
contrary to the natural order
preposterous (adj.)
contrast, display by
set off (v.)
contribute to
supply (v.)
scot (n.)
contribution, imposed
benevolence (n.)
tributary (adj.)
contrivance, ingenious
subtlety (n.)
contrive, lead to
forge (v.)
contrived to deceive
feigned (adj.)
control [by invoking divine powers]
conjure (v.)
control [especially of a horse]
manage (n.)
control [of oneself]
sovereignty (n.)
control, area of
precinct (n.)
control, centre of
stern (n.)
control, get in
pluck up (v.)
control, in
ordinant (adj.)
control, not subject to
uncontrolled (adj.)
control, under
directive (adj.)
control the course of
pace (v.)
controlled, be
sway (v.)
controller of a household's domestic affairs
steward (n.)
controlling destiny
fated (adj.)
controlling fate
weird (adj.)
controlling chain or strap [for a horse]
curb (n.)
controlling influence
sway (n.)
controlling influence, exert a
predominate (v.)
ready (adj.)
convenient, most
eftest (adj.)
convenient point, at a
once (adv.)
handsomely (adv.)
conventional behaviour
fashion (n.)
conventionally portrayed
formal (adj.)
conversation, end the
draw toward an end
conversation, enter into
parle, parley (v.)
conversation, hold a
dialogue (v.)
conversation, introduce into
broach (v.)
conversation, private
chamber-counsel (n.)
conversation, provide a
dialogue (v.)
conversation, subject of
argument (n.)
conversational interaction
encounter (n.)
converse with
question (v.)
convert [a park] to other uses
dispark (v.)
converted to the gospel
gospelled (adj.)
convey by flaming
flame (v.)
convey greetings
commend (v.)
convey swiftly
post (v.)
convey with cunning
insinuate (v.)
conveyance, method of
convoy (n.)
conveyance by water
waftage (n.)
conveyance of land
grant (n.)
conviction, inner
conscience (n.),soul (n.)
convictions, lacking real
soft-conscienced (adj.)
convince, power to
force (n.)
convincing in appearance
seeming (adj.)
convincing reason
colour (n.)
convivial, noisily
ranting (adj.)
welked (adj.)
woodbine (n.)
rapture (n.)
convulsion, force out of place by a
fit (v.)
cook shops
Pie Corner
cooked, badly
ill-roasted (adj.)
cooking meat over a fire, implement for
spit (n.)
cool down
quench (v.)
cooperate with
connive at (v.)
copies, making false
forging (adj.)
copper coin
copper (n.)
copper (adj.)
copy (n.)
copying, ape-like
apish (adj.)
copying, slow in
tardy-apish (adj.)
cordial, medicinal
restorative (n.)
fairly (adv.)
core of being
centre (n.)
corn, hand-mill for grinding
quern (n.)
corn storehouse
garner (n.)
corner, projecting
coign (n.)
corner of a building
coign (n.)
corner of the earth
coign (n.),corner (n.)
nook-shotten (adj.)
corners, cap with (three)
corner-cap (n.)
coronet, small
demi-coronal (n.)
corporate body
body (n.)
corpse, contained
core (n.)
corpses, official appointed to view and report on
searcher (n.)
correct, prove
verify (v.)
correct, scrupulously
precise (adj.)
correct precedence
sequence (n.)
Correction, one from the House of
correctioner (n.)
correction, send for
remedy (v.)
correctly guess
level at (v.)
corresponding, status
sympathy (n.)
corresponding elements, consisting of
sympathized (adj.)
lobby (n.)
pinch (v.)
corrupt, become
canker (v.),fade (v.)
corrupt practice
abuse (n.)
abuser (n.)
corruptible way, in a
corruptibly (adv.)
painting (n.)
cosmetics, prepared with
gawded (adj.)
peregrinate (adj.)
co-sponsor at a christening
partner (n.)
cost, at any
utterance, at
cost, at great
dearly (adv.)
cost, burden with a
charge (v.)
cost, stand the
maintain (v.)
dearth (n.)
costly adornment
jewel (n.)
costly appearance
cost (n.)
costly development
cost (n.)
costly velvet
three-pile (n.)
bevy (n.)
cote (n.)
cough, consumptive
tisick (n.)
coughing and spluttering
rheum (n.)
synod (n.)
council, member of the governing
senator (n.)
council of state
state (n.)
consistory (n.)
councillor, fellow
brother (n.)
counsel, personal
bosom (n.)
counsel of moderation
check (n.)
count [title of rank]
county (n.)
count, keep
reckon (v.)
count, territory under the rule of a
county (n.)
count as much as
rate (v.)
count on
look (v.)
count up
sum (v.)
countenance, commanding
forehead (n.)
countenance, change
change (v.)
counter, go
countermand (v.)
quittance (n.)
counterfeit coin
slip (n.)
forging (adj.)
countering manoeuvre
countercheck (n.)
allayment (n.)
beam (n.)
opposition (n.)
counters, work things out with
counter-caster (n.)
counting, round piece of metal used for
counter, compter (n.)
counting out
numbering (adj.)
counting up
reckoning (n.)
countrified way, in a
rustically (adv.)
countrsyide, low-lying
ground (n.)
country, native of a
countryman (n.)
country, open
plain (n.)
country bumpkin
clown (n.)
country lout
lob (n.)
country of birth
nativity (n.)
country person
swain (n.)
country squire
esquire (n.)
country where the sun was never seen
Cimmerian (n.)
countryside, expanse of open
champain, champaign (n./adj.)
couple [exchange]
buckler (v.)
couples, make
couple (v.)
courage, element of
stomach (n.)
courage, full of
full-hearted (adj.)
courage, lose
faint (v.)
courage, take
look up (v.)
course [of a horse in a combat]
career (n.)
course, direct
forthright (n.)
course, direct one's
intend (v.)
course, downward
declension (n.)
course, dragged from a proper
exhaled (adj.)
course, first [in a meal]
banquet, banket (n.)
course, follow a
run (v.)
course, following a reckless
overshoes, over-shoes (adj.)
course, change
tack about (v.)
course, last [of a meal]
fruit (n.)
course, maintain/take a
wing, hold a
course, onward
proceeding (n.)
course, pursue a
path (v.),proceed (v.)
course, pursue a devious
wind (v.)
course, rapid
career (n.)
course, regular
measure (n.)
course, shape a
frame (v.)
course, turned from its natural
diverted (adj.)
course of action, free
scope (n.)
course of action, justified
reason (n.)
course of action, same
succession (n.)
course of action, wrong
wrong (n.)
course of instruction
discipline (n.)
course to follow, proper
vein (n.)
courses, with salt-filled
salt-wayed (adj.)
court, belonging to the
courtly (adj.)
court, circumstances admitted in
premise (n.)
court, cited in
alleged (adj.)
court, ecclesiastical
consistory (n.)
court, in
law, by
court, manorial
leet (n.)
court, oblige to appear in a
empannel (v.),impannel, empannel (v.)
court, producable in
forthcoming (adj.)
court, serve at
attend (v.)
court, summoning officer for an ecclesiastical
paritor (n.)
court, vain hanger-on at
monarcho, Monarco (n.)
court appearance
answer (n.)
court attendance
suit (n.)
court case
cause (n.)
court life
courtship (n.)
court occasion
court (n.)
court of justice
bench (n.)
court of justice, supreme
Star-chamber (n.)
court officer
tipstaff (n.)
court order
precept (n.)
court singer
minstrelsy (n.)
courteous behaviour
civility (n.)
courteous respect, act of
curtsy, curtsey (n.)
courtesy, expression of
courtesy, cur'sy, curtsy (n.)
courtesy, full of
kind (adj.)
courtesy, natural
kindness (n.)
courtesy, show all
observe (v.)
courtier, budding
hawthorn-bud (n.)
courtship (n.)
courtly behaviour
behaviour (n.)
courtly ceremony
curtsy, curtsey (n.)
courtly display
feigning (n.)
courtly entertainment
revel (n.)
courtly flattery
court holy-water
courtly gentleman
Cavalery (n.)
court-officer who ensures attendance
summoner (n.)
courtship, act of
love-feat (n.)
courtship manual
love-book (n.)
courtyard, lower/servants'
base-court (n.)
cousin, first
cozen-german (n.)
cover [as if by a canopy]
canopy (v.)
cover [as if with breeches]
breech (v.)
cover [as with a mask]
immask (v.)
cover, make rise from [in hunting]
put up (v.)
cover, put under
stow (v.)
cover, raise from [in hunting]
start (v.)
cover again
recover (v.)
cover in place, with a
covered (adj.)
cover one's eyes
hoodwink (v.)
cover over with blood
overred, over-red (v.)
cover the defect
gild over (v.)
cover the distance
measure back (v.)
cover the skin with scabs
tetter (v.)
cover with a coating
mantle (v.)
cover with stains
overstain (v.)
covered, protectively
barbed (adj.)
covered as if with ornamental studs
embossed (adj.)
covered over, with the self
self-covered (adj.)
covered place
shade (n.)
covered retreat
coverture (n.)
covered up
muffled (adj.)
covered with growth
overgrown (adj.)
covering, outer
case (n.)
covering, padded
quilt (n.)
covering, winter [for plants]
winter-ground (v.)
covering, with little
thin (adj.)
covering, without
bare (adj.),barely (adv.)
covering above a bed
canopy (n.)
covert plan
complot (n.)
covertly inconstant
secret-false (adj.)
getting (n.)
coward, like a
faintly (adv.)
coward, worthless
poltroon (n.)
cowardice, model of
by-word (n.)
cowardice, show
coals, carry
pusillanimity (n.)
cowardly manner, in a
treacherously (adv.)
cower, cause to
couch (v.)
shard (n.)
crab (n.)
crab-apple tree
crab-tree (n./adj.)
crack [of jokes]
break (on, upon) (v.)
crack, make a
flaw (v.)
crack in the skin
chaps, chops (n.)
craft, carry out a
craft (v.)
craft, profound in
deep (adj.)
crafted, most skilfully
best-tempered (adj.)
craftily avaricious
subtle-covetous (adj.)
craftsman, employed
journeyman (n.)
fashion (n.)
crafty deceit
sleight (n.)
crafty stratagem
subtlety (n.)
crafty young cub
kid-fox (n.)
cramped passage
strait (n.)
spinner (n.)
crape material
cypress (n.)
crazy, make
unwit (v.)
creak, make
creak (v.)
create, go to
mould up (v.)
create in writing
compile (v.)
created, freshly
new-found (adj.)
created being
creature (n.)
created wrongly
miscreate (adj.)
piece (n.)
creation, fresh
invention (n.)
creative artistry
artificial (adj.)
creative faculty
invention (n.)
creative thinking
supposing (n.)
creatively, write
invent (v.)
creature, cruel
cruel (n.)
creature, dwarf-like
demi-puppet (n.)
creature, innocent
fool (n.)
creature, living
liver (n.)
creature, mangy
ronyon (n.)
creature, misshapen
mooncalf (n.)
creature, pitiable
woe (n.)
creature, simple
fool (n.)
creature, sweetly scented
musk-cat (n.)
creature, vile
filth (n.)
creature, wretched
caitiff (n.)
creatures, tiniest of
minimus (n.)
credence, give
trow (v.),trust (v.)
credibility, destroy
lose (v.)
credit [column in an account book]
creditor (n.)
credit, get
grace (v.)
credit, give
grace (v.)
credit, no
pitch and pay
credit to, do
credit (v.)
gudgeon (n.)
creeping rascal
sneak-up (n.)
crest, lacking a heraldic
crestless (adj.)
sorrowed (adj.)
crime, laden with
crimeful (adj.)
crime, partner in
coach-fellow (n.)
crimson, dyed
encrimsoned (adj.)
cringing villain
sneak-up (n.)
cringing way, act in a
duck (v.)
cringingly, move
creep (v.)
criss-cross adornment
lattice (n.)
critic, cavilling
carper (n.)
critic, censorious
controller (n.)
nice (adj.)
critical moment
exigent (n.),nick (n.)
critical point
pass (n.)
critical time
push (n.)
critically judge
censure (v.)
crook, shepherd's
sheep-hook (n.)
crooked dealing
bias-drawing (n.)
crooked neck, having a
wry-necked (n.)
crooked path
meander (n.)
crookedly shaped
nook-shotten (adj.)
crop, bear a
crop (v.)
crop, fodder
fetch (n.)
not-pated (adj.)
cross [in Christianity]
Holy-rood day
cross, sign of the
cross (n.)
cross by walking
overwalk, over-walk (v.)
cross in a town centre
high-cross (n.)
cross mood
distemper (n.)
cross out
blot out (v.)
cross the path of
cross (v.)
cross-bar [on scales]
beam (n.)
crossbar on a mast
yard (n.)
cross-bow which shoots stones
stone-bow (n.)
bastard (n.)
crossed garters, with
cross-gartered (adj.)
answer (n.)
catechize (v.)
pass (n.)
cross (n.)
crossway (n.)
crosswise, placed
traversed (adj.)
crouch down, make
couch (v.)
crow, pluck a
pluck (on) (v.)
crow about
crack (v.)
crow (n.)
crowd, disorderly
rout (n.)
crowd in
elbow (v.)
crowd of insurgents, advancing
head (n.)
crowd out
oppress (v.)
pester (v.)
crowds, coming in
thick-coming (adj.)
crown, French gold
crown of the sun
crown, quarter of a
cardecue (n.)
crown, small
coronet (n.)
crown of flowers
Hymen (n.)
crown of oak leaves
oak (n.)
crowning fulfilment [of life]
consummation (n.)
crows, person who keeps away
crowkeeper, crow-keeper (n.)
crucial point
loose (n.)
highly (adv.)
cruel by being holy
holy-cruel (adj.)
cruel creature
cruel (n.)
cruel villain
tyrant (n.)
cruelly accurately
ill-well (adv.)
cruelty, age of
iron age
cruelty, atrocious
immanity (n.)
cruelty, form of
cruel (n.)
crushed by tyranny
downtrodden (adj.)
crust, form a
bark about (v.)
crust of a loaf, cut away the
chip bread
crust surrounding a custard tart
custard-coffin (n.)
cry, full
yell (n.)
cry calling apprentices to rally round in a fight
clubs (int.)
cry feebly
mewl (v.)
cry of applause
voice (n.)
cry out for
speak for (v.)
cry out to
behowl (v.)
crying out in labour
groaning (adj.)
darkly (adv.)
crystal, transparent as
crystalline (adj.)
crystal ball
glass (n.)
candied (adj.)
cub, crafty young
kid-fox (n.)
cubs, drained of milk by
cub-drawn (adj.)
cuckold, imaginary outgrowths on the head of a
horn (n.)
cuckold, mad through being a
cuckold-mad (adj.)
cuckold, making a
horning (n.)
cuckold, with the character of a
cuckoldly (adj.)
cuckolds, maker of
horn-maker (n.)
lady-smock (n.)
cudgel, long
long-staff (n.)
cudgel, stout
truncheon (n.)
truncheoner (n.)
bastinado (n.)
cullion, like a
cullionly (adj.)
tillage (n.)
cultivation, labour of
tilth (n.)
cultivation, without
wildly (adv.)
culture, lack of
barbarism (n.)
leaden (adj.)
cunning, convey with
insinuate (v.)
cunning, deeply
deep (adj.)
cunning, low
foxship (n.)
cunning, surpass in
outcrafty (v.)
cunning reasoner
sophister (n.)
darkly (adv.)
cup, brimful
rouse (n.)
cup, ceremonial
chalice (n.)
cup in a long draught, drain a
quaff off (v.)
cup of drink
draught (n.)
cup-bearer to the gods
Ganymede (n.)
press (n.)
cups, fill the
strike the vessels
cup-shaped blossom, with
chaliced (adj.)
curative regime
diet (n.)
cure, needing
sick (adj.)
cure, painful
corrosive (n.)
curiosity, stare in
wonder (v.)
curl a lip
lip, make a
curl up
hug (v.)
curled stiffly
crisped (adj.)
curled up
rolled (adj.)
curling with waves
crisp (adj.)
curled-pate (adj.)
curly-tailed dog
trundle-tail (n.)
current (n.)
currency, valid
sterling (n.)
current, not legally
uncurrent (adj.)
current, pass as
go (v.)
current fashion
trick (n.)
current resources
present (n.)
curry favour
insinuate (v.)
curry favour with the people
popular (adj.)
abridgement (n.)
curtsy reverently
congee, congie (v.)
curve round, make to
compass (v.)
curved broadsword
falchion (n.)
custard tart, crust of
custard-coffin (n.)
custodian, be
protect (v.)
custody, forced removal from
rescue (n.)
custody, hold in
keep (v.)
custody, put in
commit (v.)
custom, established by
customed (adj.)
customary practice
observation (n.)
customary tribute
custom (n.)
cut [as if preparing meat for grilling]
carbonado (v.)
cut [as of the edges of a coin]
clip (v.)
cut, make a deep
entrench, intrench (v.)
cut away the crust of a loaf
chip bread
cut down to size
take down (v.)
cut into
grave (v.)
cut into four pieces
quartered (adj.)
cut into tiny bits
mince (v.)
cut off a piece
sliver (v.)
cut off from its fellows
sequestered (adj.)
cut off from the wind
be-lee (v.),lee (v.)
cut open
break (v.)
cut short growth
nip (v.)
cut to pieces
quarter (v.)
cut up into little pieces for baking
minced (adj.)
cut up meat at table
carve (v.)
cuts, draw
cut (adj.)
cuts, silk fabric with irregular
snipped-taffeta, snipt-taffeta (n.)
cuttle (n.)
cut-throat fellow
skains-mate (n.)
cutting into quarters
quartering (adj.)
cutting off
abridgement (n.)
cutting sword
curtle-axe (n.)
cycle, seasonal
time (n.)

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