This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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spinner (n.)
dagger-point, thrust with the
stock (n.)
daily greeting
time of day
daily need
diet (n.)
daintily moving
mincing (adj.)
dairy-milk cows
milch-kine (n.)
dalliance, amorous
sport (n.)
damage, unable to cause
sure (adj.)
damage to property by a tenant
waste (n.)
damaged [of coins]
cracked (adj.)
damaging attack
libel (n.)
damaging to one's rights
prejudicial (adj.)
damask rose
damasked (adj.)
damnable for the use of poisons
drug-damned (adj.)
damnation, deserving
damnation, preserve from
save (v.)
damp, make
wash (v.)
vaporous (adj.)
dance, division of a
bout (n.)
dance, lead out for a
take out (v.)
dance away
foot it
dance in a circle
roundel (n.)
dance in the style of the canary
canary (v.)
dance leap
back-trick (n.)
dance some steps
trace (v.)
dance with joy
caper (v.)
dance-steps, with nimble
tripping (adv.)
dancing, ornamental sword worn in
dancing-rapier (n.)
dancing, set
dance (v.)
dancing company
fleet (n.)
dancing contest, engage in a
caper (v.)
dancing song
carol (n.)
dancing with slow pace
passy-measures (adj.)
dandy, young
hawthorn-bud (n.)
danger, expose to
hazard (v.)
danger, free from
sure (adj.)
danger, remove
safe (v.)
danger, sentry exposed to
perdu (n.)
dangerous, not
safe (adj.)
dangerous (adv.)
dare more than
outdare (v.)
dare to encounter
tempt (v.)
daring, outdo in
outbrave (v.)
daring, overcome by
outdare (v.),outdared (adj.)
daring, rashly
adventurous (adj.)
daring, show of
bravery (n.)
daring deed
hardiment (n.)
dark, in the
dark (adv.)
dark places to hide, full of
black-cornered (adj.)
dark-circled [of eyes]
blue (adj.)
sad (adj.)
Indian (adj.)
darkness, living in
cave-keeping (adj.)
darkness, in
darkling (adv.)
darkness, protective
coverture (n.)
shot (n.)
dash off
fling (n.)
dash the brains out of
brain (v.)
dashed about
bedashed (adj.)
date, due [for the end of a contract]
date (n.)
date, fixed
day (n.)
date, of recent
new-dated (adj.)
date, out of
out (adv.)
daunted, readily
bashful (adj.)
daunting appearance, of more
bigger-looked (adj.)
day, agreed [for the end of a contract]
date (n.)
day, appointed
day (n.)
day, every
days, by
day, festival
high-day (n.)
day, for this many a
day (n.)
day, judgement
judgement (n.)
day, middle of the
mid-season (n.)
day, one
once (adv.)
day, present
time (n.)
day, win the
carry it (away)
day by day
days, by
day for settling disputes
love-day (n.)
day of battle
day (n.)
day of celebration
high-day (n.)
day of death
doom, day of
daybreak song
hunt's-up (n.)
days, during these past few
many a day, for this
days, early
blade (n.)
days, future
time (n.)
days, of so young
day (n.)
days for resting in a chair
chair-days (n.)
days of nature
nature (n.)
day-time before noon
forenoon (n.)
daze, be in a
mope (v.)
dazzling, confuse by
bedazzle (v.)
dead, find oneself
lie low
dead, heap of [in hunting]
quarry (n.)
dead, proper regard for the
obsequiously (adv.)
dead, raise from the
araise (v.)
dead dog thrown in a ditch
ditch-dog (n.)
dead drunk
drunk asleep
dead on the ground
down (adv.)
dead person
defunct (n.)
dead to earthly pleasures
mortified (adj.)
dead to feeling
mortified (adj.)
mortality (n.)
deadly drink
potion (n.)
deadly ominous
death-boding (adj.)
deadly situation
mortality (n.)
deaf (v.)
deal evasively
palter (v.)
deal with, to
hand, in
dealer in ambiguities
equivocator (n.)
dealer in clothing
haberdasher (n.)
dealing, crooked
bias-drawing (n.)
dealing, fair
fairness (n.)
dealing, intimate
mutuality (n.)
dealing out
dole (n.)
dealings, have
deal (v.)
dear, hold
tender (v.)
dear one
gentle (n.)
dearest of all
alderliefest (adj.)
dearly precious
precious-dear (adj.)
want (n.)
death, appropriate after a
obsequious (adj.)
death, bring to
starve (v.)
death, condemned to
dead (adj.)
death, deserving
death-worthy (adj.)
death, died a natural
timely-parted (adj.)
death, divine interrogation after
after-inquiry (n.)
death, full of forebodings about
death-boding (adj.)
death, go to
go to it
death, marked out for
spotted (adj.)
death, meet
miscarry (v.)
death, near to
dead (adj.)
death, of
black (adj.)
death, omen of
knell (n.)
death, ringing to mark a
passing (adj.)
death, subject to
mortal (adj.)
death, unprepared for
unprovided (adj.)
death, with a resemblance of
deadly (adv.)
death, yielding two kinds of
double-fatal (adj.)
death and destruction
doom (n.)
death by drowning, indication of
drowning-mark (n.)
death penalty, worthy of the
capital (adj.)
death plotted, who has had
death-practised (adj.)
fatal (adj.)
death-like glare, with
mortal-staring (adj.)
death-like sign
deathly state
obstruction (n.)
agony (n.)
baseness (n.)
debate, intense
council (n.)
debate, keenness in
argument (n.)
debate the pros and cons
reason (v.)
debater, clever
sophister (n.)
debating, of competitive
skill-contending (adj.)
riot (n.)
weak (adj.)
debt, bond recognizing a
recognizance (n.)
debt, outstanding
after-debt (n.)
debt, release from
quittance (n.)
debt, secured by debtor's land
statute (n.)
debt-keeping, means of
score and tally
debtor [debt column in an account book]
debitor (n.)
debts, assessment of
reckoning (n.)
debts, settlement of
reckoning (n.)
defunct (n.)
deceit, crafty
sleight (n.)
deceit, free from
plain (adj.)
deceitful show
daubery, daubry (n.)
deceive, contrived to
feigned (adj.)
deceived, easily
December 25
Christmas (n.)
decent behaviour
handsomeness (n.)
deception, deprive by
beguile (v.)
deception, get by
bob (v.)
deception, gratifying
flattery (n.)
deceptive show
bubble (n.)
decide between
distinguish (v.)
decided, absolutely
peremptory (adj.)
decided, be
determine (v.)
decided in advance
prefixed (adj.)
decided upon
determined (adj.)
deciding, way of
decision (n.)
deciding of a dispute
arbitrament, arbitrement (n.)
cipher (v.)
decision, authoritative
sentence (n.)
decision, come to a
conclude (v.)
decision, make a
determine (v.)
decision, referring for a
reference (n.)
decision, share in a joint
party-verdict (n.)
decision, unanimous
verdict (n.)
deck at the stern, highest
poop (n.)
decked out, not
undecked (adj.)
decked out fully [of a ship]
scarfed (adj.)
swabber (n.)
decking out
facing (n.)
declaim in verse
sing (v.)
declaration, express
vouch (n.)
declaration, official
denunciation (n.)
declaration, solemn
protestation (n.)
declaration, sworn
profession (n.)
declaration of ability to carry out a task
profession (n.)
declare attachment
profess (v.)
declare itself
speak (v.)
declare love
protest (v.)
declare officially
pronounce (v.)
declared previously
fore-vouched (adj.)
decline, moral
lapse (n.)
decline, seek to
excuse (v.)
corruption (n.)
decomposition, causing
corruptibly (adv.)
decorate ornately
fret (v.)
decorated cloth
imagery (n.)
decorated rod of office
bauble (n.)
decorated with hangings
hanged (adj.)
decoration, showy
fine (adj.)
comely (adv.)
decorously gaze
demure (v.)
decoy, acting as a
enticing (adj.)
decreed by fate
fatal (adj.)
impotence (n.)
ascribe (v.)
dedicated person
soldier (n.)
dedicated service, giver of
servant (n.)
dedication, of
dedicated (adj.)
deduction, logical
argument (n.)
deed [written]
bond (n.),book (n.)
deed, daring
hardiment (n.)
deed, formal
certificate (n.)
deed, good
alms (n.)
deed, intended
effect (n.)
deed, outrageous
prank (n.)
deed, shameful
dishonesty (n.)
deed, wicked
prank (n.)
deed requiring payment [legal]
band (n.)
deeds, achieved by
deed-achieving (adj.)
deeds, performing no
deedless (adj.)
deeds, words not
talker (n.)
deeds performed, without
undeeded (adj.)
deep, drink
draw (v.)
deep enough to cover the shoes
overshoes, over-shoes (adv.)
deep within, draw from
deep-fet (adj.)
rootedly (adv.)
deer, female
hind (n.)
deer, four-year-old buck
sore (n.)
deer, male
hart (n.)
deer, testicles of a
dowset (n.)
deer, three-year-old buck
sorel (n.)
deer, two-year-old buck
pricket (n.)
deer, young
rascal (n.)
defeature (n.)
defamation, handle
calumniate (v.)
defamatory poster
libel (n.)
default on
break (v.)
defeat, utter
discomfiture (n.)
defeated, often
oft-subdued (adj.)
defeated and in danger of death
forfeit (n.)
vent (v.)
defect, cover the
gild over (v.)
defective, mental
innocent (n.)
lamely (adv.)
defence, last
refuge (n.)
work (n.)
defences, furnished with
armed (adj.)
defences, get within the [in fencing]
get within (v.)
defend from the weather
weather-fend (v.)
patron (n.)
defender against harms
Withold, Saint
defensive position using pointed stakes
palisado (n.)
defensive posture [in fencing]
guard (n.),ward (n.)
defensive stake
pike (n.)
defensive weakness
exposure (n.)
observing (adj.)
deferential action
curtsy, curtsey (n.)
defiance [gesture of]
bite one's thumb
defiance, full of
dareful (adj.)
defiant character
bravery (n.)
defiant image, maintain a
outface (v.)
deficiency, making up the
supplyant, suppliant (adj.)
deficient [in mind]
amiss (adj.)
deficient, be
want (v.)
deficient, make
lame (v.)
defiling matter
dreg (n.)
definite form
frame (n.)
notedly (adv.)
resolution (n.)
definement (n.)
deformed skull, with a
crooked-pated (adj.)
deformity, person marked by physical
stigmatic (n.)
degeneracy, moral
depravation (n.)
degenerate, become
breed out (v.)
baseness (n.)
foil (v.)
degrading way, in a
abjectly (adv.)
degrading work, do
coals, carry
degree, appropriate
measure (n.)
degree, extreme
strain (n.)
degree, high
height (n.)
degree, highest
extreme (n.)
degree, in no small
meanly, not
degree, in small
lightly (adv.)
degree, in whatever
howsoever, howsoe'er (adv.)
degree, reduce in
degrade (v.)
degree, to an equal
equally (adv.)
degree of rank
estate (n.)
degree separated in line of succession
removed (adj.)
deity, priest serving a particular
flamen (n.)
delay, distressing
indurance, endurance (n.)
delaying tactics, set of
delay (n.)
deliberately expressed
set (adj.)
deliberately negligent
wilful-negligent (adj.)
deliberation, without proper
unadvised (adv.)
delicacy containing caraway seeds
caraway (n.)
delicate, effeminately
lady (adj.)
delicate, specially
super-subtle (adj.)
finely (adv.)
balmy (adj.)
delicious flavour
dainty (n.)
delight, endowed with
delighted (adj.)
delight, full of
delightful (adj.)
delight, keen
edge (n.)
delight, leap with
caper (v.)
delight, possess with
enjoy (v.)
delight, show
fawn (v.)
delight, with
rejoicingly (adv.)
joyed (adj.)
delighted, be
fain (v.)
delightful, enticingly
flattering-sweet (adj.)
delightful time
sweet (n.)
gladding (n.)
delighting in the summer-time
summer-leaping (adj.)
span (v.)
delimited territory
limit (n.)
delineated [in heraldry]
tricked (adj.)
revolted (adj.)
wild (adj.)
frenzy (n.)
deliver wrongly
mistake (v.)
delivered of a child
abed / to bed, brought
delivery [distribution]
dole (n.)
delivery [speech]
deliverance (n.)
delusions, suffering from
lunatic (adj.)
demand, additional
imposition (n.)
demand, exorbitant
exaction (n.)
demand, just
equity (n.)
demand as a right
challenge (v.)
demand for money
taxation (n.)
demand for service
claim (n.)
demands, make
task of (v.)
demands, make heavy
grate on / upon (v.)
demeanour, pleasing
happiness (n.)
demeanour, put on a
feign (v.)
break (v.)
demon, personal
familiar (n.)
demon, sea
Siren (n.)
demonic control, under
possessed (adj.)
probable (adj.)
demurely look
demure (v.)
emulator (n.)
denounce in public
publish (v.)
denounced, not
untainted (adj.)
dense, make
thick (v.)
dents, without
undinted (adj.)
deny happiness to
unbless (v.)
deny respect
disgrace (v.)
smoke (v.)
depart, permission to
leave (n.)
departed, naturally
timely-parted (adj.)
depart (n.)
departure, prompt
expedition (n.)
departure, rapid
expedience (n.)
departure from life
passage (n.)
faith (n.)
true (adj.)
dependant, be a
depend on / upon (v.)
dependants, body of
dependency, dependancy (n.)
territory (n.)
dependent, make
hazard (v.)
dependent, remain
stand (v.)
dependent creature
fee (n.)
dependents, set of
train (n.)
depict fully
paint out (v.)
deplorable standard
grossness (n.)
muse (v.)
deployed troops, with
battled (adj.)
unpeople (v.)
deposit, limestone-like
limekiln (n.)
deposit eggs
blow (v.)
gravel (n.)
stale (v.)
dispraisingly (adv.)
faint (v.)
cold (adj.)
desolation (n.)
deprivation [of honour]
loss (n.)
deprive by deception
beguile (v.)
deprive of a blessing
unbless (v.)
deprive of beauty
unfair (v.)
deprive of fame
darken (v.)
deprive of children
unchild (v.)
deprive of kingship
unking (v.)
deprive of rank and estate
unstate (v.)
deprive of sight
blind (v.)
deprive of standing
unstate (v.)
deprive of wits
unwit (v.)
deprived, be
lose (v.)
deprived of a friend
unfriended (adj.)
deprived of a horse
uncolted (adj.)
deprived of a shell
shelled, shealed (adj.)
deprived of loved ones
prived (adj.)
deprived of strength
benumbed (adj.)
deprived of title
corrupted (adj.)
deprived of virility
unseminared (adj.)
depth, gauging
sounding (n.)
depth, with
big (adv.)
depth of feeling
touch (n.)
depth of presence
impression (n.)
depth of water, displacing
deep-drawing (adj.)
depths, with unrevealed
unsounded (adj.)
deputy, appointment as
deputation (n.)
deputy, legally appointed
attorney general (n.)
deputy, using a
second (adj.)
deputy monarch
viceroy (n.)
deranged, become
dote (v.)
deranged person
Tom o'Bedlam (n.)
derision, act of
scorn (n.)
derisive action
mock (n.)
derisive grimace
mow (n.)
derisively, turn
waft (v.)
derived power
line (n.)
derogatory way, in a
derogately (adv.)
descend from
come of (v.)
descend on
come upon (v.)
descend swiftly [in falconry]
stoop (v.)
descended, lineally
lineal (adj.)
descent, next in
successive (adj.)
descent, of different
unlineal (adj.)
describe as
distinguish (v.)
describe as wonderful
monster (v.)
describe in words
report (v.)
describe poorly
stammer (v.)
describing, not worth
nameless (adj.)
description, beyond
unspeakable (adj.)
description, personal
character (n.)
description, verbal
diction (n.)
profane (v.)
desert, just
merit (n.)
worthily (adv.)
deserves nothing, one who
undeserver (n.)
deserving damnation
deserving death
death-worthy (adj.)
deserving of approval
commendable (n.)
deserving of blame
reproach (n.)
deserving of gratitude
deserving (adj.)
deserving of honour
observed (n.)
deserving person
merit (n.)
design, heraldic
device (n.)
design, ingenious
wit (n.)
design, weave into a
interlace (v.)
designed, cleverly
crafty (adj.)
designed well
express (adj.)
ingener (n.)
designs, adorned with
figured (adj.)
desire (n.)
desirable feature
convenience (n.)
desire [for food]
stomach (n.)
desire [to be like]
envy (n.)
desire, ardent
fantasy (n.)
desire, keen
edge (n.)
desire for gain
commodity (n.)
desire for personal gain
itching palm
desires, insensible to worldly
mortified (adj.)
desiring hotly
concupiscible (adj.)
fond (adj.)
desirous of prey
preyful (adj.)
desolate place
desert, desart (n.)
desolate time or place
waste (n.)
desolation, in
vastly (adv.)
despair, reckless
desperation (n.)
desperately (adv.)
resolute (n.)
desperate straights, in
heels, out at
desperate thoughts
desperation (n.)
hotly (adv.)
despicable, most
worst (n.)
despite everything
spite of spite, in
spoil (n.)
desolation (n.)
lumpish (adj.)
reposal (n.)
dessert, period after
after-supper (n.)
bourn (n.)
destiny [astrology]
star (n.)
destiny, controlling
fated (adj.)
destiny, final
doom (n.)
destiny, human
Fates (n.)
destiny, of
fatal (adj.)
destitute, make
beggar (v.)
destitute person
decay (n.)
destroy by poison
empoison (v.)
destroy the credibility of
lose (v.)
destroy the relish of
distaste (v.)
destroy the reputation of
undo (v.)
destroy with uproar
brawl down (v.)
destruction, act of
defeat (n.)
destruction, avoid
live (v.)
destruction, bring to
ruinate (v.)
destruction, to the point of
perniciously (adv.)
destruction, total
dissolution (n.)
mortal (adv.)
wean (v.)
detachment, small
distraction (n.)
detail, additional
augmentation (n.)
detail, dispute over
cavil (v.)
detail, document providing
passport (n.)
detail, give
particularize (v.)
detail, in every little
hair / hair's breadth, to a
detail, painstaking attention to
curiosity (n.)
detail, point of
particular (n.)
detail, relate in
retail (v.)
detail, reported in
delated (adj.)
detail, rich in
circumstantial (adj.)
detail, unnecessary
circumstance (n.)
detailed, minutely
nice (adj.)
detailed direction
precept (n.)
detailed explanation
circumstance (n.)
detailed list
inventory (n.)
detention, place of
retention (n.)
cracked (adj.)
stale (adj.)
declension (n.)
determined, be
be (v.)
determined, highly
high-resolved (adj.)
determined character
resolute (n.)
determined to make, be
intend (v.)
determined upon
determinate (adj.)
determining/final shot [in archery]
upshoot (n.)
detestation, with
loathly (adv.)
unking (v.)
bounce (n.)
take (v.)
thwart (adv.)
devastation, general
havoc (n.)
developed, well
sinewy (adj.)
development, check
nip (v.)
development, still in course of
unhatched (adj.)
development, with full
ripely (adv.)
obliquy (n.)
deviate from a straight path
hedge (v.)
deviation, moral
digression (n.)
device, clever
cunning (n.)
device, closing
spring (n.)
device, mechanical
engine (n.)
device, words on a
mot (n.)
devil, companion
yoke-devil (n.)
devil, little
iniquity (n.)
devil, troublesome
spirit (n.)
devil from hell
under fiend (n.)
devious, be
hedge (v.)
devious course, pursue a
wind (v.)
devious means
indirection (n.)
devious vows, making
crafty-swearing (adj.)
devised, cleverly
good-conceited (adj.)
devised, ingeniously
odd-conceited (adj.)
devised, well
conceited (adj.)
device (n.)
devising excuses
invention (n.)
devoid of people
unpeopled (adj.)
devote oneself to
apply (v.)
devoted, excessively
superstitious (adj.)
devoted friend
brother, sworn
devotee of Bacchus
Bacchanal (n.)
devotion, naive
fondness (n.)
devotion, show
vail (v.)
devotion, true
sanctity (n.)
devotion, undivided
integrity (n.)
devotion, without
unhallowed (adj.)
devotions, evening
night-oblations (n.)
devour voraciously
raven (v.),ravin down (v.)
devouring, all
cormorant (adj.)
devouring like a wolf
wolvish-ravening (adj.)
dew, morning
morn-dew (n.)
dew, splashed all over with
dew-bedabbled (adj.)
dew (n.)
dexterity, with
dexteriously (adv.)
nice (adj.)
hangman (adj.)
diabolical thing
devil (n.)
touch (v.)
diagnose a disease
cast the water
diagram, astrological
figure (n.)
dialogue, carry on a
dialogue (v.)
dialogue, express as a
dialogue (v.)
dialogue, provide a
interpret (v.)
rim (n.)
dice, one of a pair of
die (n.)
order (n.)
dictatorial opinion
authority (n.)
die by one's own hand
die by oneself
die fighting
die on (v.)
die out
fail (v.)
dieter (n.)
difference, class
difference (n.)
difference, it makes no
all is one; that's / it's all one
difference, make a
discern (v.),skill (v.)
difference of rank
inequality (n.)
different, become
differ (v.)
different, not
indifferent (adj.)
different direction, in a very
contrary (adv.)
different ways, in dozens of
dozens, by
part (v.)
differentiated thing
distinct (n.)
difficult a part, having too
overparted (adj.)
difficult to ascend
steepy (adj.)
difficult to hold on to
slippery (adj.)
difficult to satisfy
curious (adj.)
difficulties, bring into
pinch (v.)
difficulties, troubled with
distressed (adj.)
difficulty, extreme
Gordian knot
difficulty, with great
hardly (adv.)
difficulty in accepting, have
strain at (v.)
difficulty of understanding
hardness (n.)
diffused, widely
broad (adj.)
dig down
dig (v.)
dig underneath
undermine (v.)
dignified, suitably
grave-beseeming (adj.)
dignified ease
worship (n.)
dignified form of address to a professional person
master (n.)
dignified position
gravity (n.)
dignified rank
name (n.)
dignity (n.)
dignity, ancient
ancientry (n.)
dignity, comfortable
worship (n.)
dignity, consider it beneath one's
scorn, think
dignity, fall from
descension (n.)
dignity, invest with special
crown (v.)
dignity, invested with
dignified (adj.)
dignity, loss of
derogation (n.)
dignity, lower the
stale (v.)
dignity, position of
honour (n.)
dignity, royal
sovereignty (n.)
dignity, with
gently (adv.)
dignity as a person
presence (n.)
dignity of spirit
greatness (n.)
diligent person
diligence (n.)
diligent service
attendance (n.)
dim, make
bedim (v.)
diminish in size
bate (v.)
diminished in statecraft
unpolicied (adj.)
diminishing beauty, of
beauty-waning (adj.)
cock (n.)
dining company
mess (n.)
dinner, period following
after-dinner (n.)
dinner party
table (n.)
dinner table
table (n.)
dinner-table, hero of the
trencher-knight (n.)
policy (n.)
direct, most
next (adj.)
direct aim [in archery]
level (n.)
direct course
forthright (n.)
direct downwards
vail (v.)
direct in answer
simple-answered (adj.)
direct line, in the
lineal (adj.)
direct one's course
intend (v.)
direct one's steps
bend (v.),frame (v.)
direct scornfully
waft (v.)
directed, badly
misshapen (adj.)
direction [on a letter]
superscription (n.)
direction, capacity for
direction (n.)
direction, detailed
precept (n.)
direction, give
teach (v.)
direction, go in a particular
make to (v.)
direction, good
instruction (n.)
direction, change
come about (v.)
direction, in a very different
contrary (adv.)
direction, in an even
evenly (adv.)
direction, in another
else (adv.)
direction, in this
hitherward(s) (adv.)
direction, in which
whereto (adv.)
direction, lacking
unswayed (adj.)
direction, new
bend (v.)
direction, opposite
contrary (n.)
direction, powerful
intention (n.)
direction, shift
hedge (v.)
direction, subject to
directive (adj.)
direction, turn to face in a new
wheel (v.)
direction, turning in a particular
bend (n.)
direction of, look in the
look upon (v.)
direction of alignment [in astrology]
aspect (n.)
direction of looking
gaze (v.)
directions, in opposite
contrary (adv.)
directly look at
look against (v.)
shortness (n.)
dirt, cover with
bemoil (v.)
dirt, discoloured with
stained (adj.)
dirt, piece of
earth (n.)
dirty [of a pistol-barrel after firing]
foul (adj.)
dirty, not
fair (adj.)
dirty money
trash (n.)
hox (v.)
stiff (adj.)
disadvantage, at a
hip, on / upon the
disadvantage, troublesome
inconvenience (n.)
disadvantage, turning to
ill-wresting (adj.)
crossly (adv.)
disagreeing, always
still-discordant (adj.)
disagreement, nature of
difference (n.)
deny (v.)
vade (v.)
missing (n.)
disapproved of
unblest (adj.)
unplausive (adj.)
disapproving look
wrinkle (n.)
disarmingly smile
leer (v.)
betumbled (adj.)
disastrous result, work with
wrack (v.)
break (v.)
nayward (n.)
disbelief, express
shrug (v.)
misdoubt (v.)
disburden in speech
deliver (v.)
corrigible (adj.)
discipline, proper
rule (n.)
disclose secrets
betray (v.),blab (v.)
mark (n.)
reechy (adj.)
discoloured with dirt
stained (adj.)
discoloured with pinch-marks
pinch-spotted (adj.)
confound (v.)
discomfort, causing
uneasy (adj.)
disconcerted state, into a
countenance, out of
extracting (adj.)
wailful (adj.)
repine (n.)
discontent, express
fret (v.)
discontent, full of
discontented (adj.)
discontented, be
grudge (v.),repine (v.)
discontented, somewhat
half-malcontent (adj.)
discontented individual
malcontent (n.)
discontented mind
discontent (n.)
discontented person
discontent (n.)
discontented thought
discontent (n.)
discord, state of
mutiny (n.)
false (adj.)
discordant, make
jar (v.)
discordantly, sound
jar (v.)
bate-breeding (adj.)
discomfort (n.)
discourse, oratorical
peroration (n.)
discourse, religious
exercise (n.)
discourse, topic of
theme (n.)
discourse style
encounter (n.)
rudely (adv.)
discover by examining
sift (v.)
discover the reason for
find (v.)
discovery of what is distant
descry (n.)
discredit, bring into
discredit (v.)
discredit, publicly
note (v.)
discrediting activity
villainy (n.)
distinguish (v.)
discrimination, with great
choicely (adv.)
discuss terms
parle, parley (v.)
discuss the matter
question (v.)
discuss the pros and cons of
argue (v.)
discussion, finish a
break off (v.)
discussion, meet for a
sit (v.)
disdain, express
scorn (v.)
disdain, not
deign (v.)
disdain to offer
scorn (v.)
proudly (adv.)
disdainfully put off
slight off (v.)
disease, attack of
taking (n.)
disease, burning
fire-ill (n.)
disease, diagnose a
cast the water
disease, eruptive
wildfire (n.)
disease, fatal
pestilence (n.)
disease, free from
free (adj.)
disease, make white with
hoar (v.)
disease, strike down with
visit (v.)
disease, suffer from venereal
burn (v.)
disease, wasting
languish (n.)
disease causing twitching of the hind legs [of horses]
springhalt (n.)
diseased person
lazar (n.)
pocky (adj.)
footing (n.)
embowel (v.)
ravel out (v.)
disfigured with weeping
blubbered (adj.)
void up (v.)
disgrace, brand with
note (v.)
disgrace, full of
stained (adj.)
disgrace, mark of
note (n.)
disgrace, source of
reproach (n.)
disgrace, think it a
scorn, take
disgrace publicly [of a knight]
baffle (v.)
disgraceful action
dishonesty (n.)
disgraceful reputation
scandal (n.)
disgraceful rogue
slander (n.)
taint (n.)
disguise, shed a
discase (v.)
disguise the truth
dissemble (v.)
disguised meaning
simulation (n.)
usurped (adj.)
disgust, object of
abhorring (n.)
disgust, regard with
abhor (v.)
queasy (adj.)
disgusting state
abomination (n.)
disgusting vice
abomination (n.)
dish, fancy
kickshaw (n.)
dish, large savoury
pudding (n.)
dish, present on a
dish (v.)
dish, serving
trencher (n.)
dish for Mass bread
paten (n.)
jar (n.)
dishes, cold
coldly (adv.)
dishes, order of
service (n.)
dishes, serving
trenchering (n.)
falsely (adv.)
dishonour, bringing
scandalous (adj.)
dishonour, threatening
wrack-threatening (adj.)
dishonour a man by making his wife unfaithful
cuckold (v.)
dishonourable stain
attainder (n.)
discharge, receipt of
quittance (n.)
discharge, watery
rheum (n.)
discharge, written
acquittance (n.)
discharge from service
dismission (n.)
discharge of blank cartridges
false fire
discharge one's responsibility
acquit (v.)
smoke (v.)
consume away (v.)
dissolution (n.)
impartial (adj.)
disjointed, become
disjoint (v.)
dislike, foolish
toy (n.)
dislike, showing
distasteful (adj.)
dislocated shoulder, with a
shoulder-shotten (adj.)
dislodged from a position
unroosted (adj.)
disloyal, secretly
secret-false (adj.)
false (adv.)
unbuild (v.)
dismay, strike dumb with
astonish, 'stonish (v.)
quartering (adj.)
dismiss from service
cashier (v.),turn away (v.)
dismiss with contempt
slight off (v.)
slight (adj.)
light (v.)
contempt (n.)
disobedience, act of
revolt (n.)
disorder, left in
ill-left (adj.)
disorder, outbreak of
uproar (n.)
disorder, put everything into
cock-a-hoop, set
disordered condition
distemperature (n.)
disordered haste, in
pell-mell (adv.)
disorderly crowd
rout (n.)
joint, out of
disparage rank
derogate (v.)
emulator (n.)
disparity, social
inequality (n.)
unattainted (adj.)
dispatch, prompt
expedition (n.)
dispatches, female carrier of
woman-post (n.)
excuse (n.)
dispirited, never
never-daunted (adj.)
display [as in a coat-of-arms]
blazon (v.)
display, courtly
feigning (n.)
display, fine
bravery (n.)
display, fond
kindness (n.)
display, make a
flash (v.)
display, place of
window (v.)
display, put on
bring forth (v.)
display, put on public
stage (v.)
display, swaggering
bravery (n.)
display, trifling
vanity (n.)
display, with great
bravely (adv.)
display as an ornament
brooch (v.)
display before spectators
spectatorship (n.)
display by contrast
set off (v.)
display in rivalry
vie (v.)
display of celebration
triumph (n.)
display of valour
hardiment (n.)
display proudly
vaunt (v.)
display triumph
flourish (v.)
displayed, earlier
forespent (adj.)
haver (n.)
displaying aversion
distasteful (adj.)
displaying benevolence
gracious (adj.)
displaying openly declared love
professed (adj.)
displaying ridicule
ungravely (adv.)
displaying spite
elvish-marked (adj.)
dislike (v.)
displeased, be
mislike (v.)
displeasing news, speaking
ill-uttering (adj.)
displeasure [expression of]
hum (v.)
disposal, at one's
command, at / upon
disposal, have at one's
command (v.),master (v.)
disposer of remains
executor (n.)
disposition, alter
metamorphose (v.)
disposition, avaricious
itching palm
disposition, expressing a particular
humoured (adj.)
disposition, innate
nature (n.)
disposition, natural
race (n.)
disposition, of a particular
disposed (adj.)
disposition, of gentle
debonair (adj.)
disposition, of this
tempered (adj.)
dispute (n.)
disputatious wretch
chopped logic (n.)
dispute, competitive
controversy (n.)
dispute, deciding of a
arbitrament, arbitrement (n.)
dispute about
debate (v.)
dispute over detail
cavil (v.)
dispute the validity of
impugn (v.)
disputes, day for settling
love-day (n.)
disputes, marred by
litigious (adj.)
disputing, noisy
brabble (n.)
disquiet, with great
unquietly (adv.)
disregarding all risks
desperately (adv.)
lack-linen (adj.)
disreputable individual
trash (n.)
slander (n.)
unreverent (adj.)
broken (adj.)
dissatisfaction [expression of]
hum (v.)
dissatisfaction, feel
repine (v.)
dissatisfaction, feeling of
discontent (n.)
dissatisfied soul
discontent (n.)
dissension, in a state of
jar / jars, at
dissipate by overheating
seethe (v.)
stay (v.)
distance, cover the
measure back (v.)
distance, keep
hold off (v.)
distance, measure of
league (n.)
distance, throwing
throw (n.)
distance, visible
ken (n.)
distance apart, at a
contrary (adj.)
distant, discovery of what is
descry (n.)
distant, more
far (adj.)
distant location
South Sea
distaste, fill with
resist (v.)
fulsome (adj.)
distasteful, be
distaste (v.)
distasteful, make
distaste (v.)
blown (adj.)
distended, fully
outstretched (adj.)
distilment (n.)
distilling apparatus
limbeck (n.)
distilling chamber
stillitory (n.)
distinction [as if added to a coat-of-arms]
addition (n.)
distinction, hair-splitting
quillet (n.)
distinction, making no
unrespective (adj.)
distinction, source of
honour (n.)
distinction, warlike
chivalry (n.)
distinction of rank
difference (n.)
special (adj.)
distinctive emblem
charact, caract (n.)
distinctive quality
lineament (n.)
distinctive sign
character (n.)
distinctive signs, lacking any
characterless (adj.)
distinctive style
addition (n.)
singularity (n.)
distinctly, show
distinguish (v.)
distinguish qualities
divide (v.)
dividant (adj.)
distinguishable, be
stand off (v.)
distinguishment (n.)
distinguishing, act of
distinction (n.)
distinguishing mark
type (n.)
distinguishing mark [on a coat-of-arms]
difference (n.)
distinguishing trait
trick (n.)
warped (adj.)
distorted manner, in a
asquint (adv.)
distracted by new things
new-fangled (adj.)
indirectly (adv.)
will (n.)
distraction, worthless
kickshaw (n.)
distress, great
agony (n.)
distress, personal
fee-grief (n.)
distress, refrain from causing
spare (v.)
distress, someone in great
affliction (n.)
distress oneself
fret (v.)
distressing delay
indurance, endurance (n.)
disposed (adj.)
dole (n.)
country (n.)
district, political
ward (n.)
district not subject to a sheriff's legal order
liberty (n.)
district of the city subject to a sheriff's legal order
writ (n.)
disturbance, cause a
ruffle (v.)
disturbance, make a
stir (v.)
disturbance, public
uproar (n.)
disturbance of mind
disease (n.)
disturbed, be
unsettle (v.)
disturbed excitement
commotion (n.)
disturbing manner, in a
disquietly (adv.)
ease (n.)
ditch, born in a
ditch-delivered (adj.)
ditch, dead dog thrown in a
ditch-dog (n.)
ditcher (n.)
diverse colouring
piedness (n.)
diversion, nocturnal
night-rule (n.)
diversion, silly
idleness (n.)
divert attention
beguile (v.)
divert by means of a trench
trench (v.)
divide into quarters [on a flag or shield]
quarter (n.)
divide limb from limb
dismember (v.)
divided into locks
braided (adj.)
divided state, in a
dividable (adj.)
dividing structure
partition (n.)
dividing up
parcelling (n.)
divine celebration
mass (n.)
divine favour
grace (n.)
divine foretelling
destiny (n.)
divine grace, filled with
gracious (adj.)
divine interrogation after death
after-inquiry (n.)
divine origin
inspired (adj.)
divine rule
ordinance (n.)
divine will
ordinance (n.)
diving waterfowl
dive-dapper (n.)
divining the future
augury (n.)
division [on a sundial]
prick (n.)
division, foremost
vaward (n.)
division of a dance
bout (n.)
divisive power, with
separable (adj.)
divulged, not
unpublished (adj.)
blazon (n.)
dizzy, make
dizzy (v.)
giddy (adj.)
do without, swear to
outswear (v.)
do wrong
misdo (v.)
docked tail, with a
bobtail (adj.)
document, legal
obligation (n.)
document, official
certificate (n.)
document, promissory
blank charter, blank (n.)
document, written
present (n.)
document certifying a release from debt
quittance (n.)
document containing a charge, legal
indictment (n.)
document presented within special covers
tablet (n.)
document providing detail
passport (n.)
document transferring property, legal
conveyance (n.)
documents issued by the sovereign
letters patent (n.)
doff the cap
off-cap (v.)
doff the hat
be off (v.)
dog, chained
ban-dog (n.)
dog, like a tame
spaniel-like (adj.)
dog, pursue like a
dog (v.)
dog thrown in a ditch, dead
ditch-dog (n.)
dog/wolf cross-breed
demi-wolf (n.)
metre (adj.)
dog-house, go outside to the
kennel (v.)
dogs, attack with
course (n.)
dogs, long-haired
Iceland (n.)
dogs, release pairs of hunting
uncouple (v.)
doh [musical scale]
ut (n.)
dolt, clumsy
lubber (n.)
domain, emperor's
empery (n.)
domestic furnishing
utensil (n.)
domestic manager
husband (n.)
domestic servant
scullion (n.)
domestic woman
spinster (n.)
dominated, never
uncontrolled (adj.)
dominion, absolute
empery (n.)
demesne (n.)
donation, make a
offer (v.)
done, that being
therewithal (adv.)
doom, prophesying
ill-boding (adj.)
doom (n.)
door, back
postern (n.)
door, lower part of a
hatch (n.)
door against, lock the
lock forth (v.)
door-keeping in a brothel
hold-door (adj.)
post (n.)
door-post of a hovel
hovel-post (n.)
doors, out of
door, out of (adv.)
dose of horse medicine
horse-drench (n.)
dose with medicine
physic (v.)
dot, on the
pat (adv.)
double ace [in dice]
ames-ace (n.)
double back
indent (v.)
both-sides (adj.)
equivocation (n.)
doublet with the lower part padded
belly doublet
doubling back
double (n.)
doubt, evil
conjecture (n.)
doubt, freeing from
resolvedly (adv.)
doubt, introspective
scruple (n.)
doubt, removal of
satisfaction (n.)
doubt, strong
mistrust (n.)
doubt, without the shadow of a
question, in contempt of
doubt reality
misdoubt (v.)
doubtful state, in a
incertain (adj.)
misdoubt (n.)
surely (adv.)
doubts, troubled with
scrupulous (adj.)
dough, fermentation in
leavening (n.)
doughy mixture
paste (n.)
dower, give a
dower (v.)
down, covered with
fledge (adj.)
down, directed straight
downright (adj.)
down, soft as
downy (adj.)
down in the mouth
decay (n.)
pendent (adj.)
practic (adj.)
downtrod (adj.)
decay (n.)
downward course
declension (n.)
downward moving [of the sun]
drooping (adj.)
downwards, direct
vail (v.)
downwards, head
headlong (adv.)
downwind, go
wind, allow the
downwind of a quarry, stay
wind of, have the
downwind of a quarry, stay
wind, keep the
dowry, lacking a
dowerless (adj.)
dowry, provide with a
endow (v.)
dowry, without
simply (adv.)
dozens of different ways, in
dozens, by
drag a load
draw (v.)
drag about
hale (v.)
drag one's feet
dodge (v.)
dragged along
drawn (adj.)
dragged from a proper course
exhaled (adj.)
dragon, shaped like a
dragonish (adj.)
drain, open
channel (n.)
drain, street
kennel (n.)
drain a cup in a long draught
quaff off (v.)
drained of milk by cubs
cub-drawn (adj.)
drained of strength
unnerved (adj.)
draining the blood away [from the face]
blood-drinking (adj.)
drake, wild
mallard (n.)
drapery making up the border of a bed canopy
valance (n.)
draught, full
rouse (n.)
draught, long
carouse (n.)
draught, take a long
quaff (v.)
fill-horse (n.)
draw [in fencing]
dismount (v.)
draw a parallel between
oppose (v.)
draw a sword
draw (v.)
draw apart
distract (v.)
draw back a bow-string
draw (v.)
draw cuts
cut (adj.)
draw forth
take out (v.)
draw forth [a sword]
exhale (v.)
draw from
beguile (v.)
draw from deep within
deep-fet (adj.)
draw liquor [from barrels]
draw (v.)
draw oneself up to full height
stretch (v.)
draw out [in hunting]
rouse (v.)
draw straws
draw cuts
draw tightly
restrain (v.)
draw towards an end
end (n.)
draw up in battle lines
enrank (v.)
draw water
sluice (v.)
drawer of ale
tapster (n.)
drawing a winning ticket rather than a blank ticket [in a lottery]
lots to blanks
drawing-room man of fashion
chamberer (n.)
drawn faintly [in heraldry]
shadowed (adj.)
drawn from cover
drawn (adj.)
drawn in a rightful cause
right-drawn (adj.)
drawn through/in the air
air-drawn (adj.)
drawn to, be
affect (v.)
drawn up in battle order
ranked (adj.)
dread, filled with
thought-sick (adj.)
dread, full of
dreadful (adj.)
dread, object of
fear (n.)
dread, power to inspire
terror (n.)
dread, repress through
awe (v.)
dread of evil
misdread (n.)
dream, bad
phantasma (n.)
sleepy (adj.)
dreary, make
dull (v.)
drench thoroughly
bedrench (v.)
dress, gap in a
cut (n.)
dress, pocket on the front of a woman's
bosom (n.)
dress, rich
bravery (n.)
dress in a robe
enrobe (v.)
dress in armour
harness (v.)
dress of a fool
motley (n.)
dressed, badly
lack-linen (adj.)
dressed, humbly
mean-apparelled (adj.)
dressed, not properly
unprovided (adj.)
dressed, raggedly
tag-rag (adj.)
dressed, richly
golden (adj.)
dressed, sedately
sober-suited (adj.)
dressed, smartly
fine (adj.)
dressed, splendidly
bravely (adv.)
dressed as a bride
bride-habited (adj.)
dressed in rags
ragged (adj.)
dressed up
suited (adj.)
dresser, showy
fantastic (n.)
decking (n.)
tiring-house (n.)
dressing-room at the back of the stage, into the
in (adv.)
dried fish
poor-John (n.)
drift [with sails furled]
hull (v.)
drink [alcoholic]
liquor (n.)
drink, cup of
draught (n.)
drink, deadly
potion (n.)
drink, full of
drenched (adj.)
drink, hot
posset (n.)
drink, overpowered by
overtake (v.)
drink, provide a warm medicinal
caudle (v.)
drink, salutation in
health (n.)
drink, soaked with
spongy, spungy (adj.)
drink, supply with
cup (v.)
drink a further health
discharge (v.)
drink a health
charge (v.)
drink a toast
pledge (v.)
drink at length
carouse (v.)
drink deep
draw (v.)
drink given away/taken in charity
alms-drink, alms drink (n.)
drink greedily
swill (v.)
drink up
pull at (v.)
drinker [of malt-liquor]
maltworm, malt-worm (n.)
potting (n.)
drinking, always
ever-bibbing (adj.)
drinking between meals
by-drinking (n.)
drinking companion, true
Corinthian (n.)
drinking milk produced after the birth of a calf
beest-eating (adj.)
drinking of a health
pledge (n.)
drinking song
song of good life
drinking vessel containing two quarts
pottle, pottle-pot (n.)
chalice (n.)
horn (n.)
wassail (n.)
drip fat on
lard (v.)
dripping-pan [placed under roasting meat]
tallow-catch (n.)
dropping (adj.)
drive around in a cart
cart (v.)
drive away
extirpate (v.)
drive away by fire
fire hence / out (v.)
drive away with harsh words
chide (v.), past form chid
drive into a house
house (v.)
drive into the water
emmew (v.),enew (v.)
drive like worn-out hacks
jade (v.)
drive out
expulse (v.)
drive to exhaustion [in hunting]
emboss (v.)
driven along
chidden (adj.)
driven by a storm
driving (adj.)
driven by passion
lust-breathed (adj.)
driven from a perch
unroosted (adj.)
driven to extremes
embossed (adj.)
driving one mad
madding (adj.)
driving onward
compulsive (adj.)
drooping sickness
languish (n.)
drop of liquid
bead (n.)
drop out
out (v.)
dropping one's breeches
untrussing (n.)
drops, fall in tiny
distil (v.)
drops, moisten with
bedew (v.)
drown a smell
overstink (v.)
drowned in tears
beweep (v.)
drowning, indication of death by
drowning-mark (n.)
drowning out
deafing (n.)
drowsiness, producing
dull (adj.)
drowsiness, unnatural
lethargy (n.)
drug used for purposes other than healing
medicine (n.)
drug which induces vomiting
cyme (n.)
drugs, mixture of
confection (n.)
drugs, one who prepares and sells medicinal
apothecary, pothecary (n.)
drug-seller, travelling
mountebank (n.)
drum (n.)
drums, bang the
strike the vessels
drunk, excessively
swine-drunk (adj.)
drunk as a pig
swine-drunk (adj.)
drunken revelry
Bacchus (n.)
drunkenly overcome
overtake (v.)
disguise (n.)
drunkenness, state of
distemper (n.)
dry situation
drouth (n.)
ducal seat
chair (n.)
duck down
crouch (v.)
due, newly become
new-fallen (adj.)
due measure, in
modestly (adv.)
due privilege
prerogative (n.)
due process
form (n.)
due time
season (n.)
due to, be
behove (v.)
duel, withdraw to
walk (v.)
duelling code
duello (n.)
duelling place
field (n.)
duke, act the
duke it (v.)
dull, make
rebate (v.)
thick-eyed (adj.)
dumb servant
mute (n.)
amazed (adj.)
dumbfounded, completely
all-amazed (adj.)
show (n.)
dumb-show actor
mummer (n.)
dump, waterside
shore (n.)
pudding (n.)
dung, born in
shard-borne (adj.)
dung, living in
sharded (adj.)
dung, patch of
shard (n.)
dungy (adj.)
durable material, made of
everlasting (adj.)
duration left in life
length (n.)
during these past few days
many a day, for this
dust, speck of
dust (n.),mote (n.)
dutiful ceremony
observance (n.)
dutiful ministration
attendance (n.)
due (adv.)
duty, go astray from
err (v.)
duty, imposed
impose (n.)
duty, official
charge (n.)
duty, personal
grace (n.)
duty, spiritual
religion (n.)
duty as a subject
subjection (n.)
duty of loyalty
fealty (n.)
duty owed to parents
childhood (n.)
dwarf-like creature
demi-puppet (n.)
dwarfs, legendary race of
Pigmies (n.)
dwelling, small humble
cell (n.)
dwelling in this world
earthy (adj.)
dwindle, cause to
wither out (v.)
dye, orange-red
saffron (n.)
dyed black
stained (adj.)
dyed bright red
purple-in-grain (adj.)
dyed crimson
encrimsoned (adj.)
dyed over with another colour
overdyed, over-dyed (adj.)
dying, to do with
defunctive (adj.)
dying away
dying (adj.)
dying moment
mort (n.)
dying to sin
mortified (adj.)
dying with hunger
hungry-starved (adj.)

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