This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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fabric, Breton linen
lockram (n.)
fabric, fine linen
holland (n.)
fabric, made of Arras tapestry
arras (adj.)
fabric, made of woollen
worsted (adj.)
fabric, painted
imagery (n.)
fabric, piece of embroidered
carpet (n.)
fabric, piece of velvet
velvet (n.)
fabric, surface texture of a
nap (n.)
fabric, woollen
serge (n.)
fabric hung over and around a bed
tent (n.)
fabric with irregular cuts, glossy silk
snipped-taffeta, snipt-taffeta (n.)
fabulous beast
griffin (n.)
face [undergo]
abide (v.),bide (v.)
face, fair
fair (n.)
face, majestic
face-royal (n.)
face, protection against the sun
mask (n.)
face, put on a false
face (v.),face (v.)
face, severe
frown (n.)
face, show one's
peep (v.)
face, ugly
Gorgon (n.)
face, with a broad
broad-fronted (adj.)
face, with a stern
grim-visaged (adj.)
face, with unclouded
clear (adv.)
face as pale as wax
tallow-face (n.)
face like a king
face-royal (n.)
face muffled up, with
mobled (adj.)
face of, in the very
teeth and forehead of, to the
face the enemy, turn and
turn head
face the other way
turn (v.)
face to face, set
affront (v.)
face value, taken at
current (adj.)
face visible, with only half the
half-faced (adj.)
beaver (n.)
faces, make
mouths, make
faces, making
mopping (n.)
faces, two
Janus (n.)
faces, with humble
humble-visaged (adj.)
facetious, offensively
scurrilous (adj.)
face-to-face meeting
interview (n.)
facial gesture, make an angry
lip, bite one's
facial twitch
fit (n.)
facing the other way
turning (adj.)
facing up so as to overcome
outlook (v.)
fact, basis in
instruction (n.)
fact, believe to be
suppose (v.)
fact, besides the
moreover (adv.)
fact, inescapable
certainty (n.)
faction, arising from
factious (adj.)
faction, ready to form a
factious (adj.)
factory, sweetmeat
confectionary (n.)
facts, people unaware of the
unsatisfied (adj.)
faculties, physical
power (n.)
faculties of the mind
wits, also five wits
faculty, creative
invention (n.)
fading looks, of
beauty-waning (adj.)
fail to hold
slip (v.)
fail to live up to
let fall (v.)
fail to meet
miss (v.)
fail to preserve
leese (v.)
fail to see
skip (v.)
failure to pay
detention (n.)
failure to respect
non-regardance (n.)
faint, make
faint (v.)
faint-hearted individual
recreant (n.)
faintly (adv.)
fainting, shown by
swooning (adj.)
fainting attack
qualm (n.)
faintly drawn [in heraldry]
shadowed (adj.)
fair dealing
fairness (n.)
fair face
fair (n.)
fair hour
hour (n.)
fair shares
half-part (n.)
fair words, speak
gloze (v.)
fairies, child taken by
changeling (n./adj.)
fairies, marked out at birth by evil
elvish-marked (adj.)
fairies, midwife to the
Mab, Queen
equity (n.)
fair-skinned, not
sunburnt (adj.)
fairy, wicked
hag (n.)
fairy dance in a ring
ringlet (n.)
fairy ring
orb (n.)
faith, breach of
faith-breach (n.)
faith, euphemistic form
fecks (n.)
faith, good
troth (n.)
faith, profession of
profession (n.)
faithful heart but incorrect speech, with
faithful in allegiance
true (adj.)
faithful in love
true (adj.)
faithful manner, in a
life, to the
faithful to one's undertaking
true (adj.)
faithful wife, with a
uncuckolded (adj.)
truth (n.)
false (adv.)
falcon, male peregrine
tassel-gentle (n.)
fall, headlong
precipitance (n.)
fall, incline towards a
lean (v.)
fall, let
fall (v.)
fall, make [in wrestling]
cast (v.)
fall, moral
sliding (n.)
fall back on, something to
retirement (n.)
fall caused by a foot movement [in wrestling]
trip (n.)
fall down
sink (v.)
fall down, likely to
ill-rooted (adj.)
fall down, not
bear up (v.)
fall from dignity
descension (n.)
fall headlong
precipitate (v.)
fall in tiny drops
distil (v.)
fall in with
hit (v.)
fall into the wrong hands
miscarry (v.)
fall on ridges between furrows
balk, baulk (v.)
fall to a low level
decline (v.)
fall under
undergo (v.)
fall upon
offend (v.)
falling away
falling-from (n.)
falling gently
sweet-seasoned (adj.)
falling in teardrops
dropping (adj.)
falling into folly
folly-fallen (adj.)
falling off
decay (n.)
falling out
variance (n.)
false, make
false (v.)
false, playing
falsing (adj.)
false assertion
contrary (n.)
false claimant
simular (n.)
false copies, making
forging (adj.)
false face, put on a
face (v.),face (v.)
false fire
fire (n.)
false friend
backfriend (n.)
false hopes, encourage with
bear in hand
false imitation
counterfeit (n.)
false person
false (n.)
false rumour
tale (n.)
false statement
libel (n.)
false-heart (adj.)
falsehood, charge of
lie (n.)
falsely speak
fable (v.)
falsely swearing
forsworn (adj.)
forged (adj.)
fame, celebrate
fame (v.)
fame, deprive of
darken (v.)
familiar exchange
mutuality (n.)
familiar friend
copesmate (n.)
familiar territory
knowledge (n.)
familiar to each other
known (adj.)
community (n.)
naturalize (v.)
family, close to a
familiar (adj.)
family, member of an elite Roman
patrician (n.)
family, not of the same
unlineal (adj.)
family, of the same
consanguineous (adj.)
family affection, lacking in
unkind (adj.)
family honour, harming
crest-wounding (adj.)
family member, same
familiarly (adv.)
family origins
derivation (n.)
stock (n.)
famous for ever, make
eternize (v.)
famous name
name (n.)
fancies, full of strange
fantasied (adj.)
fancies, one full of
phantasime (n.)
fancy (n.)
fancy, amorous
fantasy (n.)
fancy, flight of
fancy (n.)
fancy, whimsical
crotchet (n.)
fancy article
conceit (n.)
fancy dish
kickshaw (n.)
fancy garments
trumpery (n.)
fantasies, create
coin (v.)
coin (v.)
fantastic thought
toy (n.)
far, go too
overween (v.)
far, leap too
overleap (v.)
far, move too [in bowling]
tumble (v.)
far as, go as
touch (v.)
fare [lifestyle]
cheer (n.)
fare [manage]
speed (v.)
fare, standard
ordinary (n.)
farewell with concern for well-being
rest you merry
exquisite (adj.)
farmed out
farm, in
farmer, land-holding
yeoman (n.)
grange (n.)
rag (n.)
charmingly (adv.)
fascination, look in
wonder (v.)
fascination, object of
wonder (n.)
fashion, be the
wear (v.)
fashion, cause to
forge (v.)
fashion, come into
come up (v.)
fashion, current
trick (n.)
fashion, drawing-room man of
chamberer (n.)
fashion, follower of
time-pleaser (n.)
fashion, change the
fashion (v.)
fashion, man of
gallant (n.)
fashion, new
innovation (n.)
fashionable speech
tune (n.)
fangled (adj.)
fashioned, carefully
laboured (adj.)
fashion-monging (adj.)
fast, held
handfast, in
fast, hold
tangle (v.)
fast, hold something on a device
sticking place (n.)
fast, ride
post (v.)
fast horse
post-horse (n.)
fast traveller
poster (n.)
fasten onto
infix (v.)
fastening, iron
bolt (n.)
faster, go
outgo (v.)
fastidious hesitation
dainty (n.)
fast (n.)
fasting while in a sweating-tub
tub-fast (n.)
fat, drip on/enrich with
lard (v.)
fat, grow
batten (v.)
fat, lump of congealed
keech (n.)
fat, melted
grease (n.)
fat cattle
beefs (n.)
fat one
bacon (n.)
fatal disease
pestilence (n.)
fatal symptom
fate, deciding
doom (n.)
fate, decreed by
fatal (adj.)
fate, sad
pity (n.)
father [parent]
male (n.),sire (n.)
father, be dealt with by a
father (v.)
father, murder of a
parricide (n.)
father, resemble one's
father (v.)
father confessor
shriver (n.)
father of the Church
father (n.)
father's love, with a
fatherly (adv.)
father (n.)
fatherless, become
unfathered (adj.)
toil (v.)
fatigue, suggestion of
attaint (n.)
fatiguing journey
jaunce (n.)
gorbellied (adj.)
fatty juice, add
enlard (v.)
fault, at
out (adv.)
fault, free from
clear (adj.)
fault, point out
trip (v.)
fault for being too antagonistic
wilful-opposite (adj.)
fault for being too negligent
wilful-negligent (adj.)
fault for being too obstinate
wilful-blame (adj.)
fault with, find
discommend (v.)
faulty step
mistreading (n.)
favour, being out of
displeasure (n.)
favour, curry
insinuate (v.)
favour, divine
grace (n.)
favour, find
relish (v.)
favour, full of
gracious (adj.)
favour, in
gracious (adj.)
favour, in our
help, at
favour, look with
look after (v.)
favour, mark of
favour (n.)
favour, showing
gracious (adj.)
favour, win
take (v.)
favourable, be
serve (v.)
favourable account
proclamation (n.)
favourable appearance
countenance (n.)
favourable moment
season (n.)
favourable outcome
grace (n.)
favourable reply
answer (n.)
favourable welcome
entertainment (n.)
favoured by fortune
fortunate (adj.)
friend (n.)
favours, forever looking for
still-soliciting (adj.)
fallow (adj.)
fawningly talk
curry (v.)
fear, ability to inspire
fear (n.)
fear, anticipate in
dread (v.)
fear, become cold with
cool (v.)
fear, constrain in
awe (v.)
fear, in great
dreadfully (adv.)
fear, never overcome with
never-daunted (adj.)
fear, overcome by
fear-surprised (adj.)
fear, paralyse with
dare (v.)
fear, show
faint (v.)
fear, sickening
qualm (n.)
fear, without
doubtless (adj.)
fear of harm
misdread (n.)
fear that a beggar would show
beggar-fear (n.)
feared, not
unfeared (adj.)
feared, thing to be
fear (n.)
fearful, make
coward (v.)
feast riotously
domineer (v.)
feast together
convive (v.)
feasts, searching out
feast-finding (adj.)
feather, outermost
pinion (n.)
feather, small
dowle, dowl (n.)
feather, tiny part of a
dowle, dowl (n.)
feather in the cap, put a
plume up (v.)
feathers, insert [into a falcon's wing]
imp out (v.)
feathers, pillow made of soft
down-pillow (n.)
feathers, with the lightest
thrice-driven (adj.)
feathers with the beak, trim
prune (v.)
feathery ridge on an animal's head or neck
crest (n.)
feature, particular
appropriation (n.)
favour (n.)
February 15
Lupercal (n.)
fed full of acorns
full-acorned (adj.)
fee, not rewarded with a
unfee'd (adj.)
fee, paid by a
fee'd (adj.)
feeble, make
feeble (v.)
imbecility (n.)
feebleness of mind
dotage (n.)
white-livered (adj.)
feebly, cry
mewl (v.)
feed, give the last daily
sup (v.)
feed greedily
tire (v.)
feed ravenously on
raven (v.)
feed to a satisfactory level
diet (v.)
feed to excess
surfeit (v.)
feed up
fat (v.)
feed upon
browse (v.)
feeder, good
trencher-man (n.)
feeding, friend won by
mouth-friend (n.)
feeding to excess
surfeiting (n.)
feel, begin to
conceive (v.)
feel, capacity to
sense (n.)
feel, lacking the ability to
stupefied (adj.)
feel a pang of emotion
thrill (v.)
feel about
brook (v.)
feel anxious
doubt (v.)
feel apprehension
misgive (v.)
feel dissatisfaction
repine (v.)
feel for
rue (v.)
feel joy
joy (v.)
feel pain
smart (v.)
feel resentment
bear hard
feel the wind left behind
blow wind in the breech
feel time passing slowly
think long
feel uneasy
misgive (v.)
feeling, biased
affection (n.)
feeling, capable of
sensible (adj.)
feeling, dead to
mortified (adj.)
feeling, depth of
touch (n.)
feeling, experience deep
passion (v.)
feeling, express with
sympathize (v.)
feeling, fellow
humanely (adv.)
feeling, full of warm
bounteous (adj.)
feeling, have a bad
misgive (v.)
feeling, how are you
cheer thou / you?, how
feeling, lustful
affection (n.)
feeling, powerful
passion (n.)
feeling, sinking
qualm (n.)
feeling, upsurge of
flaw (n.)
feeling, warm
affect (n.)
feeling, wounded
disdain (n.)
feeling of dissatisfaction
discontent (n.)
feeling of kinship
kindness (n.)
feeling of melancholy
dump (n.)
feeling of nausea
qualm (n.)
feeling of obligation
conscience (n.)
feeling of rage
passion (n.)
feeling of shame
modesty (n.)
feeling of wonder
wonder (n.)
feeling person, as a
sensibly (adv.)
feeling playful
disposed (adj.)
feeling proper affection
natural (adj.)
feeling resentful
stomaching (n.)
feeling strong emotion
swelling (adj.)
feelings, pierce the
penetrate (v.)
feelings, rough on the
boisterous (adj.)
feet, beating the
feet, drag one's
dodge (v.)
feet, moving the
foot (n.)
feet, scent of [in hunting]
dryfoot, dry-foot (adv.)
happy (adj.)
felicitous manner
happiness (n.)
fellow [contemptuous]
squire (n.)
fellow, active
mover (n.)
fellow, conceited young
princox (n.)
fellow, contemptible
churl (n.)
fellow, headstrong
boiled-brain (n.)
fellow, ill-mannered
Jack (n.)
fellow, impudent
Jack-sauce (n.)
fellow, little
nit (n.)
fellow, mad-brained
madcap (n.)
fellow, merry
Troyan, Trojan (n.)
fellow, scurvy
scab (n.)
fellow, thievish
sheep-biter (n.)
fellow, unmannerly
rudesby (n.)
fellow, villainous
Jack-slave (n.)
fellow, worthless
losel, lozel (n.)
fellow, young
swain (n.)
fellow feeling
humanely (adv.)
fellow human beings
humanely (adv.)
fellow Christian
even-Christian (n.)
competitor (n.)
brother (n.)
semblable (n.)
fellows, cut off from
sequestered (adj.)
fellow (n.)
fellowship, in a spirit of
heart, in
fellowship, join in
companion (v.)
fellowship, of
fellowly (adj.)
book-mate (n.)
associate (n.)
yoke-fellow (n.)
felt, deeply
feeling (adj.)
felt, painfully
feeling-painful (adj.)
female carrier of dispatches
woman-post (n.)
female deer
hind (n.)
female flax worker
flax-wench (n.)
female identity
Juno (n.)
female inheritor
inheritrix (n.)
female modesty
womanhood (n.)
female monster
Sphinx (n.)
female offender
offendress (n.)
female soldier
soldieress (n.)
female warrior
Amazonian (adj.)
feminine qualities, remove all
unsex (v.)
fenced land
pale (n.)
fencing ability
fence (n.)
fenny (adj.)
ferment [brewing]
mash (v.)
ferment [decay]
fret (v.)
ferment, be in a
seethe (v.)
fermentation in dough
leavening (n.)
fermenting element [in baking]
leaven (n.)
fern, seed from the
fern-seed (n.)
brunt (n.)
ferret (adj.)
Charon (n.)
fertility, garden of
Adonis, gardens of
hotly (adv.)
fervour, religious
sanctimony (n.)
fret (v.)
rank (adj.)
festering wound, cause a
rankle (v.)
festival, harvest
Lammas Eve
festival day
high-day (n.)
festival illumination
triumph (n.)
festival song
carol (n.)
festive chase
course (n.)
festive pageant
triumphantly (adv.)
festivities, May-day
maying (n.)
festivities, take part in May-day
may (v.)
festivity, public
triumph (n.)
fetters, hanging down like
down-gyved (adj.)
fetters, placed in
enfettered (adj.)
fever, immune to
ague-proof (adj.)
fever, persistent
hectic (n.)
fever, throw into a
fever (v.)
fever of love, in such a
love-shaked (adj.)
feverish fit
ague-fit (n.)
few in number
rare (adj.)
few words, in
few, in (a)
few words and in truth, in
fewness and truth
fibre, twined
twist (n.)
fickle lout
minute-jack (n.)
fictitious account
forgery (n.)
fictitious name
shadow (n.)
field, out in the
out (adv.)
field, ploughed
fallow (n.)
field of battle
field (n.)
field of battle, on the
afield, a-field (adv.)
field of combat
field (n.)
field of view
prospect (n.)
field officer
field (n.)
fiend, high-spirited
spirit (n.)
fiend from under the earth
under fiend (n.)
fierce, excessively
outrageous (adj.)
fierce in attendance
fell-lurking (adj.)
fierce look
frown (n.)
fierce passion
fury (n.)
fiery being
fire-drake (n.)
fiery emanation
exhalation (n.)
fiery nose, man with a
fire-drake (n.)
fiery substance
sulphur (n.)
fife (n.)
fight, apprentice call for help in a
clubs (int.)
fight, individual
battle (n.)
fight, marshalled for
embattailed (adj.)
fight, someone overcome in a
subduement (n.)
fight, without a
gently (adv.)
fight against
law, go to
fight at close quarters
buckle (v.)
fight hard
lay about (v.)
fight out
try (v.)
fight stoutly
stand to it (v.)
fight to the very end
fight out (v.)
fight with lances
tilt (v.)
fighter on land [as opposed to sea]
landman (n.)
fighting, away
out (adv.)
fighting, bout of
excursion (n.)
fighting, confused
broil (n.)
fighting, die
die on (v.)
fighting, initiated into
fleshed (adj.)
fighting, signal to begin
alarm, alarum, 'larm, 'larum (n.)
fighting, valiant in
doughty-handed (adj.)
fighting back
repugnancy (n.)
fighting force
battle (n.),head (n.)
fighting like beasts
ears, by the
fighting position
range (n.)
tropically (adv.)
figure, bodily
person (n.)
figure, carved
monument (n.)
figure, emblematic
device (n.)
figure, fine
person (n.)
figure, symbolic
moral (n.)
figure, with a tall
straight-pight (adj.)
figure nought
cipher (n.)
figure of a man who strikes a bell on the outside of a clock
jack (n.)
figure of fun
recreation (n.)
figure of speech
figure (n.)
filial relationship
childhood (n.)
fill the cups
strike the vessels
fill up with cargo
stow (v.)
filled too full of powder
overcharged (adj.)
filled with pellets
pelleted (adj.)
filling up
stop (n.)
film over
film (v.)
sluttery (n.)
filthy, made
muddied (adj.)
final action
last (n.)
final analysis, in the
least, at
final bit
latest (n.)
final event in a drama
catastrophe (n.)
final part
butt-end (n.)
final receipt
acquittance (n.)
final recourse
refuge (n.)
final shift
rendezvous (n.)
final stake
rest (n.)
final test
last (n.)
final word
verdict (n.)
finally satisfy
close up (v.)
financial claim
taxation (n.)
financial gain
lucre (n.)
financial practice
usury (n.)
financial prospects
possibility (n.)
financial return
purchase (n.)
financial settlement
discharge (n.)
financially punish
amerce (v.)
find by looking
look out (v.)
find out by questioning
sift (v.)
find places
place (v.)
find poor shelter
hovel (v.)
find shelter
couch (v.)
find the origin
fetch (v.)
find the truth about
find (v.)
find too much in
look beyond (v.)
finding out weak spots
searching (adj.)
fine array, in
fair (adv.)
fine clothes
bravery (n.)
fine clothes, in
bravely (adv.)
fine companions
heart (n.)
fine display
bravery (n.)
fine head-dress
tire-valiant (n.)
fine in quality
delicate (adj.)
fine manners
behaviour (n.)
fine ornament
jewel (n.)
fine qualities, showing
virtuous (adj.)
fine thread
film (n.)
fine thread of a web
gossamer (n.)
finely clothed
fine (adj.)
finely elaborate
curious-good (adj.)
finely made
curious (adj.)
finely wrought
delicate (adj.)
finely-pointed paint-brush
pencil (n.)
finery, worthless
trumpery (n.)
finest character, of
best-conditioned (adj.)
finest quality, of
best-tempered (adj.)
finger [of a clock or watch]
point (n.)
finger-hole [of an instrument]
ventage (n.)
touch (n.)
finger-ring made in two separable parts
joint ring (n.)
fingers up and down, move the
virginal (v.)
finish, to the
home (adv.)
finish a discussion
break off (v.)
finish it off [drinking call]
play it off
finish speaking
say (v.)
finishing touches, put
close up (v.)
fins, provided with
finny (adj.)
fire [a gun]
discharge (v.)
fire, consumed by
consumption (n.)
fire, drive away by
fire hence / out (v.)
fire, engulfed with
inflamed (adj.)
fire, false
fire (n.)
fire, fool's
ignis fatuus
fire, fresh from the
fire-new (adj.)
fire, implement for cooking meat over a
spit (n.)
fire, line of
level (n.)
fire, man of
blood (n.)
fire, on
afire (adj.)
fire, ordeal by
trial-fire (n.)
fire, piece of wood kindled in the
firebrand (n.)
fire, place on the
set on (v.)
fire, set on
fire (v.)
fire, spreading like
fiery (adj.)
piece (n.)
cresset (n.)
fire-hole of a kiln
kiln-hole (n.)
chimney (n.)
fireplace, ornamental iron support in a
andiron (n.)
shot (n.)
firing, begin
give fire
firing, ready for
bent (adj.)
firm stroke
blow (n.)
firmly, establish oneself
ensconce, insconce (v.)
firmly, fix
anchor (v.)
firmly, make up
compact (v.)
firmly based
founded (adj.)
firmly bolted
fast (adj.)
firmly bring together
cement (v.)
firmly established
true-fixed (adj.)
firmly grasping
hold-fast (adj.)
firmly held
infixed (adj.)
firmly placed
seated (adj.)
firmness of purpose
resolution (n.),resolve (n.)
first, at
first (adv.)
first achievement
fleshment (n.)
first and last, at
first blow
stroke (n.)
first fruits
firstling (n.)
first hearing, at
early (adv.)
first moment
spring (n.)
first part
vaunt (n.)
first perceived
first-conceived (adj.)
first place, in the
imprimis (adv.)
first principles
rudiment (n.)
first product
firstling (n.)
first raising a matter
first, upon our
first result
firstling (n.)
first section
fore-rank (n.)
first step
maidenhead (n.)
first steps, take
enter (v.)
first time use of a sword in battle
flesh (v.)
first tincture in a blazon [in heraldry]
first (n.)
first-born child right of inheritance
primogenitive (n.)
fish, dried
poor-John (n.)
fish, herb used as a sauce for
fennel (n.)
fish, shoal of
school (n.)
fish living on land
land-fish (n.)
fish used as a bait
gudgeon (n.)
fisher (n.)
fishing rod
angle (n.)
fit [ready]
apt (adj.)
fit, be
fit (v.)
fit, frenzied
lune (n.)
fit, shaking
palsy (n.)
fit, think
deign (v.)
fit condition
plight (n.)
fit for the hangman
hangman (adj.)
fit of fever/shaking
ague-fit (n.)
fit of madness
fury (n.)
fit of shaking
ague-fit (n.)
fit state
case (n.)
fit the circumstances
adhere (v.)
fit to take an oath
oathable (adj.)
fit together
mortise (v.)
fits, full of
fitful (adj.)
fitted out, newly
new-trimmed (adj.)
fitted out, properly
well-appointed (adj.)
fitted out with buttons
buttoned (adj.)
fitted-out condition
equipage (n.)
fitting action
fitment (n.)
fitting badly
unsquared (adj.)
fitting exactly
fulfilling (adj.)
fitting praise
duty (n.)
fitting well
feat (adj.)
fittingly represent
sympathize (v.)
fittings, without the usual
unfurnished (adj.)
five spots, having
cinque-spotted (adj.)
fix [bowls]
clap (v.)
fix an idea
fasten (v.)
fix in the ground
plant (v.)
fix routinely
rote (v.)
fix the limit
limit (v.)
fixed, be
stick (v.)
fixed date
day (n.)
fixed in a setting
bedded (adj.)
fixed look
setting (n.)
fixed period
limit (n.)
fixed place
building (n.)
fixed position
fixure (n.)
fixed time
hour (n.)
flag, long narrow
pendant (n.)
flag flown on the rear mast of a ship
gallant (n.)
standard (n.)
flagrant nature
grossness (n.)
admiral (n.)
fancy (n.)
flaming, convey by
flame (v.)
flaming body
exhalation (n.)
flaming briefly
rash (adj.)
flaming ember
cinder (n.)
flaming gunpowder
wildfire (n.)
flaming torch, ornamental
brand (n.)
cambric (n.)
flap of a top-boot
ruff (n.)
flap wildly [in falconry]
beat (v.)
flap-dragon, swallow like a
flap-dragon (v.)
flash, cause to
brandish (v.)
flash lightning
lighten (v.)
flat, laid
bedded (adj.)
flat and open
champion (adj.)
flat side of a sword, with the
flat-long (adj.)
flattened bundle
cake (n.)
flattering manner, adopt a
smooth (v.)
flatteringly speak
glose (v.)
flattery, courtly
court holy-water
flattery, evade an argument using
mocked, well
flattery, stuffed with
farced (adj.)
flattery, use
curry (v.)
flavour, delicious
dainty (n.)
flavour, have a
relish (v.),smack (v.)
flavour, like the
smack (v.)
flavour, present a
palate (v.)
lusty (adj.)
flawed [of coins]
cracked (adj.)
flax worker, female
flax-wench (n.)
bird (n.)
flesh, fly that lays its eggs in dead
flesh-fly (n.)
flesh, made of
fleshly (adj.)
flesh, of the
rude (adj.)
flesh, piece of
morsel (n.)
flesh, piece of raw
gobbet (n.)
flesh, plunge into the
flesh (v.)
flesh, preying on rotting
carrion (adj.)
flesh, revolt of the
rebellion (n.)
flesh, tender
quick (n.)
flesh and blood
collop (n.)
carnation (adj.)
fleshless one
bare-bone (n.)
fleshy buttock
brawn-buttock (n.)
fleshy part of the body
brawn (n.)
flexible, make
hinge (v.)
flies deposit their eggs, having
fly-blowing (n.)
flight, in disordered
rout, on the
flight, overtake in
overfly , over-fly (v.)
flight, power of [of arrows]
flight (n.)
flight, seek safety in
shun (v.)
flight, swift of
fleet-winged (adj.)
flight by sea, means of
sea-wing (n.)
flight of fancy
fancy (n.)
flight of stairs
pair of stairs
flight (n.)
flimsy being
toy (n.)
budger (n.)
starting (n.)
flint (n.)
flint (n.)
loose (adj.)
floating in the air
pendent (adj.)
flogged, subject to be
breeching (adj.)
flogging, good
whipping-cheer (n.)
flood, in
proud (adj.)
flooded with tears
water-standing (adj.)
sluice (n.)
sail (n.)
flourish, verbal
quirk (n.)
flourish, with a fine
bravely (adv.)
abuse (n.)
flow, cause to
exhale (v.),run (v.)
flow over
overrun (v.)
flower, clover
flower, Cupid's
Cupid's flower
flower, in full
blown (adj.)
flower, meadow
burnet (n.)
flower, small
floweret (n.)
flower, sweet-scented
sweet (n.)
flower-bed, intricately designed
knot (n.)
flower-beds, with intricate patterns of
curious-knotted (adj.)
flowering, full
blossoms (n.)
flowers, crown of
Hymen (n.)
flowers, strewn
strewment (n.)
flowery language
rhetoric (n.)
flowing, repeated
recourse (n.)
flowing, set
broach (v.)
flowing in, time of
flood (n.)
flowing stream
course (n.)
flowing together
conflux (n.)
tottering (adj.)
fluids, bundle of
humidity (n.)
flush out
purge (v.)
flushing out of evil
purge (n.)
flutter [in falconry]
bate (v.)
fly, let
shoot (v.)
fly, ready to
fledge (adj.)
fly that lays its eggs in dead flesh
flesh-fly (n.)
foam up, make beer
froth (v.)
focus attention
dream (v.)
set (adj.)
fodder, fully fed with fresh
soiled (adj.)
fodder grass
stover (n.)
foe, evil
fiend (n.)
foggy vapour
reek (n.)
foist on
put off (v.)
folded in grief
sorrow-wreathen (adj.)
folds of loose skin around the throat, with
dewlapped (adj.)
foliage, covered with
leavy (adj.)
follow, to
behind (adv.)
follow a course
run (v.)
follow after
continue (v.)
follow an indirect route
insinuate (v.)
follow closely
attend (v.),dog (v.)
follow in escort
wait on / upon (v.)
follow in one's footsteps
trace (v.)
follow like a page
page (v.)
follow on
succeed (v.)
follow on from
trace (v.)
follow prey by the scent
draw (v.)
follow with shouts
hallow, holloa, hollow (v.)
followed, obstinately
stiff-borne (adj.)
follower, act as a
follow (v.)
follower, camp
lackey (n.)
follower of a heretical sect
sectary (n.)
follower of fashion
time-pleaser (n.)
followers, band of
company (n.),troop (n.)
following a model
precedent (n.)
following on behind
rearward of, in the (prep.)
following way, in the
consequence, in this
follow-up meeting
after-meeting (n.)
folly, composed of
foolish-compounded (adj.)
folly, falling into
folly-fallen (adj.)
fond display
kindness (n.)
fond of, be
affect (v.)
food, be given
diet (v.)
food, confined without
pent-up (adj.)
food, provide
furnish out (v.)
food, scrap of
fragment (n.)
food, serve
carve (v.)
food, serving of
mess (n.)
food, unaccompanied by
sheer (adj.)
food served on a spoon
spoonmeat, spoon-meat (n.)
crib (n.)
full (adj.)
foodstuff, choice
cates (n.),dainty (n.)
foodstuff derived from milk
curd (n.)
fool, dress of a
motley (n.)
fool, in the distinctive dress of a
motley (adj.)
fool, make less of a
unfool (v.)
fool, old
dotard (n.)
fool, professional
privileged (adj.)
fool, treat as a
beg (v.)
fool, turned into a
sotted (adj.)
fool's cap
coxcomb (n.)
fool's fire
ignis fatuus
fool's head
coxcomb (n.)
fool's staff
bauble (n.)
fooling about
dalliance (n.)
foolish, make
sot (v.)
foolish, obstinately
peevish-fond (adj.)
foolish affair
toy (n.)
foolish affection
fondness (n.)
foolish behaviour
wantonness (n.)
foolish conduct
trifling (n.)
foolish dislike
toy (n.)
foolish one [term of endearment]
fondling (n.)
foolish prank
foppery (n.)
foolish story
toy (n.)
foolish youth
colt (n.)
foolishly, behave
dote (v.)
foolishly bowing
silly-ducking (adj.)
foolishly extravagant
prodigal (adj.)
foolishly talk
wag (v.)
motley-minded (adj.)
foolishness, great
disinsanity (n.)
foolishness, mark with
nick (v.)
foolishness, stooping to
folly-fallen (adj.)
foolishness and foppery
fool and feather
gull-catcher (n.)
foot, model for shaping shoes
last (n.)
foot, on
afoot (adv.)
foot, set
footing, set
foot, set out on
forward (v.)
foot, travel on
go (v.)
foot movement which causes an opponent to fall [in wrestling]
trip (n.)
footing (n.)
foothold, gain a
foot (v.)
footpad, roaming
foot-landraker (n.)
footing (n.)
footman (n.)
foot-soldier, labouring
pioneer, pioner (n.)
foot (n.)
foot-soldiers, by way of
afoot (adv.)
footing (n.)
footsteps, follow in one's
trace (v.)
foppery, foolishness and
fool and feather
foraging act
foragement (n.)
sufferance (n.)
sparing (adj.)
forbid [as exclamation]
shield (v.)
force, armed
power (n.)
force, arrogant
pride (n.)
force, driving
soul (n.),swing (n.)
force, extract with
extort (v.)
force, gain by
enforce (v.)
force, marshalled
battalia (n.)
force, move with
rack (v.)
force, obligatory
bondage (n.)
force, opposing
opposite (n.)
force, remove by
hoise (v.)
force, renewal of
reinforcement (n.)
force, repel with
shock (v.)
force, seize by
spoil (v.)
force, separating
divorce (n.)
force, single
power (n.)
force, taken by
wrested (adj.)
force, terrifying
bug (n.)
force, with great
rudely (adv.)
force by blustering language
swagger (v.)
force down with clamour
brawl down (v.)
force into a small space
cram up (v.)
force into service
impress (v.)
force of, stand under the
understand (v.)
force out
draw (v.)
force ready for war
preparation (n.)
force tears from
wring (v.)
force the sense
crush (v.)
forced entry
intrusion (n.)
forced loan
benevolence (n.)
forced out of shape
crushed (adj.)
forced removal from custody
rescue (n.)
forced to enlist
impressed (adj.)
forceful action, in a state of
up (adv.)
forceful encounter
brush (n.)
forceful impact
poise (n.)
forceful onset
visitation (n.)
forceful purpose
intention (n.)
forceful strength
rudeness (n.)
forceful utterance
emphasis (n.)
forcefully, not so
soft (adv.)
forces, of conflicting
opposed (adj.)
forces and supplies needed for war
proportion (n.)
forces of nature
element (n.)
forcibly hold back
keep back (v.)
forcing forward
compulsive (adj.)
forebodings about death, full of
death-boding (adj.)
forecast of weather
prognostication (n.)
auguring (adj.)
progenitor (n.)
forefront, be in the
front (v.)
forehead, with a broad
broad-fronted (adj.)
forehead of, to the teeth and
forehead (n.)
foreign, affectedly
peregrinate (adj.)
foreign climates, experience
air abroad
foreign language
tongue (n.)
stranger (n.)
foreigner, as a
strangely (adv.)
foremost division
vaward (n.)
foremost part
vaward (n.)
divining (adj.)
shadowing (adj.)
foresight, lacking
improvident (adj.)
forest area
walk (n.)
lost (adj.)
prevention (n.)
forestalling action
prevention (n.)
foretell an event
calculate one's birth
foreteller, Roman
augurer (n.)
foreteller of events
soothsayer (n.)
foretelling, divine
destiny (n.)
foretelling the truth, capable of
true-divining (adj.)
preparation (n.)
forfeited point [in tennis]
chace (n.)
lose (v.)
forget about
omit (v.)
forget lines [in a script]
out (adv.),put out (v.)
oblivion (n.)
forging thoughts, good at
forgetive (adj.)
forgive, inclination to
remission (n.)
missed (adj.)
forgotten, not
memory, of
forked tongue
fork (n.)
form, definite
frame (n.)
form, help to
mould up (v.)
form, change in
transform (v.)
form, outward
outside (n.)
form, printed/visible
showing (n.)
form, purest
quintessence (n.)
form, rounded
roundure (n.)
form, sovereign
princess (n.)
form, take
inform (v.)
form, written out in proper legal
engross (v.)
form into a camp
encamp (v.)
formal appellation
name (n.)
formal array
order (n.)
formal bow, make a
congee, congie (v.)
formal deed
certificate (n.)
formal order
writ (n.)
formal procedure
form (n.)
formal request
suit (n.)
formal respects upon departure, pay
congee, congie (v.)
formal title
style (n.)
formal visit, make a
salute (v.)
formalities, observe the
comply (v.)
formalities, scrupulous over
ceremonious (adj.)
form (n.)
formality, old-fashioned
ancientry (n.)
formally state
urge (v.)
formally write down
register (v.)
formation, cause the
make up (v.)
formation, led on in organized
wing-led (adj.)
formation, war
battle (n.)
formed, exquisitely
fine (adj.)
formed by oneself
self-figured (adj.)
formed improperly
indigested (adj.)
formed poorly
unshaped (adj.)
formed previously
pre-formed (adj.)
former times, people from
eld (n.)
formidable in combat
doughty-handed (adj.)
fear (n.)
forms, of many
parti-coated (adj.)
lay down (v.)
fornication, woman guilty of
fornicatress (n.)
forsaken by a sweetheart
lass-lorn (adj.)
forsaken person
forlorn (n.)
home (adv.)
fortified by ramps of earth
rampired (adj.)
fortified outwork
frontier (n.)
fortified town
war, town of (n.)
fortitude, with
patiently (adv.)
hold (n.)
fortress, border
frontier (n.)
fortress passage excavated to intercept an enemy mine
countermine (n.)
fortress wall, passage under a
mine (n.)
fortuitous circumstance
chance (n.)
blessedly (adv.)
fortune, bringing good
fortunate (adj.)
fortune, by good
perchance (adv.)
fortune, favoured by
fortunate (adj.)
fortune, have good
thrive (v.)
fortune, change of
change (n.)
fortune, in poor
declined (adj.)
fortune, of equivalent
equal (adj.)
fortune, replete with good
full-fortuned (adj.)
fortune, residue of a
remainder (n.)
fortune, with good
happily (adv.)
fortune made, with
made (adj.)
fortunes, with waned
ebbed (adj.)
forward, bring
allege (v.),urge (v.)
forward, bringing
urging (n.)
forward, driven
embossed (adj.)
forward, forcing
compulsive (adj.)
forward, look
hearken for (v.)
forward, make a rush
head, take the
forward, press
urge (v.)
forward, push
press (v.)
forward, put oneself
proffer (v.)
forward, thrusting
push (n.)
forward position, in
forward (adj.)
forward thrust
passado (n.)
foster [false] hope
flatter with / withal (v.)
foster expectation in
bear in hand
nurser (n.)
foul, make
mud (v.)
foul animal
filth (n.)
foul play, free from
fairly (adv.)
found, be
attend (v.)
found, to be
become (v.)
foundation [music]
ground (n.)
foundation, lacking a
baseless (adj.)
foundation, on poor
weak-built (adj.)
foundations, remove from the
dishabit (v.)
founded, strongly
grounded (adj.)
cast (n.)
conduit (n.)
head (n.)
four, gang of
mess (n.)
four pieces, cut into
quartered (adj.)
fourpenny piece
groat (n.)
fowler's snare
pitfall (n.)
ort (n.)
fragile as a young girl
maid-pale (adj.)
ragged (adj.)
fragments, pot
shard (n.)
fragrant woman
perfume (n.)
frail as glass
glassy (adj.)
frame, bodily
bone (n.)
frame, human
machine (n.)
frame, lacking a strong wooden
untimbered (adj.)
frame, set in a delicate bodily
tender-hefted (adj.)
frame (n.)
frame (n.)
France, from
Gallian (adj.)
frank, be
confess (v.)
kiss (v.)
fray, join a
fall on (v.)
free, be [at court]
spare (v.)
free, make
enfreedom (v.)
free and easy
careless (adj.)
free course of action
scope (n.)
free exercise
franchise (n.)
free from apprehension
doubtless (adj.)
free from danger
sure (adj.)
free from deceit
plain (adj.)
free from disease
free (adj.)
free from doubt
resolve (v.)
free from error
sound (adj.)
free from evil
franchised (adj.)
free from exaggeration
modest (adj.)
free from foul play
fairly (adv.)
free from chaff
chaffless (adj.)
free from strife
restful (adj.)
free from violence
gentle (adj.)
free gift
largess (n.)
free of worry
free (adj.)
free range, given
all-licensed (adj.)
free spirit
libertine (n.)
liberal (adj.)
freedom, give
bail (v.)
freedom, guarantee of
bail (n.)
freedom, reckless
liberty (n.)
freedom, use thy
freedom (n.)
freedom from captivity
space (n.)
freedom from suspicion
clearness (n.)
freedom to come and go
egress and regress
freedom to implement
franchise (n.)
freehold, as
fee, in
freeholder, rich
franklin (n.)
freeing from doubt
resolvedly (adv.)
freely at large
abroad (adv.)
freely given
free (adj.)
freely giving
open (adj.)
freely wander
range (v.)
freight, making up the
fraughting (adj.)
French, chatter in
oui away (v.)
French gentleman
monsieur (n.)
French gold crown
crown of the sun
frenzied behaviour
ecstasy (n.)
frenzied fit
lune (n.)
frenzied state [of mind]
distraction (n.)
frequency, with great
oft, many a time and
frequent resort
haunt (n.)
frequented widely
open (adj.)
resorter (n.)
frequenter of [carpeted] boudoirs
carpet-monger (n.)
frequenter of ladies' chambers
chamberer (n.)
frequenter of the barber-shop
barber-monger (n.)
frequently subjugated
oft-subdued (adj.)
fresh air
air (n.)
fresh air, breath of
breath (n.)
fresh air, provide with
air (v.)
fresh animation
quickening (n.)
fresh attack
reinforcement (n.)
fresh creation
invention (n.)
fresh from the fire
fire-new (adj.)
fresh greeting
regreet (n.)
fresh spring
fresh (n.)
fresh words, express in
vary (v.)
new (adv.)
freshly bloodstained
reeking (adj.)
freshly caught
new-ta'en (adj.)
freshly coined
new-tuned (adj.)
freshly created
new-found (adj.)
freshly invented
new-devised (adj.)
freshly minted
fire-new (adj.)
freshly obtained
new-begot (adj.)
freshly populate
new-store (v.)
freshly released
new-delivered (adj.)
freshly started
broached (adj.)
freshwater stream
fresh (n.)
friend, close
familiar (n.)
friend, deprived of a
unfriended (adj.)
friend, devoted
brother, sworn
friend, false
backfriend (n.)
friend, familiar
copesmate (n.)
friend, intimate
inward (n.)
friend, very dear
love (n.)
friend for free meals
trencher-friend (n.)
friend in word only
mouth-friend (n.)
friend to, be
love (v.)
friend won by feeding
mouth-friend (n.)
friending (n.)
friendly, appear
weather, make fair
friendly act
friendship (n.)
friendly regard
favour (n.)
friendly relations
neighbourhood (n.)
friendly way, in a
friendly (adv.)
friendship, bond of
league (n.)
friendship, close
inwardness (n.)
friendship, declarer of
protester (n.)
friendship, in
friend, at
friendship, profess
profess (v.)
fright, start with
boggle (v.)
fright, take
faint (v.)
frighten away
affray (v.)
frightened look
gastness (n.)
frightening thunderbolts, with
dread-bolted (adj.)
fearfully (adv.)
horridly (adv.)
fear (n.)
frill of stiff folded linen
ruff (n.)
fringe, ornamental
tassel (n.)
fringed with loose threads
thrummed (adj.)
friskily, act [of a horse]
curvet (v.)
friskin (n.)
fritter away
burn (v.)
frivolous wretch
skipper (n.)
idly (adv.)
frolicsome fellow
gamester (n.)
wantonly (adv.)
front [of ship]
beak (n.)
front, advance to the
make up (v.)
front, go in
preambulate (v.)
front, head and
front (n.)
front, present a bold
outface (v.),turn head
front, side by side in
afront, a-front (adv.)
front line, in the
forward (adj.)
front of one, in
eye, in his,eyes, in the
front of the world, in
vulgarly (adv.)
front on, put a good
become (v.)
front skirts
foreskirt (n.)
frontier town
frontier (n.)
sneaped (adj.)
froth on the top of fermenting ale
barm (n.)
frothy layer on a surface, form a
cream (v.)
darkly (adv.)
frozen [as in a painting]
painted (adj.)
starved (adj.)
fruit, bear
fructify (v.)
fruit, in broth
plum-broth (n.)
fruit, medlar
open-arse (n.)
fruit, yield
seed (v.)
fruit of forest trees
mast (n.)
fruit of the carob tree
locust (n.)
fruit seller
costermonger (n.)
fruitful, become
fructify (v.)
fruition, come to
inherit (v.)
fruits, candied
conserve (n.)
fruity porridge
plum porridge
crabbed (adj.)
frustration, expressing
discontented (adj.)
fuel, smouldering
coal (n.)
fulfil naturally
afford (v.)
fulfil one's promise
proof, come to
fulfilment, crowning [of life]
consummation (n.)
full, make
fill up (v.)
full, to the
full, in the
full account
particular (n.)
full draught
rouse (n.)
full effect, with
effectual (adj.)
full length, at
along (adv.),full, at
full of amusement
sportive (adj.)
full of awe
awful (adj.)
full of circumstances
circumstantial (adj.)
full of complaining
plaintful (adj.)
full of courage
full-hearted (adj.)
full of courtesy
kind (adj.)
full of fits
fitful (adj.)
full of grace
graceful (adj.)
full of great wickedness
high-viced (adj.)
full of hate
hateful (adj.)
full of hindrances
barful (adj.)
full of horror
frightful (adj.)
full of loathing
sick (adj.)
full of melancholy
pensive (adj.)
full of need
needful (adj.)
full of offence
offenceful (adj.)
full of pleasing qualities
well-graced (adj.)
full of pomp
pompous (adj.)
full of potential
fruitful (adj.)
full of reckless thoughts
heady-rash (adj.)
full of repugnance
sick (adj.)
full of strange fancies
fantasied (adj.)
full of success
full-fortuned (adj.)
full of vigour
hearted (adj.)
full of warm feeling
bounteous (adj.)
full of wild ideas
fantastical (adj.)
full of woe
woeful (adj.)
full of yearning
longing (adj.)
full point
stop (n.)
full preparedness
trim (n.)
full stop
period (n.)
full strength, bring to
draw to head
full swing
career (n.)
full to overflowing
rank (adj.)
fuller account
augmentation (n.)
headed (adj.)
full-grown version
large (n.)
fullness of being
martlemas (n.)
fullness of youth
prime (n.)
stop (n.)
fully distended
outstretched (adj.)
fully inform
perfect (v.)
fully informed
perfect (adj.)
fully relate
dilate (v.)
fully thought out
ripe (adj.)
fumble with
botch (v.)
fumiter (n.)
fun, figure of
recreation (n.)
function, having a
officed (adj.)
officed (adj.)
operant (adj.)
functioning organ
limb (n.)
funnel for a cask
tun-dish (n.)
fur, made of
furred (adj.)
fur, rich
sable (n.)
furious mood
fume (n.)
furious passion
rage (n.)
furiously angry
moody-mad (adj.)
furiously attack
fly (v.)
furred (adj.)
furnace, send out as if from a
furnace (v.)
furnish with a title
entitule, intitule (v.)
furnish with necessities
sustain (v.)
furnish with plumage
plume up (v.)
furnish with troops
wing (v.)
fenced (adj.)
furnished with tapestries
hanged (adj.)
furnishing, domestic
utensil (n.)
furnishing, quilted
quilt (n.)
further afield
higher (adv.)
further away
removed (adj.)
further interest, person who has a
remainder (n.)
profit (n.)
more (adv.)
furtive journey
stealth (n.)
furtively, hide
steal (v.)
vanity (n.)
future, at some time in the
hereafter (adv.)
future, divining the
augury (n.)
future, hope for the
expectancy (n.)
future, in the
futurely (adv.)
future, tell the
soothsay (v.)
future days
time (n.)
future loyalty
after-love (n.)

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