This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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habit, be in the
wont (v.)
habit, make a
use (v.)
habit, monk's
coat (n.)
seat (n.)
habitation, place of
mansionry (n.)
habitual activity
exercise (n.)
habitual company, in
frequent (adj.)
habitual exposure
common-hackneyed (adj.)
habitual meeting
resort (n.)
usually (adv.)
habitually visit
haunt (v.)
tame (adj.)
hack, ill-tempered
jadery (n.)
hack off
crop (v.)
hacked about
carbonadoed (adj.)
crest (n.)
hackneyed, common
hackneyed (adj.)
hacks, drive like worn-out
jade (v.)
hag, like a
haggish (adj.)
hag, old
crone (n.)
haggle at length
go through (v.)
hail, full of
pelleted (adj.)
Hail Mary [of a rosary]
Ave-Marie (n.)
congealed (adj.)
hair, covering of
helm (n.)
hair, elegantly curled
curled (adj.)
hair, having shaggy
shag-haired (adj.)
hair, lock of
flake (n.)
hair, with brown
brown (adj.)
hair, with long rough
shag (adj.)
hair at the front of the head
forward top
hair from, take the
unhair (v.)
hair matted with blood, with
blood-boltered (adj.)
hair removed, with
pilled (adj.)
hair treated by elves
elf-lock (n.)
hair's worth
hair-worth (n.)
tiring (n.)
bodkin (n.)
hair-splitting distinction
quillet (n.)
hair-splitting objection
cavil (n.)
hairy ridge on an animal's head or neck
crest (n.)
hake, salted
poor-John (n.)
bill (n.)
halberd, person armed with a
halberd (n.)
half, other
half (n.)
half closed, with the upper [of a door]
hatched (adv.)
half of the globe
half-world (n.)
half removal of a cap
half-cap (n.)
half the face visible, with only
half-faced (adj.)
half the world, supporter of
demi-Atlas (n.)
half-blown (adj.)
demi-devil (n.)
hatch (n.)
half-grown apple
codling (n.)
faint (adj.)
ob (n.)
half-supped (adj.)
half-shares, go
half, be one's
pink (adj.)
divided (adj.)
half-way point in a month [Roman calendar]
ides (n.)
halfway up the cheeks [in horse-riding]
half-cheeked (adj.)
half-wit, like a
natural (adv.)
hallowed verge
verge (n.)
lunatic (adj.)
fantasy (n.)
halo, rainbow-like
water-gall (n.)
halt, bring to a
pull in (v.)
halt, come to a
calm (v.)
halt, complete
point, full
halter [cry of derision]
rope (n.)
halter, hangman's
collar, colour (n.)
pun (v.)
hammer away
beat (v.)
hammer out
stithy (v.)
hox (v.)
hand [of a clock or watch]
point (n.)
hand, area on the palm of the
table (n.)
hand, cap in
cap and knee (n.)
hand, clenched
neaf (n.)
hand, die by one's own
die by oneself
hand, glove protecting the
gauntlet (n.)
hand breadth
span (n.)
hand over for remedy
remedy (v.)
hand which holds a bow
bow hand (n.)
bracelet (n.)
three (n.)
gyve (n.)
occupation (n.)
mechanic (n.)
hand (n.)
handle [a person], one who can
disposer (n.)
handle [horses]
manage (v.)
handle [of a dagger]
dudgeon (n.)
handle [of a weapon]
staff (n.)
handle, way to
entertainment (n.)
handle roughly
ruffle (v.)
handling [especially of a horse]
manage (n.)
handling, speedy
dispatch, despatch (n.)
maid (n.)
hand-mill for grinding corn
quern (n.)
hands, grasping of
seizure (n.)
hands, choosing [in a game]
hands, strike together
clap (v.)
hands on, lay
hand (v.)
handwriting, legal style of
court-hand (n.)
handwriting, style of
pen (n.)
hang [as on a gibbet]
gibbet (v.)
hang down loosely
loll (v.)
hang on
clasp (v.)
hang out at
use (v.)
hanged, someone who deserves to be
crack-hemp (n.),gallows (n.)
hanging, remain
depend (v.)
hanging down like fetters
down-gyved (adj.)
hanging in space
pendent (adj.)
hanging tapestry
arras (n.)
hanging tapestry for a four-poster bed
bed-hanger (n.)
hangings, decorated with
hanged (adj.)
hangman, fit for the
hangman (adj.)
hangman's halter
collar, colour (n.)
hangman's rope
cord (n.),halter (n.)
hangman's rope [cry of derision]
rope (n.)
happen, likely to
incident (adj.)
happen, make
force (v.)
happen, whatever might
adventures, at all
happen later
continue (v.)
happen to arrive
chance (v.)
happened, what may have
chance (n.)
happening by chance
accidental (adj.)
happenings, given over to unusual
strange-disposed (adj.)
happenings, subsequent
consequence (n.)
happiness, excess of
overjoy (n.)
happiness, experiencing some
smilingly (adv.)
happiness, full of
blessed, blest (adj.)
happiness, in a state of
well (adv.)
happiness to, deny
unbless (v.)
happy, make
happy (v.)
railing (adj.)
harbour, passage into a
channel (n.)
hard, fight
lay about (v.)
hard, press
push (v.)
hard as brass
brassy (adj.)
hard as steel
steely (adj.)
hard to keep, too
hard-a-keeping (adj.)
hard work
labour (n.)
hardened like steel
steeled (adj.)
hardly any
three (n.)
hardness, legendary substance of great
adamant (n.)
hardship, case of
decay (n.),ruin (n.)
hardship, earned through great
distressful (adj.)
hardships, afflicted with
distressed (adj.)
hardships, carrying of
bearing (n.)
laboured (adj.)
laboursome (adj.)
hare, heart as timid as a
hare-heart (n.)
hares, hunt
course (v.)
harlots, associating with
drabbing (n.)
harm, causing no
harmless (adj.)
harm, fear of
misdread (n.)
harm, full of
harmful (adj.)
harm, giving premonitions of
ill-divining (adj.)
harmful scheme
mischief (n.)
harmful torpor
lethargy (n.)
harmful vapour
fume (n.)
annoyance (n.)
harming family honour
crest-wounding (adj.)
hurtless (adj.)
simplicity (n.)
harmonious, become
agree (v.)
harmony [of companionship]
consonancy (n.)
harmony, in
tune, in a
harmony, joined in
married (adj.)
harmony, sing along in
descant (v.)
harmony, unite in
combine (v.)
harmony an octave below
diapason (n.)
harms, defender against
Withold, Saint
harsh situation
hardness (n.)
rude (adj.)
harshly, resound
hurtle (v.)
harshness, freedom from
gentleness (n.)
ill-tuned (adj.)
harvester using a sickle
sickleman (n.)
harvesting, ready for
white (adj.)
harvesting season, close of the
harvest-home (n.)
haste, go in
scour (v.)
haste, go through with
post over (v.)
haste, in all
amain (adv.)
haste, in disordered
pell-mell (adv.)
haste, in hot
swits and spurs
haste, invent in
patch up (v.)
haste, make
clap into (v.)
haste, with no undue
sober (adj.)
hastily, settle
clap up (v.)
hastily presumptuous
sudden-bold (adj.)
hastily raised
rash-levied (adj.)
hasty expedition
expedience (n.)
hasty expedition, make a
speed (v.)
hasty grab
snatch (n.)
heady-rash (adj.)
hat, doff the
be off (v.)
hat, high-crowned in the form of a sugar-loaf
copatain hat
hat, knob at the top of a
button (n.)
hat adorned with a cockle shell
cockle hat
hat in hand, with [in respect]
uncovered (adj.)
hat shaped like a pudding basin or soup-bowl
porringer (n.)
hat-band, without a coloured
unbanded (adj.)
hate, full of
hateful (adj.)
hated as hell is hated
hell-hated (adj.)
hated by everyone
all-abhorred (adj.)
abomination (n.)
hatching [as from an egg]
hatch (n.)
hating everything
all-hating (adj.)
insolence (n.)
haughty power
pride (n.)
having more
more-having (n.)
having too much
superfluous (adj.)
hawk, inferior kind of
buzzard (n.),staniel (n.)
hawk, male
tercel (n.)
hawk, recalling a
lure (n.)
hawk, type of large
estridge (n.)
hawk, wild
haggard (n.)
hawk, young
eyas (n.),nyas
hawk, young male sparrow
eyas-musket (n.)
hawks, hunt with
fly (v.),hawk (v.)
pike (n.)
hay (n.)
hazardous attempt
venture (n.)
filbert (n.)
head [on a coin]
ring (n.)
head, as a
in capite
head, fool's
coxcomb (n.)
head, hair at the front of the
forward top
head, having come to a
headed (adj.)
head, horse's bridle-part that goes over the
headstall (n.)
head, take the
take upon (v.)
head, with a twisted
crooked-pated (adj.)
head, with reddish-brown
russet-pated (adj.)
head and front
front (n.)
head downwards
headlong (adv.)
head of a cuckold, imaginary outgrowths on the
horn (n.)
head of a plant
cyme (n.)
head on [with an enemy]
head, at
head over heels
over and over
head to foot, from
cap-a-pe, cap-a-pie (adv.)
fillet (n.)
headband, ornamental
frontlet (n.)
rheum (n.)
head-cold, filled with a
stuffed (adj.)
poll (n.)
head-covering, beehive-shaped
hive (n.)
head-covering, cloth
kerchief (n.)
head-dress, fine
tire-valiant (n.)
head-dress shaped like a ship
ship-tire (n.)
head (n.)
headlong, fall
precipitate (v.)
headlong, throwing
precipitation (n.)
headlong confusion, in
pell-mell (adv.)
headlong fall
precipitance (n.)
crest (n.)
headstrong fellow
boiled-brain (n.)
head (n.)
headway, make
stem (v.)
healed, able to be
medicinable (adj.)
healing, means of
bleed (v.)
healing agent
balsam (n.)
healing method
application (n.)
healing ointment
salve (n.)
healing power
restorative (n.)
healing properties, endowed with
blessed, blest (adj.)
health, drink a
charge (v.)
health, drink a further
discharge (v.)
health, drinking of a
pledge (n.)
health, good for the
wholesome (adj.)
health, improvement in
amends (n.)
health, keep in good
physic (v.)
health, restore to
recover (v.),recure (v.)
health, return to full
strength (n.)
health, state of
cure (n.)
altering (adj.)
wholesome (adj.)
healthy, remaining
welfare (n.)
healthy complexion
blood (n.)
healthy state, in a
fairly (adv.)
heap, meaningless
rhapsody (n.)
heaped up in a mound
copped (adj.)
hear again
overhear (v.)
hear told over
overhear (v.)
heard, previously
first-conceived (adj.)
heard everywhere
loud (adj.)
heard outside, not
door, within
hearing, restore
undeaf (v.)
hearse, placed in a
hearsed (adj.)
heart, dear [in oaths]
heartlings (n.)
heart, enclosure surrounding the
closet (n.)
heart, express from the
unbosom (v.),unbosom (v.)
heart, change of
revolt (n.)
heart, loss of
discomfort (n.)
heart, nearest the
immediate (adj.)
heart, nobleness of
magnanimity (n.)
heart, take
comfort (v.)
heart, take to
bosom up (v.)
heart, touch the
penetrate (v.)
heart, very
navel (n.)
heart and mind, one
concordant (adj.)
heart and soul
element (n.)
heart as timid as a hare
hare-heart (n.)
heart faithful but speech incorrect, with
heart of the enemy, into the
home (adv.)
heart strongly beating, with
throbbing (adj.)
heart uninvolved, with the
heart-whole (adj.)
hearted (adj.)
bold (v.)
soothing (n.)
heartfelt way, in a
agood (adv.)
heartily [cry of encouragement]
cheerly (adv.)
heartily contemptible
scurvy-valiant (adj.)
heat, subject to great
broil (v.)
heated, while feeling
heat, in the
heated condition [through drinking]
inflammation (n.)
Turk (n.)
heath (n.)
heave up
hoise (v.)
heaven, from
sainted (adj.)
heaven, mythological location of
heaven, placed in
enskied (adj.)
heaven, will of
heavens (n.)
heaven and hell, midway between
middle earth (n.)
heavenly beauty
cherubin (n.)
heavenly blue
welkin (adj.)
heavenly bodies, axis of the
axletree, axle-tree (n.)
heavenly domain
house (n.)
heavenly location, from a
sky-planted (adj.)
heavens, coming from the
high-engendered (adj.)
heavens, interpreting the
astronomical (adj.)
heavens, place in the
sphere (n.)
heavily inflamed
overgalled (adj.)
heavily laden, too
overfraught (adj.)
deep-drawing (adj.)
heft (n.)
heaving [of the chest]
heave (n.)
heavy blow
poise (n.)
heavy equipment, without
light (adv.)
heavy piece of wood
clog (n.)
heavy post used as a mark for tilting practice
quintain (n.)
heavy ram
beetle (n.)
heavy wave
surge (n.)
hedged, thickly
thick-pleached (adj.)
hedged in by poles
pole-clipt (adj.)
hedgehog, with nose like a
urchin-snouted (adj.)
hedgehog form, spirit in
urchin (n.)
hedges made of interlaced branches, with
pleached (adj.)
heed, pay
regard (v.)
care (n.)
heeds, what one
heed (n.)
heel, inflamed
kibe (n.)
heels, out at
out (adv.)
heels, take my
take upon (v.)
height [to which a bird of prey soars before swooping]
pitch (n.)
height, at its
flood, in
height, draw oneself up to full
stretch (v.)
height, jumping from a great
precipitance (n.)
height, rise to a great
flow (v.)
height and breadth
head and front
heir, appoint as
entail to (v.)
heir, provision that an estate should pass to an
entail (n.)
heir, subsequent
remainder (n.)
heir, without an
issueless (adj.)
heir from either male or female lines
heir general (n.)
heir to, be
succeed (v.)
apparent (n.)
held firmly
infixed (adj.)
hell, border of
Limbo (n.)
hell, burn in
fry (v.)
hell, devil from
under fiend (n.)
hell, hated as
hell-hated (adj.)
hell, kite from
hell-kite (n.)
hell and heaven, earth seen as midway between
middle earth (n.)
sulphur (n.)
hellish savage
hell-kite (n.)
helmet, light round
sallet (n.)
helmet, small light
burgonet (n.)
helmet, visor of a
beaver (n.)
helm (n.)
help, cry for
rescue (n.)
help, ready to
help, at
help, seek
seek (v.)
help to produce
make up (v.)
helped, incapable of being
inaidible (adj.)
helpful position
vantage (n.)
helpless, make
be-lee (v.),lee (v.)
helpless by fear, made
fear-surprised (adj.)
impotence (n.)
half-world (n.)
hemp, in clothing made of
hempen (adj.)
hemp, made of
hempen (adj.)
hen, guinea
Barbary hen
herald, acting as a
herald (adj.)
herald, junior officer attending a
pursuivant-at-arms (n.)
herald declaring war
defier (n.)
heraldic design
device (n.)
heraldic wand
caduceus (n.)
precurse (n.)
herb, fragrant
balm (n.)
herb, little
herblet (n.)
herb, medicinal
simple (n.)
herb associated with chastity
Dian's bud
herb for smelling
nose-herb (n.)
herb of grace
grace (n.)
herb used as a sauce for fish
fennel (n.)
herbs, woman who sells
herb-woman (n.)
Alcides (n.)
herd, select from a
single forth (v.)
herd, young deer in a
rascal (n.)
here, up to
hitherto (adv.)
here present
hand, in
hereditary rights
blood (n.)
heretical sect, follower of a
sectary (n.)
hero, appropriate to the character of
heroical (adj.)
hero of the dinner-table
trencher-knight (n.)
manly (adv.)
herrings, barrel containing
cade (n.)
doubtfully (adv.)
hesitation, fastidious
dainty (n.)
hew roughly
rough-hew (v.)
best (n.)
hiccup [from drinking]
hick (v.)
hidden, keep
lurk (v.)
hidden, remain
stay (v.)
hidden meaning
moral (n.)
hidden safely away
uplocked (adj.)
hide, full of dark places to
black-cornered (adj.)
hide furtively
steal (v.)
hiding, stay in
stay (v.)
hiding the truth of a situation
riddle-like (adv.)
hiding-place [of a hare]
muset, musit (n.)
hiding-place, offering a
concealed (adj.)
high, held
advanced (adj.)
high, judging from on
high-judging (adj.)
high birth, someone of
gentleman (n.)
high birth/degree
height (n.)
high office
dignity (n.)
high officer
dignity (n.)
high position, be in a
highly (adv.)
high position, someone not holding
private (n.)
high spirits, show
caper (v.)
high station in life
calling (n.)
high style, in
highly (adv.)
haught (adj.)
high-pitched (adj.)
higher, soar
overmount (v.)
better (adj.)
highest amount
height (n.)
highest degree
extreme (n.)
highest degree of pride, showing the
top-proud (adj.)
highest in authority
supreme (n.)
highest level, tested to the
high-proof (adj.)
highest point, at the
best (adj.)
highest point reached by a bird of prey before swooping down
pride of place
highest ranking person
best (n.)
high-flown expression
state (n.)
high-flown language
bombast, bumbast (n.)
high-flown phrases, speaker of
orthography (n.)
high-leaping dance
lavolt, lavolta (n.)
highly, rate too
overhold (v.)
highly, regard
look on (v.)
highly, think
repute of (v.)
highly, very
far (adv.)
highly approved
well-warranted (adj.)
highly determined
high-resolved (adj.)
highly valued though offered for no price
unprized-precious (adj.)
high-lying coast
brow (n.)
proud (adj.)
highness, royal
royalty (n.)
high-pitched note
sharp (n.)
high-pitched voice, with
shrill-gorged (adj.)
divine (n.)
good (adj.)
high-ranking lady
madam (n.)
striker (n.)
highwayman who robs on foot
footman (n.)
highwayman who travels on foot
foot-landraker (n.)
merry (adj.)
hills, rolling
wold (n.)
hinder, ability to
let-alone (n.)
hindrances, full of
barful (adj.)
hints, make
suggest (v.)
hip, with an injured
hipped (adj.)
hips, breeches puffed out at
round hose
hips, with the
hip, of the
historical account
chronicle (n.)
historical record
story (n.)
history, record in
chronicle (v.)
history, recorded
record (n.)
history play
history (n.)
hit the mark
hit (v.)
lock (n.)
bugbear (n.)
wash (n.)
hoist sail
wing (v.)
hold [in mind]
give (v.)
hold [of an anchor]
home (adv.)
hold, fail to
slip (v.)
hold, laying
apprehension (n.)
hold, leave
hang off (v.)
hold, seize
take up (v.)
hold, unable to
incapable of (adj.)
hold as a hostage
engage (v.)
hold back, forcibly
keep back (v.)
hold fast
tangle (v.)
hold good
stand (v.)
hold good as
stand (v.)
hold in custody
keep (v.)
hold in one's power
overmaster (v.)
hold off
hang (v.)
hold on
hold (v.)
hold one's own
carry (v.)
hold property
hold (v.)
hold towards
owe (v.)
sieve (n.)
holding, actual
possession (n.)
holding back
retention (n.)
holding on, difficult
slippery (adj.)
hole, auger
bore (n.)
hole, privy
bench-hole (n.)
hole prepared for hunted animals
pit (n.)
hole to see through
sight-hole (n.)
bung (n.)
holiday, school
playing day (n.)
holiday, take a
play (v.)
holiness, in all
graciously (adv.)
holiness, of
holy (adj.)
hollow [of a lip]
valley (n.)
hollow in the side of a bowl [in bowls]
eye (n.)
hollowed out
concave (adj.)
concavity (n.)
holy, cruel by being
holy-cruel (adj.)
holy character, of
sainted (adj.)
holy man
divine (n.)
holy place
sanctuary (n.)
laud (n.)
homage, act of
homage (n.)
homage, do
vail (v.)
homage, exceptional
eminence (n.)
homage, expression of
duty (n.)
homage, give
laud (v.)
homage, one who owes
homager (n.)
home, appropriate in the
domestic (adj.)
home, give a
settle (v.)
home, make a
live (v.)
home, make oneself at
staff, set in one's
home affairs, to do with
domestic (adj.)
home thrust [in fencing]
hay (n.)
soil (n.)
honest, be
confess (v.)
honest fellow
truepenny (n.)
comb (n.)
woodbine (n.)
honour, attached in
endeared (adj.)
honour, be entitled to
deserve (v.)
honour, deserving of
observed (n.)
honour, do
grace (v.)
honour, endow with
crown (v.)
honour, external
addition (n.)
honour, full of
fair-play (adj.)
honour, gain
grace (v.)
honour, give
worthy (v.)
honour, give a position of
bench (v.)
honour, harming family
crest-wounding (adj.)
honour, mark of
addition (n.)
honour, object of
honour (n.)
honour, page of
henchman (n.)
honour, special
eminence (n.)
honour, upon my word of
fidelity, by my
honour, with due
worshipfully (adv.)
honour shown in words not deeds
mouth-honour (n.)
honourable, less than
under-honest (adj.)
honourable conduct
fair-play (n.)
honoured, deeply
dread (adj.)
honoured person, newly
conversion (n.)
honour-owing (adj.)
cog (v.)
fopped (adj.)
hoop, kept within a [in cock-fighting]
inhooped (adj.)
hope, beyond
hopeless (adj.)
hope for the future
expectancy (n.)
hope of success, giving
hopeful (adj.)
expectation (n.)
hopelessly caught
week, in by the
hopelessness, in a state of
desperately (adv.)
hopes, encourage with false
bear in hand
even (adj.)
horn [animal]
yoke (n.)
horns [of a beast]
cornuto (n.)
horns, giving
horning (n.)
horoscope, cast a
calculate one's birth
abhor (v.)
horror, full of
frightful (adj.)
thought-sick (adj.)
horror-struck condition
stare (n.)
hors d'oeuvres
banquet, banket (n.)
horse, bridle-part that goes over the head
headstall (n.)
horse, castrated
gelding (n.)
horse, cloth worn over the back of a
footcloth, foot-cloth (n.)
horse, deprived of a
uncolted (adj.)
horse, fast
post-horse (n.)
horse, heavy brewer's
malthorse, malt-horse (n./adj.)
horse, leg tumour on a
windgall (n.)
horse, magic
Bayard (n.)
horse, ridge between the shoulder-blades
withers (n.)
horse, saddle-securing belt for a
girth (n.)
horse, saddle-strap on a
crupper (n.)
horse, small Spanish
gennet (n.),jennet, gennet (n.)
horse, small strong riding
Galloway nag
horse, spur a
prick (v.)
horse, swift
courser (n.)
horse, worn-out
jade (n.)
horse disease affecting the mouth
lampass (n.)
horse for everyday riding
palfrey (n.)
horse management
manage (n.)
horse medicine, dose of
horse-drench (n.)
horse soldier armed with a lance
lance (n.)
horse soldiers
horse (n.)
horse to hide a hunter
stalking-horse (n.)
horse which goes between shafts
fill-horse (n.)
horse's leg joint, swollen
spavin (n.)
horse's name
Dun (n.)
Parthian (adj.)
horsemen, troop of
cornet (n.)
riding (adj.)
horse-racing track
career (n.)
horses, linked by traces
trace (n.)
horse-shoe, raised edge of a
calkin (n.)
hospital inmates
spital-house (n.)
hospitality, offering
hospitable (adj.)
hospitality, show
entertain (v.)
host, great
multitude (n.)
hostage, hold as a
engage (v.)
hostess, be a generous
carve (v.)
hostile, stubbornly
wilful-opposite (adj.)
hostile encounter
battle (n.)
hostile meeting
brush (n.)
hostile roving about
scouring (n.)
hostility, reason for
quarrel (n.)
hot, make things
sauce (v.)
hot, steaming
smoking (adj.)
hot breath, breathe
blow (v.)
hot iron, burning with a
cantherizing (n.)
hot (adj.)
hot-blooded fellow
blood (n.)
hot-spiced gingerbread
pepper-gingerbread (n.)
hottest days of the year
dog-days (n.)
hound [pursue]
pursue (v.)
hound [which hunts by scent]
brach (n.)
hound, call like a [in hunting]
cry out (v.)
hound, stupid
Sowter (n.)
hound, tethered
ban-dog (n.)
hounds, horn call for bringing together
recheat (n.)
hour, fair
hour (n.)
hour by hour
hourly (adj.)
hour to hour, from
clock and clock, 'twixt
hourglass [sand of the]
glass (n.)
house, drive/pursue into a
house (v.)
house, lady of the
dame (n.)
house, living area divided off in a
bay (n.)
house, throughout the
household (adj.)
House of Correction, one from the
correctioner (n.)
house of ill-repute
stew (n.)
house where a wedding is held
bridehouse (n.)
household, maintaining a welcoming
housekeeping (n.)
household, mistress of a
dame (n.),goodwife (n.)
household, whole
ging (n.)
household controller
steward (n.)
household goods
utensil (n.)
household management
housewifery (n.)
household manager
controller (n.)
household retinue
meiny (n.)
household utensils of value
plate (n.)
household work
husbandry (n.)
housewifery (n.)
martlet (n.)
household (adj.)
housewife, man acting the
cot-quean (n.)
house (n.)
hovel, door-post of a
hovel-post (n.)
hover over
depend (v.)
bay (n.)
hub [of wheels]
nave (n.)
hue, cover with a sickly
sickly over (v.)
hue, of a sickly
sick (adj.)
huge thing
beam (n.)
hugely ungraceful
hulk (adj.)
human being, normal
Christian (n.)
human beings, fellow
humanely (adv.)
human body
temple (n.)
human frame
machine (n.)
human life
mortality (n.)
human origin, of
mortally (adv.)
human potential
humanity (n.)
human qualities
human-kindness (n.)
man (n.)
humanity, expressing normal
kindly (adv.)
humble birth, person of
vile, vild (n.)
humble faces, with
humble-visaged (adj.)
humble parentage
homely (adj.)
baseness (n.)
humility, appearance of
lowliness (n.)
hunger, dying with
hungry-starved (adj.)
hunger, pinched with
belly-pinched (adj.)
hunger, show
starve (v.)
fasting (adj.)
sharp-looking (adj.)
hunt after
ferret (v.)
hunt game with hounds by sight
course (v.)
hunt with hawks
fly (v.),hawk (v.)
hunting ground
chase (n.),park (n.)
hunting park
warren (n.)
hunting practice
game (n.)
hunting season, not in the
unseasonable (adj.)
hunting small birds
birding (n.)
woodman (n.)
huntsmen, daybreak song to wake
hunt's-up (n.)
hurl like an arrow
dart (v.)
hurling down
precipitation (n.)
hurried light meal
banquet, running
brief (adv.)
hurry along
scour (v.)
hurt, causing
painful (adj.)
hurt, easily
tender (adj.)
hurt, that cannot be
woundless (adj.)
hurt seriously
spoil (v.)
hurting, without
hurtless (adj.)
hurting the eyes
eye-offending (adj.)
husband, without a
unmanned (adj.)
husband and wife
mate and make
husband as well as lover
husband-friend (n.)
makeless (adj.)
tilth (n.)
hushed manner, in a
stilly (adv.)
ruffle (n.)
hymn of grief
anthem (n.)
hollowly (adv.)
position (n.)
merry (adj.)

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