This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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mad, becoming
madding (adj.)
mad, drive
distract (v.)
mad, driving one
madding (adj.)
mad, raving
horn-mad (adj.)
mad beggar
bedlam (n.)
mad jest
rage (n.)
mad outburst
lune (n.)
mad through being a cuckold
cuckold-mad (adj.)
mad with anger
giddy (adj.)
mad-brained fellow
madcap (n.)
made-up, maliciously
devised (adj.)
madly, look
stare (v.)
bedlam (n.)
madness, bout of
ecstasy (n.)
madness, causing
insane (adj.)
madness, fit of
fury (n.)
madness, produced by
mad-bred (adj.)
madness, show signs of
rage (v.)
grub (n.)
magic, engage in
conjure (v.)
magic, subject to
overlook (v.)
magic, work
charm (v.)
magic mirror
glass (n.)
magic power, exercising
charming (adj.)
magic spell
charm (n.)
magical appeal
bewitchment (n.)
magically influencing
conjured (adj.)
magistrate's enforcing officer
lictor (n.)
free (adj.)
maiden, young
damosella (n.)
maidhood (n.)
main concern
main (n.)
main part
body (n.)
main person
chief (n.)
main point
bottom (n.)
main purpose
pith (n.)
main rafter
principal (n.)
main strength
sinew (n.)
main (n.)
mainmast, top of a ship's
maintop (n.)
maintain, ability to
holding up (n.)
maintain, manage to
work out (v.)
maintain a course
wing, hold a
maintain a defiant image
outface (v.)
maintain a presence
stay (v.)
maintained, agreeably
easy-held (adj.)
exhibition (n.)
majestic face
face-royal (n.)
majestic character
royalty (n.)
majestic character, invest with a
royalize (v.)
imperiously (adv.)
majestically move
sweep (v.)
major premiss
major (n.)
make as nothing
confound (v.)
make into
fashion (v.)
make up firmly
compact (v.)
make up to
accost (v.)
seemer (n.)
makeshift, as a
shift, for a
make-up, lines of
line (n.)
male attendant
groom (n.)
male attendant/servant
servingman (n.)
ban (n.)
malice, show
envy, envy at (v.)
malice, wreak
despite (v.)
malicious act
prank (n.)
malicious rumour
opinion (n.)
malicious sprite
hag (n.)
maliciously deal with
malign (v.)
maliciously made-up
devised (adj.)
malign being
fiend (n.)
malignant, grow
canker (v.)
malignant spirit
fairy (n.)
micher (n.)
malmsey, nose the colour of
malmsey-nose (adj.)
indirection (n.)
man, holy
divine (n.)
man, little
manikin (n.)
man about town
spark (n.)
man acting the housewife
cot-quean (n.)
man alive
breather (n.)
man of affairs
statist (n.)
man of fashion
gallant (n.)
man of low birth
lad (n.)
man of spirit
courage (n.)
man of valour
champion (n.)
man of wax
wax (n.)
man who accepts his wife's infidelity
wittol (n.)
man who drives a cart without wheels
drayman (n.)
man who owns property but is not a gentleman
yeoman (n.)
man who trades in a market
market-man (n.)
man with an unfaithful wife
cuckold (n.)
manage, difficult to
hard-ruled (adj.),rough (adj.)
manage to maintain
work out (v.)
management [especially of a horse]
manage (n.)
management, bad
conveyance (n.)
management, careful
husbandry (n.)
management, good
rule (n.)
management, household
housewifery (n.)
management, land
husbandry (n.)
manager, domestic
husband (n.)
manager, household
controller (n.)
manager of affairs
depositary (n.)
mandrake plant
mandragora (n.)
man-eaters, race of
Anthropophagi (n.)
crib (n.)
mangy creature
ronyon (n.)
manhood, entered into
man-entered (adj.)
manifestation, empty
vapour (n.)
manifestation, most perfect
quintessence (n.)
manifold ways, in
manifoldly (adv.)
easy-melting (adj.)
mankind, whole of
world (n.)
man-like woman
mankind (n.)
manly sport
exercise (n.)
manner, ingratiating
oil (n.)
manner, rough
rudeness (n.)
manner of expression
key (n.)
borne (adj.)
mannered politeness
curtsy, curtsey (n.)
mannerism, full of
affecting (adj.)
manners, example of good
compliment, complement (n.)
manners, fine
behaviour (n.)
manners, lack of
ungentleness (n.)
manners, with good
mannerly (adv.)
manners, with ill
rudely (adv.)
manoeuvre, countering
countercheck (n.)
manorial court
leet (n.)
manouevre, easy to
yare (adj.)
varlet (n.)
manor (n.)
manual, following a
book, by the
manual worker
mechanical (n.)
bladed (adj.)
map-making, mere
mappery (n.)
pirate (n.)
marble, shining like
marbled (adj.)
margin of the sea
sea-marge (n.)
marginal comment
gloss (n.)
march in the front rank
front (v.)
marching order, not in formal
free (adj.)
marigold bud
Mary-bud (n.)
mariner climbing to trim the sails
canvas-climber (n.)
mark [as if by a badge]
badge (v.)
mark [as if by a seal]
seal (v.)
mark [in archery]
clout (n.)
mark [on a sundial]
prick (n.)
mark, distinguishing
type (n.)
mark, distinguishing [on a coat-of-arms]
difference (n.)
mark, hit the
hit (v.)
mark, make a
score (v.)
mark, measuring
scale (n.)
mark, miss the
glance (v.)
mark, scar-like
cicatrice (n.)
mark by seal
seal (v.)
mark distinctively
sign (v.)
mark indelibly
brand (v.)
mark of disgrace
note (n.)
mark of elision
apostrophus (n.)
mark of honour
addition (n.)
mark of infamy
brand (n.)
mark on a playing card
pip (n.)
mark up
score (v.)
mark used as a signature
mark (n.)
mark with foolishness
nick (v.)
marked out at birth by evil fairies
elvish-marked (adj.)
marked out for death
spotted (adj.)
marked with stains
bestained (adj.)
market, trader in a
market-man (n.)
vendible (adj.)
market (n.)
markings, with varied
checkered (adj.)
marksman not attached to a company
loose shot
marriage, bound by
obliged (adj.)
marriage, give in
bestow (v.)
marriage, join in
match (v.)
marriage, joined in
yoked (adj.)
marriage, person being joined in
copulative (n.)
marriage, proposal of
tender (n.)
marriage, unfaithful to
bed-swerver (n.)
marriage bed, polluting the
bed-blotting (adj.)
marriage dowry, be a
marry (v.)
marriage gift
portion (n.)
marriage portion
proportion (n.)
marriage settlement
jointure (n.)
marriage tie
knot (n.)
vendible (adj.)
married, get
world, go to the
married union
spousal (n.)
married woman
matron (n.)
marshalled for fight
embattailed (adj.)
marshalled force
battalia (n.)
marshes, rising from
fen-sucked (adj.)
fen (n.)
fenny (adj.)
martial arts, practise the
exercise (v.)
martial practice
exercise (n.)
martial spirit
rage (n.)
martial temperament
Mars (n.)
martial undertaking
exploit (n.)
marvel, it's a
world, it is a
marvel, make into an unnatural
monster (v.)
Mary, by
marry (int.)
mask, cover with a
vizard (v.)
mask, like a
vizard-like (adj.)
mask, put on a
case (v.)
mask removed, with
dismasked (adj.)
masked [in falconry]
hooded (adj.)
masonry, formed with
masoned (adj.)
masque, suitable for use in a
masquing (adj.)
masque, take part in a
mask (v.),masque (v.)
masque (n.)
mass, amorphous
chaos (n.)
mass, in a
heaps, on
mass, shapeless
indigest (n.)
let blood
masses, of the
common (adj.)
masses, the
popularity (n.)
mast, crossbar on a
yard (n.)
mast, platform at the top of a
top (n.)
mast, top platform on a
maintop (n.),topgallant (n.)
mast fitted to the top of the lower mast
topmast (n.)
mast in a ship, principal
mainmast (n.)
master, be
roast, rule the
master completely
overmaster (v.)
master of ceremonies
comptroller (n.),sewer (n.)
master of intrigue
Machiavel (n.)
copy (n.)
masterly way, in a
masterly (adv.)
piece (n.)
mastery, of one's
masterly (adj.)
cur (n.)
mate [make a pair]
tread (v.)
mate and make
make (n.)
material, border
list (n.)
material, military
proportion (n.)
material, second-rate
second (n.)
material comfort
creature (n.)
material nature
grossness (n.)
material substance, lacking in
unsubstantial (adj.)
material which lies inside
lining (n.)
grossly (adv.)
Pythagoras (n.)
match, make a
match (v.)
match for firing a cannon
linstock (n.)
matched badly
ill-sorted (adv.)
matched well
mutual (adj.)
matching character
kindred (n.)
mating season
rut-time (n.)
spousal (adj.)
matted locks
elf-lock (n.)
matter, to that
thereto (adv.)
matter, broach a
break (v.)
matter, clear up the
crow, pluck a
matter, full of
material (adj.)
matter, important
business (n.)
matter, minor
point (n.)
matter, of great
much (adj.)
matter, personal
particularity (n.)
matter, physical
element (n.)
matter, private
particular (n.)
matter, settle the
conclude (v.)
matter, trivial
straw (n.),toy (n.)
matter, waste
rubbish (n.)
matter, weighty
consequence (n.)
matter of course
course, in
matter to
import (v.)
matters of importance, with
importantly (adv.)
matters of little consequence
beer / ale, small
mattress, straw
pallet (n.)
mature years
age (n.)
matured in age, not
unmellowed (adj.)
maturing power
saltness (n.)
maturity, bring to
season (v.)
maximally exert
stretch (v.)
May-day festivities
maying (n.)
May-day festivities, take part in
may (v.)
meal, table preparations for a
service (n.)
meals, drinking between
by-drinking (n.)
meals, friend for free
trencher-friend (n.)
meals, say grace before
give thanks
mean manner, acting in a
niggarding (n.)
mean person
niggard (n.)
mean to act
mean (v.)
drop (v.)
vagabond (adj.)
meandering duct
crank (n.)
meaning, disguised
simulation (n.)
meaning, gathering of
collection (n.)
meaning, hidden
moral (n.)
meaning, strain a
crush (v.)
meaning, stretch a
strain (v.)
meaning, true
form (n.)
meaning, without clear
doubt, in
pregnant (adj.)
meaningful sign
beckoning (n.)
meaningless heap
rhapsody (n.)
meanings, trader in double
equivocator (n.)
niggardly (adj.)
beggary (n.)
means, available
present (n.)
means, by all
kindly, and
means, by any
mean (n.)
means, modest
competency (n.)
means, without
naked (adj.)
means of comparison
comparative (adj.)
means of escape
bulwark (n.)
means of lessening
allay (n.)
means of making money
coinage (n.)
means of retaining
retention (n.)
means of transport
convoy (n.)
means remaining
abatement (n.)
means to an end
property (n.)
mean-spirited wretch
poltroon (n.)
measure [music]
footing (n.),time (n.)
measure, allotted
sort (n.)
measure, in due
modestly (adv.)
measure, tread a
trace (v.)
measure of cloth
nail (n.)
measure of distance
league (n.)
measure of land
perch (n.)
measure of length
ell (n.)
measure of length or distance
cubit (n.)
measure out
span (v.)
measure rhythmically
time (v.)
measure up to
wage (v.)
measurement, round
compass (n.)
measurement, standard of
scantling (n.)
measurement, task of checking
measuring (n.)
measures, take
procure (v.)
measuring, appropriate
proportion (n.)
measuring instrument
square (n.)
measuring mark
scale (n.)
measuring rod
mete-yard (n.)
meat, grilled piece of
carbonado, carbinado (n.)
meat, in broth
plum-broth (n.)
meat and vegetable stew or broth
porridge (n.)
meat at table, cut up
carve (v.)
shambles (n.)
pasty (n.)
mean (n.)
medical faculty
school (n.)
medical opinion
advice (n.)
medical practitioner
artist (n.)
medical quack
empiric (n.)
medical science
physic (n.)
medicinal cordial
restorative (n.)
medicinal drink, provide a warm
caudle (v.)
medicinal drugs, one who prepares and sells
apothecary, pothecary (n.)
medicinal preparation
confection (n.)
medicinal warm gruel
caudle (n.)
medicine, dose with
physic (v.)
lame (adj.)
medlar fruit
open-arse (n.)
meekness, apparent
lowliness (n.)
meet, fail to
miss (v.)
meet before
know (v.)
meet for a discussion
sit (v.)
meet in battle
meet (v.)
meet in conflict
join (v.)
meet one's need
serve one's turn
meet up with
take (v.)
meeting [between enemies under a truce]
parle, parley (n.)
meeting [time of]
hour (n.)
meeting, call to a
summon (v.)
meeting, expression pf pleasure at
well met
meeting, face-to-face
interview (n.)
meeting, follow-up
after-meeting (n.)
meeting, habitual
resort (n.)
meeting, hostile
brush (n.)
meeting, joyful
gossiping (n.)
meeting, manner of
encounter (n.)
meeting, secret
conventicle (n.)
mechanical device
engine (n.)
mechanical joints
gimmers (n.)
device (n.)
mechanism, locking
spring (n.)
melancholic reflection
thought (n.)
melancholy, feeling of
dump (n.)
melancholy, full of
pensive (adj.)
melodically simple
plainsong (adj.)
melodious accompaniment
descant (n.)
melodious noises
noise (n.)
melody, background
measure (n.)
melody, plaintive
dump (n.)
melody, simple straightforward
plainsong (n.)
melt away
discandy (v.)
melt into tears
dissolve (v.)
melted fat
grease (n.)
melted snow
snow-broth (n.)
member, supporting
leg (n.)
member of a religious order
religious (adj.)
member of an elite Roman family
patrician (n.)
member of the common people
plebeian, plebeii (n.)
member of the governing council
senator (n.)
member of the government
magistrate (n.)
fellowship (n.)
membership, candidature for
probation (n.)
membership, with exclusive
limited (adj.)
memento, kept as a
monumental (adj.)
famous (adj.)
memorable, make
memorize (v.)
memorandum book
table-book (n.)
memorial, lacking a
tombless (adj.)
memorial, providing a
monumental (adj.)
memorial record
memory (n.)
memorizing [of a part]
study (n.)
memory, commit to
con (v.),study (v.)
memory, committed to
studied (adj.)
memory, committing to
recordation (n.)
memory, return in
recoil (v.)
men, killer of
homicide (n.)
men of old
eld (n.)
big (adv.)
mended, roughly
cobbled (adj.)
mender of old clothes
botcher (n.)
menial who cuts away the crust of a loaf
bread-chipper (n.)
mental ability
wit (n.)
mental balance
temper (n.)
mental capacity
strength (n.)
mental condition
passion (n.)
mental defective
innocent (n.)
mental illness
disease (n.)
mental operation
working (n.)
mental pain
touch (n.)
mental picture
image (n.)
mental shape, give
body forth (v.)
mentally balanced
safe (adj.)
mention a matter
move (v.)
mention as
quote for (v.)
mention by name
nominate (v.)
mention in passing
glance at (v.)
mentioned previously
prenominate (adj.)
mentor, spiritual
precisian (n.)
servitor (n.)
merciful, be
pity (v.)
lenity (n.)
merciless beast
dog (n.)
mercury, liquid
quicksilver (n.)
mercy, at one's
danger, (with)in one's
mercy, by showing
pitifully (adv.)
mercy, show
grace (v.)
merchandise, turn into
merchandise (v.)
chapman (n.)
merchant prince
royal merchant
merchant-ship, capable of damaging
merchant-marring (adj.)
merit, appreciation of
valuation (n.)
merit, lacking in
unmeritable (adj.)
merit, of proven
well-found (adj.)
merit to, add
grace (v.)
worth (adj.)
meritorious service
merit (n.)
merrily sing
troll (v.)
spleen (n.)
merriment, causing
comic (adj.)
merriment, outburst of
eruption (n.)
merry, inclined to be
disposed (adj.)
merry beyond bounds, make
outsport (v.)
mess, make a
botch up (v.)
message, confidential
private (n.)
herald (adj.)
messages, carrier of private
counsel-bearer (n.)
messenger, as
message, of
messenger, express
post (n.)
messenger, royal/state
pursuivant (n.)
messengers, send
dispatch, despatch (v.)
met, well
happy time, in
metal, precious
ingot (n.),ore (n.)
metal, rim of
verge (n.)
metal plate on the sheath of a weapon
chape (n.)
metal ring
loop (n.)
clouted (adj.)
transform (v.)
methodically, very
line and level, by
nicely (adv.)
metre (adj.)
metrically correct, make
ratify (v.)
chamber (n.)
mettle, test the
assay (v.)
mew [like a cat]
mewl (v.)
worm (n.)
model (n.)
little (adj.)
middle [of the upper deck]
waist (n.)
middle, be in the
compass (v.)
middle, in the
cross (adv.)
middle of the day
mid-season (n.)
middle-part singer
mean (n.)
midnight, around
odd-even (adj.)
rim (n.)
mean (n.)
might, full
main (n.)
might, with all one's
amain (adv.)
mighty in arms
armipotent (adj.)
military array, in
field, in the
military assistance
succour (n.)
military baton
truncheon (n.)
military camp
leaguer (n.)
military cloak
cassock (n.)
military division
cohort (n.)
military force, equipped
preparation (n.)
military levy
contribution (n.)
military man
martialist (n.)
military material
proportion (n.)
military operations, engaged in
field, in the
military proceeding
preparation (n.)
military sash
scarf (n.)
military service
service (n.)
military service done on land
land-service (n.)
military skill
soldiership (n.)
military strategy
discipline (n.)
military trappings
accomplement (n.)
military work
sconce (n.)
military works, constructor of
engineer, enginer (n.)
milk, colour of
milky (adj.)
milk, drained by cubs
cub-drawn (adj.)
milk, foodstuff derived from
curd (n.)
milk, foodstuff made of curdled
curds and whey
milk, take
suck (v.)
milk produced after the birth of a calf, drinking
beest-eating (adj.)
million, numbered by the
millioned (adj.)
show (n.)
mind, capacity of
reach (n.)
mind, conceived in the
imagined (adj.)
mind, discontented
discontent (n.)
mind, disturbance of
disease (n.)
mind, existing only in the
fantastic (adj.)
mind, express one's
deliver (v.)
mind, faculties of the
wits, also five wits
mind, feebleness of
dotage (n.)
mind, grasping by the
apprehension (n.)
mind, have in
mean (v.)
mind, change of
change (n.)
mind, keep in
bosom up (v.)
mind, make available to the
body forth (v.)
mind, make up one's
resolve (v.)
mind, nobility of
greatness (n.)
mind, normal state of
disposition (n.)
mind, of quiet
patient (adj.)
mind, out of one's
bestraught (adj.)
mind, resolved state of
satisfaction (n.)
mind, set before the
propose (v.)
mind, settled in
absolute (adj.)
mind, stable
temper (n.)
mind, take into the
conceive (v.)
mind, to my
conscience, in my
mind, way of keeping in
retention (n.)
mind, with a turn of
disposed (adj.)
mind impaired by age
dotant (n.)
minded, be
ween (v.)
minded, wickedly
ill-spirited (adj.)
boggler (n.)
mind-changing villain
minute-jack (n.)
court (n.)
mindlessly gazing
contemplative (adj.)
minds, of separate
twain (adv.)
mine, passage to intercept an enemy
countermine (n.)
mine of candle-fat
candle-mine (n.)
mined coal brought by sea
sea-coal (adj.)
mineral deposit
mineral (n.)
mineral substance used as a mirror
stone (n.)
mingle with
meddle with (v.)
mingling of colour
commixture (n.)
miniature, in
little, in
miniature in a jewelled setting
jewel (n.)
miniature portrait
medal (n.)
nursery (n.)
ministration, dutiful
attendance (n.)
minor matter
point (n.)
nonage (n.)
harper (n.)
minted, freshly
fire-new (adj.)
minute by minute
minute, by the
minute by minute, taking place
minutely (adj.)
minutely detailed
nice (adj.)
miraculous, show
miracle (v.)
miraculous quality
wonder (n.)
miraculous transmutation
alchemy, alchymy (n.)
mire, sink in the
mire (v.)
mirror, admiring oneself
glass-gazing (adj.)
mirror, magic
glass (n.)
mirror, mineral substance used as a
stone (n.)
glass-faced (adj.)
glassy (adj.)
comic (adj.)
abuse (v.)
usurp (v.)
misbegot (adj.)
pall (v.)
rhapsody (n.)
mistake (v.)
misconster (v.)
miserable being
miser (n.)
miserable wretch
caitiff (n.)
misfortune, bring [astrology]
disaster (v.)
misfortune, bringing
unhappy (adj.)
misgiving, without
securely (adv.)
mischance, by
casually (adv.)
mischance, subject to
casual (adj.)
mischief, one who makes
breed-bate (n.)
mischief, wish
beshrew, 'shrew (v.)
tribulation (n.)
mischievous boy
wag (n.)
misconster (v.)
misconstruction (n.)
spell backward
miss the mark
glance (v.)
misshapen creature
mooncalf (n.)
misshapen individual
stigmatic (n.)
writ (n.)
mist, fragment of
rack (n.)
mistake, and no
witness, with a
mistaken, not
unfallible (adj.)
vapour (n.)
harry (v.)
mistress, beggar's
doxy (n.)
mistress, perfumed
perfume (n.)
mistress of a household
dame (n.),goodwife (n.)
jealous (adj.)
misty, grow
smoke (v.)
mistake (v.)
mix in
lard (v.)
mix together
commix (v.)
mix wine with lime
lime (v.)
mix with water
qualify (v.)
mixed variety
bastard (n.)
mixture, complete
gallimaufry (n.)
mixture, doughy
paste (n.)
mixture, infusing [in baking]
leaven (n.)
mixture of drugs
confection (n.)
mixture of qualities
infusion (n.)
mob, rest of the
rabble (n.)
draw to head
mobilized, quickly
instant (adj.)
mobilizing of troops
muster (n.)
mockery, act of
mock (n.)
mockery, chief
arch-mock (n.)
mockery, target of
scorn (n.)
mockery, theme for
story (n.)
mock-hostile exchange
have at (v.)
mocking expression
mow (n.)
mocking manner, in a
gibingly (adv.)
mocking remark
mock (n.)
mockingly, behave
dally (v.)
mockingly laugh
fleer (v.)
mode of action
kind (n.)
mode of address
style (n.)
mode of life
rate (n.)
model, provide a
example (v.)
model, show a
pattern (v.)
model, take as a [in fashion]
follow (v.)
model of behaviour, show a
feat (v.)
model of excellence
mirror (n.)
model of intelligence
doctor (n.)
model to be followed
precedent (n.)
moderate the need
behove (v.)
moderately well
meanly (adv.)
moderation, counsel of
check (n.)
modest means
competency (n.)
modesty, female
womanhood (n.)
modesty, not offending
modest (adj.)
modesty, with all
unbonneted (adv.)
modifying agent
allayment (n.)
modish behaviour
fashion (n.)
moisten with drops
bedew (v.)
moisture, lack of
drouth (n.)
spongy, spungy (adj.)
mole [animal]
moldwarp (n.)
flatter up (v.)
moment, at the right
time, in good
moment, climactic
push (n.)
moment, critical
exigent (n.),nick (n.)
moment, dying
mort (n.)
moment, empty
froth (n.)
moment, favourable
season (n.)
moment, first [of day]
spring (n.)
moment, immediate
present (n.)
moment, last
uttermost (n.)
moment, on the spur of the
adventure, at
moment of release [archery]
loose (n.)
moment of success
harvest-home (n.)
moments, later
after-hours (n.)
monarch, deputy
viceroy (n.)
monarch, perform the role of a
monarchize (v.)
monarch, right granted by a
royalty (n.)
money, amount of
sum (n.)
money, available
purse (n.),store (n.)
money, demand for
taxation (n.)
money, dirty
trash (n.)
money, make
get (v.)
money, means of making
coinage (n.)
money, paper replacement for
paper (n.)
money, piece of
piece (n.)
money, ready
chinks (n.)
money, relieve of
cashier (v.)
money, small sum of
forty pence
money, sum of
pound (n.)
money, supplied with
gilded (adj.)
money, way of dealing with
usury (n.)
money entrusted
charge (n.)
money order
bill (n.)
money owing
ransom (n.)
money paid to recruits when conscripted
press-money (n.)
money supply
provision (n.)
usurer (n.)
monk's habit
coat (n.)
monkey, showman with a performing
ape-bearer (n.)
engross (v.)
engrossing (adj.)
monster, female
Sphinx (n.)
monster, make a
monster (v.)
monstrous outcome, with
prodigiously (adv.)
monstrously ill-timed
abortive (adj.)
month half-way point [Roman calendar]
ides (n.)
trophy (n.)
monument, serving as a
monumental (adj.)
mood, badly mixed
ill-tempered (adj.)
mood, cross
distemper (n.)
mood, furious
fume (n.)
mood, gloomy
sullen (n.)
mood, in such a
tempered (adj.)
mood, like the
humour (v.)
mood, not in the
undisposed (adj.)
moon, waxing
crescent (n.)
mope about
peak (v.)
brood, on
moral, pointing a
moral (adj.)
moral, strictly
precise (adj.)
moral conduct
government (n.)
moral decline
lapse (n.)
moral degeneracy
depravation (n.)
moral deviation
digression (n.)
moral error
escape (n.)
moral fall
sliding (n.)
moral sentiments, full of
moral (adj.)
moral weakness
frailty (n.)
moral (v.)
moraller (n.)
morally, interpret
moralize, moralise (v.)
morning, early
dawning (n.)
morning, early in the
betimes (adv.)
morning, in the
day, by the
morning, tomorrow
next morning
morning cock-crow
cocklight (n.)
morning dew
morn-dew (n.)
morose expression, give a
sour (v.)
morris dance
morris (n.)
morris dancer
morisco (n.)
mortal [woman]
maid (n.)
mortal life
nature (n.)
mortal nature
mortality (n.)
mortal sin, in a state of
mortality, characterized by
mortal (adj.)
corner-cap (n.)
engage (v.)
spite (n.)
mother (n.)
motion, having its own [in astrology]
wandering (adj.)
motion, in
abroach (adv.)
motion, set in
go about (v.)
motionless [as in a painting]
painted (adj.)
prick (v.)
minded (adj.)
motto, inscribed with a
posied (adj.)
moulded, be
temper with (v.)
mouldy, grow
fust (v.)
moulted, having
moulten (adj.)
mound, grassy
green (n.)
mound, heaped up in a
copped (adj.)
mounds, pile up in
balk, baulk (v.)
mount up to a great height [in falconry]
tower (v.)
mountain range
Pyrenean (n.)
mountaineer (n.)
mourn, make
yearn (v.)
mourner, as a
obsequiously (adv.)
mournful sight
woe (n.)
mournful song
dump (n.)
moan (n.)
mourning, cloth used in
cypress (n.)
mourning, in a spirit of
mourningly (adv.)
mourning, song of
anthem (n.),dirge (n.)
mourning song
knell (n.)
mouse-hunt (n.)
mouth, take into the
mouth (v.)
mouth, with wide
flap-mouthed (adj.)
mouth open, with
gaping (adj.)
mouth shut, keep one's
hold in (v.)
mouthe in contempt
blurt (v.)
mouth (n.)
mouths, join
mouth (v.)
mouths, make
make (v.),mow (v.)
mouths, making
mowing (n.)
move, power to
moving (n.)
move, train to
pace (v.)
move about aimlessly [as does a lackey]
lackey (v.)
move abruptly
flash (v.)
move ahead
sway on (v.)
move briskly
scud (v.)
move cringingly
creep (v.)
move easily
tickle (v.)
move gracefully
swim (v.)
move in a roundabout way
coast (v.),fetch about (v.)
move in a zigzag
indent (v.)
move in suddenly
pop (v.)
move in turmoil
fret (v.)
move jerkily [as in a jig]
gig, gidge (v.)
move majestically
sweep (v.)
move off quickly
drive (v.)
move quickly
scour (v.)
move sluggishly
drumble (v.)
move stealthily in concealment
stalk on (v.)
move unsteadily
yaw (v.)
move up and down
wave (v.)
move with a sudden bound
bounce (v.)
move with force
rack (v.)
move with rapture
rap (v.)
moveable possessions
chattels (n.)
moved, be profoundly
passion (v.)
moved, easily
flexible (adj.)
moved, not readily
slow (adj.)
movement, affected
mincing (n.)
movement, aggressive
scouring (n.)
movement, billowing [of clouds]
rack (n.)
movement, cessation of
still-stand (n.)
movement, graceful
measure (n.)
movement, inner
motion (n.)
movement, lively
frisk (n.)
movement, nimble
career (n.)
movement, obedient
pace (n.)
movement, pattern of
measure (n.)
movement, rhythmical
march (n.),motion (n.)
movement, sudden
start (n.),wrench (v.)
movement of people
passage (n.)
mover away
budger (n.)
moving, cease
stand (v.)
moving, get
go to (v.)
moving, rapidly
swift-starting (adj.)
moving, stealthily
stealing (adj.)
moving, way of
rank (n.)
moving along the way
progression (n.)
moving astray
wide (adj.)
moving at a bewildering pace
moving clumsily
heavy-gaited (adj.)
moving daintily
mincing (adj.)
moving downward [of the sun]
drooping (adj.)
moving in a contrary direction [in astrology]
retrograde (adj.)
moving in the manner of a jig
jigging (adj.)
moving light
firebrand (n.)
moving on
passage (n.)
moving organ
motive (n.)
moving quietly
sly (adj.)
moving round [a point]
revolution (n.)
mud, bury in
mud (v.)
mud, covered in
muddied (adj.)
mud, resembling
muddy (adj.)
muddily stirred up
puddled (adj.)
muddy, make
puddle (v.)
muffled up, with face
mobled (adj.)
much, not
small (adv.)
much of, make
make on (v.)
multi-coloured character
piedness (n.)
multitude, belonging to the
multitudinous (adj.)
multitudes, containing
multitudinous (adj.)
mumble over
chew (v.)
mummies, preparation made from
mummy (n.)
bounty (n.)
royal (adj.)
murder of a father
parricide (n.)
murderous serpent
cockatrice (n.)
murmur approval
hum (v.)
murmuring, busy
buzzing (n.)
thews (n.)
muscles of the eye
eye-strings (n.)
muscular arm
brawn (n.)
music, making
sounding (n.)
music, ply his
music (n.)
music, printed
pricksong (n.)
music, write the
set (v.)
music, written vocal
pricksong (n.)
musical accompaniment, in the manner of a
burden-wise (adv.)
musical invention
fancy (n.)
musical pipe
quill (n.)
musical round
catch (n.)
musical rowdiness
minstrelsy (n.)
musical scale
gamut (n.)
musical sounds
noise (n.)
musical theme, end of a
close (n.)
musician belonging to a royal chapel or cathedral
singing-man (n.)
musk-cat (n.)
musket, lightweight
caliver (n.)
cockle (n.)
musty, become
fust (v.)
mutine (n.)
mutual conduct
quarter (n.)
mutual regard
counterchange (n.)
Absyrtus (n.),Achilles (n.),Adonis (n.),Adonis, gardens of,Aeacus (n.),Aegles (n.),Aeneas (n.),Aeolus (n.),Aeson (n.),Agamemnon (n.),Agenor (n.),Ajax (n.),Alcides (n.),Alecto (n.),Althaea (n.),Amazonian (adj.),Anchises (n.),Anna (n.),Anthropophagi (n.),Antiopa, Antiope (n.),Argus (n.),Ariachne (n.),Ariadne (n.),Arion (n.),Ascanius (n.),Astraea (n.),Atalanta (n.),Ate (n.),Athene (n.),Atlas (n.),Atropos (n.),basilisk (n.),Boreas (n.),Briareus (n.),Cadmus (n.),Calydon (n.),Capaneus (n.),Castor (n.),Centaur (n.),Cerberus (n.),Charon (n.),Charybdis (n.),Cimmerian (n.),Circe (n.),Cocytus (n.),Colchos (n.),Creon (n.),Cyclops (n.),Daedalus (n.),Damon (n.),Daphne (n.),Deucalion (n.),Dido (n.),Diomed, Diomede (n.),Elysium,Enceladus (n.),Endymion (n.),Erebus (n.),Europa (n.),Fates (n.),Furies (n.),Ganymede (n.),griffin (n.),harpy (n.),Hecat, Hecate (n.),Hector (n.),Helen (n.),Helicons (n.),Hercules (n.),Hermes (n.),Hero (n.),Hesperides (n.),Hippolyta (n.),Hydra (n.),Hyrcan tiger,Icarus (n.),Io (n.),Iris (n.),Jason (n.),Jupiter, Jove (n.),Laertes (n.),Leander (n.),Leda (n.),Lichas (n.),Luna (n.),Medea (n.),Meleager (n.),Menelaus (n.),Mercury (n.),Merops (n.),Minos (n.),Minotaur (n.),Myrmidons (n.),Narcissus (n.),Nemean lion,Nemesis (n.),Neoptolemus (n.),Nereids (n.),Nessus (n.),Nestor (n.),Ninus (n.),Niobe (n.),Orpheus (n.),Pandarus (n.),Pandion (n.),Parca (n.),Paris (n.),Pegasus (n.),Pelops (n.),Pendragon (n.),Penelope (n.),Perigenia (n.),Perseus (n),Phaethon, Phaeton (n.),Philemon (n.),Philomel, Philomela (n.),Pluto (n.),Plutus (n.),Priam (n.),Priapus (n.),Procne, Progne (n.),Prometheus (n.),Proserpine, Proserpina (n.),Proteus (n.),Pygmalion (n.),Pyramus (n.),Pyrrhus (n.),Rhesus (n.),RIngwood (n.),Sagittary (n.),Scylla (n.),Sestos (n.),Sibyl, Sybilla (n.),Sinon (n.),Siren (n.),Sphinx (n.),Stygian (adj.),Styx (n.),Tantalus (n.),Tartar (n.),Telamon (n.),Telemonius (n.),Thersites (n.),Theseus (n.),Thetis (n.),Three Graces,Triton (n.),Troilus (n.),Typhon (n.),Ulysses (n.)

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