This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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nag, worthless
jade (n.)
nails, blow one's
nail (n.)
naive devotion
fondness (n.)
naively trusting
credulous (adj.)
naivety, sickly
green-sickness (n.)
name, baptismal / Christian
christendom (n.)
name, bearing no legitimate
nameless (adj.)
name, call by wrong
miscall (v.)
name, famous
name (n.)
name, fictitious
shadow (n.)
name, grace with a
entitule, intitule (v.)
name, put one's
seal (v.)
name beforehand
prenominate (v.)
name in succession
overname (v.)
name to, put one's
subscribe to (v.)
names, give
nominate (v.)
names, invent
nickname (v.)
narrate at length
dilate (v.)
narrow inlet
channel (n.)
narrow lane
creek (n.)
native land
birthdom (n.)
native of a country
countryman (n.)
natural, no longer
sophisticated (adj.)
natural affection
kindness (n.),nature (n.)
natural course, turned from its
diverted (adj.)
natural courtesy
kindness (n.)
natural death, died a
timely-parted (adj.)
natural disposition
race (n.)
natural feeling, against
unnatural (adj.)
natural feeling, conduct against
unnaturalness (n.)
natural feeling, showing
kind (adj.)
natural character
birth (n.)
natural characteristic
infusion (n.)
natural impulse
motion (n.)
natural intelligence
natural kindness
goodness (n.)
natural life
nature (n.)
natural order, contrary to the
preposterous (adj.)
natural philosophy
philosophy (n.)
natural relationship, close
kind (n.)
natural state
propriety (n.)
natural temperament
disposition (n.)
natural trait
complexion (n.)
natural way, in a
native (adv.)
naturally departed
timely-parted (adj.)
naturally endowed
pre-formed (adj.)
naturally endowed traits
birthright (n.)
naturally graceful
handsome (adj.)
nature, abortion of
abortive (n.)
nature, acting by
kind (adj.)
nature, appointed place in
ordinance (n.)
nature, days of
day (n.),nature (n.)
nature, exceptional
rarity (n.)
nature, extraordinary
monstruosity (n.)
nature, forces of
element (n.)
nature, formed by
natural (adj.)
nature, gentle
temperate (adj.)
nature, having the
propertied (adj.)
nature, in accordance with human
kindly (adv.)
nature, inherited
race (n.)
nature, kind
kindness (n.)
nature, limitless
flatness (n.)
nature, material
grossness (n.)
nature, mortal
mortality (n.)
nature, of a giving
fruitfulness (n.)
nature, of a shared
demi-natured (adj.)
nature, of exquisite
delicate (adj.)
nature, of such a
qualified (adj.)
nature, of the
way of, in (prep.)
nature, outside the normal course of
causeless (adj.)
nature, real
soul (n.)
nature, same
semblable (n.)
nature, simpleton by
natural fool
nature, suspicious
jealousy (n.)
nature, transcending the laws of
metaphysical (adj.)
nature, unrefined
grossness (n.)
nausea, feeling of
qualm (n.)
queasy (adj.)
fulsome (adj.)
near, staying
close (adv.)
near, very
fast (adj.)
near at hand, be
stand by (v.)
near by
by (adv.)
near relation
near (adj.)
necessary, be
need (v.)
necessary, if
need, for a
necessities, furnish with
sustain (v.)
necessities, provided with
provided (adj.)
necessities, supply of
provision (n.)
necessities, travelling
necessaries (n.)
want (n.)
necessity, absolute
extremity (n.)
necessity, brought into
necessitied (adj.)
necessity, constrained by
debt, in
necessity, out of
enforcedly (adv.)
necessity, time of
exigent (n.),need (n.)
neck, frill for the
ruff (n.)
neck, having a crooked
wry-necked (n.)
neck, loose skin folds hanging about the
dewlap, dewlop (n.)
band (n.)
neckerchief, coloured
tawdry-lace (n.)
necklace, jewelled
carcanet (n.)
necktie, silk
tawdry-lace (n.)
need, daily
diet (n.)
need, full of
needful (adj.)
need, having no
needless (adj.)
need, in dire
necessitied (adj.)
need, insist on the
stand in (v.)
need, meet one's
serve one's turn
need, moderate the
behove (v.)
need be, if
need, for a
needed quickly
expeditious (adj.)
needful, be
need (v.)
needing reinforcements
needful (adj.)
needing to be settled
competent, computent (adj.)
needlessly concerned
superfluous (adj.)
needs, provision for
entertainment (n.)
needs, supply
furnish out (v.)
needy situation
need (n.)
random, at
neglected, cause to be
neglect (v.)
careless (adj.)
neglecting to act
negligent (adj.)
negligent, deliberately
wilful-negligent (adj.)
negligent manner, in a
carelessly (adv.)
negligent student
truant (n.)
negotiate with
parle, parley (v.)
gossip (n.)
neighbour (adj.)
neighbourhood (n.)
neighbourly conduct
neighbourhood (n.)
nerve centre
navel (n.)
aery (n.)
bird (n.)
nestling, hawk
network of tracks
maze (n.)
never dispirited
never-daunted (adj.)
never filled to excess
never-surfeited (adj.)
endless (adj.)
withal (adv.)
new, become
renew (v.)
new circumstances
change (n.)
new fashion
innovation (n.)
new government
reformation (n.)
new likeness, make a
refigure (v.)
new things, distracted by
new-fangled (adj.)
new-born lamb
eanling (n.)
comer (n.)
newly acquired
new-begot (adj.)
newly become due
new-fallen (adj.)
newly begun
broached (adj.)
newly fitted out
new-trimmed (adj.)
newly honoured person
conversion (n.)
newly initiated
initiate (adj.)
newly introduced
upspring (adj.)
news, bring
speak with (v.)
news, bringer of
intelligencer (n.)
news, person awaiting
expecter (n.)
next world, in the
hence (adv.)
nicely put together
well-compact (adj.)
nick of time
nick (n.)
give (v.)
beggary (n.)
niggardly, be
spare (v.)
night, bird that sings at
night-bird (n.)
night, black as
nighted (adj.)
night, during the
nightly (adv.)
night, going about by
night-walking (adj.)
night, going out with whores late at
late-walking (n.)
night, last/this past
tonight (adv.)
night, of the
nightly (adj.)
night, outdo in making references to the
out-night (v.)
night, overtaken by
lated (adj.),nighted (adj.)
night before
overnight (n.)
nightfall, at
night, at
gown (n.)
nightmares, goblin that causes
mare (n.)
knight-errant (n.)
night-time activity
night-rule (n.)
night-time serenade
good-night, good night (n.)
nimble movement
career (n.)
legerity (n.)
nine attendants, set of
ninefold (n.)
nip, slight
pinch (n.)
nobility of mind
greatness (n.)
noble ancestry
birth (n.)
noble lineage
breeding (n.)
noble rank
honour (n.)
nobleman, attendant on a
squire (n.)
generous (adj.)
nobleness of heart
magnanimity (n.)
nobly valiant
magnanimious (adj.)
nocturnal diversion
night-rule (n.)
nod, call with a
nod (v.)
nod off
wink (v.)
nodding [to action]
becking (n.)
noise [of hounds]
cry (n.)
noise, angry
chiding (n.)
noise, make a loud
noise it
noise, resounding
resound (v.)
noise abroad
noise (v.)
noise like 'hmm' or 'ahem', make a
hem (v.)
noises, make encouraging
hum (v.)
noises, melodious
noise (n.)
noisily argumentative
unpeaceable (adj.)
noisily convivial
ranting (adj.)
noisily irreverent
ribald (adj.)
noisily run [of streams]
brawl (v.)
noisy clearing of throat
hawk (v.)
noisy disputing
brabble (n.)
noisy growth
mandrake (n.)
noisy playing and singing
minstrelsy (n.)
noisy quarrel
brabble (n.)
want (n.)
nullity (n.)
non-existing word
no-verb (n.)
base (adj.)
nonsense, piece of
toy (n.)
noon, day-time before
forenoon (n.)
noose around, with a
haltered (adj.)
norm, accepted as a
received (adj.)
normal course, out of the
athwart (adv.)
normal course of events, out of the
preposterously (adv.)
normal explanation
account, accompt (n.)
normal feelings, having
natural (adj.)
normal human being
Christian (n.)
normal practice, against
unnaturally (adv.)
normal state
regiment (n.)
normal state [of mind and body]
nature (n.)
normal state of mind
disposition (n.)
nose, man with a fiery
fire-drake (n.)
nose like a hedgehog, with
urchin-snouted (adj.)
nose the colour of malmsey
malmsey-nose (adj.)
not at all
whit, no
not ebbing or flowing
standing (n.)
not long ago
erst (adv.)
notable sight
mark (n.)
note [writing]
bill (n.),quote (v.)
note, affix as a supplementary
label (v.)
note, high-pitched
sharp (n.)
note, make
set down (v.)
note, promissory
band (n.),bill (n.)
note, take special
note (v.)
note, taken
noted (adj.)
noteworthy object
singularity (n.)
nothing, for
gratis (adv.)
nothing, make as
confound (v.)
nothing, one who deserves
undeserver (n.)
nothing, reduce to
dissolve (v.),do (v.)
nothing, reduced to
pinched (adj.)
nothing, saying
mum (adj.)
nothing, worn away to
bare-gnawn (adj.)
nothing about, do
suffer (v.)
nothing for, care
prize (v.)
nothing more than
merely (adv.)
nothing to give
empty (adj.)
notice of, attract
catch (v.)
notable (adj.)
noticeable, hardly
unnoted (adj.)
noticeable, make less
smooth (v.)
noticing, pass over without
overskip (v.)
notion, strange
crotchet (n.)
withal (adv.)
O (n.)
nought, a thing of
moonshine in the water
nought, bring to
defeat (v.)
nought, figure
cipher (n.)
meat (n.)
novelty, bring
vary (v.)
novelty, fond of
new-fangled (adj.)
fangled (adj.)
novice, acceptance as a
approbation (n.)
novice, becoming a
probation (n.)
now [as before]
still (adv.)
now, taking place
present (adj.)
now, up to
hitherto (adv.)
now, while until
wheretofore (adv.)
now and then
sometime (adv.)
now and then, every
among (adv.),ever and anon
now on, from
henceforth (adv.)
null and void, made
cancelled (adj.)
null and void, make
disannul (v.),frustrate (v.)
number, exceed in
overcount (v.)
number, few in
rare (adj.)
number of, largest
utmost (adj.)
number of people
certain (n.),poll (n.)
numbered by the million
millioned (adj.)
mass (n.)
numbers, large
multitude (n.)
nun / monk
votarist (n.)
nun, cloistered
cloistress (n.)
nurse who brings up someone else's child as her own
foster-nurse (n.)
nourish (n.)
nutrition, therapeutic
diet (n.)
dieter (n.)
nutritious substance from bone cavities
marrow (n.)

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