This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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sacramental wafer
bread (n.)
sacred bond
sanctimony (n.)
sacred intensity
sanctity (n.)
sacred token
ceremony (n.)
sacrificial rite
offering (n.)
sacrilege, commit
profane (v.)
unhallowed (adj.)
sad fate
pity (n.)
earn (v.)
point (n.)
saddle-securing belt for a horse
girth (n.)
saddle-strap on a horse
crupper (n.)
sadness, expression of
willow (int.)
safe, make
save (v.)
safe against risks, make
assure (v.)
safe conduct
guard (n.)
safe from evil, kept
preserved (adj.)
safe haven, in a
ensheltered (adj.)
safe keeping
safety (n.)
safe lodging
harbour (n.)
safe place
place (n.)
safe-conduct, give
safe (v.)
safe-conduct, under
safeguard, on
safeguard, acting as a
careful (adj.)
safeguard, best
safety (n.)
safeguard (n.)
tuition (n.)
safely conduct
safe (v.)
safely hidden away
uplocked (adj.)
safely out of the way
safe (adj.)
safety, concern for
safety (n.)
safety, religious place of
sanctuary (n.)
saffron-coloured clothing
saffron (n.)
sage advice
gravity (n.)
sail, hoist
wing (v.)
sail, readiness to
trim (n.)
sail, under full
scarfed (adj.)
sailors, guide for
sea-mark (n.)
shroud (n.)
sails, adjust
try (v.)
saint, made a
sainted (adj.)
saint, play the
saint (v.)
sanctity (n.)
sanctity (n.)
saintly, be
saint (v.)
sale, as if for
sold (adj.)
sale, offer for
cry (v.),utter (v.)
watery (adj.)
jaundice (n.)
sally of wit
eruption (n.)
sally out
issue (v.)
salt, season with
powder (v.)
salt tears
salt (n.)
salted cod
ling, old
salted hake
poor-John (n.)
salt-filled courses, with
salt-wayed (adj.)
salutation, offer a
greet (v.)
salutation, respectful
cap (n.),obeisance (n.)
salutation, return of
regreet (n.)
salutation in drink
health (n.)
salute upon returning
regreet (v.)
salvation, bring
save (v.)
salvation, incapable of
past-saving (adj.)
salvation, means of
grace (n.)
shot (n.)
same, it's one and the
all is one; that's / it's all one
same, one and the
self, one
same, the
like, the
same body, become part of the
embody (v.)
same class, put in the
sort (v.)
same condition, submit to the
consign to (v.)
same course of action
succession (n.)
same family, of the
consanguineous (adj.)
same family member
familiarly (adv.)
same fashion, in the
semblably (adv.)
same lines, along the
evenly (adv.)
same nature
semblable (n.)
same proportion
quantity (n.)
same vow, person bound by the
vow-fellow (n.)
same way
alike (adv.)
same way, in the
like (adv.)
sanctioned, legally
customed (adj.)
sanctioning, ready
approbation (n.)
sanctuary, give
sanctuarize (v.)
sand, grain of
sand (n.)
sandbanks, made of
shelvy (adj.)
sands, treacherous
Goodwins (n.)
sanded (adj.)
smoke (v.)
gibingly (adv.)
sash, military
scarf (n.)
satiating, never
cloyless (adj.)
satire (n.)
satisfaction, exclamation of
content (adj.)
satisfaction, give
right, do one
satisfaction, in a state of complete
perfect (adj.)
satisfaction, tedious
satiety (n.)
satisfactory answer
answer (v.)
satisfactory condition, be in
fit (v.)
satisfied, have appetite
disedge (v.)
satisfied, incapable of being
stanchless, staunchless (adj.)
satisfied, unable to be
unstanched (adj.)
satisfied palate, with
daintily (adv.)
satisfy, difficult to
curious (adj.)
satisfy finally
close up (v.)
satisfy to slothfulness
dull (v.)
pleasantly (adv.)
saucy knave
Jack-sauce (n.)
savage, hellish
hell-kite (n.)
savagely waiting
fell-lurking (adj.)
save your reverence
sir-reverence (n.)
saving reverence
reverence (n.)
knowing (n.)
savour the taste
smack (v.)
savoury dish, large
pudding (n.)
sawing wood, pit used for
sawpit (n.)
say, that is to [legal]
wit, to
say grace before meals
give thanks
say in reply
return (v.)
say in words
speak (v.)
say over again
rehearse (v.)
say the contrary
gainsay (v.)
say to be
call (v.)
saying nothing
mum (adj.)
pilcher (n.)
scabs, cover the skin with
tetter (v.)
scabs, cover with
crust over (v.)
Tower Hill
scaffolding, theatre
scaffoldage (n.)
scale, musical
gamut (n.)
scale, sing a
sol-fa (v.)
scales, covered in
scaled, scaling (adj.)
scales, with
sharded (adj.)
pinked (adj.)
scaly eruption of the skin
tetter (n.)
scaly wing
shard (n.)
scaly wings, borne on
shard-borne (adj.)
scandal, made a subject of
scandalized (adj.)
scandalous imputation
scandal (n.)
scarce, be
miscarry (v.)
dearth (n.)
bit (adj.)
scattered, things to be
strewing (n.)
scattered widely
abroad (adv.)
scavenger, greedy
puttock (n.)
foragement (n.)
scene, opening [of a play]
induction (n.)
scent, finding a
open (v.)
scent, follow prey by the
draw (v.)
scent, loss of
fault (n.)
scent of the feet [in hunting]
dryfoot, dry-foot (adv.)
scented plant
nose-herb (n.)
sceptre, official
mace (n.)
scientifically, examine
observe (v.)
scoffing analogy
comparison (n.)
chiding (n.)
scope, complete
full (n.)
scope, enlarge in
extend (v.)
scope, give
extend (v.)
score, chalk up a
score (v.)
score and tally
tally (n.)
scores in debt-keeping
score and tally
scornful irony
mock (n.)
scornful rejection
spurn (n.)
scornfully, direct
waft (v.)
scornfully boasting
insulting (adj.)
scornfully grin
fleer (v.)
scornfully laughing
fleering (adj.)
scornfully slide
slight (v.)
scamble (v.)
scrap of food
fragment (n.)
scrape away
race out (v.)
scrape together
glean (v.)
scratch with claws
cloy (v.)
screen from view
shadow (v.)
screen protecting crew during a sea-battle
fight (n.)
screening [in falconry]
seeling (adj.)
scribe, professional
scrivener (n.)
scrip, contents of a
scrippage (n.)
scriptural canon
canon (n.)
scripture, ability to quote
iteration (n.)
scripture, holy
writ (n.)
Evil, the
scroll, enter on a
inscroll (v.)
scruple, excessive
niceness (n.)
scrupulous over formalities
ceremonious (adj.)
nicely (adv.)
scrupulously pure
precise (adj.)
peruse (v.)
image (n.)
scum, form a
mantle (v.)
scurvy fellow
scab (n.)
scythe, sweep of a
swath (n.)
sea, calm
calm (n.)
sea, edge of the
sea-margent (n.)
sea, like a stormy
sea-like (adj.)
sea, lose at
wrack (v.)
sea, margin of the
sea-marge (n.)
sea, means of flight by
sea-wing (n.)
sea, mined coal brought by
sea-coal (adj.)
sea, open
main (n.)
sea, ready for
yare (adj.)
sea, space to manoeuvre a ship
sea-room (n.)
sea, violent
surge (n.)
sea clothing
sea demon
Siren (n.)
sea holly
eringo (n.)
sea nymphs
Nereids (n.)
sea travel, weary of
seasick (adj.)
sea voyage
flood (n.)
sea-battle, screen protecting crew during a
fight (n.)
sea-going trim, in
sea-like (adj.)
seal, great
purse (n.)
seal, mark by
seal (v.)
seal, provide an additional
counter-seal (v.)
seal, put in a particular place
seal (v.)
seal, set one's
seal under (v.)
seal bearing a coat-of-arms
seal at arms
sealed contract
specialty (n.)
stop (n.)
sealing documents, small ring for
thumb-ring (n.)
seam, undo the
unseam (v.)
leviathan (n.)
search and rob
rifle (v.)
search quickly through
skirr (v.)
search through
find (v.)
searching out feasts
feast-finding (adj.)
search (n.)
season, harvesting
harvest-home (n.)
season, in
season, of
season, in the rutting
season, of the
season, mating
rut-time (n.)
season, not in the hunting
unseasonable (adj.)
season with a spice
bespice (v.)
season with salt
powder (v.)
good (adj.)
seasonal cycle
time (n.)
season (n.)
seat, ducal
chair (n.)
seat, installation
instalment (n.)
seat of office
cushion (n.)
seat on a bench, take a
bench (v.)
seated, formally
set (adj.)
seated in the heart
hearted (adj.)
seating arrangement
place (v.)
tight (adj.)
second self
genius (n.)
second time, engaged a
sub-contracted (adj.)
second time, for the
double (adv.)
latter-born (n.)
second-hand clothes shop
frippery (n.)
second-rate material
second (n.)
secrecy, lacking in
unsecret (adj.)
secrecy, sworn to
sworn (adj.)
secret agent
intelligencer (n.)
secret arts
concealment (n.)
secret deal, make a
pack (v.)
secret matter
mystery (n.)
secret meeting
conventicle (n.)
secret powers, with
profound (adj.)
secret service
intelligence (n.)
set (adj.)
humour (n.)
secretion, sticky
gum (n.)
secretly disloyal
secret-false (adj.)
secretly knowledgeable
privy (adj.)
secretly obtained information
intelligence (n.)
secretly remove
shuffle (v.)
secretly speak
whisper (v.)
secretly speaking
close-tongued (adj.)
secrets, disclose
betray (v.),blab (v.)
secrets, entrusted with
bosom, of one's
secrets, person who keeps
counsel-keeper (n.)
secrets, revealing
blabbing (adj.)
sect , religious
Brownist (n.)
sect, follower of a heretical
sectary (n.)
section, first
fore-rank (n.)
section of a learned book
partition (n.)
secure, make one feel
safe (v.)
securely lay up
coffer up (v.)
security, legal
statute (n.)
security, pledge as
impawn (v.)
security, with complete
cock-sure (adv.)
security for, become
seal under (v.)
security for release
bail (n.)
sedately dressed
sober-suited (adj.)
sedges, made from
sedged (adj.)
seduced, capable of being
attemptable (adj.)
seducer of a married woman
cuckold-maker (n.)
seduction, succeed in
prevail (v.)
Hiren (n.)
see, easy to
buttons, in one's
see, fail to
skip (v.)
see, for all to
mount, on
see, made unable to
hoodwinked (adj.)
see again
review (v.)
see clearly, ability to
light (n.)
see each other
see (v.)
see from, spot to
station (n.)
see properly, become unable to
dazzle (v.)
see through, hole to
sight-hole (n.)
see what happens
conclusions, try
seed, run to
seeded (adj.)
seed from the fern
fern-seed (n.)
slip (n.)
seedpod, clinging
burr (n.)
seeds, caraway
caraway (n.)
cod (n.)
seek after
follow (v.)
seek help
seek (v.)
seek safety in flight
shun (v.)
seek to overthrow
underwork (v.)
seeking glory
glorious (adj.)
seeking knowledge
inquisitive (adj.)
seem to be
go under (v.)
seeming, not
unseeming (adj.)
seemly, be
beseem (v.)
seemly behaviour
modesty (n.)
seems / seemed to me, it
methinks(t), methought(s) (v.)
seems, so it
belike (adv.)
seen, thing to be
spectacle (n.)
seize by force
spoil (v.)
seize by warrant
attach (v.)
seize hold
take up (v.)
seize on
take (v.)
seize roughly
sowl (v.)
seize with talons
foot (v.)
seizure, violent
rape (n.)
seizure of property authorized by writ
extent (n.)
carve (v.)
select band
choice (n.)
select from a herd
single forth (v.)
selected, carefully
chosen (adj.)
selected, specially
choice-drawn (adj.)
selected person
minion (n.)
selected specially
choice, of
self, gracious
self-gracious (adj.)
self, second
genius (n.)
self-admission (n.)
faith (n.)
confident (adj.)
self-admission (n.)
counsel (n.)
self-covered (adj.)
opinion (n.)
faith (n.)
self-confident, too
secure (adj.)
stricture (n.)
self instant (adj.)
castigation (n.)
moraller (n.)
self-abuse (n.)
defence (n.)
self-defence, skill of
defence (n.)
castigation (n.)
blushing (adj.)
self-examination, spiritual
consideration (n.)
self-assumption (n.)
partial (adj.)
glass-faced (adj.)
temperate (adj.)
self-restraining. self-controlled
continent (adj.)
self-restraint, lacking
incontinence (n.)
life-rendering (adj.)
politic (adj.)
will (n.)
sell, buy and
sell (v.)
seller of taps for wine-barrels
faucet-seller (n.)
semblance, mere
sign (n.)
semblance, pale
umbrage (n.)
semblance, unsubstantial
shade (n.)
semi-precious stone
chrysolite (n.)
send [in archery]
carry (v.)
send abroad
put forth (v.)
send for correction
remedy (v.)
send in [as an arrow]
endart (v.)
send out
man (v.)
send out as if from a furnace
furnace (v.)
send out sparks
sparkle (v.)
send to and fro
bandy (v.)
send to jail
commit (v.)
send water through
sluice (v.)
sending up spray
smoking (adj.)
grey (adj.)
senile idiot
dotard (n.)
dotage (n.)
sense (n.)
sensation, capable of
feeling (adj.)
sensation, incapable of
dull (adj.)
sensation, lacking human
senseless (adj.)
sense, common
skill (n.)
sense, endowed with good
sensible (adj.)
sense, force the
crush (v.)
sense, make
even over (v.)
sense, with common
sensibly (adv.)
sensed acutely
feeling (adj.)
senseless person
stock (n.)
grossly (adv.)
impertinency (n.)
senses, in ways that reach the
feelingly (adv.)
senses, incapable of being perceived by the
insensible (adj.)
senses, inflamed [through drinking]
inflammation (n.)
senses, marked by loss of the
swooning (adj.)
senses, out of one's
frantic (adj.)
senses, perceptible by the
sensible (adj.)
sensible judgement
reason (n.)
sensitive body, with a
sensibly (adv.)
sensitive parts [of the body]
quick (n.)
sensitive sense of smell, with a
tender-smelling (adj.)
sensitive to cold
chill (adj.)
bowels (n.)
sensual excess
epicurism (n.)
sensual passion, lacking
cold (adj.)
sentence, pass
pass (v.)
sentence, pronounce
censure (v.)
censure (n.)
sentiment, letter displaying a particular
humour-letter (n.)
sentry exposed to danger
perdu (n.)
disjoin (v.)
separate, remain
stand off (v.)
separate entity
distinct (n.)
separate from other people
single forth (v.)
separate minds, of
twain (adv.)
separate out
bolt (v.)
separating force
divorce (n.)
separation, cause of
divorce (n.)
separation, causing
separable (adj.)
separation, degree of
removed (adj.)
September 14
Holy-rood day
September 29
Michaelmas (n.)
vaulty (adj.)
sepulchre, place in a
sepulchre (v.)
sequent (adj.)
close (adj.)
sequester (n.)
serenade, night-time
good-night, good night (n.)
quiet (n.)
series of games [in cards, tennis]
set (n.)
serious, deadly
desperate (adj.)
serious concern
business (n.)
careful (adj.)
sadness (n.)
seriousness, with great
deeply (adv.)
moral (v.)
worm (n.)
servant, attentive
diligence (n.)
servant, be a
serve (v.)
servant, domestic
scullion (n.)
servant, dumb
mute (n.)
servant, chief
sewer (n.)
servant, male
servingman (n.)
servant, obsequious
observant (n.)
servant, public
wealsman (n.)
servant, remain a
keep below stairs
servant, situation as a
service (n.)
servant in charge of the bread
pantler (n.)
servant in charge of the wine cellar
butler (n.)
servant on foot
footboy (n.)
servants, act as
office (v.)
servants, without
unpeopled (adj.)
servants' courtyard
base-court (n.)
servants' quarters
office (n.)
serve, make
fit (v.)
serve, ready to
serviceable (adj.)
serve as a burial-place
sepulchre (v.)
serve at court
attend (v.)
serve food
carve (v.)
serve God
serve (v.)
serve in lieu of
stand for (v.)
service, at one's
duty, at
service, burial
burial (n.)
service, careful
diligence (n.)
service, demand for
claim (n.)
service, diligent
attendance (n.)
service, discharge from
dismission (n.)
service, dismiss from
turn away (v.)
service, do
wait (v.)
service, enforced
impress (n.)
service, enter into
serve (v.)
service, force into
impress (v.)
service, giver of dedicated
servant (n.)
service, good and faithful
yeoman's service
service, meritorious
merit (n.)
service, military
service (n.)
service, providing a useful
necessary (adj.)
service, put in
servant (v.)
service, release from
discharge (v.),quit (v.)
service, render
serve (v.)
service, take into
entertain (v.),retain (v.)
service beyond what is needed, offering
super-serviceable (adj.)
service book, by God and the
cock and pie, by
service rooms
office (n.)
service to a lady, assiduous
industry (n.)
officed (adj.)
services, payment for
recompense (n.)
services, use
employ (v.)
servile subject
abject (n.)
homage (n.)
serving as a token
monumental (adj.)
serving dish
trencher (n.)
serving dishes
trenchering (n.)
serving of food
mess (n.)
Jill (n.)
office (n.)
dresser (n.)
servitude, person in
bondslave (n.)
sessions, break between
intervallum (n.)
set [a broken limb]
set to (v.)
set [bowls]
clap (v.)
set [of people]
faction (n.)
set against each other
put together (v.)
set an activity to be followed
set (v.)
set apart
singule (v.)
set at large
enlarge (v.)
set before
put to (v.)
set before oneself
propound (v.)
set before the mind
propose (v.)
set down
indite (v.)
set down in writing
penned (adj.)
set effectively
clap (v.)
set foot
footing, set
set in a delicate bodily frame
tender-hefted (adj.)
set in motion
go about (v.)
set in order
darraign (v.)
set in readiness
wind up (v.)
set in train
taken (adj.)
set of dependents
train (n.)
set of nine attendants
ninefold (n.)
set of three [in hunting]
leash (n.)
set off to advantage
commend (v.)
set out on foot
forward (v.)
set spinning
set up (v.)
set to work on
go about with (v.)
set up in public
bring forth (v.)
set upon
beset (v.)
set with precious stones
carbuncled (adj.)
setting [background]
foil (n.),ground (n.)
setting, enclosed in a
cased (adj.)
setting, fixed in a
bedded (adj.)
setting down
fixture (n.)
setting out
parting (n.)
setting out for war
expedition (n.)
settle, confidently
repose (v.)
settle as in a stable
stall (v.)
settle hastily
clap up (v.)
settle in a camp
encamp (v.)
settle the hash of
pheeze, feeze (v.)
settle the matter
conclude (v.)
settle the price of
cheapen (v.)
settle the quarrel
crow, pluck a
settle the score
acquit (v.)
settle up
come off (v.)
settled [legal]
affeered (adj.)
settled, needing to be
competent, computent (adj.)
settled expression
setting (n.)
settled in mind
absolute (adj.)
settled practice
habit (n.)
settled state
fixure (n.)
settlement, agreed
composition (n.)
settlement, financial
discharge (n.)
settlement, make a
compose (v.)
settlement, marriage
jointure (n.)
settlement, prompt
dispatch, despatch (n.)
settlement of account
reckoning (n.)
settlement of business
despatch (n.)
settlement of debts
reckoning (n.)
settling of account
reckoning (n.)
seven years, this past
day, these seven years'
severe, relentlessly
inexorable (adj.)
severe blow
rebuke (n.)
severe face
frown (n.)
severely suffer
smoke (v.)
severely talk
lay home
severity, reduce the
mitigate (v.)
severity, utmost
extremity (n.)
severity, with
rigorously (adv.)
sew loosely
baste (v.)
sew up [eyelids, in falconry]
seel (v.)
sewage channel
shore (n.)
sews [professionally], one who
sempster (n.)
sex, take away one's
unsex (v.)
sex, time for
rut-time (n.)
sexual abstinence
continency (n.)
sexual attraction
liking (n.)
sexual dealings, have
occupy (v.)
sexual go-between, act as a
pander (v.)
sexual indulgence
incontinency (n.)
sexual intercourse
country matters
sexual intercourse, have
colt (v.),go to it,tumble (v.)
sexual intercourse, not having had
unknown (adj.)
sexual knowledge of, have
know (v.)
sexual pleasure
jollity (n.)
sexual purity
virtue (n.)
sexual recreation
sport (n.)
sexual relationship, enjoy a
go (v.)
sexual restraint, lack of
incontinency (n.)
sexual squeamishness
green-sickness (n.)
sexual wrongdoing
scape, 'scape (n.)
sexually hot
wanton (adj.)
shade, concealing
coverture (n.)
shade, slight
eye (n.)
shade from the sun
shadow (n.)
shadow, cast a
distain (v.)
blue (adj.)
shady retreat
arbour (n.)
shaft [of a weapon]
staff (n.)
shafts, horse which goes between
fill-horse (n.)
shafts of a cart
fill (n.)
shaggy hair, having
shag-haired (adj.)
rug-headed (adj.)
shake, cause to
provoke (v.)
shake off, person difficult to
bur, burr (n.)
shake off with difficulty
bur, burr (n.)
shake resolve
move (v.)
shaking [as caused by a fever]
ague (n.)
shaking [as with a fever]
agued (adj.)
shaking, fit of
ague-fit (n.)
shaking fit
palsy (n.)
shallow part
shallow (n.)
sham, pretty
bubble (n.)
shamble along
shuffle (v.)
shame, feeling of
modesty (n.)
shameful act
abomination (n.)
shameful deed
dishonesty (n.)
shamefully treat
baffle (v.)
shamelessly, carry through
face out (v.)
shaming practice
villainy (n.)
shape, alter the
trans-shape (v.)
shape, appear in a
inform (v.)
shape, circular
hoop (n.)
shape, forced out of
crushed (adj.)
shape, give
shape (v.)
shape, give rough
rough-hew (v.)
shape, change
metamorphose (v.)
shape, imprinted
form (n.)
shape, regular
frame (n.)
shape, taking
shape (n.)
shape a course
frame (v.)
shape artistically
carve (v.)
shape like
figure (v.)
shaped, crookedly
nook-shotten (adj.)
shaped like a dragon
dragonish (adj.)
shapeless mass
indigest (n.)
shapeless matter
chaos (n.)
form (n.)
share, equal
moiety (n.)
share, give a
interess (v.)
share a pillow
bolster (v.)
share a stake
half, be one's
share in a joint decision
party-verdict (n.)
share out
divide (v.)
shared, evenly
well-divided (adj.)
shared antagonism
contestation (n.)
shared by all
sympathized (adj.)
shared nature, of a
demi-natured (adj.)
shared ownership
possession (n.)
shared with another
unproper (adj.)
shares, fair
half-part (n.)
sharp, not
dull (adj.)
sharp, permanently
bateless (adj.)
sharp answers, ready with
quick-answered (adj.)
sharp edge
tang (n.)
sharp remedy
corrosive (n.)
grind (v.)
edged (adj.)
sharpening tools, stone used for
whetstone (n.)
sharply equipped
sharp-provided (adj.)
sharply pull
pluck (v.)
sharp-minded individual
wit (n.)
edge (n.)
forked (adj.)
enscarped (adj.)
sharp (adj.)
shaving, ready for
razorable (adj.)
shaving off
baring (n.)
shawl, baptismal
bearing-cloth (n.)
sheaf, gathered up like a
sheaved (adj.)
sheath, fitted with a
sheathing (n.)
sheath, remove from the [in fencing]
dismount (v.)
sheath, without a
chapeless (adj.)
sheathe wrongly
mis-sheathe (v.)
sheathed, be
go up (v.)
sheathed badly
ill-sheathed (adj.)
shed, like a lean-to
penthouse, pent-house (adj.)
shed a disguise
discase (v.)
sheep, building to shelter
sheepcote (n.)
sheep, leading
bell-wether (n.)
greenly (adv.)
sheet, winding
cerements (n.)
sheet of writing
label (n.)
giantess (n.)
shell, deprived of a
shelled, shealed (adj.)
shell, having a
cockled (adj.)
shell, withdraw within a
inshell (v.)
shell, without a
shelled, shealed (adj.)
shelly (adj.)
shelter, find
couch (v.)
shelter, find poor
hovel (v.)
shelter, place of
host (n.)
shelter, take
cabin (v.)
shelter, within
ensheltered (adj.)
sheltered spot
shade (n.)
shelving, gently
shelvy (adj.)
shelving abruptly
enscarped (adj.)
shepherd, love-sick
Corin (n.)
shepherd's crook
sheep-hook (n.)
shepherdess, love-sick
Phillida (n.)
shepherds, god of
Lupercal (n.)
shield, add a coat-of-arms to a
quarter (v.)
shield, light round
target (n.)
shield, painted
scutcheon (n.)
shield, small round
buckler (n.)
shift [clothing]
smock (n.)
shift [movement]
shuffle (v.)
shift, final
rendezvous (n.)
shift, make
scamble (v.)
shift direction
hedge (v.)
shiftily, act
shuffle (v.)
shifty individual
sheep-biter (n.)
shank (n.)
shine, make
brandish (v.)
shining circle
paten (n.)
shining like marble
marbled (adj.)
shining nature
glistering (n.)
shining quality
shine (n.)
ship, back into the [of an anchor]
home (adv.)
ship, captured
prize (n.)
ship, head-dress shaped like a
ship-tire (n.)
ship, off the
off (adv.)
ship, on board
shipboard, to
ship, put on board a
inship (v.)
ship, space at sea to manoeuvre a
sea-room (n.)
tight (adj.)
shipwreck, causing
shipwracking (adj.)
shiver, cause to
fever (v.)
shiver, pass like a
thrill (v.)
shoal of fish
school (n.)
rug-headed (adj.)
shoe, leather in the upper part of a
overleather (n.)
shoe, roughly made
brogue (n.)
shoes, deep enough to cover
overshoes, over-shoes (adv.)
shoes, foot model for shaping
last (n.)
shoes, with worn
out (adv.)
shoot, thin
switch (n.)
shoot ahead
overshoot (v.)
shoot an arrow
loose (v.)
shoot with a pistol
pistol (v.)
shooting [pain]
shot (n.)
shooting, act of
shoot (n.)
shooting star
exhalation (n.)
shooting straight ahead [in archery]
forehand, fore-hand (adj.)
shoots, abounding in
bladed (adj.)
shop, second-hand clothes
frippery (n.)
shop, stand in front of a
stall (n.)
shop front structure
bulk (n.)
shops, cook
Pie Corner
shop-soiled, not
unbraided (adj.)
shore, on
a-land (adv.)
shore, overlooking
brow (n.)
shore, protected by the
embayed (adj.)
shore, setting foot on
footing (n.)
shore, steer away from the
lay (v.)
short, cut
curtail (v.)
short, falling
unhandsome (adj.)
short, stop
stint (v.)
short account
brief (n.)
short entertainment
abridgement (n.)
short period of time
season (n.)
short piece of poetry
posy (n.)
short space of time
breathing while (n.)
short supply, in
faint (adj.)
short time, after a
presently (adv.)
short time, for a
awhile (adv.)
short time, very
pissing while
next (adj.)
not-pated (adj.)
improvident (adj.)
testy (adj.)
pursy (adj.)
shot [of clothing]
changeable (adj.)
shot, determining/final [in archery]
upshoot (n.)
shot, loose
shot (n.)
shot at a target
mark (n.)
shoulder, armour protecting the
shoulder-piece (n.)
shoulder, pushing with the
shouldering (n.)
shoulder, with a dislocated
shoulder-shotten (adj.)
shoulder band
scarf (n.)
shoulder belt/strap
baldric, baldrick (n.)
shoulder-pole used for carrying a heavy container
cowl-staff (n.)
shoulders, laid across the
traversed (adj.)
shout, welcoming
ave (n.)
shout angrily
pelt (v.)
shout approval
aim, cry
shout of acclamation
voice (n.)
shout of approval
applause (n.),cry (n.)
shout with astonishment
hoop (v.)
shouting, excited
whooping (n.)
shouts, follow with
hallow, holloa, hollow (v.)
shouts, welcome with
shout forth (v.)
push (n.)
show, deceitful
daubery, daubry (n.)
show, deceptive
bubble (n.)
show, external
sight (n.)
show, false
ostentation (n.)
show, light-hearted
vanity (n.)
show, make a
put forth (v.)
show, public
ostentation (n.)
show a model of behaviour
feat (v.)
show all courtesy
observe (v.)
show applause
aim, cry
show clearly
look through (v.)
show cowardice
coals, carry
show delight
fawn (v.)
show distinctly
distinguish (v.)
show of daring
bravery (n.)
show one's face
peep (v.)
show oneself
peer out (v.)
show polite conduct
comply (v.)
show the characteristics
smack (v.)
show the way
light (v.)
show to advantage
set off (v.)
show well
commend (v.)
showily decorative
fine (adj.)
fancy (n.)
showing [of politeness]
extent (n.)
showing dislike
distasteful (adj.)
showing favour
gracious (adj.)
showing fine qualities
virtuous (adj.)
showing off
ostentation (n.)
showing success
prosperous (adj.)
showing the highest degree of pride
top-proud (adj.)
showing the way towards bed
bedward, to
showman with a performing monkey
ape-bearer (n.)
shown, previously
forespent (adj.)
shown in an assault
enforced (adj.)
vaunter (n.)
showy adornment
knavery (n.)
showy plaything
gaud (n.)
showy rubbish
trumpery (n.)
showy woman
jay (n.)
rent (adj.)
shreds, tear to
mammock (v.)
policy (n.)
shrill, not
low (adj.)
shrill sound
sharp (n.)
shrill-gorged (adj.)
piping (adj.)
nit (n.)
shrink, cause to
contract (v.)
shrink away
wink (v.)
shrink up
cling (v.)
budger (n.)
shroud, waxed
cerements (n.)
shroud, wrap up in a
cere up (v.),sear up (v.)
shrub [for bowel evacuation]
senna (n.)
shrub, ornamental thick
shrub, yellow-flowered
broom-grove (n.)
busky (adj.)
lank (adj.)
shrunken, become
lank (v.)
shrunken thing
elf-skin (n.)
shuffle along
creep (v.)
shuffle cheatingly
pack (v.)
shut, keep one's mouth
hold in (v.)
shut, slam
clap to (v.)
shut off
wall (v.)
shut one's eyes
wink (v.)
shut tight
clap to (v.)
shut up, be
cabin (v.)
shut up in a sty
frank up (v.)
shut up in limiting bounds
cabin (v.)
shutting the eyes
winking (n.)
schedule, put in a
enschedule (v.)
scheme, harmful
mischief (n.)
scheme of things
frame (n.)
schemer, political
Machiavel (n.)
scholarly associate
book-mate (n.)
scholarly ways, in
clerk-like (adv.)
scholarship, great
letter (n.)
school, prep
nursery (n.)
school holiday
playing day (n.)
school of instruction
house (n.)
sick through having too much, become
surfeit (v.)
sick (v.)
sickening fear
qualm (n.)
sickle, harvester using a
sickleman (n.)
sickly hue, cover with a
sickly over (v.)
sickly hue, of a
sick (adj.)
sickly naivety
green-sickness (n.)
sickness, afflict with
visit (v.)
sickness, drooping
languish (n.)
sickness, of
sickly (adj.)
sickness, resistant to
ague-proof (adj.)
sickness, sudden
qualm (n.)
sickness, sweating
sweat (n.)
sickness brought on by excess
surfeit (n.)
side, on every
hands, of all
side, on one's
before (adv.)
side, opposite
contrary (n.)
side, taking neither
neuter (adj.)
side, to one [in stage directions]
apart (adv.)
side, to the
beside (adv.)
side by side [in astronomy]
collateral (adj.)
side by side, place
paragon (v.)
side by side in front
afront, a-front (adv.)
side gate
postern (n.)
side glance, cast a
leer (v.)
side to side, from
across (adv.)
side with
stand to (v.)
sidelong glance
blench (n.)
side-rings, with broken [in horse-riding]
half-cheeked (adj.)
by-room (n.)
sides, change
change (v.)
sideways, look
leer (v.)
sideways, peep
by-peep (v.)
siege, begin a
sit down (v.)
siege, lay
set down (v.)
sifted carefully
bolted (adj.)
sifted well
fanned (adj.)
sifting [of flour]
bolting (n.)
sifting-bin [for flour]
bolting-hutch (n.)
bolter (n.)
wind (n.)
sighing, deep
suspiration (n.)
sight, come into
peer (v.)
sight, deprive of
blind (v.)
sight, faculty of
conspectuity (n.)
sight, in one's
eyes, in the
sight, inauspicious
disaster (n.)
sight, keeping out of
reservation (n.)
sight, line of
blank (n.)
sight, mournful
woe (n.)
sight, notable
mark (n.)
sight, object of
vision (n.)
sight, out of
close (adv.)
sight, power of
speculation (n.)
sight, put out of
hide (v.)
sight, range of
ken (n.)
sight, stay out of
lurk (v.)
sight of, lose
lose (v.)
sight of one's position, lose
forget (v.)
sign [of approval], make a
shake (v.)
sign, death-like
sign, distinctive
character (n.)
sign, insignificant
trifle (n.)
sign, meaningful
beckoning (n.)
sign, outward
badge (n.)
sign, publicity
sign (n.)
sign articles of agreement
capitulate (v.)
sign jointly
consign (v.)
sign of the cross
cross (n.)
signal to begin fighting
alarm, alarum, 'larm, 'larum (n.)
signature, bear a
sign (v.)
signature, mark used as a
mark (n.)
sign-board, tavern
bush (n.)
signet ring
signet (n.)
significance, expressing
importing (adj.)
significance, perceive
apprehend (v.)
significance, special
quality (n.)
significant gesture
beckoning (n.)
significant glance, give a
wink on (v.)
sense (n.)
signs, lacking any distinctive
characterless (adj.)
signs of the zodiac
zodiac (n.)
silence, awkward
O Lord, sir
silence, force to remain in
silence (v.)
silence, keep
hold in (v.)
silence, put to
put down (v.)
silence, reduce to
dumb (v.)
silence, time of
silent (n.)
silence by swearing
swear down (v.)
silent, keep
peace (v.)
silent, stay
bite one's tongue
silent spectator
mute (n.)
silently persuasive
dumb-discoursive (adj.)
silk fabric with irregular cuts
snipped-taffeta, snipt-taffeta (n.)
silk necktie
tawdry-lace (n.)
silk thread for embroidery
sleave-silk (n.)
silly aversion
toy (n.)
silly diversion
idleness (n.)
silly quarrelling and vain chatter
pribbles and prabbles
silly remarks, utter
wag (v.)
silver, clothed in
argentine (adj.)
silvery appearance, with a
silverly (adv.)
parable (n.)
simple creature
fool (n.)
simple state, removed from the
sophisticated (adj.)
simpleton by nature
natural fool
simplicity, unassuming
simpleness (n.)
sin, cause of
sinner (n.)
sin, dying to
mortified (adj.)
sin, in a state of mortal
sin against
offend (v.)
sincerity, wholehearted
integrity (n.)
sincerity, with all
ingeniously (adv.)
sinew, main
master-cord (n.)
sinful, be
damn (v.)
sing a scale
sol-fa (v.)
sing along in harmony
descant (v.)
sing in a choir
choir, quire (v.)
sing in chorus
choir, quire (v.)
sing in the style of a jig
jig off (v.)
sing in tune
choir, quire (v.)
sing merrily
troll (v.)
sing praises
boast off (v.)
singer, court
minstrelsy (n.)
singer, middle-part
mean (n.)
singing three-part songs, capable of
three-man-song (adj.)
singing voice
breast (n.)
single, a
self, one
single individual, by a
singly (adv.)
single party, in a
companionship, of
single pull
trice (n.)
single (adj.)
singular behaviour
singularity (n.)
sole (adv.)
sink, ready to
sinking-ripe (adj.)
sink in the mire
mire (v.)
sinking feeling
qualm (n.)
sinner, night
knight-errant (n.)
sins, without having repented of
sinfully (adv.)
sins unabsolved, with great
grossly (adv.)
sister, acting like a
sistering (adj.)
sit in conference
sit (v.)
sitting down
set (adj.)
situation, in what
wherein (adv.)
situation, subject to the
circumstanced (adj.)
sixpence as a tip, give a
testern (v.)
sixpence made in a coin-making mill
mill-sixpence (n.)
sixpenny piece
tester, testril (n.)
size [of a gun]
bore (n.)
size, cut down to
take down (v.)
size, diminish in
bate (v.)
size, large
bigness (n.)
anatomy (n.)
line (v.)
sketch, personality
character (n.)
skies, positioned in the
sky-planted (adj.)
skiff, go in a
skiff (v.)
skilful, more
bettered (adj.)
skilful activity
craft (n.)
skilful piece of work
device (n.)
skilful practice
exercise (n.)
skilfully constructed
ingenious (adj.)
skilfully crafted, most
best-tempered (adj.)
skilfully working
contriving (adj.)
skilfully wrought
curious (adj.)
skill, artistic
artificial (adj.)
skill, feats of
Mercury (n.)
skill, military
soldiership (n.)
skill, of one's
masterly (adj.)
skill, perform with
turn off (v.)
skill, produced with great
laboured (adj.)
skill, prophetic
augury (n.)
skill, with
quaintly (adv.)
skill at swordplay
fence (n.)
skill in choosing
choice (n.)
skill in lying
leasing (n.)
skill of self-defence
defence (n.)
skilled, be
can (v.)
skilled, highly
exact (adj.)
skilled worker
workman (n.)
skin, coat made of
skin-coat (n.)
skin, cover with
skin (v.)
skin, cover with scabs
tetter (v.)
skin, crack in the
chaps, chops (n.)
skin, outer
slough (n.)
skin, scaly eruption of the
tetter (n.)
skin, with tightened
braced (adj.)
skin and bones
anatomy (n.)
skin disease
serpigo (n.)
skin folds hanging about the neck
dewlap, dewlop (n.)
skinny individual
starveling (n.)
skinny person
bare-bone (n.)
skins, clothed in animal
leathern (adj.)
skip over
overtrip (v.)
skirt, long
petticoat (n.)
skirt worn by a knight on horseback
base (n.)
skull, with a deformed
crooked-pated (adj.)
sky [covering over the rear of a stage]
heavens (n.)
sky, coming from the
skyey (adj.)
sky, eastern part of the
orient (n.)
sky, in the
region (adj.)
sky, part of the
climate (n.)
skyish (adj.)
slam shut
clap to (v.)
slanderous leaflet
libel (n.)
false (adv.)
slanders, deal with
calumniate (v.)
bevel (adj.)
slap on the back [as endearment]
clap (v.)
slash with
rash (v.)
slash with a knife
scorch (v.)
slashes showing the lining [of clothes]
blistered (adj.)
slaughter, total
havoc (n.)
slave, as a
servile (adj.)
slave, befitting a
servile (adj.)
slave, knavish
Jack-slave (n.)
slave girl
bondmaid (n.)
beetle (n.)
sledge-hammer, battle-axe made like a
poleaxe, sledded
sleds, carried by
sledded (adj.)
sleep, exhausted from lack of
overwatched (adj.)
sleep beyond
outsleep (v.)
sleep in rough blankets
woollen, lie in the
sleep with
enjoy (v.)
sleepiness, causing
drowsy (adj.)
sleeping, prevent from [in falconry]
watch (v.)
sleepless state
watch (n.)
watching (n.)
sleeve reaching to the wrist
down-sleeve (n.)
sleeves hanging open from the shoulder
side-sleeve (n.)
slide scornfully
slight (v.)
slight accomplishments
little (n.)
slight extent, to a
slenderly (adv.)
slight nip
pinch (n.)
slight shade
eye (n.)
slight smile
smilet (n.)
slight way
taste (n.)
coarsely (adv.)
slightly, very
faintly (adv.)
slip away
shift (v.)
slip past
overslip (v.)
lapsing (n.)
spilth (n.)
sloth, in
ease, in
slothfulness, satisfy to
dull (v.)
slovenry (n.)
slow, be
forslow (v.)
slow down
slack (v.)
slow in copying
tardy-apish (adj.)
slow pace, dancing with
passy-measures (adj.)
slowly given
slow (adj.)
tardy (adj.)
sluggard, like a
sluggardized (adj.)
sluggard; worthless idiot
lown, loon (n.)
sluggishly, move
drumble (v.)
slur, foul
attainder (n.)
slurred, become
double (v.)
sluttery (n.)
slyly intelligent
subtle-witted (adj.)
smack against
buss (v.)
small [size]
low (adj.)
small [voice]
little (adj.)
small, keep
keep down (v.)
small, too
least, of the
small, very
narrow (adj.)
small achievement
little (n.)
small being, very
diminutive (n.)
small coronet
demi-coronal (n.)
small crown
coronet (n.)
small degree, in
lightly (adv.)
small degree, in no
meanly, not
small degrees, by
inches, by
small drinking vessel
canakin, cannakin (n.)
small flower
floweret (n.)
small group
parcel (n.)
small ornamental figure forming the tag of a lace
aglet-baby (n.)
small parts
equipage (n.)
small quantity
dram (n.),mess (n.)
small scale, on a
little, in
small sum of money
forty pence
small token
trifle (n.)
smallest amount
wink (n.)
smallest bit
rag (n.)
smallest object
bead (n.)
smart, make
perk up (v.)
smart aleck
wit-snapper (n.)
smartly, put
clap (v.)
smartly dressed
fine (adj.)
smartly made up
cleanly-coined (adj.)
smash to pieces
shiver (v.)
smack (n.)
smear with grease
enlard (v.)
smeared with blood
reeking (adj.)
smeared with pitch
bitumed (adj.)
smell, drown a
overstink (v.)
smell, with a sensitive sense of
tender-smelling (adj.)
smell sweetly, someone who makes rooms
perfumer (n.)
smelling, herb for
nose-herb (n.)
smelly old woman
fustilarian (n.)
smile, slight
smilet (n.)
smile, with a
smilingly (adv.)
smile disarmingly
leer (v.)
smiling, make happen by
smile (v.)
smoke, begrimed by
reechy (adj.)
smoke out
smoke (v.)
good-faced (adj.)
gentle (adj.)
smoothing iron
goose (n.)
smoothly running
wheels, on
smoothly talk
glose (v.)
bedded (adj.)
oil (n.)
smug (adj.)
smouldering fuel
coal (n.)
snaily (adj.)
snake, venemous
aspic (n.)
snakes as hair
Gorgon (n.)
flap-dragons (n.)
snare, fowler's
pitfall (n.)
snatch from
ravish (v.)
snatched away
wrested (adj.)
sneer at
smile (v.)
snow, melted
snow-broth (n.)
snow over
oversnow (v.)
snuff, box for holding
pouncet-box (n.)
snuffing out, in need of
snuff, in
soaked with drink
spongy, spungy (adj.)
soar [in falconry]
tower (v.)
soar higher than
overmount (v.)
soaring beyond view
high-sighted (adj.)
sad (adj.)
soft (adj.)
social betterment
promotion (n.)
social conditions
manner (n.)
social disparity
inequality (n.)
social graces
society (n.)
social interaction
conversation (n.)
social position, of the same
equal (adj.)
social presence
admittance (n.)
social standing
region (n.)
socially inferior trait
baseness (n.)
society, admit into
enter (v.)
society, brought up in
inland (adj.)
society, entry into
admittance (n.)
society, in civilized
inland (adv.)
society, lacking the benefits of
insociable (adj.)
society, mass of
world (n.)
society, withdrawn from
reclusive (adj.)
society of knights
cavalleria (n.)
soft as down
downy (adj.)
soften down
salve (v.)
soiled clothes, quantity of
buck (n.)
soldier, armed
shot (n.)
soldier, female
soldieress (n.)
soldier, fully equipped
man at arms, man-at-arms (n.)
soldier, horse
lance (n.)
soldier, jacket worn by
buff jerkin
soldierly action
stratagem (n.)
soldierly qualities
soldiership (n.)
soldiers, enlistment of
muster (n.)
soldiers, horse
horse (n.)
soldiers, rank of
file (n.)
soldiers, recruitment of
levy (n.)
sole, a
self, one
sole of the foot
plant (n.)
solemn appeal
conjuration (n.)
solemn declaration
protestation (n.)
solemn occasion
solemnity (n.)
solemn promise, make a
plight one's troth, plight troth
solemn vow
profession (n.)
keep (v.)
solemnly, ask
conjure (v.)
solemnly, promise
affiance (v.)
solemnly pledged
plighted (adj.)
solemnly reject
abjure (v.)
solicit (n.)
solicitation, persistent
importunity (n.)
solicitation, urgent
importunacy (n.)
solid, make
bake (v.)
solid body
solidity (n.)
caked (adj.)
curdy (v.)
solidity, lacking
slight (adj.)
loneliness (n.)
solve all problems
clear all
somewhere else
otherwhere (adv.)
somewhere or other, from
whencesoever (adv.)
son of a bitch [term of abuse]
whelp (n.)
son of the French king
dauphin, dolphin (n.)
song, dancing/festival
carol (n.)
song, drinking
song of good life
song, lively
jig (n.)
song, make the subject of a
ballad (v.)
song, mournful
dump (n.)
song, short
canzonet (n.)
song in three parts
three-man-song (adj.)
song of joy
carol (n.)
song of lamentation
elegy (n.)
song of praise
laud (n.)
song refrain
wheel (n.)
song refrain, words of a
hit it
song to wake huntsmen, daybreak
hunt's-up (n.)
sonnet composition
sonneting (n.)
sonnet writer
sonnet (n.)
deeply (adv.)
soon as possible, as
instant, on the
soon enough
time enough
balm (v.)
sore, inflamed
blain (n.)
sore, make
gall (v.)
sore, not rubbed
unwrung (adj.)
sores, encrust with
crust over (v.)
sores, enveloped in
botchy (adj.)
sorrow, adjusted to
care-tuned (adj.)
sorrow, all-consuming
canker-sorrow (n.)
sorrow, burden of
weight (n.)
sorrow, causing
mournful (adj.)
sorrow, express great
condole (v.)
sorrow, expression of
plaint (n.)
sorrow, full of
remorseful (adj.)
sorrow, individual
fee-grief (n.)
sorrow, source of
grievance (n.)
sorrow, wasted away with
pined (adj.)
sorrow, widow's
widow-dolour (adj.)
sorrowful exclamation
O (n.)
sorrowing deeply
dire-lamenting (adj.)
sort, every
gallimaufry (n.)
sorting out of affairs
despatch (n.)
sorts, out of
out (adv.)
sought after, state of being
request (n.)
vendible (adj.)
soul, dissatisfied
discontent (n.)
soul, lost
castaway (n.)
soul, of noble
clear-spirited (adj.)
discomfortable (adj.)
imagination (n.)
sound, beyond the ability to
soundless (adj.)
sound, inarticulate
accent (n.)
sound, shrill
sharp (n.)
sound, utter a
say (v.)
sound, without
soundless (adj.)
sound condition, in
whole (adj.)
sound discordantly
jar (v.)
sound violently
hurtle (v.)
sounding likely
probable (adj.)
sounding out
sounding (n.)
soundly, beat
dry-beat (v.)
soundly thump
bethump (v.)
cure (n.)
sounds, musical
noise (n.)
soup, rich
plum-broth (n.)
sour, become
turn (v.)
source of abatement
allay (n.)
source of amusement
recreation (n.)
source of hope
expectancy (n.)
source of information
intelligence (n.)
source of supply
mine (n.)
soured [of wine]
pricked (adj.)
South Seas
South Sea
south wind
south (n.)
south wind contagion
south-fog (n.)
sovereign, position closest to the
immediacy (n.)
sovereign form
princess (n.)
sovereign power
diadem (n.)
sovereign territory
domination (n.)
sovereignty, symbol of
royalty (n.)
sowing, action of
seedness (n.)
space, empty
vacancy (n.)
space, enclosed
circuit (n.)
space, force into a small
cram up (v.)
space, grassy
laund (n.)
space, hanging in
pendent (adj.)
space, immense
vast (n.)
space at sea to manoeuvre a ship
sea-room (n.)
space of time, empty
vast (n.)
space to be kept between fencers
distance (n.)
span of life
span (n.)
aglet (n.)
spare availability
superfluity (n.)
spare time
vacancy (n.)
sparing, be
starve (v.)
sparing, more
scant (adj.)
sparingly give out
scant (v.)
sparingly use
niggard (v.)
sparks, send out
sparkle (v.)
sparrow-hawk, young male
eyas-musket (n.)
speak bitterly
bite (v.)
speak entertainingly
speak holiday
speak fair words
gloze (v.)
speak falsely
fable (v.)
speak flatteringly
glose (v.)
speak in a charmingly affected way
carve (v.)
speak in private
whistle (v.)
speak inaccurately
misspeak (v.)
speak loudly
cry (v.)
speak more loudly
out-tongue (v.)
speak one's mind
say (v.)
speak openly
publish (v.)
speak out
call (v.)
speak privately
round (v.)
speak secretly
whisper (v.)
speak the truth
say (v.)
speak to the point
say (v.)
speak well of
smooth (v.)
speak with affectation
lisp (v.)
speak with authority
authorize (v.)
speaker, verbose
bagpipe (n.)
speaker of high-flown phrases
orthography (n.)
speaking, attempt at
accent (n.)
speaking, finish
say (v.)
speaking, in a manner of
manner, in
speaking, manner of
dialect (n.)
speaking, place for public
pulpit (n.)
speaking, right manner of
vox (n.)
speaking displeasing news
ill-uttering (adj.)
speaking in opposition
contradiction (n.)
speaking secretly
close-tongued (adj.)
spear, light
dart (n.)
special agreement
specialty (n.)
special honour
eminence (n.)
fellow (n.)
specially delicate
super-subtle (adj.)
specially chosen
picked (adj.)
specially worthy
choice (adj.)
specific points
parcel (n.)
specify in advance
prenominate (v.)
nomination (n.)
speciously, try
seem (v.)
speck of dust
dust (n.),mote (n.)
spectacle, fantastic
antic, antick(e), antique (n.)
glass eyes
spectacles, fit with
spectacle (v.)
spectator, act like a
look upon (v.)
spectator, silent
mute (n.)
spectators, display before
spectatorship (n.)
speculate about
suppose (v.)
speculation, academic
theoric (n.)
putter-out (n.)
speed, at top
post, in
speed, express
post-horse (n.)
speed, gallop at full
manage (n.)
speed, with
post (adv.)
speed, with all possible
haste-post-haste (adj.)
speed across
heat (v.)
speed of preparation
post-haste, posthaste (n.)
speed up
haste (v.)
speedily travel
speed (v.)
speedy, extremely
post-post-haste (adj.)
speedy concealment
dispatch, despatch (n.)
speedy rover
poster (n.)
speech, disburden in
deliver (v.)
speech, everyday
common (n.)
speech, fashionable
tune (n.)
speech, in everyday
vulgo (adv.)
speech, incapable of
unspeaking (adj.)
speech, insulting
railing (n.)
speech, prior
precedence (n.)
speech, repress
bite one's tongue
speech, rhetorical
peroration (n.)
speech, uncultured
boorish (n.)
speech incorrect but heart faithful, with
spell, as if put under a
enchantingly (adv.)
spell, holding under a
enchanting (adj.)
spell, magic
charm (n.)
spell, placed under a
charmed (adj.)
spell on, put a
conjure (v.)
charmed (adj.)
witching (adj.)
spelling, correct
orthography (n.)
spells, cast
conjure (v.)
spells, made powerful by
conjured (adj.)
spells, working
spelling (adj.)
spend idly
trifle (v.)
spending, lavish
waste (n.)
spending opportunity
market (n.)
parmacity (n.)
sphere, puffed out into the shape of a
sphered (adj.)
sphere, remove [a star] from its
unsphere (v.)
sphere, removed from its
disorbed (adj.)
sphere of jurisdiction
verge (n.)
sphere of knowledge
element (n.)
sphere of the earth
rondure (n.)
spheres, of the
spherical (adj.)
orbed (adj.)
spice, season with a
bespice (v.)
spice up
burn (v.)
spiced up
farced (adj.)
spiced well
powdered (adj.)
spices, in broth
plum-broth (n.)
spike in a buckler
pike (n.)
spilth (n.)
spin round
turn (v.)
spinal depression, with a
swayed (adj.)
spinning, one who stays at home
spinster (n.)
spinning, set
set up (v.)
spinning, untwist
untwind (v.)
spinning, woman occupied in
distaff-woman (n.)
spirit, boastful
glory (n.)
spirit, dignity of
greatness (n.)
spirit, free
libertine (n.)
spirit, give up the
yield the ghost (v.)
spirit, greatness of
magnanimity (n.)
spirit, guardian
genius (n.)
spirit, malignant
fairy (n.)
spirit, man of
courage (n.)
spirit, martial
rage (n.)
spirit, of great
magnanimious (adj.)
spirit, protecting
keeper (n.)
spirit in hedgehog form
urchin (n.)
spirit of fellowship, in a
heart, in
spirit of mourning, in a
mourningly (adv.)
spirit to respond, lacking the
barren-spirited (adj.)
spirit vision
urchin-show (n.)
spirited youth
blood (n.)
spirits [drink]
aqua-vitae (n.)
spirits [quality]
spleen (n.)
spirits, calling up of
exorcism (n.)
spirits, expel evil
conjure (v.)
spirits, in good
heart, in,merry (adj.)
spirits, invocation of
conjuration (n.)
spirits, low
dump (n.)
spirits, show high
caper (v.)
spiritual, not
moon, below the
spiritual attendant
chaplain (n.)
spiritual body
spiritualty (n.)
spiritual contemplation
meditation (n.)
spiritual duty
religion (n.)
spiritual gift
benediction (n.)
spiritual illumination, send
lighten (v.)
spiritual mentor
precisian (n.)
spiritual observance
exercise (n.)
spiritual self-examination
consideration (n.)
divinely (adv.)
spite, displaying
elvish-marked (adj.)
gall (n.)
rheum (n.)
splashed about
bedashed (adj.)
splashed all over with dew
dew-bedabbled (adj.)
splendid, make
brave (v.)
splendidly dressed
bravely (adv.)
costliness (n.)
splendour, excel in
outbrave (v.)
splendour, increase
glorify (v.)
splint, put in a
splinter (v.)
shiver (n.)
shivered (adj.)
shivering (adj.)
split asunder
crack (v.)
split in pieces
cloven (adj.)
split off
sliver (v.)
split open
burst (v.)
split the peg in the middle of a target [in archery]
cleave the pin
splitting asunder
splitting (adj.)
boot (n.)
spoilt darling
peat (n.)
spoilt child
wanton (n.)
sponsor, baptismal
gossip (n.)
sponsor, be a
gossip (v.)
untaught (adj.)
spoon, food served on a
spoonmeat, spoon-meat (n.)
spoon, christening
spoon (n.)
sport, manly
exercise (n.)
sport, subject of
sport (n.)
sporting routine
game (n.),game (n.)
sportive impulses
colt's tooth
sports, engage in manly
exercise (v.)
spot, centre
prick (n.)
spot, painful
gall (n.)
spot, tiny
auger-hole (n.)
spot on
pat (adv.)
spot to see from
station (n.)
spots, having five
cinque-spotted (adj.)
spotted [in heraldry]
tricked (adj.)
spotted like the toad
toad-spotted (adj.)
descry (n.)
spout [of a wine cask]
cock (n.)
spray, sending up
smoking (adj.)
spread butter on
butter (v.),butter (v.)
spread false rumours
buzz (v.)
spread like mist
smoke (v.)
spread on
smirch (v.)
spread out
display (v.)
spread out widely
wide-skirted (adj.)
spread over, be
strew (v.)
spread over, lie
bestrew (v.)
spread subtly
insinuate (v.)
spread thickly
beslubber (v.)
spreading like fire
fiery (adj.)
spreading rough and wild
rude-growing (adj.)
spreading wickedness
ill-dispersing (adj.)
spring, fresh
fresh (n.)
spring, sacred
Castalion (n.)
spring forth
bud out (v.)
sprinkled over
overstrawed (adj.)
sprinkled with grey hairs
grizzled (adj.)
aspersion (n.)
sprinkling of grey hairs
grizzle (n.)
courser (n.)
sprite, malicious
hag (n.)
spruce up
perk up (v.)
brisk (adv.)
sprung a leak
leaked (adj.)
spun from within oneself
self-drawing (adj.)
spur, wheel at the end of a
rowel (n.)
spur a horse
prick (v.)
spurious image
counterfeit (n.)
present (adj.)
spurs, ability to use
spurring (n.)
spurt out, cause to
broach (v.)
spy, opportunity to
spy (n.)
flaw (n.)
reed (adj.)
squeamish woman
cockney (n.)
squeamishness, sexual
green-sickness (n.)
wringing (n.)
squire, country
esquire (n.)
squire of barren land
mountain-squire (n.)
S-shaped links, chain made of
collars of esses
stab in the paunch
paunch (v.)
stabilizing factor, most [nautical]
holding-anchor (n.)
stable, settle as in a
stall (v.)
stable mind
temper (n.)
hostler (n.)
staff, fool's
bauble (n.)
staff, large wooden
beam (n.)
staff holding a torch
torch-staff (n.)
stage, bring on to the
bring out (v.)
stage, into the dressing-room at the back of the
in (adv.)
stage, on the lower
below (adv.)
stage, on the upper
above (adv.),aloft (adv.)
stage, opening
maidenhead (n.)
stage, put on
stage (v.)
stage, upper
top (n.)
stage drama
history (n.)
stage facade, behind the
within (adv.)
stage of life
degree (n.)
stage platform
scaffoldage (n.)
stage player
comedian (n.)
stage requisites
property (n.)
stage weapon
lath (n.)
stagger, make
stagger (v.)
act (n.)
stain, dishonourable
attainder (n.)
stain a new colour
colour (v.)
stain with blood
imbrue, embrue (v.)
stained, no longer
unstained (adj.)
stained all over
bestained (adj.)
stained with blood, object
stain (n.)
chaste (adj.)
stains, cover with
overstain (v.)
stairs, flight of
pair of stairs
stake, final
rest (n.)
stake, put down a
set (v.)
stake, share a
half, be one's
stake my life
death, take my
stakes, provide sharp
pitch (v.)
stakes, raise the [cards]
vie (v.)
stale, make
stale (v.)
fusty (adj.)
stale (n.)
stall accommodation
stalling (n.)
bonny (adj.)
stamp [as by a seal]
impress (v.)
stamp on
spurn (v.)
stamped impression
print (n.)
stand, bring to a [in hunting]
stall (v.)
stand, drive to a last [in hunting]
bay (v.)
stand, last [in hunting]
bay (n.)
stand apart
withdraw (v.)
stand aside
stand by (v.)
stand back
stand off (v.)
stand guard over
sentinel (v.)
stand in
stand (v.)
stand in, place to
station (n.)
stand in front of a shop displaying goods for sale
stall (n.)
stand in place of
use the person of
stand in the way
let (v.)
stand on end
stare (v.)
stand opposite
encounter (v.)
stand over
bestride (v.)
stand over with legs astride
bestride (v.)
stand still
stand (v.)
stand under the force of
understand (v.)
stand up
suffer (v.)
stand up for
warrant (v.)
stand up well
pass (v.)
stand upright
stretch (v.)
standard, deplorable
grossness (n.)
standard of a knight
banneret (n.)
standard of living
cheer (n.)
standard of measurement
scantling (n.)
standing [in the state]
ordinance (n.)
standing, deprive of
unstate (v.)
standing, social
region (n.)
standing apart
lonely (adj.)
standing by
assistant (adj.)
standing still
stand (n.)
stand (n.)
coy (adj.)
standstill, come to a
stay (v.)
star, born under a
starred (adj.)
star, shooting
exhalation (n.)
star, thwarted by a malign
star-crossed (adj.)
star, unlucky
disaster (n.)
stare, insulting
staring (n.)
stare at
eye (v.)
stare in curiosity
wonder (v.)
sphery (adj.)
stars, bad influence
star-blasting (n.)
stars, conjunction at birth
nativity (n.)
start, a good
commence (v.)
start, from the
first, at
start acting on
onset, give the
start of a race, at the
hand, at
start to appreciate
come near (v.)
start trying
go about (v.)
started, freshly
broached (adj.)
starting up
start (n.)
startle from a lair
rouse (v.)
startle reaction
starting (n.)
starvation, reflect
starve (v.)
starved individual
starveling (n.)
state [condition], frenzied
distraction (n.)
state [utter]
render (v.)
state, appropriate
fitment (n.)
state, confused
mist (n.)
state, council of
state (n.)
state, deathly
obstruction (n.)
state, disgusting
abomination (n.)
state, emotional
passion (n.)
state, excited
heyday (n.)
state, expectant
expectance (n.)
state, fit
case (n.)
state, golden
gold (n.)
state, gold-gilded
gilt (n.)
state, chair of
state (n.)
state, in a divided
dividable (adj.)
state, in a doubtful
incertain (adj.)
state, in a healthy
fairly (adv.)
state, in a proper
fit (adj.)
state, in the best
best (adj.)
state, inclement [of weather]
distemperature (n.)
state, into a disconcerted
countenance, out of
state, last
exigent (n.)
state, lax
wide (adv.)
state, lowly
baseness (n.)
state, natural
propriety (n.)
state, normal
regiment (n.)
state, normal [of mind and body]
nature (n.)
state, one devoted to the well-being of the
wealsman (n.)
state, opposing
contrary (n.)
state, position of
set (adj.)
state, respected
reverence (n.)
state, settled
fixure (n.)
state, symbol of
ceremony (n.)
state, unadorned
bare (n.)
state, uncivilized
barbarism (n.)
state, ungoverned
nature (n.)
state, unprotected
exposure (n.),rawness (n.)
state, warlike
array (n.)
state emphatically
urge (v.)
state formally
urge (v.)
state messenger
pursuivant (n.)
state of amazement
stare (n.)
state of being
degree (n.)
state of being jealous
jealous-hood (n.)
state of being present
presence (n.)
state of being word-perfect
perfectness (n.)
state of calm
peace (n.)
state of complete satisfaction, in a
perfect (adj.)
state of dissension, in a
jar / jars, at
state of excess, in a
grossly (adv.)
state of forceful action, in a
up (adv.)
state of gloom
cloud (n.)
state of happiness, in a
well (adv.)
state of health
cure (n.)
state of mind, apprehensive
jealousy (n.)
state of mind, normal
disposition (n.)
state of mind, resolved
satisfaction (n.)
state of readiness
brace (n.),case (n.)
state of subjection
yoke (n.)
state of tenure granted in perpetuity [legal]
fee-farm (n.)
state of things
fare (n.)
state of uncertainty
mist (n.)
state of unfriendliness, in a
out (adv.)
state of wakefulness
wake (n.)
state passage
progress (n.)
policy (n.)
statecraft, diminished in
unpolicied (adj.)
state (n.)
stately phrasing
state (n.)
statement, false
libel (n.)
statement, formal
vouch (n.)
statement, preliminary
prologue (n.)
statement, prepared written
line (n.)
statement as a proposition
position (n.)
statement going against accepted belief
paradox (n.)
statesman, image of a
state-statue (n.)
policy (n.)
station, high
calling (n.)
resting (adj.)
planting (n.)
stature, equality of
rivality (n.)
stature, person of great
pheazar (n.)
status, corresponding
sympathy (n.)
status, invest with
dub (v.)
status, next to the sovereign
immediacy (n.)
status, raised in
dignified (adj.)
staunch, not made
unstanched (adj.)
stay, allow to
let (v.)
stay, go to
sojourn (v.)
stay, make to
stay (v.)
stay, place to
biding (n.)
stay, temporary
sojourn (n.)
stay a short while
abide (v.)
stay awake
watch (v.)
stay away
stay (v.)
stay beyond
outdwell (v.)
stay close
stand by (v.)
stay close behind
hook on (v.)
stay empty
fast (v.)
stay for
tarry (v.)
stay for a while
sojourn (v.)
stay idle
play (v.)
stay in hiding
stay (v.)
stay in line
file (v.)
stay quiet
pacify (v.)
stay unbroken
hold (v.)
stay up
wake (v.)
stay up late
overwatch (v.)
stay upright
bear up (v.)
stay within
keep (v.)
staying away
forbearance (n.)
staying near
close (adv.)
staying-power, someone with
continuer (n.)
stays, lacing of
lace (n.)
steady steps
gradation (n.)
steal into
creep (v.)
stealth (n.)
stealthily, conceal
steal (v.)
stealthily, move
stalk (v.),steal on (v.)
stealthily in concealment, move
stalk on (v.)
stealthily moving
stealing (adj.)
steam, give off
smoke (v.)
steaming hot
smoking (adj.)
steamy emission
vapour (n.)
steel, hard as
steely (adj.)
steel, hardened like
steeled (adj.)
steel, turn to
steel (v.)
steel, weapon of
steel (n.)
steeled (adj.)
steep [height]
steepy (adj.)
steep [soak]
stew (v.),wet (v.)
steer away from the shore
lay (v.)
steer clear
give way (v.)
step, faulty
mistreading (n.)
step, first
maidenhead (n.)
step, initial
induction (n.)
step across
bestride (v.)
step aside
fall off (v.)
step lightly
trip (v.)
step over
stride (v.)
step-by-step progress
gradation (n.)
father (n.)
steps, direct one's
bend (v.),frame (v.)
steps, walk with delicate short
mince (v.)
splay (v.)
stern face, with a
grim-visaged (adj.)
severity (n.)
sterns [of a fleet of ships]
sternage (n.)
steward sent ahead to make preparations
purveyor (n.)
stewed prune
prune (n.)
stewed up
sodden (adj.)
stick [adhere]
cleave (v.)
stick [bowls]
clap (v.)
stick, beat with a
bastinado (n.)
stick for firing a cannon
linstock (n.)
sticky secretion
gum (n.)
sticky substance to snare birds
birdlime (n.)
stiff because too rested
resty-stiff (adj.)
stiffly curled
crisped (adj.)
note (v.)
still, stand
stand (v.)
still, standing
stand (n.)
still existing
present (adj.)
still to come
behind (adv.)
cordial (n.)
stimulation, erotic
provocation (n.)
edge (n.)
stink worse
overstink (v.)
brock (n.)
close (adv.)
tie to (v.)
stir to anger
ruffle up (v.)
stirred to action
alarumed (adj.)
stirred up
muddied (adj.)
stirred up muddily
puddled (adj.)
raising (n.)
stitch up
baste (v.)
stock (n.)
stocking, dark-coloured woollen
puke-stocking (adj.)
stocking for the lower leg
boot-hose (n.),nether-stock (n.)
stuff (n.)
engrossment (n.)
stocks, in the
heels, by the
stocks, punished by being put in the
stock-punished (adj.)
stocks, put in the
stock (v.)
stolen goods
manner (n.)
stolen property
thievery (n.)
stomach, having an empty
empty (adj.)
stomach, huge
gulf (n.)
stomach, wound in the
paunch (v.)
stomach contents
gorge (n.)
stomach worm affecting horses
bots (n.)
full (adj.)
stone, semi-precious
chrysolite (n.)
stone, turned into
metamorphosed (adj.)
stone for testing quality of a gold or silver alloy
touchstone (n.)
stone used for sharpening tools
whetstone (n.)
masonry (n.)
zany (n.)
stool contaning a chamber-pot
close-stool (n.)
stooping to foolishness
folly-fallen (adj.)
stop, don't
keep your way
stop, summons to
arrest (n.)
stop clinging
hang off (v.)
stop short
stint (v.)
stop talking
break off (v.)
stop to, put a
stop (v.)
stop using
give out (v.)
stop working
unyoke (v.)
check (n.)
stop (v.)
store, abundant
mine (n.)
store, candy
confectionary (n.)
store, have in
owe (v.)
store away
coffer up (v.)
store up in a barn
barn (v.)
receptacle (n.)
storehouse, corn
garner (n.)
store-room [for provisions]
buttery (n.)
store-room, liquor
vault (n.)
storm, driven by a
driving (adj.)
storm, rage more violently than a
out-storm (v.)
storm out
fly (v.)
storm-clouds brewing
sing (v.)
chidden (adj.)
story, foolish
toy (n.)
discourser (n.)
stoutly, fight
stand to it (v.)
stray (n.)
straight, not [of a lance]
across (adv.)
straight, put
even (v.)
straight in reply
simple-answered (adj.)
straight line, in a
evenly (adv.)
straight path
forthright (n.)
straight path, deviate from a
hedge (v.)
straighten out
even over (v.)
straightforward, not
indirect (adj.)
straightforward explanation
even (n.)
straightforward way, in a
round (adv.)
shortness (n.)
grained (adj.)
strain a meaning
crush (v.)
strain beyond the limit
outstretch (v.)
strain to the utmost
stretch (v.)
strained [of horses]
swayed (adj.)
bolter (n.)
sleave (n.)
strange behaviour
distemper (n.)
strange fancies, full of
fantasied (adj.)
strange notion
crotchet (n.)
stranger, as a
strangely (adv.)
stranger, as if a
strange (adv.)
stranger, like a
strangely (adv.)
stranger, make a
stranger (v.)
strap, controlling [for a horse]
curb (n.)
strap, short [falconry]
jess (n.)
strap, shoulder
baldric, baldrick (n.)
strap attached to a sword belt
hanger (n.)
stratagem, crafty
subtlety (n.)
stratagem for entrapping
twig (n.)
politicly (adv.)
strategy, armchair
closet-war (n.)
strategy, military
discipline (n.)
straw, animal
litter (n.)
straw, like
strawy (adj.)
straw, made of
sheaved (adj.)
straw from the rye plant
rye-straw (adj.)
straw mattress
pallet (n.)
stray animal
stray (n.)
stray animals, place for keeping
pinfold (n.)
straying [from a course]
error (n.)
straying from the correct path
wandering (adj.)
streaked with light
flaky (adj.)
stream, flowing
course (n.)
stream, freshwater
fresh (n.)
stream down
overrun (v.)
stream loosely
flare (v.)
pennon (n.)
streamer, ornamental
banneret (n.)
street, twisting
crank (n.),turn (n.)
street patrol
watch (n.)
streets, back
backside (n.)
strength, bodily
power (n.),thews (n.)
strength, bring to full
draw to head
strength, deprived of
benumbed (adj.)
strength, drained of
unnerved (adj.)
strength, faced with superior
overmatched (adj.)
strength, forceful
rudeness (n.)
strength, give
steel (v.)
strength, joined together in
insinewed (adj.)
strength, main
sinew (n.)
strength, of proven
high-proof (adj.)
strength, physical
force (n.)
strength, redoubled in
doubled (adj.)
strength, tested
proof (n.)
strength of limb
limb (n.)
strengthened against attack
rampired (adj.)
strengthened three times over
treble-sinewed (adj.)
strengthened well
well-sinewed (adj.)
stress, lay
enforce (v.)
stretch a meaning
strain (v.)
stretch on the rack
rack (v.)
stretch out to the end
outstretch (v.)
stretched out
along (adv.)
strewn about
overstrawed (adj.)
strewn flowers
strewment (n.)
strict adviser
precisian (n.)
strictly observed
precise (adj.)
censure (n.)
stride across
bestride (v.)
strife, free from
restful (adj.)
strife, verbal
bandying (n.)
strike [with the fist]
fist (v.)
strike dumb with dismay
astonish, 'stonish (v.)
strike off the roll
unroll (v.)
strike smartly against
fillip, fillop (v.)
strike together [of two people's hands]
clap (v.)
strike up with
clap into (v.)
strike violently
frush (v.)
striking, surpass in
outstrike (v.)
striking quality
rarity (n.)
string up
truss up (v.)
strait (adj.)
strip [of bark]
pill (v.)
strip bark
bark (v.)
strip of land left unploughed
hade land (n.)
strip of possessions
fleece (v.)
strip position from
unstate (v.)
stripped bare
polled (adj.)
stripped of all belongings
naked (adj.)
stripped of plumes
plume-plucked (adj.)
strive in opposition
tug (v.)
strive to attain
reach at (v.)
strive to procure
endeavour (v.)
strive vigorously
contend (v.)
stroke, attacking [in fencing]
offence (n.)
stroke, back-handed [in fencing]
reverse (n.)
stroke, firm
blow (n.)
stroke, harsh
knock (n.)
stroke, witty
pass (n.)
stroke beaks together
bill (v.)
stroke of a whip
stripe (n.)
strolling player
tragedian (n.)
strolling pretentiously
ambling (adj.)
strong, extra [of beer]
double (adj.)
strong, very
brazen (adj.)
strong arm [in attack]
arm (n.)
strong emotion
blood (n.)
strong in wind
well-breathed (adj.)
hold (n.)
strongly built
well-knit (adj.)
strongly join
sinew (v.)
strongly prepared
well-sinewed (adj.)
breathed (adj.)
frame (n.)
structure, dividing
partition (n.)
structure, supporting
base (n.)
struggle, be engaged in a
broil (v.)
struggle against
dispute (v.)
struggle for breath
catch the air
stubborn, unreasonably
senseless-obstinate (adj.)
stubbornly hostile
wilful-opposite (adj.)
stubbornly pursued
stiff-borne (adj.)
student, fellow
book-mate (n.)
student, negligent
truant (n.)
studs, adorn with
stud (v.)
studs, covered as if with ornamental
embossed (adj.)
study, undertake
take upon (v.)
stuff in
cram up (v.)
stuffed to bursting
overcloyed (adj.)
stuffed to excess
crammed (adj.)
stuffed with flattery
farced (adj.)
stuffed with prey
ravined, ravened (adj.)
stuffing made of many ingredients
hodge-pudding (n.)
stumbling block
cross (n.)
mulled (adj.)
dull (v.)
amazing (adj.)
stupid hound
Sowter (n.)
stupid individual
stock (n.)
stupid person
buzzard (n.)
stupidly imitative
apish (adj.)
stupour, in a drunken
drunk asleep
sturdy limb
brawn (n.)
sty, confine as in a
sty (v.)
sty, shut up in a
frank up (v.)
style, discourse
encounter (n.)
style, distinctive
addition (n.)
style, in high
highly (adv.)
style, text-hand
text (n.)
style of address
addition (n.)
style of handwriting
character (n.),pen (n.)
style of living
port (n.),rate (n.)
stylish, least
wearing, worst
stylistically polished person
orthography (n.)
gad (n.)
subdued in colour
sober (adj.)
subdued way, in a
demurely (adv.)
subject, duty as a
subjection (n.)
subject, on that
thereon (adv.)
subject, servile
abject (n.)
subject of conversation
argument (n.)
subject of sport
sport (n.)
subject to
capable of
subject to the situation
circumstanced (adj.)
subjection, bring into
slave (v.),tie (v.),yoke (v.)
subjection, put under
mortified (adj.)
subjection, state of
yoke (n.)
subjects [position]
subject (n.)
subjects, low
vassalage (n.)
subdued (adj.)
subjugated, frequently
oft-subdued (adj.)
subjugation, reduce to
assubjugate (v.)
submission, act of
obedience (n.)
submission, of
submissive (adj.)
submissive, make
servant (v.)
squire-like (adv.)
submit for inspection
exhibit (v.)
submit to
put up (v.)
submit to insult
coals, carry
submit to the same condition as
consign to (v.)
subordinates, use of
lieutenantry (n.)
consign (v.)
subsequent happenings
consequence (n.)
subsequent heir
remainder (n.)
subsequent time
after-hours (n.)
appliance (n.)
allay (v.)
subside, make
lay (v.)
subsist on
take to (v.)
substance, amber-coloured
amber (n.)
substance, bitter
gall (n.),wormwood (n.)
substance, containing
material (adj.)
substance, fiery
sulphur (n.)
substance, lacking
insubstantial (adj.)
substance, lacking in material
unsubstantial (adj.)
substance, life-supporting
spirit (n.)
substance, of
substantial (adj.)
substance, of little
immaterial (adj.)
substance, point of
article (n.)
substance, with
grossly (adv.)
substance from one's own body, using
self-substantial (adj.)
substance of great hardness and magnetism
adamant (n.)
substance used as incense in ceremonies
gum (n.)
substance used for making gunpowder
saltpetre (n.)
arming (n.)
substitute, carry out by a
attorney (v.)
substitute ruler
viceroy (n.)
subtly, behave
insinuate (v.)
subtly, spread
insinuate (v.)
subtly, work
insinuate (v.)
detract (v.)
succeed, enable to
good, do one
succeed, likely to
successfully (adv.)
succeed in a bout
play one's prize
succeed in carrying out
make good
succeed in seduction
prevail (v.)
success, bring
make (v.)
success, full of
full-fortuned (adj.)
success, give
prosper (v.)
success, giving hope of
hopeful (adj.)
success, meet with
speed (v.)
success, moment of
harvest-home (n.)
success, showing
prosperous (adj.)
success assured, with
made (adj.)
successful, be
thrive (v.)
successful accomplishment
fleshment (n.)
successful action
achievement (n.)
successful outcome
goodness (n.)
successful outcome, leading to a
prosperous (adj.)
successful performance
achieve (v.)
fair (adv.)
succession, close in
immediate (adj.)
succession, closest in
apparent (n.)
succession, French law of
Salic, Salique (adj.)
succession, in line of
removed (adj.)
succession, name in
overname (v.)
succession, order of
sequel (n.),sequence (n.)
succession, right of
reversion (n.)
sequent (adj.)
succession (n.)
help (v.)
suck in
drink (v.)
geck (n.)
sucking rabbit
rabbit-sucker (n.)
sudden appearance, with
start, on the
sudden attack against an enemy
sally (n.)
sudden checking [of a horse]
stop (n.)
sudden leaving
expedition (n.)
sudden movement
start (n.),wrench (v.)
sudden sickness
qualm (n.)
sudden violence, prone to
sudden (adj.)
suddenly appear
shoot out (v.)
suddenly break out
flash (v.)
suddenly come over
overcome (v.)
suddenly complete
clap up (v.)
suddenly move in
pop (v.)
suddenly turn
reel (v.)
sue one's livery
livery (n.)
suffer, be made to
afflict (v.)
suffer, make
pay (v.)
suffer for
abide (v.)
suffer from venereal disease
burn (v.)
suffer pain
die (v.)
suffer severely
smoke (v.)
suffering, failure to bear well
impatience (n.)
suffering great loss of trade
custom-shrunk (adj.)
serve (v.)
sufficiency without excess
competency (n.)
sufficient proof
probable (adj.)
suffocating smoke
smother (n.)
wet (v.)
comfect (n.)
suggest earlier
presuppose (v.)
suggest involvement
imply (v.)
suggestions, make
suggest (v.)
so-forth (n.)
else (adv.)
suicide, commit
die by oneself
suit [clothing]
case (n.)
suit [petition]
seeking (n.)
suit [please]
like (v.)
suit, reject a
non-suit (v.)
suit of armour
armour (n.)
suit to obtain possession of land, institute a
sue one's livery
suit with
concern (v.)
suitable, made
fit (adj.)
suitable, most
best (adj.)
suitable appearance
colour (n.)
suitable company
besort (n.)
suitable moment
convenience (n.)
suitable moment, at a
fitly (adv.)
suitable opportunity
vantage (n.)
suitable place, in a
place where, in
suitably dignified
grave-beseeming (adj.)
suited, not
unapt (adj.)
suitor, act as a
sue (v.)
suitor, play the
court (v.)
suitor at law
client (n.)
suits, allowed three
three-suited (adj.)
sullen, make
sour (v.)
sum, trivial
doit (n.)
sum of, make the
fill up (v.)
sum of everything
all of all
sum of money
pound (n.)
sum received
receipt (n.)
sum up, to
all, this is for
summary [of a performance]
tenor, tenour (n.)
summary arrangement
method (n.)
summer, Indian
Saint Martin's summer
simple-time (n.)
summer-time, befitting the
summer-seeming (adj.)
summer-time, delighting in the
summer-leaping (adj.)
summoning officer for an ecclesiastical court
paritor (n.)
summons, officer who serves a
process-server (n.)
summons to stop
arrest (n.)
sun, protecting against the
sun-expelling (adj.)
sun, shade from the
shadow (n.)
sun in the eyes, attack with
sun of, get the
sun never seen, country where the
Cimmerian (n.)
sun protection
mask (n.)
brown (adj.)
Sundays, letter printed prominently to identify
dominical (n.)
sundial, pocket
dial (n.)
sun-dried grapes
raisins of the sun
sunrise to sunset, from
sun to sun, from
sun-tanned child
tanling (n.)
disdained (adj.)
superficial knowledge
smack (n.)
superficial wordplay
gloss (n.)
exteriorly (adv.)
superficially attractive
flattering (adj.)
overlook (v.)
surveyor (n.)
superior power, of
overmatching (adj.)
superior role
command (n.)
superior strength, faced with
overmatched (adj.)
superior trait
comparison (n.)
sovereignly (adv.)
supernatural aid, invoke
conjure (v.)
supernatural being
sprite, spright (n.)
supernatural power
inspiration (n.)
supernatural presence
divinity (n.)
corollary (n.)
religion (n.)
supervisor, estate
surveyor (n.)
supper, have
sup (v.)
supper, provide
sup (v.)
supper, taking
supping (n.)
supper interrupted, with
half-supped (adj.)
new-added (adj.)
knee (v.)
implorator (n.)
supplied [with appropriate qualities]
endued (adj.),indued, endued (adj.)
supplied well
stored (adj.)
supplies and forces needed for war
proportion (n.)
supply, adequate
competence (n.)
supply, continuing with a
supplyment (n.)
supply, great
choice (n.)
supply, in short
faint (adj.)
supply, money
provision (n.)
supply, provide with a good
garnish (v.)
supply, source of
mine (n.)
supply needs
furnish out (v.)
supply of necessities
provision (n.)
supply with drink
cup (v.)
supply with children
store (v.)
supply with new children
new-store (v.)
support, being in
backing (n.)
support, in
before (adv.)
support, means of
living (n.)
support, need
lean (v.)
support, official
voice (n.)
support, person offering
voice (v.)
support, without
high-lone (adv.)
support one's cause
right, do one
portable (adj.)
supported loudly
loud (adj.)
supporter of half the world
demi-Atlas (n.)
supporting action
second (n.)
supporting member
leg (n.)
supporting structure
base (n.)
supreme, most
primest (n./adj.)
supreme court of justice
Star-chamber (n.)
supreme example
mirror (n.)
supreme excellence
divineness (n.)
supreme ruler
supreme (n.)
supremely excellent
super-dainty (adj.)
supremely worthless
scurvy-valiant (adj.)
cap (n.)
coat (n.)
sure, make
make good
sure to be approved
probal (adj.)
surface, form a frothy layer on a
cream (v.)
surface, paved
pavement (n.)
surface factor
furnishing (n.)
surface qualities, of
superficial (adj.)
surface texture of a fabric
nap (n.)
sick (adj.)
surgeon, like a
chirurgeonly (adv.)
surpass in beauty
out-brag (v.)
surpass in bravery
outbrave (v.)
surpass in striking
outstrike (v.)
surpass in voice
outbreast (v.)
surplus possessions
superflux (n.)
surprise, by
unawares (adv.)
surprised, be
muse (v.)
strangely (adv.)
surrender, of
submissive (adj.)
yielded (adj.)
second (adj.)
surround [as in a cloud]
encloud (v.)
surrounded, densely
thick-ribbed (adj.)
casing (adj.)
survey again
review (v.)
life (n.)
survival, way of
life (n.)
susceptible to
capable of
suspect the existence of
mistrust (v.)
suspended overhead
pendulous (adj.)
suspicion, freedom from
clearness (n.)
suspicion, regarded with
suspected (adj.)
suspicion beforehand
presurmise (n.)
suspicions, have
doubt (v.)
suspicious nature
jealousy (n.)
sustain, power to
holding up (n.)
stander (n.)
relief (n.)
sustenance, later
after-nourishment (n.)
swaggering display
bravery (n.)
swaggering ruffian
swinge-buckler (n.)
swallow like a flap-dragon
flap-dragon (v.)
swampy ground
flat (n.)
swarms, raise up in
up-swarm (v.)
swathing in infant clothes
swath (n.)
swear in opposition
swear over (v.)
swear over again
overswear (v.)
swear to abandon
abjure (v.)
swear to do without
outswear (v.)
swear to it
stand to it (v.)
swearing, act of
swearing (n.)
swearing, falsely
forsworn (adj.)
swearing, outdo in
outswear (v.)
swearing, reduce to silence by
swear down (v.)
sweat, break into a
reek (v.)
sweating treatment
boiled (adj.)
sweating tub, fasting while in a
tub-fast (n.)
sweat (n.)
sweating-tub, use the
sweat (v.)
sweep of a scythe
swath (n.)
besom (n.)
sweet briar
eglantine (n.)
sweet potato
potato (n.)
sweet tooth
tooth (n.)
sweet tooth, with a
sweet (adj.)
sweet (v.)
sweet-flavoured apple
sweeting (n.)
sweetheart [term of endearment]
heart (n.)
sweetheart, forsaken by a
lass-lorn (adj.)
sweetly appealing
flattering-sweet (adj.)
sweetly scented creature
musk-cat (n.)
sweetly tempting
sugared (adj.)
sweetmeat, candied
eringo (n.)
sweetmeat, tiny
flap-dragon (n.)
sweetmeat factory
confectionary (n.)
conserve (n.)
sweetmeats, maker of
comfit-maker (n.)
sweet (n.)
sweetness, exceed in
outsweeten (v.)
sweetness, filled with
sweet-seasoned (adj.)
soothing (adj.)
sweet-tasting foodstuff
sweet (n.)
swell, full
sail (n.)
swell to bursting
blow (v.)
swelling, putrid
imposthume (n.)
swelling of a horse's leg-joint
spavin (n.)
swerve to pounce on
check at (v.)
swift as the wind
wind-swift (adj.)
swift horse
courser (n.)
swift of flight
fleet-winged (adj.)
swifter blow, deal a
outstrike (v.)
swiftly, convey
post (v.)
swiftly, run
scud (v.)
swiftly conceived
flighty (adj.)
swiftly descend [in falconry]
stoop (v.)
swiftly pass across
overcome (v.)
swiftly passing
slippery (adj.)
fleeting (adj.)
celerity (n.)
swill, kitchen
wash (n.)
switch [cane]
riding-rod (n.)
swollen, excessively
overproud (adj.)
swollen badly
overgalled (adj.)
swollen like the biased side of a bowl
bias (adj.)
swollen through over-indulgence
surfeit-swelled (adj.)
swoop [in falconry]
stoop (v.)
swoop at
check at (v.)
swoop down on
souse (v.)
sword, at the length of a small-sized
half-sword, at
sword, at the point of a
arms' end, at
sword, draw a
draw (v.)
sword, loop for holding a
carriage (n.)
sword, strap/loop holding a
hanger (n.)
sword, toy
lath (n.)
sword, used for the first time in battle
flesh (v.)
sword, with the flat side of a
flat-long (adj.)
sword drawn, with
drawn (adj.)
sword hilt with protective steel basketwork
basket-hilt (n.)
sword with a long cutting blade
long sword (n.)
sword worn in dancing, ornamental
dancing-rapier (n.)
sworder (n.)
swordplay, skill at
fence (n.)
point (n.)
sword-point, thrust with the
punto (n.)
scrimer (n.)
defence (n.)
sword (n.)
sworn declaration
profession (n.)
sworn to secrecy
sworn (adj.)
symbol, special
ceremony (n.)
symbol, token
sign (n.)
symbol of office
office-badge (n.)
symbol of sovereignty
royalty (n.)
symbol of state
ceremony (n.)
symbolic figure
moral (n.)
symbolic portrayal
personating (n.)
sympathy, express
condole (v.)
symptom, fatal
syphilis-caused baldness
French crown
syringe, enema
clyster-pipe (n.)
systematically go through
decline (v.)
systematically question
catechize (v.)

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