This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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table, clear the
take away (v.)
table, kitchen
dresser (n.)
table of contents
method (n.)
table preparations for a meal
service (n.)
tablet, writing
book (n.),table (n.)
tablet displaying a coat-of-arms
hatchment (n.)
tablet used in the Mass
pax (n.)
tableware, special
plate (n.)
tabor, player of a
taborer (n.)
table (v.)
tack together
baste (v.)
tactical knowledge
direction (n.)
tagged lace
point (n.)
tail, dog with a trailing
trundle-tail (n.)
tail, short [as of a deer]
scut (n.)
tail, with a docked
bobtail (adj.),curtal (adj.)
tailor who does repairs
botcher (n.)
tail-wagger [contemptuous form of address]
wagtail (n.)
tainted substance
dross (n.)
take [as one's share]
share (v.)
take [oneself] off
pack (v.)
take after
like (v.)
take down [of sails]
strike (v.)
take in [drink]
drink (v.)
take in, able to
capable of
take in, unable to
incapable of (adj.)
take off a cloak
dismantle (v.)
take oneself away
retire (v.),wind (v.)
take oneself off
betake (v.),take to (v.)
take over
charm (v.)
take part
make one
take part, not
stand out (v.)
take part in a masque
mask (v.),masque (v.)
take part in a tournament
tourney (v.)
take the hair from
unhair (v.)
take to the wrong person
mistake (v.)
take up a gage
engage (v.)
taken by force
wrested (adj.)
taking place
foot, on
taking place minute by minute
minutely (adj.)
tale, old wives'
toy (n.)
tattling (adj.)
periapt (n.)
talk, amorous
love-prate (n.)
talk, piece of
question (n.)
talk, vain
word (n.)
talk about, refuse to
deny (v.)
talk away
question (v.)
talk confidentially
whisper (v.)
talk encouragingly
move (v.)
talk fawningly
curry (v.)
talk foolishly
wag (v.)
talk in a refined way
speak holiday
talk in a roundabout way
go about (v.)
talk in an affected way
lisp (v.)
talk indiscreetly
blab (v.)
talk of
chat (v.)
talk plausibly
gloze (v.)
talk severely
lay home
talk smoothly
glose (v.)
talk things over
question (v.)
talk with pride
brag (v.)
verbal (adj.)
talker, empty
parrot-teacher (n.)
tale (n.)
talking, stop
break off (v.)
talking, way of
accent (n.)
talking around [a subject]
encompassment (n.)
tall, be
aspire (v.)
tall figure, with a
straight-pight (adj.)
tally [of years]
count (n.)
tally, add to the
score (v.)
tally, alehouse
score (n.)
talons, seize with
foot (v.)
tame [in falconry]
man (v.)
elf (v.)
tangled bloody knots of hair, with
blood-boltered (adj.)
lune (n.)
tap [in a barrel]
spigot (v.)
tap [of a barrel]
cock (n.)
tap the casks
strike the vessels
tape, linen
inkle (n.)
tape made of worsted yarn
caddis (n.)
tapestries, furnished with
hanged (adj.)
tapestries, lacking
unfurnished (adj.)
tapestry hanging
arras (n.)
tapestry hanging for a four-poster bed
bed-hanger (n.)
tapped [of a cask]
tamed (adj.)
taps for wine-barrels, seller of
faucet-seller (n.)
tapster, work as a
tap (v.)
target [in archery]
butt (n.),level (n.)
target, have as a
level at (v.)
target, shot at a
mark (n.)
target, to the
home (adv.)
target, white ring at the centre of a [in archery]
white (n.)
target centre
blank (n.)
task, person who takes on a
undertaker (n.)
task, set a
task (v.)
task of checking measurement
measuring (n.)
taste, bitter
wormwood (n.)
taste, have a
smack (v.)
taste, choice
dainty (n.)
taste, offend the
distaste (v.)
taste, relishing the
daintily (adv.)
taste, savour the
smack (v.)
taste for pleasure
tooth (n.)
absurd (adj.)
tastelessly ornate
gaudy (adj.)
taster, act as
taste (v.)
tasting pleasantly
liquorish (adj.)
tasty bit
sallet (n.)
gibingly (adv.)
Bull (n.)
taut, pull
restrain (v.)
tavern [sign of a]
red-lattice (adj.)
tavern call for food and drink
bring in (v.)
tavern sign-board
bush (n.)
victualler (n.)
tax, impose a
task (v.)
tax, levy a
tithe (v.)
tax assessment, special
subsidy (n.)
taxation, extortionate
exaction (n.)
publican (n.)
taxes, take
exact (v.)
teach a lesson
lesson (v.)
teach a part
school (v.)
teach by example
moralize, moralise (v.)
teach paces [in horse-training]
pace (v.)
teach wisdom
school (v.)
teaching-aid, painting used as a
ground-piece (n.)
team [of horses]
trace (n.)
tear apart
rend (v.)
tear from
ravish (v.)
tear loose
pluck down (v.)
tear out
root (v.)
tear to shreds
mammock (v.)
bleared (adj.)
bead (n.)
tears, brimming with
swelling (adj.)
tears, drowned in
beweep (v.)
tears, flooded with
water-standing (adj.)
tears, force
wring (v.)
tears, lament with
wet (v.)
tears, melt into
dissolve (v.)
tears, on the point of
weeping-ripe (adj.)
tears, wet with
bedew (v.),beweep (v.)
tedious, be
dull (v.)
tedious, brief and the
tedious (adj.)
tedious exposition
prolixity (n.)
tedious satisfaction
satiety (n.)
tediosity (n.)
teeth, bare the
grin (v.)
teeth and forehead of, to the
forehead (n.)
tell, request to
demand (v.)
tell about
learn (v.)
tell lies about
belie (v.)
tell plainly
promise (v.)
tell the future
soothsay (v.)
tell the time
tell (v.)
tell with grief
deplore (v.)
chiding (n.)
temper, causing bad
choleric (adj.)
temper, fit of
mood (n.)
temper, in a bad
moved (adj.)
temperament, martial
Mars (n.)
temperament, natural
disposition (n.)
temperament, of angry
splenitive, spleenative (adj.)
temperament, show of
disposition (n.)
temperance (n.)
temperature, normal body
heat (n.)
tempered, hot
hot (adj.)
tempered for wickedness
mistempered (adj.)
fane (n.)
temporal affairs, in
temporary (adj.)
temporarily interrupted
intermissive (adj.)
temporary stay
sojourn (n.)
temptation, liability to give in to
frailty (n.)
temptations, full of attractive
fine-baited (adj.)
wooingly (adv.)
ten, killing one in every
decimation (n.)
ten, of one person in
tithed (adj.)
tenancy [date for change]
quarter day
tenant, land held by a
tenement (n.)
tenant damage to property
waste (n.)
tendency [in bowls]
bias (n.)
tendency [trait]
strain (n.)
tender affection
bosom (n.)
tender attentiveness
observancy (n.)
tender care, give
dote on / upon (v.)
tender flesh
quick (n.)
remorse (n.)
tenderness, causing
melting (adj.)
tenderness, without fostering
untempering (adj.)
tennis court, unplayable opening in a
hazard (n.)
hair (n.)
tensioned for action
bent (adj.)
tent, ceremonial
pavilion (n.)
tent, remove from a
untent (v.)
tent, treat with a
tent (v.)
camping (adj.)
tenth of a penny
denier (n.)
tenth part
tithe (n.)
tenth person killed
disme (n.)
tenth woman
tithe-woman (n.)
tents, covered with
tented (adj.)
tents, in ceremonial
pavilioned (adj.)
tenure, type of
copy (n.)
tenure granted in perpetuity, state of
fee-farm (n.)
term [date]
date (n.)
term [provision]
article (n.)
term of existence
date (n.)
terms, discuss
parle, parley (v.)
terrestrial world
under-world (n.)
terrible reputation
infamy (n.)
terrifying appearance
fear (n.)
terrifying force
bug (n.)
territory, delimited
limit (n.)
territory, sovereign
domination (n.)
territory under the rule of a count
county (n.)
terror, chill with
cool (v.)
terror, imaginary
bug (n.)
terror, object of
bug (n.)
test, final
last (n.)
test, go to the
go to it
test, to the
to it, to't
test the goodness
try (v.)
test the mettle
assay (v.)
tested strength
proof (n.)
tested to the highest level
high-proof (adj.)
tested valour in war
war-proof (n.)
stone (n.)
testicles, without
unpaved (adj.)
testicles of a deer
dowset (n.)
testing, action of
trial (n.)
testing fire
trial-fire (n.)
testing quality, stone for
touchstone (n.)
tethered hound
ban-dog (n.)
text from which a copy is made, original
precedent (n.)
text-hand style [of handwriting]
text (n.)
thank (n.)
thanks, tangible expression of
condolement (n.)
thanks, word of
thanking (n.)
thanksgiving, prayer of
grace (n.)
theatre audience
groundlings (n.)
theatre pit
cockpit (n.)
theatre presentation
action (n.)
theatre scaffolding
scaffoldage (n.)
theatrical arena
showplace (n.)
theatrical event on a rural theme
pastoral (n.)
theatrical green room
tiring-house (n.)
theatrical performance
interlude, enterlude (n.)
theft, quick
snatch (n.)
theme, develop a
descant (v.)
theme for mockery
story (n.)
arithmetician (n.)
therapeutic nutrition
diet (n.)
there, away from
thence (adv.)
mimic (n.)
thickener of cloth
fuller (n.)
thickets, full of
bosky (adj.)
clodpole (n.)
thickly, spread
beslubber (v.)
thickly hedged
thick-pleached (adj.)
thick (adj.)
fat-witted (adj.)
thieves, frequented by
thievish (adj.)
thieving bird
kite (n.)
thievish fellow
sheep-biter (n.)
thigh, armour protecting the
cush, cuish, cuisse (n.)
thin condition
bareness (n.)
thin shoot
switch (n.)
thin with grief, made
pined (adj.)
thin wood
lath (n.)
think better of
think on (v.)
think carefully
consider (v.)
think fit
deign (v.)
think highly
repute of (v.)
think ill of
misthink (v.)
think it a disgrace
scorn, take
think kindly
think upon (v.)
think nothing of
prize (v.)
think what you like
thought is free
thinking, creative
supposing (n.)
thinking, way of
device (n.)
thinking, without
extempore (adj./adv.)
thinly clad
thin (adj.)
comptible (adj.)
third, achieve/reduce to a
third (v.)
harlotry (adj.)
dry (adj.)
thorn, pricking like a
thorny-pricking (adj.)
thoroughfares, lesser-used
backside (n.)
very (adj.)
thoroughly, drench
bedrench (v.)
thou used as insult
thou (v.)
thought, active
operation (n.)
thought, appreciative
thank (n.)
thought, discontented
discontent (n.)
thought, fantastic
toy (n.)
thought, give no
forget (v.)
thought, take
avise, avised
thought, train of
thought (n.)
thought, with opportunity for careful
considered (adj.)
thought, without proper
venture, at a
thought about, not to be
unreasoned (adj.)
thought ill of
misthought (adj.)
thought in advance
presurmise (n.)
thought of, poorly
unthought-of (adj.)
thought out fully
ripe (adj.)
thought out well
leavened (adj.)
thought-executing (adj.)
remorse (n.)
unadvised (adv.)
wit (n.)
thoughts, collect
gather (v.)
thoughts, desperate
desperation (n.)
thoughts, full of reckless
heady-rash (adj.)
thoughts, good at forging
forgetive (adj.)
thoughts, inward
bosom (n.)
thoughts, remove from one's
unthink (v.)
thoughts twisting and turning
revolution (n.)
thrash about
sprawl (v.)
thrash without pity
lam-damn (v.)
thread, ball of
clew (n.)
thread, fine
film (n.)
thread, made of linen
threaden (adj.)
thread, plaited
twist (n.)
thread for embroidery, silk
sleave-silk (n.)
thread of a web
gossamer (n.)
threaded, triple
three-piled (adj.)
threads, forming rope-like
roping (adj.)
threads, fringed with loose
thrummed (adj.)
threat, blustering
brave (n.)
threatening appearance
bravery (n.)
threatening dishonour
wrack-threatening (adj.)
threatening look
lour, lower (v.)
big (adv.)
three [gambling]
trey (n.)
three, one of
triple (adj.)
three, set of [in hunting]
leash (n.)
three times
thrice (adj.)
three times greater, make
treble over (v.)
three times living as long as man
treble-dated (adj.)
three-nooked (adj.)
three-foot (adj.)
three-piled (adj.)
three-year-old buck
sorel (n.)
driven (adj.)
rapt (adj.)
thrilling way, in a
tickle (v.)
thrive well
husband (v.)
throat, armour protecting the
gorget (n.)
throat, clear noisily
hawk (v.)
throat, with folds of loose skin around the
dewlapped (adj.)
throne, close to the [in succession]
near (adj.)
throne, give up the
surrender (v.)
throne, keep on the
chair (v.)
throne, remove from the
disseat, dis-seat (v.)
through, get
pierce (v.)
through and through
back, to the
throw [in bowls]
upcast (n.)
throw [in wrestling]
foil (v.)
throw aside
cast by (v.)
throw contemptuously
slight (v.)
throw down [in wrestling]
cast (v.)
throw into confusion
shock (v.)
throw light upon
enlighten (v.)
throw oneself into
leap (v.)
throwing distance
throw (n.)
throwing headlong
precipitation (n.)
thrown aside
casted (adj.)
thrust, back-handed [in fencing]
punto reverso (n.)
thrust, forward
passado (n.)
thrust, make a
thrust at / in (v.)
thrust, upward
montant (n.)
thrust against
tread upon (v.)
thrust back
elbow (v.)
thrust out
loll (v.)
thrust through [in fencing]
hay (n.)
thrust unceremoniously aside
shoulder (v.)
thrust with the dagger-point
stock (n.)
thrust with the sword-point
punto (n.)
thrusting aside
putting-by (n.)
thrusting forward
push (n.)
thrusting power
swing (n.)
thumb, bite one's
bite one's thumb
thump soundly
bethump (v.)
thunder, lord of
thunder-master (n.)
thunderbolts, wielder of
thunder-darter (n.)
thunderbolts, with frightening
dread-bolted (adj.)
thundering breaker
roarer (n.)
amazed (adj.)
thwart, take steps to
prevent (v.)
thwarted by a malign star
star-crossed (adj.)
crossing (n.)
athwart (adv.)
tick, make
jar (v.)
ticket, winning or blank [in a lottery]
lots to blanks
tide, high
main flood
bruit (n.)
tidy up
trim (v.)
tie round
gird up (v.)
tight shut
clap to (v.)
top (v.)
niggardly (adj.)
tightly draw
restrain (v.)
tightly join
mortise (v.)
tile, wash a
tile (n.)
tilled land
tilth (n.)
tilting practice, heavy post used as a mark for
quintain (n.)
time, after a short
presently (adv.)
time, allotted
limitation (n.)
time, allow
tarry (v.)
time, at another [after now]
anon (adv.)
time, at any
once (adv.)
time, at some
once (adv.)
time, at the appropriate
season, of
time, available
leisure (n.)
time, await the
look (v.)
time, before due
untimely (adv.)
time, circuit of
compass (n.)
time, coming at the right
happy time, in
time, coming before its
untimely (adj.)
time, critical
push (n.)
time, delightful
sweet (n.)
time, desolate
waste (n.)
time, due
season (n.)
time, empty space of
vast (n.)
time, fixed
hour (n.)
time, for a long
longly (adv.)
time, for a short
awhile (adv.)
time, for the second
double (adv.)
time, go back in
recoil (v.)
time, in
time enough
time, last
last (n.)
time, latest
uttermost (n.)
time, length of
length (n.)
time, means of shortening the
abridgement (n.)
time, nick of
nick (n.)
time, occurring at this
present (adj.)
time, pass the
contrive (v.)
time, passing of
time (n.)
time, past
time (n.)
time, past the
stale (adj.)
time, prescribed
limit (n.),time (n.)
time, present
present (n.)
time, process of
success (n.)
time, proper
turn (n.)
time, right
fitly (adv.)
time, short period of
season (n.)
time, short space of
breathing while (n.)
time, some
once (adv.)
time, someone who plays for
temporizer (n.)
time, space of
space (n.),while (n.)
time, spare
vacancy (n.)
time, subsequent
after-hours (n.)
time, tell the
tell (v.)
time, to this
hither (adv.)
time, up to this
hereto (adv.)
time, use of
time (n.)
time, waste of
dalliance (n.)
time, whiling away the
time-beguiling (adj.)
time and again
still an end
time being, for the
time, for the
time for clothes-bleaching
whiting-time (n.)
time for exchanging rings
ring time
time for sex
rut-time (n.)
time forth, from this
henceforth (adv.)
time in the future, at some
hereafter (adv.)
time of necessity
exigent (n.),need (n.)
time of silence
silent (n.)
time of wickedness
iron age
time of youth
fair hour
time passing slowly, feel
think long
time to be born
time (n.)
time to come, in
hereafter (adv.)
time to consider, take
pause (v.),pause upon (v.)
time when, at the
whenas, when as (conj.)
timely, very
pat (adv.)
times, at various
otherwhiles (adv.)
times, many
twice and once
times, people from former
eld (n.)
times, within recent
lately (adv.)
times long past, in
yore, of
times to come, good
good-years (n.)
respite (n.)
hour (n.)
prolixious (adj.)
timorous, make
craven (v.)
tinged with gold
gilded (adj.)
tingle, make one's bottom
tickle your catastrophe
tiniest of creatures
minimus (n.)
prig (n.)
latten (adj.)
tiny [voice]
little (adj.)
tiny being
atomy (n.)
tiny bite
pinch (n.)
tiny particle
mote (n.)
tiny puppet
demi-puppet (n.)
tiny replica
model (n.)
tire of waiting
think long
tire out [clothes]
tire (v.)
tired of voyaging
seasick (adj.)
heavy (adj.)
tit for tat
quid for quo
tithe, pig given as part of a
tithe-pig (n.)
tickling (adj.)
title, additional
sur-addition (n.)
title, deprived of
corrupted (adj.)
title, formal
style (n.)
title, furnish with a
entitule, intitule (v.)
title, kingly
name (n.)
title, rightful
blood (n.),name (n.)
title of rank
name (n.)
title of renown
honour (n.)
title-page of a book
title-leaf (n.)
titles, granting of
grant (n.)
titles returned, have one's
restore (v.)
tale (n.)
toad, spotted like the
toad-spotted (adj.)
toast, drink a
pledge (v.)
toast, piece of hot
toast (n.)
toast, propose a
sip (v.)
toast, respond to a
discharge (v.)
toga, white
candidatus (n.)
toged (adj.)
together, always coming
still-closing (adj.)
together, band
bandy (v.)
together, belong
fit (v.)
together, bind
league (v.)
together, bound
pleached (adj.)
together, bring firmly
cement (v.)
together, feast
convive (v.)
together, fit
mortise (v.)
together, flowing
conflux (n.)
together, gather
knot (v.),muster (v.)
together, gather indiscriminately
shark up (v.)
together, get
engross (v.)
together, go well
fit it
together, hold
cohere (v.)
together, in league
consorted (adj.)
together, joined in a common cause
enjoined (adj.)
together, joined in strength
insinewed (adj.)
together, joining
conjunction (n.)
together, leashed
couples, in
together, putting
composition (n.)
together, talk
confer (v.)
together, well put
composed (adj.)
together, working
coactive (adj.)
together for love, come
meet (v.)
together in agreement, come
congree (v.)
toil, gained from
distressful (adj.)
toil, physical
labour (n.)
token, sacred
ceremony (n.)
token, serving as a
monumental (adj.)
token, small
trifle (n.)
token infused with blood
tincture (n.)
token of victory
trophy (n.)
token symbol
sign (n.)
token worn as a mark of identity or friendship
favour (n.)
toll, levy a
toll (v.)
toll-book, enter for sale in a
toll (v.)
tomb, lay in a
entomb (v.)
tombstone, without a
tombless (adj.)
gib (n.)
tomorrow morning
next morning
tongue, bite one's
tongue (n.)
tongue, forked
fork (n.)
tongue, give
chant it,cry (v.)
tongue, give [in hunting]
spend one's mouth
tool, engraving
gad (n.)
tool, person used as a
shoeing-horn (n.)
budget (n.)
tools, stone used for sharpening
whetstone (n.)
tooth, sweet
tooth (n.)
toothdrawer (n.)
top, put on
horse (v.)
top, reach the
rise (v.)
top, whipping
parish top (n.)
top of a ship's mainmast
maintop (n.)
top part
upward (n.)
top platform on a mast
maintop (n.),topgallant (n.)
topic of discourse
theme (n.)
topmost windows
windows' tops (n.)
torch, blazing
cresset (n.)
torch, ornamental flaming
brand (n.)
torch, staff holding a
torch-staff (n.)
torcher (n.)
tormented, perpetually
still-pining (adj.)
tormenting earthly life
earth-vexing (adj.)
racker (n.)
torn down
rased down
torpor, harmful
lethargy (n.)
torso, armour for protecting the
corslet (n.)
torture machine which stretches the limbs
rack (n.)
racker (n.)
torturing instrument
strappado (n.)
toss back
bandy (v.)
tossed about
betossed (adj.)
total, make a
make (v.)
total, overall
gross (n.)
totally consumed
bare-gnawn (adj.)
totally give up
deliver up (v.)
pith (n.)
touch, keep
touch (n.)
touch off
touch (v.)
touch the heart
penetrate (v.)
touched unnaturally
tainted (adj.)
touching everyone
common-kissing (adj.)
touching intimately
near (adj.)
touch (n.)
tournament, take part in a
tourney (v.)
tournament competitor
tilter (n.)
tournament ground
tilt-yard (n.)
town, fortified/garrison
war, town of (n.)
town, frontier
frontier (n.)
town centre, cross in a
high-cross (n.)
town official
burgomaster (n.)
toy, gaudy
gaud (n.)
toy, like a
bauble (adj.)
toy sword
lath (n.)
toy with
paddle (v.)
traces, horses linked by
trace (n.)
track, horse-racing
career (n.)
tracks, network of
maze (n.)
tractable, make [in falconry]
man (v.)
trade, give up a
give over (v.)
trade, suffering great loss of
custom-shrunk (adj.)
trade illicitly
traffic with (v.)
trader in a market
market-man (n.)
trader in double meanings
equivocator (n.)
trader in love
fancy-monger (n.)
mart (n.)
trading in ecclesiastical appointments
simony (n.)
trading right, exclusive
monopoly (n.)
tragic accident
misadventure (n.)
train [horses]
dress (v.)
train, properly [of horses]
pace (v.)
train to move
pace (v.)
trained, not thoroughly
rough (adj.)
trained walk
pace (n.)
training [especially of a horse]
manage (n.)
training, one who has completed
eyas (n.)
training, proper
breeding (n.)
training ground
nursery (n.)
training in the art of war
discipline (n.)
training school
house (n.)
trait, distinguishing
trick (n.)
trait, natural
complexion (n.)
trait, naturally endowed
birthright (n.)
trait, socially inferior
baseness (n.)
trait, superior
comparison (n.)
trample on
tread down (v.)
trance, in a
tranced (adj.)
trance, thrown into a
entranced (adj.)
pass (v.)
commerce (n.)
transcending the laws of nature
metaphysical (adj.)
transferring property into full ownership
recovery (n.)
exchange (n.)
transformation, character
conversion (n.)
transformation, wondrous
alchemy, alchymy (n.)
digressing (adj.)
succession (n.)
chance (v.)
displant (v.)
transport, means of
convoy (n.)
transportance (n.)
exchange (n.)
traverse (adv.)
trap, bird
pitfall (n.)
guard (n.)
trappings, adorn with
trapped (adj.)
trappings, equipped with
tired (adj.)
trappings, equipped with long
footcloth, foot-cloth (adj.)
trappings, military
accomplement (n.)
trappings, put on the
caparison (v.)
trappings, special
accoutrement (n.)
trappings, with armoured
arm-gaunt (adj.)
travel, period of
road (n.)
travel, weakened by
journey-bated (adj.)
travel about with
compass (v.)
travel along the coast
coast (v.)
travel bag
mail (n.)
travel on foot
go (v.)
travel over
measure (v.)
travel speedily
speed (v.)
travel through
overgo (v.)
traveller, fast
poster (n.)
passage (n.)
travelling drug-seller
mountebank (n.)
travelling necessities
necessaries (n.)
travel-tainted (adj.)
tread a measure
trace (v.)
tread lively
foot it
treason, accuse of
attaint (v.)
treason, charge of
appeal (n.)
treasury (n.)
treasure-chest, lid of a
coffer-lid (n.)
treasury, kept as in a
intreasured, entreasured (adj.)
treat [of wounds]
dress (v.)
treat as
make (v.)
treat as an object
property (v.)
treat as worthless
make nothing of
treat badly
abuse (v.)
treat of
touch (v.)
treat shamefully
baffle (v.)
treat well
entertain (v.)
treat with a tent
tent (v.)
treat with outrage
ruffle (v.)
treated with contempt
despised (adj.)
treatment, contemptuous
spurn (n.)
treatment, insulting
dishonour (n.)
treatment, reasonable
reason (n.)
treatment, soothing
balm (n.)
treatment, sweating
boiled (adj.)
sinewed (adj.)
tree [family]
stock (n.)
tree, elder
elder (n.)
tree, fruit of the carob
locust (n.)
tree, lime/linden
line (n.)
tree, main root of a
spur (n.)
tree supplying a graft
grafter (n.)
trees, fruit of forest
mast (n.)
trees, grove of lime
line-grove (n.)
palsy (adj.)
vengeance (adv.)
trendy, be
wear (v.)
trendy, become
come up (v.)
trench, divert by means of a
trench (v.)
trench, put within a
entrench, intrench (v.)
suspicion (n.)
trespass upon
jet upon (v.)
trial [as if by taste]
taste (v.)
trial [by combat]
decision (n.)
trial [by duel]
combat (n.)
trial, on
question, in
trial, put on
arraign (v.)
trial, put to
seek through (v.)
triangle of the zodiac
trigon (n.)
extreme (n.)
bar (n.)
course (n.)
tribute, customary
custom (n.)
tribute, paying a
tributary (adj.)
tribute, ruler who pays
tributary (n.)
trick, put off with a
fob off (v.)
trick, with a
false (adv.)
trick into a confession
fetch in (v.)
trick out
apparel (v.)
tricked out
guarded (adj.)
trickery, full of
juggling (adj.)
trickery, win over by plausible
mountebank (v.)
tricks, full of
tricksy (adj.)
trickster, become a
cony-catch (v.)
trickster, confidence
cozen-german (n.)
tried and tested
expert (adj.)
trifle, value of a
pin's fee, a
trifle, worthless
bauble (n.)
trifle with
jest upon (v.)
trifling display
vanity (n.)
nicely (adv.)
trigger-catch [of a gun]
sere (n.)
trim about
betrim (v.)
trim feathers with the beak
prune (v.)
trim to the point of perfection
point-device, point-devise (adj.)
trim with braid
face (v.)
trimmed at the bottom
underborne (adj.)
trimming, velvet
velvet-guard (n.)
triple time [music]
triplex (n.)
three-piled (adj.)
tripping along
ambling (n.)
triumph, display
flourish (v.)
triumph scornfully
insult (v.)
triumph symbol
bay (n.)
triumphal light
triumph (n.)
triumphal procession
triumph (n.)
palmy (adj.)
triumphant boaster
insulter (n.)
trivial, make
trifle (v.)
trivial matter
straw (n.),toy (n.)
trivial ornament
toy (n.)
trivial sum
doit (n.)
troop of horsemen
cornet (n.)
troops, behind the main body of
rearward (n.)
troops, force at the side of the main body of
wing (n.)
troops, furnish with
wing (v.)
troops, mobilizing of
muster (n.)
troops arrayed for battle, large body of
battalia (n.)
trope, like a
tropically (adv.)
trouble, anticipate
sing (v.)
trouble, cause
do (v.),pinch (v.)
trouble, make
ruffle (v.)
trouble oneself
care (v.),pass (v.)
unhappy (adj.)
troubled expression
cloud (n.)
troubled with doubts
scrupulous (adj.)
troubles, unclogged by
unstuffed (adj.)
heavy (adj.)
troublesome disadvantage
inconvenience (n.)
troublesome individual
shrew (n.)
troublesome persistence
importunity (n.)
truant, play
truant (v.)
truce, take
take upon (v.)
trudge about
jaunce (v.)
true, come
verify (v.)
true, presume to be
suppose (v.)
true, prove to be
prove (v.)
true, proving
approbation (n.)
true, turn out to be
come about (v.)
true condition
qualification (n.)
true devotion
sanctity (n.)
true drinking companion
Corinthian (n.)
true meaning
form (n.)
true to father's likeness
true (adj.)
true to one's promise
true (adj.)
true understanding
conscience (n.)
triumph (n.)
trumped-up charge
invention (n.)
knavery (n.)
trumpet call
trumpet (n.)
trumpet call, personal
tucket (n.)
trumpet call signalling a procession
sennet (n.)
trumpet call signalling retreat
retreat (n.)
trumpet call used as a signal in a battle
point (n.)
truckle-bed (n.)
warder (n.)
truncheon, beat with a
truncheon (v.)
truss [of hay]
bottle (n.)
truss up
gird up (v.)
trust, held in
compt, in
trust, place
affy (v.)
trusting, naively
credulous (adj.)
safe (adv.)
faith (n.)
trusty chap
truepenny (n.)
truth [in exclamations]
sooth (n.)
truth, by my
troth, by my
truth, capable of foretelling the
true-divining (adj.)
truth, disguise the
dissemble (v.)
truth, hiding the
riddle-like (adv.)
truth, in few words and in
fewness and truth
truth, observed
observation (n.)
truth, prove the
conclude (v.)
truth, speak the
say (v.)
truth, turning away from the
bias-drawing (n.)
truth, twisting the
ill-wresting (adj.)
truth, uncomfortably near the
unhappily (adv.)
truth about, find the
find (v.)
just (adj.)
true (adv.)
verity (n.)
well-forwarning (adj.)
try for
try (v.)
try speciously
seem (v.)
try to bring about
labour (v.)
try to obtain
endeavour (v.)
trying, start
go about (v.)
tub, fasting while in a sweating
tub-fast (n.)
tube, douche
clyster-pipe (n.)
tube-shaped beads
bugle-bracelet (n.)
tuft of wool
flock (n.)
tumour on a horse's leg
windgall (n.)
botchy (adj.)
tune, be in
go (v.)
tune, compose a
set (v.)
tune, lowering of
fall (n.)
tune, make a
sol-fa (v.)
tune, pleasant
madrigal (n.)
tune, put in
wind up (v.)
tune, sing in
choir, quire (v.)
tuneful variation
descant (n.)
concord (n.)
tuning, implement for
wrest (n.)
turbulent, highly
high-wrought (adj.)
turfy (adj.)
turmoil, move in
fret (v.)
turmoil, throw into
uproar (v.)
turn [in dancing]
change (n.)
turn [in fencing]
veney (n.)
turn, sharp
double (n.)
turn and face the enemy
turn head
turn back
retort (v.)
turn derisively
waft (v.)
turn from
pop out
turn in a new direction
bend (v.)
turn into
season (v.)
turn of events
lottery (n.)
turn pale
change (v.)
turn suddenly
reel (v.)
turn to face in a new direction
wheel (v.)
turned from its natural course
diverted (adj.)
turned into stone
metamorphosed (adj.)
bent (n.)
turning aside
blench (n.)
turning away from the truth
bias-drawing (n.)
turning back
reflection (n.)
turning to disadvantage
ill-wresting (adj.)
turn (n.)
turtle (n.)
twice, think
stick (v.)
twice as strong as previously
doubled (adj.)
twice over
double (adv.)
twice over, load
double-charge (v.)
twiddle one's thumbs
blow one's nail / nails
twig smeared with birdlime
lime-twig (n.)
twilight, evening
cockshut (n.)
twine used for tying up bundles
packthread, pack-thread (n.)
twined fibre
twist (n.)
twined-round poles, with
pole-clipt (adj.)
twire (v.)
twink (n.)
forked (adj.)
twist, clasp with a
entwist (v.)
twisted head, with a
crooked-pated (adj.)
twisting and turning of thoughts
revolution (n.)
twisting street
crank (n.),turn (n.)
twisting the truth
ill-wresting (adj.)
twisting way, rise in a
purl (v.)
twists and turns
revolution (n.)
twitch, facial
fit (n.)
two, group of
brace (n.)
two, rent in
burst (adj.)
two and one [in gambling]
deuce-ace (n.)
two kinds of death, yielding
double-fatal (adj.)
two legs, having
forked (adj.)
two or three
pair of, a
two-faced behaviour
seeming (n.)
two-faced way, in a
double (adv.)
forked (adj.)
disloyal (adj.)
two-year-old buck deer
pricket (n.)
tying up
bondage (n.)
typical behaviour
trick (n.)
tyranny, crushed by
downtrodden (adj.)

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