This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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boggler (n.)
vagabonds, characteristic of
roguish (adj.)
vagrant, roving
straggler (n.)
vain, labour in
wash a tile
vain, look in
pipe (v.)
vain hanger-on at court
monarcho, Monarco (n.)
vain chatter and silly quarrelling
pribbles and prabbles
vain thing
vanity (n.)
thrasonical (adj.)
glory (n.)
valiant, nobly
magnanimious (adj.)
valiant in fighting
doughty-handed (adj.)
valid [as of a coin]
current (adj.)
valid claim
interest (n.)
valid currency
sterling (n.)
stamp (v.)
validity, dispute
impugn (v.)
valour, display of
hardiment (n.)
valour, evidence of
trophy (n.)
valour, exercise of
stomach (n.)
valour, man of
champion (n.)
valour tested in war
war-proof (n.)
valuable, particularly
exquisite (adj.)
charge (n.)
valuation, put a
praise (v.)
value, add
advantage (v.)
value, as of little
light (adv.)
value, assess the
weigh (v.)
value, consider equal in
value (v.)
value, correct [of notes]
proportion (n.)
value, esteem to be of no
beggar (v.)
value, gift of no
nothing-gift (n.)
value, high
dearth (n.)
value, household utensils of
plate (n.)
value, increase the
mend (v.)
value, increased in
endeared (adj.)
value, no longer of
stale (adj.)
value, of
worthy (adj.)
value, of low
base (adj.)
value, showing
valued (adj.)
value, something of no
counter, compter (n.)
value, special
choice (n.)
value, worth twice the
double (adj.)
value of a trifle
pin's fee, a
valued, be
go (v.)
valued highly though offered for no price
unprized-precious (adj.)
valued object
estimation (n.)
vanishing quickly
flighty (adj.)
vanquished person
declined (n.)
vapour, drawn up as a
exhaled (adj.)
vapour, foggy
reek (n.)
vapour, give off
reek (v.)
vapour, harmful
fume (n.)
variation [in heraldry]
difference (n.)
variation [in music]
division (n.)
variation, tuneful
descant (n.)
variety, mixed
bastard (n.)
various positions, from
dispersedly (adv.)
varying colour, of
changeable (adj.)
vault, resembling a
vaulty (adj.)
veer round
come about (v.)
vegetive (n.)
vegetable matter, surface
mantle (n.)
vegetable root
root (n.)
veins, in the
bloody (adj.)
velvet, costly
three-pile (n.)
velvet fabric, piece of
velvet (n.)
velvet trimming, one who wears
velvet-guard (n.)
discord (n.)
venerable condition
reverence (n.)
venerable sir
father (n.)
venereal disease, suffer from
burn (v.)
vengeance, with a
wanion, with a
venom, exceed in
outvenom (v.)
venom, infected with
envenomed (adj.)
venture out to
tempt (v.)
venture upon
wage (v.)
venue, receiving
receipt (n.)
venue, usual
residence (n.)
verity (n.)
verbal artistry
art (n.)
verbal description
diction (n.)
verbal flourish
quirk (n.)
verbal mish-mash
linsey-woolsey (n.)
verbal strife
bandying (n.)
verbalize anew
vary (v.)
verbose speaker
bagpipe (n.)
verge, hallowed
verge (n.)
vernacular, coarse
boorish (n.)
verse, declaim in
sing (v.)
verses, put into
number (v.)
verses, set of
song (n.)
number (n.)
rhymer (n.)
version, full-grown
large (n.)
end, an / on
vessel [of the body]
bladder (n.)
vessel, perfuming
censer (n.)
vessel, small drinking
canakin, cannakin (n.)
vessel, to the bottom of a two-quart
pottle-deep (adj.)
vessel able to hold a peck of goods
peck (n.)
vessel containing two quarts
pottle, pottle-pot (n.)
vessel for holding urine
urinal (n.)
vessel for storing liquid
bladder (n.)
vessel-full [of drink]
measure (n.)
part (n.)
vexatious person
shrew (n.)
vexed, be
fret (v.)
vice, caused by
vicious (adj.)
vice, disgusting
abomination (n.)
vice, character of
vice (n.)
turn (n.)
victim of adultery
monster (n.)
victor, be
prevail (v.)
victory, celebrating a great
triumphant (adj.)
victory, obtain
get (v.)
victory, token of
trophy (n.)
victory, wreath of
garland (n.)
victory symbol
palm (n.)
view, bring into public
air (v.),disclose (n.)
view, emerge into
peep about (v.)
view, exposed to
naked (adj.)
view, exposed to general
open (adj.)
view, field of
prospect (n.)
view, give too much of a
open (adj.)
view, in full
fair (adv.)
view, keep in
watch (v.)
view, open
main (n.)
view, reasonable
reason (n.)
view, screen from
shadow (v.)
view, soaring beyond
high-sighted (adj.)
gaze (v.)
party (n.)
vigil, keep
watch (v.)
watching (n.)
vigorous activity, one's own
self-mettle (n.)
vigorous attack
laying on (n.)
vigorous expression
emphasis (n.)
vigorously strive
contend (v.)
vigorously undertake
lay on / upon (v.)
vigour, full of
hearted (adj.)
vigour, lacking
sapless (adj.)
vigour, lose
taint (v.)
vigour, youthful
lustihood (n.)
vigour fallen away
declined (adj.)
vile creature
filth (n.)
railing (n.)
villain, cringing
sneak-up (n.)
villain, cruel
tyrant (n.)
villain, mind-changing
minute-jack (n.)
villain, out-and-out
Herod of Jewry
villainous fellow
Jack-slave (n.)
villainous wretch
villain-slave (n.)
villainous (adv.)
enviously (adv.)
gall (n.)
viola da gamba
viol-de-gamboys (n.)
violation, earlier
before-breach (n.)
violence, brought about by
forced (adj.)
violence, deed of
stratagem (n.)
violence, free from
gentle (adj.)
violence, prone to sudden
sudden (adj.)
violence, rage with
violent (v.)
violence, unmerciful
tyranny (n.)
violence-free, become
gentle (adj.)
violent, extremely
outrageous (adj.)
violent action
rudeness (n.)
violent blast
gust (n.)
violent compulsion, with
force perforce
violent conflict
hurtling (n.)
violent check
rebuke (n.)
violent outburst
rage (n.)
violent passion
extreme (n.)
violent sea
surge (n.)
violent seizure
rape (n.)
violently, sound
hurtle (v.)
violently abuse
shake up (v.)
violently strike
frush (v.)
violin strings
calves'-guts (n.)
virgin, remain a
virgin (v.)
virgin, typical of a
virginal (adj.)
virgin priestess
vestal (adj.)
virility, deprived of
unseminared (adj.)
virtue, inner
self-bounty (n.)
virtuous self
virtue (n.)
fell (adj.)
visible, become
look through (v.)
visible, made
open (adj.)
visible, plainly
apparent (adj.)
visible distance
ken (n.)
visible position
picture (n.)
sight, in
vision, capable of
speculative (adj.)
vision, instruments of
spectacles (n.)
vision, power of
light (n.)
vision, range of
view (n.)
vision, spirit
urchin-show (n.)
visionary power
prescience (n.)
visit, make a
call to (v.)
visit, make a formal
salute (v.)
visit habitually
haunt (v.)
visit regularly
use (v.)
visitor, as a
guestwise (adv.)
visitor, new
comer (n.)
visitor, parish
visitor (n.)
visor of a helmet
beaver (n.)
visual representation
showing (n.)
vital power
spirit (n.)
quick (adj.)
vividly elaborate
flaming (adj.)
vocal effusion
strain (n.)
riotous (adj.)
vogue, not in
out (adv.)
voice, inner
conscience (n.)
voice, proper
vox (n.)
voice, singing
breast (n.)
voice, surpass in
outbreast (v.)
voice, talk in a loving
lisp (v.)
voice, with high-pitched
shrill-gorged (adj.)
voice quality
accent (n.)
voice quality, broken
crack (n.)
peal (n.)
loud (n.)
volunteer, non-ranking
gentleman of a company
voraciously devour
raven (v.),ravin down (v.)
voting list
poll (n.)
vow, person bound by the same
vow-fellow (n.)
vow, solemn
profession (n.)
vow, someone bound by a special
votary (n.)
vow, woman under
votaress (n.)
vows, making devious
crafty-swearing (adj.)
vows, not subject to
unsworn (adj.)
votarist (n.)
voyage, sea
flood (n.)
voyaging, tired of
seasick (adj.)
vulgar way, in a
greasily (adv.)
exposure (n.)
vulnerable situation
rawness (n.)

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