This is a thesaurus of all the glosses to the words in the Glossary, linked to the lines in the texts where these words are found.

The Thesaurus is the opposite of the Glossary. When consulting the Glossary, you know the word and you want to find out what it means. When consulting the Thesaurus, you know the meaning and you want to find out which Shakespearean words express it. How would he say 'arrogant' or 'companion'? The options are listed when you search for these words.

Disclaimer: our Thesaurus is a guide only to the words in the Glossary, and not an account of the way these words might be used elsewhere in the canon, or in Early Modern English as a whole. For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish qualities', but not in its ordinary sense of 'parent'. You can read more background about the thesaurus here.

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wafer, sacramental
bread (n.)
wain-rope (n.)
wait, lie in
hearken for (v.)
wait a moment
soft (int.)
wait around
linger (v.)
wait in expectation
tend (v.)
wait on royalty
attend (v.)
wait upon
observe (v.)
waiter, inn
tapster (n.)
waiting, keep
linger (v.)
waiting, savagely
fell-lurking (adj.)
waiting, tire of
think long
voiding lobby
wake up
raise (v.)
wakefulness, state of
wake (n.)
walk, trained
pace (n.)
walk aside
walk (v.)
walk in an unnatural way
amble (v.)
walk like a lady
mince (v.)
walk with delicate short steps
mince (v.)
going (n.)
walking [in heraldry]
passant (adj.)
walking, affected way of
ambling (n.)
walking, cross by
overwalk, over-walk (v.)
walking, manner of
gait (n.)
walking, not prevented from
unlaid (adj.)
walking, prevent from
lay (v.)
walking, take out
walk (v.)
walking, way of
pace (n.)
walking in an affected way
ambling (adj.)
walking ponderously
heavy-gaited (adj.)
walking pretentiously
mince (v.)
walk (n.)
wall, lizard on the
wall-newt (n.)
wall, protective
rib (n.)
wall, take the
take upon (v.)
hanging (n.)
walled around
circummured (adj.)
walls removed, with
unfenced (adj.)
wand, heraldic
caduceus (n.)
wander, cause to
stray (v.)
wander about
mope (v.),yaw (v.)
wander around
lose oneself (v.)
wander freely
range (v.)
wanderer, unconfined
libertine (n.)
wandering about, chance
maze (n.)
wantonly kiss
buss (v.)
wantonly play
paddle (v.)
war, affairs of
service (n.)
war, force ready for
preparation (n.)
war, forces and supplies needed for
proportion (n.)
war, herald declaring
defier (n.)
war, make
war (v.)
war, of civil
civil (adj.)
war, setting out for
expedition (n.)
war, training in the art of
discipline (n.)
war, valour tested in
war-proof (n.)
war, wage
skirmish (v.)
war formation
battle (n.)
ward, as a
ward, in
press (n.)
wardrobe, keeper of the
yeoman (n.)
warfare, engage in
buckle (v.)
warfare, instrument of
engine (n.)
warlike ardour
rage (n.)
warlike distinction
chivalry (n.)
warlike enterprise
expedition (n.)
warlike state
array (n.)
warm feeling
affect (n.)
warm feeling, full of
bounteous (adj.)
warm from
broil (v.)
warm welcome
ben venuto (n.)
charitable (adj.)
bosom (n.)
warning, giving an accurate early
well-forwarning (adj.)
warning, word of
no-verb (n.)
warning to avoid
circumvention (n.)
warrant, more than
outspeak (v.)
warrant, seize by
attach (v.)
warrantor of a right to property
voucher (n.)
warrants for arrest, circulate with
lay (v.)
warrior, heavily armed
man at arms, man-at-arms (n.)
warship, heavily built
galliass (n.)
wash a tile
tile (n.)
washes the deck, sailor who
swabber (n.)
washing hands, pitcher for
ewer (n.)
washing of very dirty clothing
buck-washing (n.)
waste, laid
wasted (adj.)
waste candles through reading at night
candle-waster (n.)
waste carelessly
cast away (v.)
waste land
wild (n.)
waste matter
rubbish (n.)
waste of time
dalliance (n.)
waste pit
sink (n.)
wasted, be
spend (v.)
wasted away
bewasted (adj.)
wasted away with sorrow
pined (adj.)
wasteful activity
dalliance (n.)
wasteful of the chance to increase
unthrifty (adj.)
wasteful revelry
riot (n.)
wastefully lavish
prodigal (adj.)
wasteland, like a
vastly (adv.)
wasting away
corrosive (adj.)
wasting fever
hectic (n.)
water, abounding in
waterish (adj.)
water, cast the
water (n.)
water, conveyance by
waftage (n.)
water, displacing great depth of
deep-drawing (adj.)
water, draw
sluice (v.)
water, drive into the
emmew (v.),enew (v.)
water, god of
water, mix with
qualify (v.)
water, rushing
flood (n.),flood (n.)
water down
brew (v.)
waterwork (n.)
course (n.)
water-dog, rough-haired
water-rug (n.)
water-drops, made of
watery (adj.)
watered down
waterish (adj.)
waterfowl, diving
dive-dapper (n.)
watering down
allaying (adj.)
water (n.)
waterside dump
shore (n.)
watery discharge
rheum (n.)
watch, be on the
watch (v.)
watch, case containing a
watch-case (n.)
watch, keep the
watch (v.)
watch, leader of the
constable (n.)
watch, period of
guard (n.),quarter (n.)
watch, place for keeping
watch-case (n.)
watch carefully
eye (v.)
watch closely
look after (v.)
watch out
scout (v.)
watch over
keep (v.)
cur (n.)
watchful, be
look for (v.)
watchful anticipation
expectance (n.)
watchfulness throughout, maintaining
all-watched (adj.)
watching, wearied from too much
overwatched (adj.)
watching out for
whistling (n.)
spy (n.)
watch (n.)
wave, heavy
surge (n.)
wave, roaring
roarer (n.)
wave at
waft (v.)
waves, breaking
breach (n.)
waves, curling with
crisp (adj.)
wax, face as pale as
tallow-face (n.)
wax, man of
wax (n.)
wax, written on
waxen (adj.)
way, best possible
best, at the
way, common
roadway (n.)
way, each in its own
manifoldly (adv.)
way, face the other
turn (v.)
way, facing the other
turning (adj.)
way, give
way (n.)
way, go on one's
path (v.),wag (v.)
way, go one's own
ply one's music
way, have one's
prevail (v.)
way, have your
possess it
way, keep out of the
give way (v.)
way, keep your
way (n.)
way, make
make in (v.)
way, moving along the
progression (n.)
way, on the
way, by the
way, other
contrary (n.)
way, out of the
by (adv.),odd (adj.)
way, roundabout
windlass (n.)
way, safely out of the
safe (adj.)
way, show the
light (v.)
way, stand in the
let (v.)
way, winding
meander (n.)
way across, all the
across (adv.)
way of behaving
mystery (n.)
way of living
diet (n.)
way of moving
rank (n.)
way of placing
fixture (n.)
way of the world
nature (n.)
way of walking
pace (n.)
way through, make a
thread (v.)
way towards bed, showing the
bedward, to
ways, rascal
ropery (n.)
weak, become
taint (v.)
weak spots, finding out
searching (adj.)
weakened by travel
journey-bated (adj.)
worst (n.)
craven (adj.)
wanton (n.)
doting (adj.)
weakness, defensive
exposure (n.)
weakness, moral
frailty (n.)
weakness, physical
imbecility (n.)
wealth, get
get (v.)
wealth, god of
Plutus (n.)
wealth, region of great
Ind (n.),Indies (n.),Saba (n.)
wealth, remaining
remainder (n.)
wealthy, be
abound (v.)
weapon, iron
iron (n.)
weapon, metal plate on a
chape (n.)
weapon, stage
lath (n.)
weapon length
measure (v.)
weapon of steel
steel (n.)
wear down
bite (v.)
wearer of home-made clothing
homespun (n.)
wearied from too much watching
overwatched (adj.)
wearing a leather jacket
leathern-jerkin (adj.)
wearing a long coat
skirted (adj.)
wearing garters crossed along the legs
cross-gartering (n.)
wearing high hunting boots
buskined (adj.)
wearing plate armour
plated (adj.)
wearing wool next to the skin
woolward (adj.)
weary (adj.)
wearisome gratification
satiety (n.)
weary, make
dull (v.)
weary of sea travel
seasick (adj.)
wearyingly intricate
tedious (adj.)
weather, defend from the
weather-fend (v.)
weather, fair
fair weather
weather conditions
season (n.)
weather forecast in the almanac
prognostication (n.)
cock (n.)
vane (n.)
weave into a design
interlace (v.)
weaving, device for
distaff (n.)
web, fine thread of a
gossamer (n.)
wedding, house for a
bridehouse (n.)
wedding endowment
stock (n.)
wedding procession
Hymen (n.)
sealing day (n.)
wedlock, bond of
knot (n.)
wedlock, state of
spousal (n.)
weed out
weed (v.)
weeds, made of
weedy (adj.)
weep, cause to
wring (v.)
weep, ready to
weeping-ripe (adj.)
weep over
beweep (v.)
Niobe (n.)
weeping, disfigured with
blubbered (adj.)
weigh anchor
weigh (v.)
weigh up
set (v.)
weigh up [as in a scales]
scale (v.)
weighing pan
balance (n.)
weighing up
proportion (n.)
weight, balance of
poise (n.)
weight, compelling
force (n.)
weight, lose
bate (v.)
weight, of equivalent
counterpoise (n.)
weight, of less [of counterfeit coins]
light (adj.)
weighted line
plummet (n.)
weights, put on lead
lead (v.)
weighty matter
consequence (n.)
welcome, affording
hospitable (adj.)
welcome, favourable
entertainment (n.)
welcome, kind
cheer (n.)
welcome, warm
ben venuto (n.)
welcome with shouts
shout forth (v.)
welcoming household, maintaining a
housekeeping (n.)
welcoming shout
ave (n.)
well [water]
fountain (n.)
well, being
welfare (n.)
well, look after
cherish (v.)
well, perform
make good
well, remember
think upon (v.)
well, show
commend (v.)
well, stand up
pass (v.)
well, thrive
husband (v.)
well, treat
entertain (v.)
well, very
time, in good
well, wickedly
ill-well (adv.)
well attend
apply (v.)
well commanded engagement
stratagem (n.)
well done
said, well
well enough
meanly (adv.)
well of, speak
smooth (v.)
well supplied
stored (adj.)
well together, go
fit it
known (adj.)
warm (adj.)
wise (adj.)
well-divided (adj.)
well-being, beneficial to
wholesome-profitable (adj.)
well-being, promoting
wholesome (adj.)
well-being of the state, one devoted to the
wealsman (n.)
vouchsafed (adj.)
gentle (adj.)
well-born lady
gentlewoman (n.)
fulfilling (adj.)
well-hallowed (adj.)
well-respected (adj.)
well-knit (adj.)
condign (adj.)
express (adj.)
sinewy (adj.)
conceited (adj.)
well-graced (adj.)
feat (adj.)
lusty (adj.)
reserved (adj.)
honest (adj.)
well-jointed [of a hull]
scarfed (adj.)
mutual (adj.)
minded (adj.)
well-off, left
rich-left (adj.)
framed (adj.)
well-rounded bottom
brawn-buttock (n.)
fanned (adj.)
sinewed (adj.)
powdered (adj.)
well-sinewed (adj.)
leavened (adj.)
beaten (adj.)
beaten (adj.)
virtuous (adj.)
weighing (adj.)
west country, in the
westward (adv.)
wet through
bewet (adj.)
cog (v.)
wheel, extremity of the spur
rowel-head (n.)
wheel, part of a
felly (n.)
wheel, wooden pivot for a
axletree, axle-tree (n.)
wheel about, make
wind (v.)
wheel at the end of a spur
rowel (n.)
while, all the
ever among
while, for a little
anon, till
whiling away the time
time-beguiling (adj.)
puling (n./adj.)
nice (adj.)
whimsical fancy
crotchet (n.)
whip, stroke of a
stripe (n.)
whip on the bottom
breech (v.)
whipstock (n.)
whipped often
overscutched (adj.)
whipping fare
whipping-cheer (n.)
whipping-top kept for parishioners' use [of unclear purpose]
parish top (n.)
whirl about
turn (v.)
blown (adj.)
pipe (v.)
white lump
limekiln (n.)
white ring at the centre of a target [in archery]
white (n.)
white with disease, make
hoar (v.)
white with snow, make
oversnow (v.)
whitener of clothing
whitster (n.)
whitening time
whiting-time (n.)
whole, as a
large, at
wholehearted sincerity
integrity (n.)
wholly excellent
all-worthy (adj.)
whore, call a
bewhore (v.)
giglot (adj.)
door-keeper (n.)
whoremaster, having the character of a
whoremasterly (adj.)
whores, going out late at night with
late-walking (n.)
whores, one who deals with
whoremaster (n.),whoremonger (n.)
whoring, go
hack (v.)
wick, burnt-out
snuff (n.)
wicked, extremely
facinerious (adj.)
wicked act
fact (n.)
wicked action
mischief (n.)
wicked behaviour
misgovernment (n.)
wicked deed
prank (n.)
wicked elements, made up of
ill-composed (adj.)
wicked ends, built for
ill-erected (adj.)
wicked fairy
hag (n.)
wicked way
abuse (n.)
wickedly minded
ill-spirited (adj.)
wickedly well
ill-well (adv.)
wickedness, full of great
high-viced (adj.)
wickedness, instiller of
sinner (n.)
wickedness, piece of
iniquity (n.)
wickedness, spreading
ill-dispersing (adj.)
wickedness, tempered for
mistempered (adj.)
wickedness, time of
iron age
wickedness known, make
proclaim (v.)
wickerwork, bottle cased in
twiggen-bottle (n.)
wide apart
abroad (adv.)
widely diffused
broad (adj.)
widely extended
wide-stretched (adj.)
widely frequented
open (adj.)
widely scattered
abroad (adv.)
widely spread out
wide-skirted (adj.)
widow's rights
widowhood (n.)
widow's sorrow
widow-dolour (adj.)
wielder of thunderbolts
thunder-darter (n.)
wife, man with an unfaithful
cuckold (n.)
wife, property or wealth given with a
dower (n.),wedding-dower (n.)
wife, song to wake a newly married
hunt's-up (n.)
wife, taking a
wiving (n.)
wife, unfaithful
cuckold (v.)
wife, with a faithful
uncuckolded (adj.)
wife, with an unfaithful
loose-wived (adj.)
wig, made into a
usurping (adj.)
wig, wearing a
periwig-pated (adj.)
wild behaviour
intemperance (n.)
wild domain
waste (n.)
wild ideas, person of
fantastico (n.)
wildly behaved
madcap (adj.)
wildness, youthful
heyday (n.)
wildness of growth
savagery (n.)
wildness of character
wilderness (n.)
wilful creature
wanton (n.)
wilfully blameworthy
wilful-blame (adj.)
will (n.)
will, divine
ordinance (n.)
will, leaving no
intestate (adj.)
will, with a
lustily (adv.)
will, with a [cry of encouragement]
cheerily (adv.),cheerly (adv.)
will and testament, last
testament (n.)
will of heaven
heavens (n.)
willing, be
deign (v.)
willing, more
better (n.)
willing compliance
dependency, dependancy (n.)
willingly taken up
willing (adj.)
willow, made of
osier (adj.)
willow tree, made of leaves from the
willow (adj.)
win back
reclaim (v.)
win over by plausible trickery
mountebank (v.)
win the day
carry it (away)
wincing with cold
shrinking (adj.)
wind [twist]
crank (v.)
wind [weather]
Aeolus (n.),gale (n.)
wind, blow in the breech
wind (n.)
wind, bring into the
loof (v.)
wind, bringing contagion
south-fog (n.)
wind, carried by the
airy (adj.)
wind, close to the [nautical]
a-hold (adv.)
wind, cut off from the
be-lee (v.)
wind, feel the [left behind]
blow wind in the breech
wind, gentle
zephyr (n.)
wind, light
air (n.)
wind, repeatedly blown out by the
new-replenished (adj.)
wind, run against the
tack about (v.)
wind, south
south (n.)
wind, strong in
well-breathed (adj.)
wind, swift as the
wind-swift (adj.)
wind causing change of direction
wind-changing (adj.)
wind into a ball [of wool]
bottom (v.)
wind of, get
wind (v.)
winding passage
crank (n.)
winding sheet
cerements (n.)
winding way
meander (n.)
winding-sheet, wrapped in a
sheeted (adj.)
window, put in a
window (v.)
furnishing (n.)
bleak (adj.)
windy (adj.)
windward side, keep to the
weather, keep the,wind, recover the
wine cellar
vault (n.)
wine cellar, servant in charge of the
butler (n.)
wine drawn directly from the cask
pipe-wine (n.)
wine jug, large leather
bombard, bumbard (n.)
wine with lime, mix
lime (v.)
wine-barrels, seller of taps for
faucet-seller (n.)
wing, scaly
shard (n.)
wing protected, have a [in battle]
wing (v.)
winged horse
Pegasus (n.)
wings, beat [in falconry]
bate (v.),beat (v.)
wings, borne on scaly
shard-borne (adj.)
wings, put on
wing (v.)
winking of an eye
twink (n.)
fan (v.)
Hiems (n.)
winter, worn in
wintered (adj.)
winter covering [for plants]
winter-ground (v.)
wisdom, provide with worldly
proverb (v.)
wisdom, teach
school (v.)
wise remarks, full of
sententious (adj.)
wise woman
sibyl (n.)
quirk (n.)
wit-snapper (n.)
wish for
wish (v.)
wish to know
crave (v.)
wit, sally of
eruption (n.)
withdraw from allegiance
fall off (v.)
withdraw to duel
walk (v.)
withdraw within a shell
inshell (v.)
withdrawal, party of
recanter (n.)
withdrawn from society
reclusive (adj.)
wither away
shrink (v.)
withered old woman
crone (n.)
withhold officiously
office (v.)
withholding payment
detention (n.)
within, deep
inly (adv.)
within, stay
keep (v.)
without, be
want (v.)
without, do/go
miss (v.)
witch, born of a
hag-born (adj.)
Lapland (n.)
witching (adj.)
hag-seed (n.)
witness, available as a
forthcoming (adj.)
witness, be a
look on (v.)
witnesses, call as
attest (v.)
witnesses for the prosecution
evidence (n.)
wits, bereft of
bestraught (adj.)
wits, deprive of
unwit (v.)
wits at the ready, with
witty (adj.)
witty stroke
pass (n.)
woe, full of
woeful (adj.)
woes, enduring of
bearing (n.)
wolf, devouring like a
wolvish-ravening (adj.)
wolf/dog cross-breed
demi-wolf (n.)
woman, be in the company of a
woman (v.)
woman, brazen
ramp (n.)
woman, domestic
spinster (n.)
woman, fragrant
perfume (n.)
woman, good-for-nothing
baggage (n.)
woman, gossiping
gossip (n.)
woman, like a
shrewishly (adv.)
woman, loathsome old
beldam, beldame (n.)
woman, loose
flirt-gill (n.)
woman, make behave like a
woman (v.)
woman, man-like
mankind (n.)
woman, married
matron (n.)
woman, seducer of a married
cuckold-maker (n.)
woman, showy
jay (n.)
woman, smelly old
fustilarian (n.)
woman, squeamish
cockney (n.)
woman, tenth
tithe-woman (n.)
woman, torn apart by a
woman-tired (adj.)
woman, unattractive
dowdy (n.)
woman, unmarried
maid (n.)
woman, wise
sibyl (n.)
woman, withered old
crone (n.)
woman guilty of fornication
fornicatress (n.)
woman holding a property right from her deceased husband
jointress (n.)
woman messenger
she-Mercury (n.)
woman occupied in spinning
distaff-woman (n.)
woman of good breeding
gentlewoman (n.)
woman of rank
dame (n.)
woman under vow
votaress (n.)
woman vowed to chastity
vestal (n.)
woman who sells herbs
herb-woman (n.)
woman who sells oranges
orange-wife (n.)
woman's undergarment
smock (n.)
womanish qualities
mother (n.)
woman-queller (n.)
womanliness, gentle
womanhood (n.)
womb, be present in the
enwomb (v.)
womby (adj.)
women, lacking in
wenchless (adj.)
women, pursuer of
mouse-hunt (n.)
women, someone who hangs around with
wenching (adj.)
won by actions
deed-achieving (adj.)
wonder, feeling of
wonder (n.)
wonder, fill with
astonish, 'stonish (v.)
wonder, filled with
admiring (adj.)
wonder, I
trow (v.)
wonder, object of
admiration (n.)
wonder, overwhelming
amazement (n.)
wonder, with
wonderingly (adv.)
wonder of, make a
miracle (v.)
wondered at
admired (adj.)
wonderful, describe as
monster (v.)
wonders, performing
wondered (adj.)
wondrous transformation
alchemy, alchymy (n.)
woo with vigour
assail (v.)
wood, heavy piece of
clog (n.)
wood, kindling
bavin (adj.)
wood, made of
timbered (adj.)
wood, pit used for sawing
sawpit (n.)
wood, thin
lath (n.)
wood kindled in the fire, piece of
firebrand (n.)
cock (n.)
wooded area, densely
thicket (n.)
wooden block
clog (n.)
wooden frame, lacking a strong
untimbered (adj.)
wooden panelling
wainscot (n.)
wooden peg [in a barrel]
spigot (v.)
wooden pivot [for a cart wheel]
axletree, axle-tree (n.)
wool, instrument for combing
cardmaker (n.)
wool, one who combs out impurities in
carder (n.)
wool, produce a tod of
tod (v.)
wool, tuft of
flock (n.)
wool next to the skin, wearing
woolward (adj.)
woollen cloth, coarse
kersey (n./adj.)
woollen cloth, one who shears excess material from
shearman (n.)
woollen clothes, in coarse
woollen (adj.)
woollen stocking, dark-coloured
puke-stocking (adj.)
word, final
verdict (n.)
word, good
voice (n.)
word, keep one's
go through (v.)
word, non-existing
no-verb (n.)
word, not keep one's
break (v.)
word, substitute for an indelicate
etcetera (n.)
word of God
word (n.)
word of honour, upon my
fidelity, by my
word of thanks
thanking (n.)
word of warning
no-verb (n.)
word perfect, not
unperfect (adj.)
word used with a rude gesture
fig (v.),figo (n.)
dumb (adj.)
breathing (adj.)
perfect (adj.)
word-perfect, state of being
perfectness (n.)
wordplay, superficial
gloss (n.)
words, account in
diction (n.)
words, acknowledge in
greet (v.)
words, describe in
report (v.)
words, exchange of
bandying (n.)
words, express in
articulate (v.),harp (v.)
words, express in fresh
vary (v.)
words, fine
flourish (n.)
words, honour shown in
mouth-honour (n.)
words, in few
few, in (a)
words, lost for
rapt (adj.)
words, none to say
mute (n.)
words, represent in
word (v.)
words, say in
speak (v.)
words, speak fair
gloze (v.)
words again, put into
reword, re-word (v.)
words not deeds
talker (n.)
words of a song refrain
hit it
words on a device
mot (n.)
work, agricultural
tilth (n.)
work, carry out the
office (v.)
work, contemptible
baseness (n.)
work, do degrading
coals, carry
work, eagerness to
husbandry (n.)
work, get to
go to (v.)
work, go to
put to (v.)
work, household
husbandry (n.)
work, military
sconce (n.)
work, put to
lay to (v.)
work, regular line of
trade (n.)
work, skilful piece of
device (n.)
work of, do the
labour for (v.)
work out [for oneself]
gather (v.)
work subtly
insinuate (v.)
work things out with counters
counter-caster (n.)
work to no purpose
wash a tile
work with disastrous result
wrack (v.)
worked upon, being [by the world]
working, in the
worker, aproned
apron-man (n.)
worker, charity
visitor (n.)
worker, manual
mechanical (n.)
worker, skilled
workman (n.)
working, capable of
operative (adj.)
working, stop
unyoke (v.)
working idea
operation (n.)
working out
computation (n.)
working skilfully
contriving (adj.)
working together
coactive (adj.)
workman, clumsy
cobbler (n.)
workman, common
journeyman (n.)
fashion (n.)
workmanship, excel in
outwork (v.)
shop (n.)
works, constructor of military
engineer, enginer (n.)
works, good
merit (n.)
shop (n.)
world, citizen of the
worldling (n.)
world, dwelling in this
earthy (adj.)
world, in front of the
vulgarly (adv.)
world, in the next
hence (adv.)
world, in the outside
abroad (adv.)
world, in this
terrene (adj.)
world, knowledge of the
knowing (n.)
world, little
microcosm (n.)
world, part of the
climatures (n.)
world, reflecting the reality of the
natural (adj.)
world, remove from the
transport (v.)
world, supporter of half the
demi-Atlas (n.)
world, terrestrial
under-world (n.)
world, the
time (n.)
world, undamaged by the
unbruised (adj.)
world, way of the
nature (n.)
world of acquaintance
knowledge (n.)
world's doings, of this
temporary (adj.)
worldly experience, with
knowingly (adv.)
profane (adj.)
worm one's way into
creep (v.)
worming one's way in
insinuation (n.)
worn away quickly
waxen (adj.)
worn away to nothing
bare-gnawn (adj.)
worn by a pope
pontifical (adj.)
worn in winter
wintered (adj.)
worn out from riding hard
tiring (adj.)
worn shoes, with
out (adv.)
worry [like a ferret]
ferret (v.)
worry, free of
free (adj.)
worry about
fear (v.)
worse, make
aggravate (v.)
worse, stink
overstink (v.)
worse for wear
overworn (adj.)
votary (n.)
worst possible event
devil (n.)
worsted yarns, garter made of
caddis-garter (adj.)
worth, ascribing
attributive (adj.)
worth, be
rate (v.)
worth, estimation of
valuation (n.)
worth, exceed in
overbuy (v.)
worth, inner
merit (n.)
worth, of
worthy (adj.)
worth, of little
weak (adj.)
worth, thing of
worthy (n.)
worth twice the value
double (adj.)
worthless [of counterfeit coins]
light (adj.)
worthless, rate as
beggar (v.)
worthless, something
eggshell (n.)
worthless, supremely
scurvy-valiant (adj.)
worthless, treat as
make nothing of
worthless amount
doit (n.)
worthless as straw
strawy (adj.)
worthless beast
carrion (n.)
worthless coward
poltroon (n.)
worthless distraction
kickshaw (n.)
worthless emanation
vapour (n.)
worthless fellow
losel, lozel (n.)
worthless finery
trumpery (n.)
worthless idiot
lown, loon (n.)
worthless trifle
bauble (n.)
worthless wretch
rag (n.),rascal (n.)
vanity (n.)
worthy, be
deserve (v.)
worthy, make
worthy (v.)
worthy, show to be
approve (v.)
worthy, specially
choice (adj.)
worthy example
precedent (n.)
worthy of
worth (adj.)
worthy of belief
probable (adj.)
wound, cause a festering
rankle (v.)
wound in the stomach
paunch (v.)
wounded, deeply
gored (adj.)
wounded feeling
disdain (n.)
woven, poorly
ill-weaved (adj.)
woven together
weaved-up (adj.)
woven with osiers
twilled (adj.)
debate (n.)
wrap around
encouch (v.)
wrap round like a scarf
scarf (v.)
wrap up in a shroud
cere up (v.),sear up (v.)
wrapped in a winding-sheet
sheeted (adj.)
wrapped up
set (adj.)
wrapping up
bondage (n.)
wrath, inflamed with
wrong-incensed (adj.)
wrath, inflaming with
incensing (adj.)
wreath of victory
garland (n.)
wreathe around
entwist (v.)
wreathe around the brow
brow-bind (v.)
trip (n.)
wrestling bout
fall (n.)
wretch, disputatious
chopped logic (n.)
wretch, frivolous
skipper (n.)
wretch, little
harlotry (n.)
wretch, mean-spirited
poltroon (n.)
wretch, miserable
caitiff (n.)
wretch, villainous
villain-slave (n.)
wretched creature
caitiff (n.)
bend (v.)
wrinkled, not
unbent (adj.)
wrinkled with irritation
rugged (adj.)
write creatively
invent (v.)
write down
paper (v.)
write down formally
register (v.)
write one down as
subscribe (v.)
write out
draw (v.)
write the music
set (v.)
writer, early Christian
father (n.)
writer, sonnet
sonnet (n.)
writing, create in
compile (v.)
writing, piece of
paper (n.)
writing, record in
prick down, prick (v.)
writing, set down in
penned (adj.)
writing, sheet of
label (n.)
writing, style of
character (n.),pen (n.)
writing system
figure (n.)
writing tablet
book (n.),table (n.)
written authority
writ (n.)
written authorization
hand (n.)
written discharge
acquittance (n.)
written document
present (n.)
written exposition
invention (n.)
written form
letter (n.)
written order
bill (n.)
written out in proper legal form
engross (v.)
written record
character (n.)
written request
supplication (n.)
wrong, be
swerve (v.)
wrong, commit
fall (v.)
wrong, inducement to do
subornation (n.)
wrong, prove
disprove (v.)
wrong, put in the
wrong (v.)
wrong action, perform the
mistake (v.)
wrong course of action
wrong (n.)
wrong hands, fall into the
miscarry (v.)
wrong name, call by
miscall (v.)
wrong place, put in the
misplace (v.)
wrong to, do
abuse (v.)
wrongdoing, sexual
scape, 'scape (n.)
wronged, be
suffer (v.)
wrongful gain
wrong (n.)
wrongful possession, take
usurp (v.)
awkward (adj.)
waywardness (n.)
wrongly created
miscreate (adj.)
wrongly deliver
mistake (v.)
wrongly prophesying
false-boding (adj.)
wrongly proud
misproud (adj.)
wrongly sheathe
mis-sheathe (v.)
wrought, excellently
curious-good (adj.)

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