manage (n.) Old form(s): mannad'g, mannadge, mannage
management, handling, control [especially of a horse, as a result of training]
1H4 II.iii.51[Lady Percy to Hotspur] I by thee have watched / And heard thee ... / Speak terms of manage to thy bounding steed
AYL I.i.11[Orlando to Adam, of Oliver's horses] they are taught their manage
E3 III.iii.224[King Edward to Prince Edward, of the Prince's leading the vanguard along with Audley] courage and experience joined in one, / Your manage may be second unto none
H8 V.iii.24[Gardiner to Councillors] those that tame wild horses ... spur 'em / Till they obey the manage
LC.112[of the man] Whether the horse by him became his deed, / Or he his manage, by th'well doing steed
Per[Bawd to Lysimachus, of Marina] you must take some pains to work her to your manage
R2 III.iii.179[King Richard to Northumberland] down I come like glistering Phaethon, / Wanting the manage of unruly jades
RJ III.i.143[Benvolio to Prince] I can discover all / The unlucky manage of this fatal brawl
TNK V.iv.69[Pirithous to Palamon, of Arcite's horse] school-doing, being therein trained / And of kind manage [i.e. well-trained]