owe (v.) Old form(s): ow'd , owd'st , ow'st
own, possess, have
1H4 V.ii.67[Vernon to Hotspur, of Prince Hal] If he outlive the envy of this day, / England did never owe so sweet a hope
2H4 I.ii.4[Page to Falstaff, of Falstaff's urine sample] for the party that owed it, he might have more diseases than he knew for
AC IV.viii.31[Antony to Cleopatra] Bear our hacked targets like the men that owe them
AW II.i.9[King to Lords] my heart / Will not confess he owes the malady / That doth my life besiege
AW II.v.79[Helena to Bertram] I am not worthy of the wealth I owe
AW III.ii.119[Helena alone] better 'twere / That all the miseries which nature owes / Were mine at once.
AW V.iii.198[Countess to all, of Bertram's ring] Of six preceding ancestors ... / Hath it been owed and worn
AW V.iii.294[Diana to King] The jeweller that owes the ring is sent for
CE III.i.42[Antipholus of Ephesus to Dromio of Syracuse] What art thou that keepest me out from the house I owe?
Cor III.ii.130.1[Volumnia to Coriolanus] Thy valiantness was mine, . . . / But owe thy pride thyself
Cor V.ii.79[Coriolanus to Menenius] I owe / My revenge properly
Cym III.i.38[Cloten to Queen] there is no moe such Caesars, other of them may have crooked noses, but to owe such straight arms, none
E3 II.i.310[Warwick to King Edward] Far be it from the honour of my age / That I should owe bright gold and render lead
KJ II.i.109[King Philip to King John, of Arthur] Which owe the crown that thou o'ermasterest
KJ II.i.248[King Philip to Hubert, of Arthur] pay that duty which you truly owe / To him that owes it [second instance]
KJ IV.i.122[Hubert to Arthur, of King John] I will not touch thine eye / For all the treasure that thine uncle owes
KJ IV.ii.99[Pembroke to King John, of Arthur] That blood which owed the breadth of all this isle, / Three foot of it doth hold
KL I.i.202[Lear to Burgundy, of Cordelia] Will you with those infirmities she owes ... / Take her
LC.140[of lands and mansions] the true gouty landlord which doth owe them
LC.327[of the man] O all that borrowed motion seeming owed
LLL I.ii.101[Mote to Armado, of a lady] still her cheeks possess the same / Which native she doth owe
LLL II.i.6[Boyet to Princess, of her visit to the King] To parley with the sole inheritor / Of all perfections that a man may owe
Luc.1803[Collatine of Lucrece] I owed her, and 'tis mine that she hath killed
Mac I.iii.75[Macbeth to Witches] Say from whence / You owe this strange intelligence
Mac I.iv.11[Malcolm to King, of Cawdor's death] To throw away the dearest thing he owed / As t'were a careless trifle
Mac III.iv.112[Macbeth to Lady Macbeth] You make me strange / Even to the disposition that I owe
Mac V.iv.18[Seyward to Macduff] The time approaches / That will with due decision make us know / What we shall say we have, and what we owe
MM I.iv.83[Lucio to Isabella, of men] All their petitions are as freely theirs / As they themselves would owe them
MM II.iv.123[Isabella to Angelo, of Claudio] only he / Owe and succeed thy weakness
MND II.ii.85[Puck to Lysander] upon thy eyes I throw / All the power this charm doth owe
Oth I.i.67[Roderigo to Iago, of Othello] What a full fortune does the thick-lips owe
Oth III.iii.330.1[Iago to himself, as if to Othello] that sweet sleep / Which thou owed'st yesterday
Per V.i.117[Pericles to Marina] how achieved you these endowments which / You make more rich to owe?
R2 IV.i.184[Richard to Bolingbroke] Now is this golden crown like a deep well / That owes two buckets
R3 IV.iv.142[Queen Elizabeth to King Richard] The slaughter of the prince that owed that crown
RJ II.ii.46[Juliet to herself, of Romeo] Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Sonn.18.10[] Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st
Sonn.70.14[] thou alone kingdoms of hearts shouldst owe
TC III.iii.99[Ulysses to Achilles] man ... / Cannot make boast to have that which he hath, / Nor feels not what he owes, but by reflection
Tem I.ii.408[Ferdinand to himself, of the music] This is no mortal business, nor no sound / That the earth owes
Tem I.ii.455[Prospero to Ferdinand] Thou dost here usurp / The name thou ow'st not
Tem III.i.45[Ferdinand to Miranda, of other women] never any ... but some defect in her / Did quarrel with the noblest grace she owed
TG V.ii.28[disguised Julia to herself, of Thurio's possessions] That such an ass should owe them
TN I.v.300[Olivia alone] ourselves we do not owe
TNK I.i.88[Second Queen to Hippolyta, of Theseus] who owest his strength
TNK V.iv.50[Pirithous to Palamon] a steed ... owing / Not a hair-worth of white
WT III.ii.37[Hermione to Leontes, of herself] which owe / A moiety of the throne

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