passion (n.)
powerful feeling, overpowering emotion [often opposed to ‘reason’]
1H4 III.i.32.1[Hotspur to Glendower, of earthquakes] At your birth / Our grandam earth, having this distemperature, / In passion shook
1H6 V.ii.18[Pucelle to all] Of all base passions, fear is most accursed
1H6 V.v.82[King to all] My tender youth was never yet attaint / With any passion of inflaming love
AYL I.ii.246[Orlando alone] What passion hangs these weights upon my tongue?
E3 II.i.55[King Edward alone, of Lodowick] I will acquaint him with my passion
H5 II.ii.132[King Henry to Scroop, of other men] are they ... / Free from gross passion or of mirth or anger
Ham III.ii.204[First Player as King to his Queen] What to ourselves in passion we propose, / The passion ending, doth the purpose lose
JC I.ii.40[Brutus to Cassius] Vexed I am / Of late with passions of some difference
KJ III.iii.47[King John to Hubert, of merriment] A passion hateful to my purposes
LC.199[of men's gifts of pearls and rubies to the woman] Figuring that they their passions likewise lent me / Of grief and blushes
LC.295[of the man] his passion but an art of craft
LLL IV.iii.200[Longaville to King, of Berowne reading his own letter] It did move him to passion
LLL V.ii.118[Boyet to Princess, of the King's party] in this spleen ridiculous appears, / To check their folly, passion's solemn tears
TC II.ii.170[Hector to Paris and Troilus] The reasons you allege do more conduce / To the hot passion of distempered blood
TC III.ii.33[Troilus alone, of his feeling while waiting for Cressida] Even such a passion doth embrace my bosom
TC V.ii.165[Ulysses to Troilus] May worthy Troilus be half attached / With that which here his passion doth express?
Tim I.i.137[Old Athenian to Timon] Our own precedent passions do instruct us / What levity's in youth
Tit III.ii.48[Marcus to Titus, of Young Lucius] the tender boy in passion moved / Doth weep to see his grandsire's heaviness
Ven.218[] swelling passion doth provoke a pause
Ven.967[of Venus] Variable passions throng her constant woe