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several (adj.) Old form(s): seueral , seuerall, severall
separate, different, distinct
1H6 I.i.71[First Messenger to Exeter] here you maintain several factions
1H6 I.iii.77[Officer to rioters] repair to your several dwelling-places
1H6 II.i.30[Talbot to all] better far ... / That we do make our entrance several ways
1H6 II.i.39.2[stage direction] Enter, several ways, the Bastard, Alen??on, Reignier, half ready and half unready
1H6 V.i.34[King to Ambassadors] your several suits / Have been considered and debated on
2H4 I.iii.76[Archbishop to all, of the King] That he should draw his several strengths together ... / Need not be dreaded
2H6 II.i.127[Gloucester to Simpcox] If thou hadst been born blind, thou mightest as well have known all our names as thus to name the several colours we do wear
2H6 III.ii.363[Suffolk to Queen] there is the world itself, / With every several pleasure in the world
2H6 IV.ix.21[King to soldiers] I do dismiss you to your several countries
AC I.v.62[Alexas to Cleopatra, of her couriers] twenty several messengers
AC I.v.77[Cleopatra to Charmian, of Antony] He shall have every day a several greeting
AC III.xiii.5[Enobarbus to Cleopatra, of the war] whose several ranges / Frighted each other
Cor I.viii.1.2[stage direction] Enter Martius and Aufidius at several doors
Cor IV.v.125[Aufidius to Coriolanus] Thou hast beat me out / Twelve several times
Cor[Aedile to all] the Volsces with two several powers / Are entered in the Roman territories
Cym[Queen to Cornelius] I will ... gather / Their several virtues, and effects
E3 I.i.142[King Edward to Prince Edward] In every shire elect a several band
E3 I.i.168[Prince Edward to all] Then cheerfully forward, each a several way
E3 III.i.186[King John to all] Then rests there nothing but with present speed / To join our several forces all in one
E3 III.i.95[King John to all] 'tis best we be dispersed / To several places,
E3 IV.iv.53[Prince Edward to Audley] When we name a man, / His hand, his foot, his head hath several strengths
H5 I.ii.207[Canterbury to King Henry] As many arrows loosed several ways / Come to one mark
H8 II.i.1[stage direction] Enter two Gentlemen, at several doors
Ham V.ii.20[Hamlet to Horatio] an exact command, / Larded with many several sorts of reasons
JC I.ii.314[Cassius alone, of Brutus] I will this night, / In several hands, in at his windows throw, / As if they came from several citizens, / Writings
JC II.i.138[Brutus to all] every drop of blood / That every Roman bears ... / Is guilty of a several bastardy / If he do break the smallest particle / Of any promise
JC III.ii.243[Antony to Plebeians, of Caesar] he gives, / To every several man, seventy-five drachmas
JC V.v.18[Brutus to Volumnius] The ghost of Caesar hath appeared to me / Two several times by night
KJ I.i.13[Chatillon to King John] lay aside the sword / Which sways usurpingly these several titles
LC.206[of locks of hair] I have received from many a several fair
LLL V.ii.141[Princess to Katharine, of the Lords] Their several counsels they unbosom shall / To loves mistook
Luc.1410[] All jointly listening, but with several graces
Mac IV.iii.96[Malcolm to Macduff] I ... abound / In the division of each several crime, / Acting it many ways
MM II.iv.2[Angelo alone] When I would pray and think, I think and pray / To several subjects: heaven hath my empty words, / Whilst my invention, hearing not my tongue, / Anchors on Isabel
MM V.i.1.2[stage direction] Provost, Officers, and Citizens at several doors
MND V.i.407[Oberon to Fairies] Every fairy take his gait, / And each several chamber bless
MV II.vii.2[Portia to attendants] Go, draw aside the curtains and discover / The several caskets to this noble Prince
MW III.v.99[Falstaff to Ford as Brook] I suffered the pangs of three several deaths
MW V.v.61[Mistress Quickly to fairies] The several chairs of order look you scour / With juice of balm and every precious flower
Oth I.ii.46[Cassio to Othello] The senate hath sent about three several quests / To search you out
Per II.iii.109[Simonides to attendants] Pages and lights, to conduct / These knights unto their several lodgings
Per IV.iv.6[Gower alone] By you being pardoned, we commit no crime / To use one language in each several clime / Where our scene seems to live
R3 III.ii.76[Derby to Hastings] I do not like these several councils
R3 III.vii.1.2[stage direction] Enter Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and Buckingham at several doors
R3 V.iii.194[King Richard alone] My conscience hath a thousand several tongues, / And every tongue brings in a several tale
TC II.ii.125[Troilus to Hector] a quarrel / Which hath our several honours all engaged / To make it gracious
TC II.ii.194[Hector to Paris and Troilus, of Helen] 'tis a cause that hath no mean dependence / Upon our joint and several dignities
TG I.ii.108[Julia alone, of the torn letter] I'll kiss each several paper for amends
TG IV.iv.142[disguised Julia to Silvia] I have wept a hundred several times
Tim I.i.1.2[stage direction] Enter Poet and Painter, Jeweller and Merchant, at several doors
Tim[stage direction] Enter Lucullus and Lucius, Sempronius and Ventidius, at several doors
Tim IV.iii.5[Timon alone] Twinned brothers of one womb ... touch them with several fortunes, / The greater scorns the lesser
TN II.ii.1[stage direction] Enter Viola and Malvolio at several doors
TNK III.i.2[Arcite alone] The Duke has lost Hippolyta; each took / A several laund
TNK[stage direction, of Arcite and Palamon] They bow several ways
TNK IV.i.85[Wooer to all, of the Gaoler's Daughter] about her stuck / Thousand fresh water flowers of several colours
Ven.1067[of Adonis] His face seems twain, each several limb is doubled
WT I.ii.438[Camillo to Polixenes] Your followers I will whisper to the business, / And will by twos and threes, at several posterns, / Clear them o'th' city
WT IV.iv.186[Servant to all, of Autolycus] He sings several tunes faster than you'll tell money

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