sometime (adv.)
formerly, at one time, once
1H6 V.i.31[Exeter to himself] that will be verified / Henry the Fifth did sometime prophesy
Cor I.ix.81[Coriolanus to Cominius] I sometime lay here in Corioles / At a poor man's house
Cor III.i.115.1[Coriolanus to Cominius] Whoever gave that counsel to give forth / The corn o'th' storehouse gratis, as 'twas used / Sometime in Greece
Cor V.i.2[Menenius to all] You hear what he hath said / Which was sfometime his general
Cym V.v.334[Belarius to Cymbeline] I ... / Am that Belarius, whom you sometime banished
Ham III.i.114[Hamlet to Ophelia] This was sometime a paradox
LC.58[of the reverend man] Sometime a blusterer, that the ruffle knew / Of Court of City
MND IV.i.52[Oberon to Puck] that same dew which sometime on the buds / Was wont to swell
MW IV.iv.27[Mistress Page to all] Herne the Hunter, / Sometime a keeper here in Windsor Forest
Per II.i.138[Pericles to Fishermen, of his armour] it was sometime target to a king
Sonn.64.3[] sometime lofty towers I see down rased [or: sometime (adj.)]
Tem V.i.86[Prospero to Ariel] I will discase me, and myself present / As I was sometime Milan