spoil (n.) Old form(s): Spoile , spoyle, spoyles
plunder, booty
Cor II.ii.122.2[Cominus to all, of Coriolanus] Our spoils he kicked at
Cor III.iii.4[Brutus to Sicinius] the spoil got on the Antiates / Was ne'er distributed
E3 I.ii.41[King David to Douglas] the division of this certain spoil
E3 I.ii.64[Countess to all] Ye will not hence till you have shared the spoils
E3 III.i.52[King John to all, of England] The spoil of whom will be a treble gain
E3 V.i.7[King Edward to all, of Calais] Put all to sword, and make the spoil your own
KJ III.i.115[Constance to Austria, of the lion-skin] Thou dost shame / That bloody spoil
LC.154[of the man] this false jewel, and his amorous spoil
Luc.733[of Tarquin] through the dark night he stealeth ... / Leaving his spoil perplexed in greater pain
TC IV.v.62[Ulysses to Nestor, of those like Cressida] Set them down / For sluttish spoils of opportunity
Tit IV.iv.64[Aemilius to Saturninus, of the Goths] bent to the spoil, / They hither march amain
Ven.553[of Venus] having felt the sweetness of the spoil