show (n.) Old form(s): shew , shewes , showes
spectacle, display, ceremony
2H4 III.ii.272[Shallow to Falstaff] I was then Sir Dagonet in Arthur's show [i.e. a display by a society of archers named after King Arthur]
AC V.ii.362[Caesar to all] Our army shall / In solemn show attend this funeral
Cor III.iii.36[Coriolanus to all] Throng our large temples with the shows of peace
H8 IV.i.10[Second Gentleman to First Gentleman, of the citizens] they are ever forward - / In celebration of this day with shows, / Pageants, and sights of honour
H8 prologue.10[of the audience] Those that come to see / Only a show or two
H8 prologue.18[of what is not in the play] such a show / As fool and fight
KL[Edgar alone] Who alone suffers, suffers most i'the mind, / Leaving free things and happy shows behind
LC.308[] to turn white and sound at tragic shows
LLL V.ii.305[Rosaline to Princess, of their visitors] Their shallow shows and prologue vilely penned
Per II.iii.56[Simonides to Thaisa, of Pericles' melancholy] As if ... our court / Had not a show might countervail his worth
TNK IV.ii.92[Pirithous to Theseus, of one of Palamon's knights] his show / Has all the ornament of honour in't
TS I.i.47[Tranio to Lucentio, of Baptista and company] some show to welcome us to town