reverend (adj.) Old form(s): reuerend , reuerent
revered, worthy, respected
2H4 III.ii.167[Falstaff to Feeble] I am bound to thee, reverend Feeble
CE V.i.124[Second Merchant to Angelo] a reverend Syracusian merchant
CE V.i.134[Duke to Adriana, of the Abbess] She is a virtuous and a reverend lady
CE V.i.5[Angelo to Second Merchant, of Antipholus of Syracuse] Of very reverend reputation
Ham II.ii.477[First Player to all, of Pyrrhus' sword] declining on the milky head / Of reverend Priam [F; Q2 reuerent]
KL II.ii.124[Cornwall to disguised Kent] you reverend braggart
LC.57[] A reverend man that grazed his cattle nigh
LLL IV.ii.1[Nathaniel to Holofernes, of hunting] Very reverend sport
Luc.90[of Lucrece and Tarquin] guiltless, she securely gives ... reverend welcome to her princely guest
MV IV.i.160[Clerk reading Bellario's letter, of Portia as Balthasar] let his lack of years be no impediment to let him lack a reverend estimation
MW III.i.49[Page to Evans, of Caius] Yonder is a most reverend gentleman
Per V.i.13.2[Lysimachus to Helicanus] Hail, reverend sir! The gods preserve you!
TC I.iii.61[Ulysses to Nestor] thou most reverend for thy stretched-out life
TC IV.v.204[Hector to Nestor] Most reverend Nestor, I am glad to clasp thee
Tim V.i.127[Flavius to Timon] Th'Athenians / By two of their most reverent Senate greet thee
TN III.iv.73[Malvolio alone, of the letter's requirements] a sad face, a reverend carriage
TS IV.i.190[Petruchio alone, of behaving badly towards Katherina] amid this hurly I intend / That all is done in reverend care of her
TS IV.v.48[Katherina to Vincentio] I perceive thou art a reverend father
TS IV.v.60[Petruchio to Vincentio, of calling him 'father'] by law, as well as reverend age