gentle (adj.)
courteous, friendly, kind
1H4 II.iii.109[Hotspur to Lady Percy] This evening must I leave you, gentle Kate
1H6 II.ii.47[Burgundy to Talbot, of the Countess's invitation] You may not, my lord, despise her gentle suit
1H6 V.iv.20[Shepherd to Pucelle] Deny me not, I prithee, gentle Joan
2H6 III.ii.88[Queen to King] I ... cursed the gentle gusts
2H6 IV.ii.164[Stafford's Brother to Stafford, of the rebels] seeing gentle words will not prevail, / Assail them with the army of the King
3H6 II.ii.11[Clifford to King] To whom do lions cast their gentle looks?
3H6 V.i.22[Edward to Warwick] Speak gentle words, and humbly bend thy knee
AC II.ii.3.1[Lepidus to Enobarbus] entreat your captain / To soft and gentle speech
AC IV.v.14[Antony to Eros, of Enobarbus] Write to him ... gentle adieus and greetings
AC IV.xiv.21[Antony to Eros] weep not, gentle Eros
AC V.ii.127[Caesar to Cleopatra] our intents, / Which towards you are most gentle
AC V.ii.68[Proculeius to Dolabella, of Cleopatra] Be gentle to her
AW III.v.96[Helena to Widow] Please it this matron and this gentle maid / To eat with us tonight
AW V.i.4[Helena to Diana and Widow] you have made the days and nights as one / To wear your gentle limbs in my affairs
AW V.iii.337[King to audience] Your gentle hands lend us and take our hearts
AYL I.i.155[Oliver alone, of Orlando] Yet he's gentle, never schooled and yet learned [or: sense 1]
AYL I.ii.174[Orlando to Rosalind and Celia] let your fair eyes and gentle wishes go with me to my trial
AYL II.iii.6[Adam to Orlando] wherefore are you gentle, strong, and valiant?
AYL II.iv.67[Corin to Rosalind as Ganymede] And to you, gentle sir, and to you all.
AYL III.v.85[Phebe to Silvius] I am sorry for thee, gentle Silvius
AYL IV.iii.8[Silvius to Rosalind as Ganymede, of a letter] My gentle Phebe bid me give you this
AYL V.i.16[Touchstone to William] Good even, gentle friend
AYL V.i.2[Touchstone to Audrey] Patience, gentle Audrey
CE III.ii.168[Antipholus of Syracuse alone, of Luciana] Possessed with such a gentle sovereign grace
CE III.ii.25[Luciana to Antipholus of Syracuse] Then, gentle brother, get you in again
CE IV.iv.151[Dromio of Syracuse to Antipholus of Syracuse, of the Ephesians] Methinks they are such a gentle nation
CE IV.iv.95[Adriana to Antipholus of Ephesus] I did not, gentle husband, lock thee forth
CE V.i.371.1[Antipholus of Syracuse to Adriana] gentle mistress
Cor II.iii.96[Coriolanus to Citizens, of flattering the people] 'Tis a condition they account gentle;
Cor III.i.55[Sicinius to Coriolanus] you must inquire your way ... with a gentler spirit
Cor III.ii.59[Volumnia to Coriolanus, of speaking humbly to the citizens] this no more dishonours you at all / Than to take in a town with gentle words
E3 III.iii.146[King John to all] He that you fight for, rules in clemency, / And reins you with a mild and gentle bit
H5[King Henry to Fluellen] when lenity and cruelty play for a kingdom, the gentler gamester is the soonest winner
H8 II.iv.87[Wolsey to and of Queen Katherine] Of disposition gentle and of wisdom / O'ertopping woman's power [or: sense 1]
H8 III.i.165[Wolsey to Queen Katherine] I know you have a gentle, noble temper
H8 prologue.17[Prologue to audience] gentle hearers
Ham I.ii.123[Claudius to Gertrude] This gentle and unforced accord of Hamlet / Sits smiling to my heart
Ham V.ii.200[Lord to Hamlet] to use some gentle entertainment to Laertes
JC I.ii.228[Casca to Brutus and Cassius, of Caesar being offered the crown] he put it by thrice, every time gentler than other
JC II.i.279[Portia to Brutus, of her kneeling] I should not need, if you were gentle Brutus [pun: 278, sense 1]
JC III.i.255[Antony to dead Caesar] pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth, / That I am meek and gentle with these butchers
JC III.ii.141[Antony to the plebeians] Have patience, gentle friends
JC III.ii.73.1[Antony to the plebeians] You gentle Romans [or: sense 1]
JC IV.iii.267[Brutus to sleeping Lucius] Gentle knave, good night
KJ II.i.205[King Philip to King John] Our trumpet called you to this gentle parle
KJ III.iii.19[King John to Hubert] O my gentle Hubert
KJ IV.iii.13[Salisbury to Pembroke and Bigot, of Cardinal Pandulph's letter] we must embrace / This gentle offer of the perilous time
KL[disguised Edgar to Oswald's letter] Leave, gentle wax [i.e. by your leave]
LC.177[] Gentle maid, / Have of my suffering youth some feeling pity [or: sense 6]
LLL V.ii.179[Berowne to Boyet, of the reason for visiting the Princess] Nothing but peace and gentle visitation
LLL V.ii.626[Holofernes to Berowne, of their insults] This is not generous, not gentle, not humble
Luc.1273[Lucrece to her maid] If thou dost weep for grief of my sustaining, / Know, gentle wench, it small avails my mood
Luc.545[] the rough beast that knows no gentle right
MM I.iv.24[Lucio to Isabella] Gentle and fair, your brother kindly greets you
MM I.iv.7[Francisca to Isabella] Gentle Isabella
MM IV.i.70[disguised Duke to Mariana] Nor, gentle daughter, fear you not at all
MM IV.ii.69.1[Provost alone, of knocking] I hope it is some pardon or reprieve / For the most gentle Claudio
MM IV.ii.83[disguised Duke alone] This is a gentle provost
MM V.i.354[Duke to Provost] let me bail these gentle three
MND II.i.148[Oberon to Puck] My gentle Puck, come hither
MND III.ii.418[Lysander alone, as if to daylight] Come, thou gentle day,
MND V.i.223[Theseus to all, of Snug as Lion] A very gentle beast, of a good conscience
MV I.iii.174.2[Antonio to Shylock] Hie thee, gentle Jew
MV II.vii.78[Portia to Nerissa, of Morocco] A gentle riddance.
MV III.ii.139[Bassanio to himself, of the scroll] A gentle scroll.
MV IV.i.34[Duke to Shylock] We all expect a gentle answer, Jew
MV V.i.260[Nerissa to Gratiano] And pardon me, my gentle Gratiano [or: sense 6]
MW I.i.280[Page to Slender] Come, gentle Master Slender, come
MW I.iv.135[Mistress Quickly to Fenton, of Anne] she is pretty, and honest, and gentle
MW III.iv.18.2[Anne to Fenton] Gentle Master Fenton
MW III.iv.92[Fenton to Mistress Page] Farewell, gentle mistress
Oth V.i.93[Iago to Gratiano] I cry you gentle pardon
Per III.i.74[Pericles to Second Sailor] gentle mariner
Per III.ii.106[Cerimon to Gentlemen] Hush, my gentle neighbours
PP.4.12[of Adonis and Cytherea] The tender nibbler would not touch the bait, / But smile and jest at every gentle offer
R2 I.iii.95[Mowbray to King Richard] As gentle and as jocund as to jest / Go I to fight
R2 III.iii.126[King Richard to Northumberland, of Bolingbroke] Speak to his gentle hearing kind commends
R2 III.iii.131[Aumerle to King Richard] Let's fight with gentle words / Till time lend friends [or: sense 4]
R2 V.v.81[Richard to Groom, of Bolingbroke riding Barbary] Tell me, gentle friend, / How went he under him?
R3 I.iii.296[Queen Margaret to Buckingham] What, dost thou scorn me for my gentle counsel?
R3 II.ii.27[Duchess of York to Boy, of Richard] Ah, that deceit should steal such gentle shape
R3 III.i.169[Buckingham to Catesby] go, gentle Catesby
R3 III.iv.20[Hastings to all] in the Duke's behalf I'll give my voice, / Which, I presume, he'll take in gentle part
R3 III.iv.20[Hastings to all, of Richard] in the Duke's behalf I'll give my voice, / Which, I presume, he'll take in gentle part
R3 III.vii.246[Richard to the citizens] farewell, gentle friends
R3 III.vii.38[Buckingham to Richard, of what was said to the citizens] Thanks, gentle citizens and friends
R3 IV.iii.28.2[King Richard to Tyrrel, of the children] And buried, gentle Tyrrel?
RJ I.v.65[Capulet to Tybalt] Content thee, gentle coz
RJ II.ii.93[Juliet to Romeo] O gentle Romeo
RJ III.i.82[Romeo to Mercutio] Gentle Mercutio, put thy rapier up
RJ III.iii.10[Friar Laurence to Romeo, of the Prince] A gentler judgement vanished from his lips
RJ IV.iii.1[Juliet to Nurse] gentle Nurse
RJ V.iii.59[Romeo to Paris] Good gentle youth, tempt not a desperate man
Sonn.145.7[of love] Chiding that tongue that ever sweet / Was used in giving gentle doom [i.e. merciful judgement]
TC III.ii.12[Troilus to Pandarus] O gentle Pandar
TC IV.i.33[Paris to Diomedes] This is the most despiteful'st gentle greeting ... that e'er I heard of
Tem epilogue.11[Prospero alone, to audience] Gentle breath of yours my sails / Must fill
Tem III.iii.19.3[stage direction] Enter several strange shapes, bringing in a banquet; and dance about it with gentle actions of salutations
Tem III.iii.33[Gonzalo to all, of the spirits] Their manners are more gentle, kind, than of / Our human generation you shall find / Many
TG II.i.102[Silvia to Valentine] I thank you, gentle servant
TG II.ii.1[Proteus to Julia] Have patience, gentle Julia
TG II.iv.134[Valentine to Proteus] O gentle Proteus, Love's a mighty lord
TG II.vii.1[Julia to Lucetta] Counsel, Lucetta; gentle girl, assist me
TG II.vii.42[Julia to Lucetta] Gentle Lucetta
TG III.i.31[Duke to Proteus, of Valentine] I gave him gentle looks
TG IV.iv.170[Silvia to disguised Julia,of Julia] She is beholding to thee, gentle youth
Tim I.i.183[Apemantus to Timon, of being called ‘gentle’ in sense 1] Till I be gentle, stay thou for thy good morrow
Tit II.iii.168[Lavinia to Tamora] be called a gentle queen [or: sense 1, 6]
Tit III.i.157[Titus to Aaron] O gentle Aaron!
Tit III.i.23[Titus to himself, as if to the tribunes] O reverend tribunes, O gentle aged men
Tit III.i.81[Lucius to Lavinia] Speak, gentle sister: who hath martyred thee? [or: sense 1]
Tit IV.ii.55[Nurse to Aaron] O, gentle Aaron, we are all undone
TN IV.i.50.2[Olivia to Sebastian] gentle friend
TNK II.iii.24[Gaoler's Daughter alone, quoting Palamon addressing her] Fair, gentle maid
TNK V.ii.41[Gaoler's Daughter to Gaoler, of Wooer as Palamon] I thank him for his gentle patience
TNK V.iv.24[Palamon to Gaoler] Your gentle daughter gave me freedom once
TS induction.1.64[Lord to Huntsmen, of reacting to transformed Sly] do it kindly, gentle sirs
Ven.1001[Venus as if to death] Then, gentle shadow ... / I railed on thee
Ven.403[Venus to Adonis] Let me excuse thy courser, gentle boy [or: sense 1, 6]
WT II.ii.11[Paulina to Gaoler] Here's ado / To lock up honesty and honour from / Th'access of gentle visitors!
WT IV.i.20[Time to audience] imagine me, / Gentle spectators, that I now may be / In fair Bohemia [or: discriminating]
WT IV.iv.85.2[Polixenes to Perdita] gentle maiden
WT V.ii.148[Shepherd to Clown] we must be gentle, now we are gentlemen

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