hot (adj.)
enthusiastic, ardent, eager, keen
2H4 IV.iii.119[Falstaff alone, of Prince Henry] he is become very hot and valiant
JC IV.ii.19[Brutus to Lucilius, of Cassius] Thou hast described / A hot friend cooling
KL III.vii.16[Oswald to Cornwall, of Lear's knights] Hot questrists after him
KL V.iii.67.2[Gonerill to Regan] Not so hot!
LC.218[of gifts from the woman's suitors] all these trophies of affections hot
MM V.i.311.2[disguised Duke to Escalus] Be not so hot [or: sense 5]
R3 I.iii.310[Richard to Queen Elizabeth] I was too hot to do somebody good
RJ II.v.62[Nurse to Juliet] Are you so hot?
TC II.iii.171[Ulysses to Agamemnon, of Achilles] Imagined worth / Holds in his blood such swollen and hot discourse
WT II.iii.32.2[Paulina to Servant] Not so hot, good sir
WT IV.iv.679[Autolycus to himself, of the arrival of the Clown and Shepherd] Here is more matter for a hot brain