fell (adj.)
cruel, fierce, savage
1H6 V.iii.42[Richard to Pucelle] Fell banning hag!
2H4 V.v.37[Pistol to Falstaff] Rouse up Revenge from ebon den with fell Alecto's snake
2H6 III.i.351[York alone, of his plans] this fell tempest shall not cease to rage
2H6 III.ii.266[Salisbury to King, of the commons] they will guard you ... / From such fell serpents as false Suffolk is
2H6 V.i.153[Richard to Clifford, of a dog at a bear-baiting] being suffered with the bear's fell paw
3H6 I.iv.149[York to Clifford, of his tears for Rutland] every drop cries vengeance for his death / 'Gainst thee, fell Clifford
3H6 II.v.13[King alone] the equal poise of this fell war
3H6 II.v.89[Father to himself, of the war] What strategems, how fell, how butcherly ... / This deadly quarrel daily doth beget!
3H6 II.vi.72[George to dead Clifford] While we devise fell tortures for thy faults
3H6 IV.iv.12[Lady Grey to Rivers, of the Bishop of York] Fell Warwick's brother
Cor I.iii.46[Virgilia to Volumnia] Heavens bless my lord from fell Aufidius!
Cym IV.ii.109.1[Arviragus to Belarius, of Cloten] You say he is so fell
H5 III.iii.17[King Henry to citizens of Harfleur, of war ] Do ... all fell feats / Enlinked to waste and desolation
H5 V.ii.355[Queen Isabel to King Henry and French King] never may ill office, or fell jealousy ... / Thrust in between the paction of these kingdoms
H8 V.i.49[Gardiner to Lovell, of King Henry] forseeing those fell mischiefs / Our reasons laid before him
Ham II.ii.471[First Player to all, of Pyrrhus] with the whiff and wind of his fell sword
JC III.i.269[Antony alone] All pity choked with custom of fell deeds
KJ III.iv.40[Constance to King Philip] with a passion would I ... rouse from sleep that fell anatomy / Which cannot hear a lady's feeble voice
KJ V.vii.9[Pembroke to Prince Henry, of King John] the open air ... would allay the burning quality / Of that fell poison which assaileth him
KL II.i.49[Edmund to Gloucester, of Edgar] in fell motion ... he charges home
LC.13[] spite of heaven's fell rage
Luc.145[] As life for honour in fell battle's rage
Luc.429[of Tarquin's veins] Obdurate vassals fell exploits effecting
Luc.766[Lucrece as if to and of night] Black stage for tragedies and murders fell
MND II.i.20[Puck to Fairy] Oberon is passing fell and wrath
MND V.i.220[Snug as Lion] I as Snug the joiner am / A lion fell
MV IV.i.135[Gratiano to Shylock, of a wolf] Even from the gallows did his fell soul fleet
Oth V.ii.358[Lodovico to Iago] O, Spartan dog, / More fell than anguish
Per epilogue.V.iii.5[Gower alone] Virtue preserved from fell destruction's blast
Per Chorus.III.53[Gower alone] what ensues in this fell storm / Shall for itself itself perform
R2 I.ii.46[Duchess of Gloucester to John of Gaunt] to behold / Our cousin Hereford and fell Mowbray fight
R2 I.iii.302[Bolingbroke to John of Gaunt] Fell sorrow's tooth doth never rankle more / Than when he bites
Sonn.64.1[] When I have seen by Time's fell hand defaced / The rich proud cost of outworn buried age
TC IV.v.269[Achilles to Hector] Tomorrow do I meet thee, fell as death
TC V.vii.6[Achilles to Myrmidons] In fellest manner execute your arms
Tit II.iii.281[Saturninus to Titus, of Martius and Quintus] fell curs of bloody kind
TN I.i.23[Orsino to Curio] my desires, like fell and cruel hounds
TNK III.ii.15[Gaoler's Daughter alone, of Palamon] the jingling of his gyves / Might call fell things to listen [i.e. ferocious beasts]

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