bosom (n.) Old form(s): bosome, bosomes
heart, inner person
2H4 I.i.158[Northumberland to Morton] let one spirit of the first-born Cain / Reign in all bosoms
2H4 I.iii.13[Hastings to Archbishop, of Northumberland] whose bosom burns / With an incensed fire of injuries
AW I.iii.121[Countess to Steward, of Helena's thoughts] Stall this in your bosom
AW III.i.8[Duke to Lords] we marvel much our cousin France / Would ... shut his bosom / Against our borrowing prayers
H5 II.chorus.21[Chorus, of the traitors] a nest of hollow bosoms [also: empty pockets]
H5 V.ii.346[French King to King Henry, of the treaty between France and England] this dear conjunction / Plant neighbourhood ... / In their sweet bosoms
H8 II.iv.182[King Henry to all] This respite shook / The bosom of my conscience
JC II.i.305[Brutus to Portia] by and by thy bosom shall partake / The secrets of my heart
KJ IV.i.32[Hubert to himself, of Arthur] His words do take possession of my bosom
KJ IV.ii.254[Hubert to King John] Within this bosom never entered yet / The dreadful motion of a murderous thought
KJ V.ii.41[Lewis the Dauphin to Salisbury, of his wish for peace] great affections wrestling in thy bosom / Doth make an earthquake of nobility
LC.254[]The broken bosoms that to me belong / Have emptied all their fountains in my well
Luc.1342[]But they whose guilt within their bosoms lie / Imagine every eye beholds their blame
Mac II.i.28[Banquo to Macbeth] So I ... still keep / My bosom franchised and allegiance clear
Mac V.iii.44[Macbeth to Doctor] Canst thou not ... / Cleanse the stuffed bosom of that perilous stuff / Which weighs upon the heart?
MM V.i.10[Duke to Angelo, of Angelo's deserving] To lock it in the wards of covert bosom
MV IV.i.31[Duke to Shylock, of Antonio's losses] Enow to ... pluck commiseration of his state / From brassy bosoms and rough hearts of flint
Oth IV.ii.13[Emilia to Othello, of his way of thinking] it doth abuse your bosom
RJ V.i.3[Romeo alone] My bosom's lord sits lightly in his throne
Sonn.120.12[] The humble salve, which wounded bosoms fits
Sonn.133.9[] Prison my heart in thy steel bosom's ward
Sonn.31.1[] Thy bosom is endeared with all hearts / Which I by lacking have supposed dead
Tim V.i.95[Timon to Poet and Painter, of a knave] you ... / Keep [him] in your bosom
TN I.v.215[Viola as Cesario to Olivia, responding to 'Where lies your text?'] In Orsino's bosom
TN II.i.35[Sebastian to Antonio] my bosom is full of kindness

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