coat (n.) Old form(s): Coate, Coates, cote
1H4 IV.i.100[Vernon to Hotspur, of Prince Hal and his companions] Glittering in golden coats like images [or: sense 2]
1H4 V.iii.25[Hotspur to Douglas] The King hath many marching in his coats [or: sense 2]
1H6 I.v.28[Talbot to the English] Either renew the fight / Or tear the lions out of England's coat [i.e.on which three lions are shown]
LC.236[of a nun] she was sought by spirits of richest coat
Luc.205[Tarquin to himself] though I die the scandal will survive / And be an eye-sore in my golden coat
MND III.ii.213[Helena to Hermia] we grew together ... like coats in heraldry, / Due but to one, and crowned with one crest
MW I.i.15[Slender to Evans, of Shallow's heirs] They may give the dozen white luces in their coat
MW V.v.63[Mistress Quickly as Queen of Fairies to all, of Windsor Castle] Each fair instalment, coat, and several crest, / With loyal blazon, evermore be blest!
R2 III.i.24[Bolingbroke to Bushy and Green] you have ... / From my own windows torn my household coat

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