charge (v.) Old form(s): chargd , charg'd
order, command, enjoin
2H6 III.ii.256[Salisbury to King] if your highness should intend to sleep, / And charge that no man should disturb your rest
2H6 IV.i.115[Suffolk to Lieutenant] I charge thee, waft me safely 'cross the Channel
2H6 IV.vii.116[Cade to rebels] we charge and command that ... wives be as free as heart can wish
3H6 V.v.81[Edward to soldiers, of the Queen] I charge ye, bear her hence
AC[Caesar to all] Go charge Agrippa / Plant those that have revolted in the vant
AW V.iii.234[King to Parolles] tell me true I charge you
AYL I.i.3[Orlando to Adam, of his father] charged my brother on his blessing to breed me well
AYL I.iii.90[Celia to Rosalind] I charge thee, be not thou more grieved than I am
AYL III.ii.137[Celia as Aliena reading] Heaven Nature charged / That one body should be filled
AYL V.iv.206[Rosalind as Epilogue] I charge you, O women ... and I charge you, O men
KJ III.i.151[King John to Cardinal Pandulph] Thou canst not ... devise a name / So slight, unworthy, and ridiculous, / To charge me to an answer, as the Pope
KL III.vii.51[Regan to Gloucester] Wast thou not charged at peril
KL IV.v.18[Oswald to Regan] My lady charged my duty in this business
LC.220[of gifts from the woman's suitors] Nature hath charged me that I hoard them not
Mac I.iii.77[Macbeth to Witches] Speak, I charge you!
TC IV.iv.125[Troilus to Diomedes, of Cressida] I charge thee use her well
Tem I.ii.453[Prospero to Ferdinand] I charge thee / That thou attend me
Tem IV.i.259[Prospero to Ariel] charge my goblins
Tim III.iv.117[Timon to Flavius] Go, I charge thee

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