troth (n.)
truth, good faith
Cym V.v.274[Pisanio to Cymbeline] I'll speak troth
H8 II.iii.34[Old Lady to Anne, of Anne denying she would be a queen by saying 'No, good troth'] Yes, troth and troth
LC.280[] that strong bonded oath, / That shall prefer and undertake my troth
LLL I.i.66[Berowne to King] having sworn too hard-a-keeping oath, / Study to break it and not break my troth
LLL IV.iii.141[King to Longaville] You would for paradise break faith and troth
LLL V.ii.350[Princess to King] virtue's office never breaks men's troth
Luc.1059[Lucrece as if to Collatine] thou shalt not know / The stained taste of violated troth
Luc.571[of Lucrece pleading with Tarquin] She conjures him ... / By holy human law and common troth
Luc.885[Lucrece as if to opportunity] thou murd'rest troth
MND II.ii.42[Lysander to Hermia] to speak troth
TC IV.v.168[Agamemnon to Hector] faith and troth, / Strained purely from all hollow bias-drawing
TNK IV.iii.43[Gaoler's Daughter to herself] in troth a very grievous punishment