audit (n.) Old form(s): audite
account, reckoning [especially: in the face of God]
Cym V.iv.27[Posthumus alone to the gods, of his life] If you will take this audit, take this life
H8 III.ii.141[King Henry to Wolsey] You have scarce time / To steal from spiritual leisure a brief span / To keep your earthly audit
Ham III.iii.82[Hamlet to himself, of his father] And how his audit stands, who knows save heaven?
LC.230[the woman, of her treasures] to your audit comes / Their distract parcels
Sonn.126.11[of Nature] Her audit ... answered must be, / And her quietus is to render thee
Sonn.4.12[] Then how when Nature calls thee to be gone, / What acceptable audit canst thou leave?
Sonn.49.4[of his friend frowning on his defects] Called to that audit by advised respects

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