affection (n.)
fancy, inclination, desire
1H4 III.ii.30[King Henry to Prince Hal] let me wonder ... / At thy affections
Cor I.i.102[Menenius to Citizens, of the body parts other than the belly] did minister / Unto the appetite and affection common / Of the whole body
Cor I.i.175[Martius to Citizens] your affections are / A sick man's appetite
Ham III.i.163[Claudius to Polonius, of Hamlet] Love? His affections do not that way tend [or: sense 2]
LC.192[of the woman] Among the many that mine eyes have seen, / Not one ... my affection put to th'smallest teen
MV I.ii.32[Nerissa to Portia] what warmth is there in your affection towards any of these princely suitors
Oth I.i.36[Iago to Roderigo] Preferment goes by letter and affection [i.e. nepotism]
RJ I.i.126[Benvolio to Lady Montague, of Romeo] measuring his affections by my own
Tim I.ii.217[Timon to Third Lord] I weigh my friend's affection with mine own
TNK I.iii.72[Emilia to Hippolyta, of her friend] her affections ... I followed
TS I.ii.72[Petruchio to Hortensio, of marrying a rich wife whatever her qualities] She moves me not, or not removes at least / Affection's edge in me

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