Here, there, and where

A particularly productive kind of word-formation in Early Modern English was to use the adverbs here, there, and where as the first elements of compounds, the second element being a preposition, or occasionally another adverb.Not all the possible combinations are found in Shakespeare: the list below gives those which are present, in their chief meanings, some of which of course are still in use today (e.g. thereabouts, therefore).


Item Location Example Gloss
hereabout Oth V.i.57 I think that one of them is hereabout around here
hereabouts RJ V.i.38 I do remember an apothecary, / And hereabouts ’a dwells around here
thereabout Ham II.ii.445 [of a tale] thereabout of it especially when he speaks of Priam’s daughter about that part, concerning the matter
thereabouts AW IV.iii.171 Five or six thousand horse ... or thereabouts approximately, about that [place, number, time, etc]
whereabout Mac II.i.58 The very stones prate of my whereabout whereabouts
whereabout 1H4 II.iii.107 I must not have you henceforth question me / Whither I go, nor reason whereabout about what, on what business


Item Location Example Gloss
hereafter Cor III.ii.85 thou wilt frame / Thyself, forsooth, hereafter theirs after this, in time to come
thereafter 2H4 III.ii.56 [Shallow] How a score of ewes now? [Silence] Thereafter as they be conforming to the matter


Item Location Example Gloss
whereagainst Cor IV.v.110 that body, whereagainst / My grained ash an hundred times hath broke against which place


Item Location Example Gloss
thereat KL IV.ii.75 [of a servant] bending his sword / To his great master; who, thereat enraged, / Flew on him thereupon, because of that
whereat Cor Thou hast done a deed whereat valour will weep at which


Item Location Example Gloss
hereby LLL I.ii.130 [Armado] I will visit thee at the lodge. [Jaquenetta] That’s hereby nearby, close by
hereby R3 I.iv.94 [of giving up Clarence] I will not reason what is meant hereby by this, from this circumstance
thereby AYL II.vii.48 And thereby hangs a tale by that, through that
whereby TS II.i.266 by this light whereby I see your beauty by which


Item Location Example Gloss
therefore Tem IV.i.22 Therefore take heed for that reason
wherefore KJ V.i.44 But wherefore do you droop? why


Item Location Example Gloss
herein Ham II.ii.76 [of a paper] an entreaty, herein further shown in here, in this [matter/situation, etc]
therein Ham II.ii.79 [of a paper] such regards of safety and allowance / As therein are set down in there, in that [matter/situation, etc]
wherein Sonn 24.3 My body is the frame wherein ’tis held in which
wherein AYL III.ii.214 Wherein went he? [i.e. in what clothes] in what [condition, matter, etc]


Item Location Example Gloss
whereinto Oth III.iii.136 where’s that palace whereinto foul things / Sometimes intrude not? in which


Item Location Example Gloss
hereof TS IV.v.75 go along and see the truth hereof of this, concerning this
thereof R3 I.iii.307 I repent / My part thereof that I have done to her of that, concerning that
whereof TC I.iii.14 every action ... / Whereof we have record of which, about which
whereof Tim II.ii.175 The breath is gone whereof this praise is made by means of which,. through which


Item Location Example Gloss
thereon 3H6 III.iii.116 [of Edward being the true king] Thereon I pawn my credit and mine honour on that, upon that [place, subject, etc]
whereon Ham III.iv.125 Whereon do you look? on what
whereon Mac IV.i.137 Infected be the air whereon they ride on which
whereon Tem I.ii.127 Whereon, a treacherous army levied whereupon


Item Location Example Gloss
whereout TC IV.v.245 I may give the local wound a name, / And make distinct the very breach whereout / Hector's great spirit flew out of which, from which

+soever / somever

Item Location Example Gloss
wheresoever, wheresoe’er MND II.ii.96 Happy is Hermia, wheresoe’er she lies wherever
wheresomever H5 II.iii.7 Would I were with him, wheresome’er he is wherever


Item Location Example Gloss
wherethrough, where-through Sonn 24.11 windows to my breast, where-through the Sun / Delights to peep through which


Item Location Example Gloss
hereto Cor II.ii.64 A kinder value of the people than / He hath hereto prized them at hitherto, up to this time
thereto TN V.i.83 His life I gave him, and did thereto add / My love besides, in addition
thereto H5 V.ii.90 Anything in or out of our demands, / And we’ll consign thereto to that [matter/place/time, etc]
whereto MND III.ii.256 whereto tends all this? in what/which direction
whereto Ham III.iii.46 Whereto serves mercy / But to confront the visage of offence? for what purpose, to what end
whereto KL V.iii.138 To prove upon thy heart, whereto I speak, / Thou liest to which


Item Location Example Gloss
heretofore E3 I.i.46 my breast, / Which heretofore was racked in ignorance before now, formerly
wheretofore E3 IV.iii.49 And wheretofore I loved thee as Villiers, / Hereafter I’ll embrace thee as myself while until now

+until [generally = unto]

Item Location Example Gloss
whereuntil LLL V.ii.492 we know whereuntil it doth amount to which /what


Item Location Example Gloss
thereunto H8 I.iii.27 With all their honourable points of ignorance / Pertaining thereunto to that [place/matter, etc]
whereunto Cym III.iv.108 [of the court] whereunto I never / Purpose return to which


Item Location Example Gloss
hereupon LLL I.ii.56 I will hereupon confess I am in love upon this point, in relation to this matter
thereupon 2H4 IV.ii.68 And thereupon I drink unto your grace upon that, on that basis
whereupon R2 II.ii.58 [on some being proclaimed traitors] whereupon the Earl of Worcester / Hath broken his staff for which reason, on which account
whereupon 1H4 IV.iii.42 The King hath sent to know ... whereupon / You conjure from the breast of civil peace /Such bold hostility why, on what ground
whereupon Sonn 20.6 Gilding the object whereupon it gazeth upon which


Item Location Example Gloss
therewith Oth I.ii.88 How may the Duke be therewith satisfied with that, along with that, by means of that
wherewith 1H6 I.i.102 An army have I mustered in my thoughts / Wherewith already France is overrun with which / what



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