Julius Caesar

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Drum. Drum JC IV.ii.1.1
Enter Brutus, Lucillius, and the Army. TitiniusEnter Brutus, Lucilius, Lucius, and the army. Titinius JC IV.ii.1.2
and Pindarus meete them.and Pindarus meet them JC IV.ii.1.3
Stand ho.Stand, ho! JC IV.ii.1
Giue the word ho, and Stand.Give the word, ho! and stand! JC IV.ii.2
What now Lucillius, is Cassius neere?What now, Lucilius, is Cassius near? JC IV.ii.3
He is at hand, and Pindarus is comeHe is at hand, and Pindarus is come JC IV.ii.4
To do you salutation from his Master.To do you salutation from his master. JC IV.ii.5
He greets me well. Your Master PindarusHe greets me well. Your master, Pindarus, JC IV.ii.6
In his owne change, or by ill Officers,In his own change, or by ill officers,ill (adj.)poor, inadequate, miserableJC IV.ii.7
change (n.)change of mind, changeableness, caprice
Hath giuen me some worthy cause to wishHath given me some worthy cause to wishworthy (adj.)deserved, justified, warrantedJC IV.ii.8
Things done, vndone: But if he be at handThings done undone; but if he be at hand JC IV.ii.9
I shall be satisfied.I shall be satisfied.satisfy (v.)provide with information, reassure, convinceJC IV.ii.10.1
I do not doubtI do not doubt JC IV.ii.10.2
But that my Noble Master will appeareBut that my noble master will appear JC IV.ii.11
Such as he is, full of regard, and Honour.Such as he is, full of regard and honour.regard (n.)respect, repute, esteemJC IV.ii.12
He is not doubted. A word LucilliusHe is not doubted. A word, Lucilius; JC IV.ii.13
Brutus and Lucilius draw apart JC IV.ii.14.1
How he receiu'd you: let me be resolu'd.How he received you, let me be resolved.resolve (v.)satisfy, free from doubtJC IV.ii.14
With courtesie, and with respect enough,With courtesy and with respect enough, JC IV.ii.15
But not with such familiar instances,But not with such familiar instances,familiar (adj.)friendly, congenial, welcomingJC IV.ii.16
Nor with such free and friendly ConferenceNor with such free and friendly conference,conference (n.)conversation, talk, discourseJC IV.ii.17
As he hath vs'd of old.As he hath used of old. JC IV.ii.18.1
Thou hast describ'dThou hast described JC IV.ii.18.2
A hot Friend, cooling: Euer note Lucillius,A hot friend cooling. Ever note, Lucilius,note (v.)observe, pay attention [to], take special note [of]JC IV.ii.19
hot (adj.)enthusiastic, ardent, eager, keen
When Loue begins to sicken and decayWhen love begins to sicken and decay, JC IV.ii.20
It vseth an enforced Ceremony.It useth an enforced ceremony.enforced (adj.)forced, constrained, affectedJC IV.ii.21
ceremony (n.)observance, courtesy, regard
There are no trickes, in plaine and simple Faith:There are no tricks in plain and simple faith; JC IV.ii.22
But hollow men, like Horses hot at hand,But hollow men, like horses hot at hand,hot (adj.)fast, hastyJC IV.ii.23
hand, atat the start of a race
hollow (adj.)empty, false, insincere
Make gallant shew, and promise of their Mettle:Make gallant show and promise of their mettle;mettle, mettell (n.)spirit, temperament, dispositionJC IV.ii.24
Low March within.Low march within JC IV.ii.25
But when they should endure the bloody Spurre,But when they should endure the bloody spur, JC IV.ii.25
They fall their Crests, and like deceitfull IadesThey fall their crests, and like deceitful jadesjade (n.)
old form: Iades
worn-out horse, hack, worthless nag
JC IV.ii.26
fall (v.)drop, descend, let fall
crest (n.)[on an animal head or neck] ridge of feathers, ridge of hairs; hackles
Sinke in the Triall. Comes his Army on?Sink in the trial. Comes his army on?sink (v.)
old form: Sinke
fail, fall down, give way
JC IV.ii.27
trial (n.)
old form: Triall
action of testing, putting to the proof
They meane this night in Sardis to be quarter'd:They mean this night in Sardis to be quartered;Sardis (n.)[pron: 'sahrdis] capital of Lydia, Asia Minor; once the political centreJC IV.ii.28
The greater part, the Horse in generallThe greater part, the horse in general,horse (n.)cavalry, horse soldiersJC IV.ii.29
Are come with Cassius.Are come with Cassius. JC IV.ii.30.1
Enter Cassius and his Powers.Enter Cassius and his powerspower (n.)armed force, troops, host, armyJC IV.ii.30
Hearke, he is arriu'd:Hark! he is arrived. JC IV.ii.30.2
March gently on to meete him.March gently on to meet him.gently (adv.)like a gentleman, honourably, with dignityJC IV.ii.31
Stand ho.Stand, ho! JC IV.ii.32
Stand ho, speake the word along.Stand, ho! Speak the word along. JC IV.ii.33
Stand.Stand! JC IV.ii.34
Stand.Stand! JC IV.ii.35

Stand.Stand! JC IV.ii.36
Cassi. CASSIUS  
Most Noble Brother, you haue done me wrong.Most noble brother, you have done me wrong. JC IV.ii.37
Iudge me you Gods; wrong I mine Enemies?Judge me, you gods; wrong I mine enemies? JC IV.ii.38
And if not so, how should I wrong a Brother.And if not so, how should I wrong a brother? JC IV.ii.39
Cassi. CASSIUS  
Brutus, this sober forme of yours, hides wrongs,Brutus, this sober form of yours hides wrongs;sober (adj.)sedate, staid, demure, graveJC IV.ii.40
form (n.)
old form: forme
way of behaving, behaviour, code of conduct
And when you do them---And when you do them –  JC IV.ii.41.1
Cassius, be content,Cassius, be content.content (adj.)satisfied, calm, easy in mindJC IV.ii.41.2
Speake your greefes softly, I do know you well.Speak your griefs softly; I do know you well.grief (n.)
old form: greefes
grievance, complaint, hurt, injury
JC IV.ii.42
Before the eyes of both our Armies heereBefore the eyes of both our armies here, JC IV.ii.43
(Which should perceiue nothing but Loue from vs)Which should perceive nothing but love from us, JC IV.ii.44
Let vs not wrangle. Bid them moue away:Let us not wrangle. Bid them move away; JC IV.ii.45
Then in my Tent Cassius enlarge your Greefes,Then in my tent, Cassius, enlarge your griefs,enlarge (v.)release, set at large, dischargeJC IV.ii.46
And I will giue you Audience.And I will give you audience.audience (n.)hearing, attention, receptionJC IV.ii.47.1
Pindarus,Pindarus, JC IV.ii.47.2
Bid our Commanders leade their Charges offBid our commanders lead their charges offcharge (n.)company, commandJC IV.ii.48
A little from this ground.A little from this ground. JC IV.ii.49
Lucillius, do you the like, and let no manLucius, do you the like, and let no manlike, thethe sameJC IV.ii.50
Come to our Tent, till we haue done our Conference.Come to our tent till we have done our conference. JC IV.ii.51
Let Lucilius and Titinius guard our doore.Lucilius and Titinius guard our door. JC IV.ii.52
Exeunt / Manet Brutus and CassiusExeunt all except Brutus and Cassius JC IV.ii.52
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