King Lear

First folio
Modern text


Key line

Enter Kent, and Gloucester.Enter Kent and Gloucester KL
Heere is better then the open ayre,t ake itHere is better than the open air. Take it KL
thankfully: I will peece out the comfort with whatthankfully; I will piece out the comfort with whatpiece out (v.)
old form: peece
augment, increase, supplement
addition I can: I will not be long from you. addition I can. I will not be long from you. KL
Kent. KENT 
All the powre of his wits, haue giuen way to his impatience: All the power of his wits have given way to his impatience.wits, also five witsfaculties of the mind (common wit, imagination, fantasy, estimation, memory) or body (the five senses)KL
the Gods reward your kindnesse.The gods reward your kindness! KL
ExitExit Gloucester KL
Enter Lear, Edgar, and Foole.Enter Lear, Edgar, and the Fool KL
Fraterretto cals me, and tells me Nero is an AnglerFraterretto calls me and tells me Nero is an anglerFrateretto, Fraterretto (n.)[pron: frate'retoh] in Christian tradition, the name of a devilKL
Nero (n.)[pron: 'neeroh] Roman emperor, 1st-c, who slew his mother, Agrippina; said to have played on his lute while watching Rome burn; considered a model of cruelty
in the Lake of Darknesse: pray Innocent, and beware thein the lake of darkness. Pray, innocent, and beware the KL
foule Fiend.foul fiend. KL
Foole. FOOL 
Prythee Nunkle tell me, whether a madman be aPrithee, nuncle, tell me whether a madman be a KL
Gentleman, or a Yeoman.gentleman or a yeoman.yeoman (n.)man who owns property but is not a gentleman; land-holding farmerKL
Lear. LEAR 
A King, a King.A king, a king! KL
Foole. FOOL 
No, he's a Yeoman, that ha's a Gentleman to his Sonne:No! He's a yeoman that has a gentleman to his son; KL
for hee's a mad Yeoman that sees his Sonne a Gentlemanfor he's a mad yeoman that sees his son a gentleman KL
before him.before him. KL
Lear. LEAR 
To haue a thousand with red burning spitsTo have a thousand with red burning spits KL
Come hizzing in vpon 'em.Come hissing in upon 'em! KL
The foul fiend bites my back. KL
He's mad that trusts in the tameness of a wolf, a KL
horse's health, a boy's love, or a whore's oath. KL
It shall be done; I will arraign them straight.straight (adv.)straightaway, immediately, at onceKL
arraign (v.)put on trial, indict
(To Edgar) KL
Come, sit thou here, most learned justicer.justicer (n.)judgeKL
(To the Fool) KL
Thou sapient sir, sit here. No, you she-foxes – sapient (adj.)wise, learned, eruditeKL
Look where he stands and glares! Want'st thouwant (v.)lack, need, be withoutKL
eyes at trial, madam? KL
(sings) KL
Come o'er the burn, Bessy, to me. KL
(sings) KL
Her boat hath a leak KL
And she must not speak KL
Why she dares not come over to thee. KL
The foul fiend haunts Poor Tom in the voice of a KL
nightingale. Hoppedance cries in Tom's belly for two KL
white herring. Croak not, black angel! I have no food forwhite (adj.)fresh, unsmokedKL
croak (v.)rumble, growl
thee. KL
How do you, sir? Stand you not so amazed.amazed (adj.)dumbfounded, stunned, thunderstruck, overwhelmedKL
Will you lie down and rest upon the cushings?cushing (n.)cushionKL
I'll see their trial first; bring in their evidence.evidence (n.)evidence against someone, witnesses for the prosecutionKL
(To Edgar) KL
Thou robed man of justice, take thy place. KL
(To the Fool) KL
And thou, his yoke-fellow of equity,yoke-fellow (n.)fellow-worker, comrade, partnerKL
equity (n.)justice, impartiality, fairness
Bench by his side. (To Kent) You are o'the commission;bench (v.)take a seat on the benchKL
commission (n.)formal body comprising justices of the peace
Sit you too. KL
Let us deal justly. KL
Sleepest or wakest thou, jolly shepherd? KL
Thy sheep be in the corn, KL
And for one blast of thy minikin mouthminikin (adj.)shrill; or: dainty, tinyKL
Thy sheep shall take no harm. KL
Pur, the cat is grey. KL
Arraign her first. 'Tis Gonerill! I here take my oatharraign (v.)put on trial, indictKL
before this honourable assembly she kicked the poor KL
King her father. KL
Come hither, mistress. Is your name Gonerill? KL
She cannot deny it. KL
Cry you mercy, I took you for a joint-stool.joint-stool, join-stool, joined-stool (n.)well-made stool [by a joiner] [also used in phrases of ridicule]KL
And here's another whose warped looks proclaimwarped (adj.)twisted, distortedKL
What store her heart is made on. Stop her there!make on (v.)make of, compose, formKL
store (n.)abundance, plenty, surplus, quantity
Arms, arms, sword, fire! Corruption in the place! KL
False justicer, why hast thou let her 'scape?scape, 'scape (v.)escape, avoidKL
justicer (n.)judge
false (adj.)treacherous, traitorous, perfidious
Blesse thy fiue wits.Bless thy five wits!wits, also five wits
old form: fiue
faculties of the mind (common wit, imagination, fantasy, estimation, memory) or body (the five senses)
Kent. KENT 
O pitty: Sir, where is the patience nowO pity! Sir, where is the patience now KL
That you so oft haue boasted to retaine?That you so oft have boasted to retain?oft (adv.)oftenKL
Edg. EDGAR  
(aside) KL
My teares begin to take his part so much,My tears begin to take his part so much KL
They marre my counterfetting.They mar my counterfeiting. KL
Lear. LEAR 
The little dogges, and all;The little dogs and all –  KL
Trey, Blanch, and Sweet-heart: see, they barke at me. Trey, Blanch, and Sweetheart – see, they bark at me. KL
Tom, will throw his head at them: Auaunt youTom will throw his head at them. Avaunt, youavaunt (int.)
old form: Auaunt
be gone, go away, be off
Curres,curs! KL
be thy mouth or blacke or white:Be thy mouth or black or white, KL
Tooth that poysons if it bite:Tooth that poisons if it bite, KL
Mastiffe, Grey-hound, Mongrill, Grim,Mastiff, greyhound, mongrel grim, KL
Hound or Spaniell, Brache, or Hym:Hound or spaniel, brach or lym,lym (n.)
old form: Hym
[doubtful reading] bloodhound
brach (n.)
old form: Brache
hound [which hunts by scent], bitch
Or Bobtaile tight, or Troudle taile,Or bobtail tike, or trundle-tail,tike (n.)cur, mongrelKL
trundle-tail (n.)
old form: Troudle taile
dog with a trailing tail, curly-tailed dog
bobtail (adj.)
old form: Bobtaile
with a docked tail
Tom will make him weepe and waile,Tom will make him weep and wail; KL
For with throwing thus my head;For, with throwing thus my head, KL
Dogs leapt the hatch, and all are fled.Dogs leapt the hatch and all are fled.hatch (n.)lower part of a door, half-door, gateKL
Do, de, de, de: sese: Come, march to Wakes and Fayres,Do de, de, de. Sese! Come, march to wakes and fairssessa, sesey, sese (int.)[cry of encouragement used in hunting, fencing] be off, off you goKL
wake (n.)festival, revel, fete
And Market Townes: poore Tom thy horne is dry,and market-towns. Poor Tom, thy horn is dry.horn (n.)
old form: horne
Lear. LEAR 
Then let them Anatomize Regan: See what breedsThen let them anatomize Regan, see what breedsanatomize, annothanize (v.)dissect, reveal, lay openKL
about her heart. Is there any cause in Nature that makeabout her heart. Is there any cause in nature that makesnature (n.)human natureKL
these hard-hearts. You sir, I entertaine for one of my hundred; these hard hearts? You, sir, I entertain for one of my hundred.entertain (v.)
old form: entertaine
hire, employ, maintain, take into service
only, I do not like the fashion of your garments.Only I do not like the fashion of your garments. KL
You will say they are Persian; but let them bee chang'd.You will say they are Persian; but let them be changed. KL
Kent. KENT 
Now good my Lord, lye heere, and rest awhile.Now, good my lord, lie here and rest awhile. KL
Lear. LEAR 
Make no noise, make no noise, draw the Curtaines: Make no noise, make no noise; draw the curtains. KL
so, so, wee'l go to Supper i'th'morning.So, so. We'll to supper i'the morning. KL
Foole. FOOL 
And Ile go to bed at noone.And I'll go to bed at noon. KL
Enter Gloster.Enter Gloucester KL
Come hither Friend: / Where is the King my Master?Come hither, friend. Where is the King my master? KL
Kent. KENT 
Here Sir, but trouble him not, his wits are gon.Here, sir; but trouble him not; his wits are gone.wits, also five witsfaculties of the mind (common wit, imagination, fantasy, estimation, memory) or body (the five senses)KL
Good friend, I prythee take him in thy armes;Good friend, I prithee, take him in thy arms; KL
I haue ore-heard a plot of death vpon him:I have o'erheard a plot of death upon him. KL
There is a Litter ready, lay him in't,There is a litter ready; lay him in'tlitter (n.)[transportable] bed, couchKL
And driue toward Douer friend, where thou shalt meeteAnd drive toward Dover, friend, where thou shalt meetdrive (v.)
old form: driue
hasten, fly, move off quickly
Both welcome, and protection. Take vp thy Master,Both welcome and protection. Take up thy master; KL
If thou should'st dally halfe an houre, his lifeIf thou shouldst dally half an hour, his life,dally (v.)delay, linger, loiterKL
With thine, and all that offer to defend him,With thine and all that offer to defend him, KL
Stand in assured losse. Take vp, take vp,Stand in assured loss. Take up, take up,stand (v.)continue, remain, wait, stay putKL
loss (n.)
old form: losse
perdition, destruction
assured (adj.)certain, definite, sure
And follow me, that will to some prouisionAnd follow me, that will to some provisionprovision (n.)
old form: prouision
supply of necessities
Giue thee quicke conduct. Come, come, away. Give thee quick conduct.conduct (n.)guidance, directionKL
Oppressed nature sleeps. KL
This rest might yet have balmed thy broken sinewssinew (n.)nerveKL
balm (v.)soothe, relieve, heal
Which, if convenience will not allow,convenience (n.)opportunity, occasion, suitable momentKL
Stand in hard cure. (To the Fool) Come, help to bear thy master.stand (v.)continue, remain, wait, stay putKL
hard (adj.)difficult, not easy [to obtain]
cure (n.)state of health, condition, soundness
Thou must not stay behind. KL
Come, come, away! KL
Exeunt Kent, Gloucester, and the Fool, KL
bearing off the King KL
When we our betters see bearing our woes, KL
We scarcely think our miseries our foes. KL
Who alone suffers, suffers most i'the mind, KL
Leaving free things and happy shows behind;show (n.)spectacle, display, ceremonyKL
free (adj.)free of worry, untroubled, carefree
But then the mind much sufferance doth o'erskipoverskip (v.)pass over without noticing, jump lightly overKL
sufferance (n.)distress, suffering, hardship
When grief hath mates, and bearing fellowship.mate (n.)companion, associate, comradeKL
bearing (n.)carrying of hardships, enduring of woes
How light and portable my pain seems now,portable (adj.)bearable, supportable, endurableKL
When that which makes me bend makes the King bow –  KL
He childed as I fathered. Tom, away!child (v.)be dealt with by childrenKL
father (v.)be dealt with by a father
Mark the high noises, and thyself bewraynoise (n.)report, rumour, newsKL
mark (v.)note, pay attention [to], take notice [of]
high (adj.)important, major, special
bewray (v.)show, unmask, make known
When false opinion, whose wrong thoughts defile thee,opinion (n.)public opinion, popular judgementKL
false (adj.)wrong, mistaken
In thy just proof repeals and reconciles thee.proof (n.)making good, showing to be loyalKL
repeal (v.)recall, call back [from exile]
What will hap more tonight, safe 'scape the King!scape, 'scape (v.)escape, avoidKL
hap (v.)happen, take place, come to pass
Lurk, lurk!lurk (v.)keep hidden, stay out of sightKL
Exit KL
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