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Antony and CleopatraAC III.xiii.44To follow with allegiance a fallen lordTo follow with Allegeance a falne Lord,
HamletHam IV.v.133To hell allegiance! Vows to the blackest devil!To hell Allegeance: Vowes, to the blackest diuell.
Henry IV Part 11H4 III.ii.52That I did pluck allegiance from men's hearts,That I did plucke Allegeance from mens hearts,
Henry VH5 II.ii.4As if allegiance in their bosoms sat,As if allegeance in their bosomes sate
Henry VI Part 11H6 III.i.86We charge you, on allegiance to ourself,We charge you, on allegeance to our selfe,
Henry VI Part 11H6 V.iv.169Then swear allegiance to his majesty:Then sweare Allegeance to his Maiesty,
Henry VI Part 11H6 V.v.43And keep the Frenchmen in allegiance.And keepe the Frenchmen in Allegeance.
Henry VI Part 22H6 V.i.20Against thy oath and true allegiance sworn,Against thy Oath, and true Allegeance sworne,
Henry VI Part 22H6 V.i.179Hast thou not sworn allegiance unto me?Hast thou not sworne Allegeance vnto me?
Henry VI Part 33H6 III.i.70And we his subjects, sworn in all allegiance,And we his subiects, sworne in all Allegeance,
Henry VI Part 33H6 IV.vii.19For now we owe allegiance unto Henry.For now we owe allegeance vnto Henry.
Henry VIIIH8 I.ii.62Allegiance in them. Their curses nowAllegeance in them; their curses now
Henry VIIIH8 V.iii.43With less allegiance in it! Men that makeWith lesse Allegeance in it. Men that make
King Edward IIIE3 II.i.260Forgetting your allegiance and your oath?Forgetting your alleageance, and your othe,
King Edward IIIE3 IV.i.6To swear allegiance to his majesty:To sweare allegeance to his maiesty:
King Edward IIIE3 V.i.86His name shall keep me in allegiance still,His name shall keepe me in alleagaunce still,
King Edward IIIE3 V.i.101Protesting true allegiance to your grace.Protesting true allegeaunce to your Grace.
King JohnKJ III.i.175From his allegiance to an heretic;From his Allegeance to an heretique,
King JohnKJ V.i.10Swearing allegiance and the love of soulSwearing Allegiance, and the loue of soule
King LearKL I.i.167On thine allegiance hear me!That thou hast sought to make vs breake our vowes,
MacbethMac II.i.28My bosom franchised and allegiance clear,My Bosome franchis'd, and Allegeance cleare,
Much Ado About NothingMA I.i.193I charge thee on thy allegiance.I charge thee on thy allegeance.
Much Ado About NothingMA I.i.195dumb man, I would have you think so; but, on my allegiance,dumbe man, I would haue you thinke so (but on my allegiance,
Much Ado About NothingMA I.i.196mark you this, on my allegiance – he is in love.marke you this, on my allegiance) hee is in loue,
Much Ado About NothingMA III.iii.5them, if they should have any allegiance in them, beingthem, if they should haue any allegiance in them, being
Richard IIR2 II.i.208Which honour and allegiance cannot think.Which honor and allegeance cannot thinke.
Richard IIR2 III.iii.37And sends allegiance and true faith of heartand sends allegeance / And true faith of heart
Richard IIIR3 I.iii.170And thou a kingdom – all of you allegiance.And thou a Kingdome; all of you, allegeance:
The Winter's TaleWT II.iii.120.2On your allegiance,On your Allegeance,
The Winter's TaleWT III.ii.18open, thou, Hermione, contrary to the faith and allegianceopen, thou (Hermione) contrary to theFaith and Allegeance


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allegiantloyal, faithful, stemming from allegiance
duteousdutiful, obedient, of allegiance
fallbecome estranged, withdraw from allegiance
fealty[feudal obligation of obedience] duty of loyalty, allegiance, fidelity
homageact of homage, acknowledgement of allegiance
limitpermitted extent, bounds [of allegiance]
revoltchange sides, alter allegiance, desert
subscriptionobedience, allegiance; or: approval, support
trueloyal, firm, faithful in allegiance
truthloyalty, allegiance, faithfulness
vassalageservitude, subjection, total allegiance


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acknowledgement of allegiancehomage
allegiance, acknowledgement ofhomage
allegiance, alterrevolt
allegiance, faithful intrue
allegiance, ofduteous
allegiance, stemming fromallegiant
allegiance, totalvassalage
allegiance, withdraw fromfall
alter allegiancerevolt
faithful in allegiancetrue
withdraw from allegiancefall

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ALLEGIANCEBASICallegiance n, allegiant adj


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