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The Comedy of ErrorsCE I.i.25cannot amount unto a hundred markscannot amount vnto a hundred markes
The Comedy of ErrorsCE IV.i.30which doth amount to three odd ducats morewhich doth amount to three odde duckets more
Henry VH5 III.ii.31for indeed three such antics do not amount to a manfor indeed three such antiques doe not amount to a man
Henry VI Part 33H6 II.i.180will but amount to five-and-twenty thousandwill but amount to fiue and twenty thousand
Love's Labour's LostLLL I.ii.47it doth amount to one more than twoit doth amount to one more then two
Love's Labour's LostLLL V.ii.493doth amountdoth amount
Love's Labour's LostLLL V.ii.499sir will show whereuntil it doth amount for minesir will shew where-vntill it doth amount for mine


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abatementmeans remaining reduced amount [of money]
arrearagearrears overdue payment outstanding amount
blank charterpromissory document with the amount to pay left open
deal amount quantity
degreemeasure extent amount
deniertenth of a penny [trivial sum paltry amount]
doit[small dutch coin = half an english farthing] trivial sum worthless amount trifle
dramtiny amount small quantity
duedebt liability amount owing
estimationestimated amount reckoning
extremityutmost degree greatest amount
fine[legal] fee contracted amount
grossoverall total whole amount
heightmaximum highest amount utmost degree
masssize numbers large amount
measureextent size amount quantity mass
modicumlimited quantity tiny amount
moreadditional amount extra quantity
pennorth amount quantity sum
pennyworth amount quantity sum
pennyworthsmall amount little bit
pintrifle triviality insignificant amount
proportionpart portion amount
quantityequal amount same proportion
quantityfragment little piece tiny amount
ransommoney owing amount to be paid
ratequantity amount instance
receiptsum received amount obtained
remainderbalance amount remaining unpaid
scalebalance quantity amount
scotpayment contribution small amount
scrupletiny amount last ounce
sum amount of money
winkleast bit smallest amount


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additional amountmore
amount obtainedreceipt
amount of moneysum
amount outstandingarrearage
amount owingdue
amount remaining unpaidremainder
amount to be paidransom
amount additionalmore
amount contractedfine
amount equalquantity
amount estimatedestimation
amount greatestextremity
amount highestheight
amount insignificantpin
amount largemass
amount paltrydenier
amount reduced [of money]abatement
amount smallpennyworth
amount smallscot
amount smallestwink
amount tinydram
amount tinymodicum
amount tinyquantity
amount tinyscruple
amount wholegross
amount worthlessdoit
contracted amountfine
equal amountquantity
estimated amountestimation
greatest amountextremity
highest amountheight
insignificant amountpin
large amountmass
measure [ amount]bemete be-mete
measure [ amount]compass
measure [ amount]degree
measure [ amount]fill
measure [ amount]peck
measure [ amount]proportion
measure [ amount]push
measure [ amount]reckon
measure [ amount]size
measure [ amount]strike
measure [ amount]take
measure [ amount]taste
money amount ofsum
obtain an amountreceipt
outstanding amountarrearage
owing an amountdue
pay an amountransom
promissory document with the amount to pay left openblank charter
reduced amount [of money]abatement
small amountpennyworth
small amountscot
smallest amountwink
tiny amountdram
tiny amountmodicum
tiny amountquantity
tiny amountscruple
unpaid amountremainder
worthless amountdoit

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Here, there, and where...lll v ii 492 we know whereuntil it doth amount to which /what +unto it...
Money...e terms which express the idea of a tiny amount are given with a quotation to illustrate...
...r conventional expression for a trivial amount forty pence h8 ii iii 89 is it bit...
...proverbial for a small sum the standard amount of a bet or fee solidare tim iii i...

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Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
amountBASIC amount v
scoreBASIC amount


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