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Most faire returne of Greetings, and Desires.Most fair return of greetings and desires.Ham II.ii.60
Vpon our first, he sent out to suppresseUpon our first, he sent out to suppressHam II.ii.61
His Nephewes Leuies, which to him appear'dHis nephew's levies, which to him appearedHam II.ii.62
To be a preparation 'gainst the Poleak:To be a preparation 'gainst the Polack,Ham II.ii.63
But better look'd into, he truly foundBut, better looked into, he truly foundHam II.ii.64
It was against your Highnesse, whereat greeued,It was against your highness; whereat grieved,Ham II.ii.65
That so his Sicknesse, Age, and ImpotenceThat so his sickness, age, and impotenceHam II.ii.66
Was falsely borne in hand, sends out ArrestsWas falsely borne in hand, sends out arrestsHam II.ii.67
On Fortinbras, which he (in breefe) obeyes,On Fortinbras; which he in brief obeys,Ham II.ii.68
Receiues rebuke from Norwey: and in fine,Receives rebuke from Norway, and in fineHam II.ii.69
Makes Vow before his Vnkle, neuer moreMakes vow before his uncle never moreHam II.ii.70
To giue th'assay of Armes against your Maiestie.To give th' assay of arms against your majesty.Ham II.ii.71
Whereon old Norwey, ouercome with ioy,Whereon old Norway, overcome with joy,Ham II.ii.72
Giues him three thousand Crownes in Annuall Fee,Gives him three thousand crowns in annual feeHam II.ii.73
And his Commission to imploy those SoldiersAnd his commission to employ those soldiers,Ham II.ii.74
So leuied as before, against the Poleak:So levied as before, against the Polack,Ham II.ii.75
With an intreaty heerein further shewne,With an entreaty, herein further shown,Ham II.ii.76
That it might please you to giue quiet passeThat it might please you to give quiet passHam II.ii.77
Through your Dominions, for his Enterprize,Through your dominions for this enterprise,Ham II.ii.78
On such regards of safety and allowance,On such regards of safety and allowanceHam II.ii.79
As therein are set downe.As therein are set down.Ham II.ii.80.1

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