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Sir, I would aduise you to shift a Shirt; theSir, I would advise you to shift a shirt; theCym I.iii.1
Violence of Action hath made you reek as a Sacrifice:violence of action hath made you reek as a sacrifice:Cym I.iii.2
where ayre comes out, ayre comes in: There's nonewhere air comes out, air comes in: there's noneCym I.iii.3
abroad so wholesome as that you vent.abroad so wholesome as that you vent.Cym I.iii.4
Hurt him? His bodie's a passable Carkasse if heHurt him? His body's a passable carcass, if heCym I.iii.8
bee not hurt. It is a through-fare for Steele if it be notbe not hurt. It is a throughfare for steel, if it be notCym I.iii.9
hurt.hurtCym I.iii.10
Stand you? you haue Land enough of yourStand you? You have land enough of yourCym I.iii.16
owne: / But he added to your hauing, gaue you someown: but he added to your having, gave you someCym I.iii.17
ground.ground.Cym I.iii.18
Sir, as I told you alwayes: her Beauty & herSir, as I told you always, her beauty and herCym I.iii.27
Braine go not together. Shee's a good signe, but I haue brain go not together. She's a good sign, but I haveCym I.iii.28
seene small reflection of her wit.seen small reflection of her wit.Cym I.iii.29
Ile attend your Lordship.I'll attend your lordship.Cym I.iii.37
What got he by that? you haue broke his pateWhat got he by that? You have broke his pateCym II.i.7
with your Bowle.with your bowl.Cym II.i.8
Did you heere of a Stranger that's come to CourtDid you hear of a stranger that's come to courtCym II.i.32
night?tonight?Cym II.i.33
There's an Italian come, and 'tis thought oneThere's an Italian come, and 'tis thought oneCym II.i.37
of Leonatus Friends.of Leonatus' friends.Cym II.i.38
One of your Lordships Pages.One of your lordship's pages.Cym II.i.41
Your Lordship is the most patient man in losse,Your lordship is the most patient man in loss,Cym II.iii.1
the most coldest that euer turn'd vp Ace.the most coldest that ever turned up ace.Cym II.iii.2
But not euery man patient after the noble temperBut not every man patient after the noble temperCym II.iii.4
of your Lordship; You are most hot, and furiousof your lordship. You are most hot and furiousCym II.iii.5
when you winne.when you win.Cym II.iii.6
Day, my Lord.Day, my lord.Cym II.iii.10
we do.We do.Cym III.i.54.2
Good my Liege,Good my liege,Cym IV.iii.16.2
The day that she was missing, he was heere;The day that she was missing, he was here:Cym IV.iii.17
I dare be bound hee's true, and shall performeI dare be bound he's true, and shall performCym IV.iii.18
All parts of his subiection loyally. For Cloten,All parts of his subjection loyally. For Cloten,Cym IV.iii.19
There wants no diligence in seeking him,There wants no diligence in seeking him,Cym IV.iii.20
And will no doubt be found.And will no doubt be found.Cym IV.iii.21.1
So please your Maiesty,So please your majesty,Cym IV.iii.23.2
The Romaine Legions, all from Gallia drawne,The Roman legions, all from Gallia drawn,Cym IV.iii.24
Are landed on your Coast, with a supplyAre landed on your coast, with a supplyCym IV.iii.25
Of Romaine Gentlemen, by the Senate sent.Of Roman gentlemen, by the Senate sent.Cym IV.iii.26
Good my Liege,Good my liege,Cym IV.iii.28.2
Your preparation can affront no lesseYour preparation can affront no lessCym IV.iii.29
Then what you heare of. Come more, for more you're ready:Than what you hear of. Come more, for more you're ready:Cym IV.iii.30
The want is, but to put those Powres in motion,The want is but to put those powers in motionCym IV.iii.31
That long to moue.That long to move.Cym IV.iii.32.1

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