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No faith: not so much as his patience.No, faith: not so much as his patience.Cym I.iii.7
His Steele was in debt, it went o'th'Backe-sideHis steel was in debt, it went o'th' backsideCym I.iii.11
the Towne.the town.Cym I.iii.12
No, but he fled forward still, towardNo, but he fled forward still, towardCym I.iii.14
your face.your face.Cym I.iii.15
As many Inches, as you haue OceansAs many inches as you have oceans.Cym I.iii.19
(Puppies.)Puppies!Cym I.iii.20
So would I, till you had measur'd howSo would I, till you had measured howCym I.iii.22
long a Foole you were vpon the ground.long a fool you were upon the ground.Cym I.iii.23
If it be a sin to make a true election, sheIf it be a sin to make a true election, sheCym I.iii.25
is damn' damned.Cym I.iii.26
She shines not vpon Fooles, least the reflectionShe shines not upon fools, lest the reflectionCym I.iii.30
Should hurt her.should hurt her.Cym I.iii.31
I wish not so, vnlesse it had bin the fallI wish not so, unless it had been the fallCym I.iii.34
of an Asse, which is no great hurt.of an ass, which is no great hurt.Cym I.iii.35
Well my Lord. Well my lord.Cym I.iii.39
If his wit had bin like him that brokeIf his wit had been like him that brokeCym II.i.9
it: it would haue run all, it would have run all out.Cym II.i.10
No my Lord; nor crop the eares of them.No, my lord; (aside) nor crop the ears of them.Cym II.i.13
To haue smell'd like a Foole.To have smelt like a fool.Cym II.i.16
You are Cocke and Capon too, and youYou are cock and capon too, and youCym II.i.23
crow Cock, with your combe on.crow, cock, with your comb on.Cym II.i.24
It is not fit you Lordship should vndertakeIt is not fit your lordship should undertakeCym II.i.26
euery Companion, that you giue offence too.every companion that you give offence to.Cym II.i.27
I, it is fit for your Lordship onely.Ay, it is fit for your lordship only.Cym II.i.30
He's a strange Fellow himselfe, andHe's a strange fellow himself, andCym II.i.35
knowes it not.knows it not.Cym II.i.36
You cannot derogate my Lord.You cannot derogate, my lord.Cym II.i.44
You are a Foole graunted, therefore yourYou are a fool granted, therefore yourCym II.i.46
Issues being foolish do not derogate.issues being foolish do not derogate.Cym II.i.47
Ile attend your Lordship.I'll attend your lordship.Cym II.i.50
That such a craftie Diuell as is his MotherThat such a crafty devil as is his motherCym II.i.51
Should yeild the world this Asse: A woman, thatShould yield the world this ass! A woman thatCym II.i.52
Beares all downe with her Braine, and this her Sonne,Bears all down with her brain, and this her sonCym II.i.53
Cannot take two from twenty for his heart,Cannot take two from twenty, for his heart,Cym II.i.54
And leaue eighteene. Alas poore Princesse,And leave eighteen. Alas, poor princess,Cym II.i.55
Thou diuine Imogen, what thou endur'st,Thou divine Innogen, what thou endur'st,Cym II.i.56
Betwixt a Father by thy Step-dame gouern'd,Betwixt a father by thy stepdame governed,Cym II.i.57
A Mother hourely coyning plots: A Wooer,A mother hourly coining plots, a wooerCym II.i.58
More hatefull then the foule expulsion isMore hateful than the foul expulsion isCym II.i.59
Of thy deere Husband. Then that horrid ActOf thy dear husband, than that horrid actCym II.i.60
Of the diuorce, heel'd make the Heauens hold firmeOf the divorce, he'ld make. The heavens hold firmCym II.i.61
The walls of thy deere Honour. Keepe vnshak'dThe walls of thy dear honour, keep unshakedCym II.i.62
That Temple thy faire mind, that thou maist standThat temple, thy fair mind, that thou mayst stand,Cym II.i.63
T'enioy thy banish'd Lord: and this great Land. T' enjoy thy banished lord and this great land!Cym II.i.64
Heere comes the King.Here comes the king.Cym II.iii.30
we do.We do.Cym III.i.54.2

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