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Call'd you, my Lord?Called you, my lord?JC II.i.6
I will, my Lord. I will, my lord.JC II.i.9
The Taper burneth in your Closet, Sir:The taper burneth in your closet, sir.JC II.i.35
Searching the Window for a Flint, I foundSearching the window for a flint, I foundJC II.i.36
This Paper, thus seal'd vp, and I am sureThis paper, thus sealed up; and I am sureJC II.i.37
It did not lye there when I went to Bed.It did not lie there when I went to bed.JC II.i.38
I know not, Sir.I know not, sir.JC II.i.41
I will, Sir. I will, sir.JC II.i.43
Sir, March is wasted fifteene dayes.Sir, March is wasted fifteen days.JC II.i.59
Sir, 'tis your Brother Cassius at the Doore,Sir, 'tis your brother Cassius at the door,JC II.i.70
Who doth desire to see you.Who doth desire to see you.JC II.i.71.1
No, Sir, there are moe with him.No, sir, there are more with him.JC II.i.72.1
No, Sir, their Hats are pluckt about their Eares,No, sir, their hats are plucked about their ears,JC II.i.73
And halfe their Faces buried in their Cloakes,And half their faces buried in their cloaks,JC II.i.74
That by no meanes I may discouer them,That by no means I may discover themJC II.i.75
By any marke of fauour.By any mark of favour.JC II.i.76.1
Heere is a sicke man that would speak with you.Here is a sick man that would speak with you.JC II.i.310
To know my errand Madam.To know my errand, madam.JC II.iv.3.2
Madam, what should I do?Madam, what should I do?JC II.iv.10.2
Run to the Capitoll, and nothing else?Run to the Capitol and nothing else?JC II.iv.11
And so returne to you, and nothing else?And so return to you, and nothing else?JC II.iv.12
I heare none Madam.I hear none, madam.JC II.iv.17.1
Sooth Madam, I heare nothing.Sooth, madam, I hear nothing.JC II.iv.20
Heere in the Tent.Here in the tent.JC IV.iii.238.1
Varrus, and Claudio.Varro and Claudius!JC IV.iii.242
I was sure your Lordship did not giue it me.I was sure your lordship did not give it me.JC IV.iii.252
I my Lord, an't please you.Ay, my lord, an't please you.JC IV.iii.256.1
It is my duty Sir.It is my duty, sir.JC IV.iii.258
I haue slept my Lord already.I have slept, my lord, already.JC IV.iii.261
The strings my Lord, are false.The strings, my lord, are false.JC IV.iii.289
My Lord.My lord?JC IV.iii.292
My Lord, I do not know that I did cry.My lord, I do not know that I did cry.JC IV.iii.294
Nothing my Lord.Nothing, my lord.JC IV.iii.296

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