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Was euer Scythia halfe so barbarous?Was never Scythia half so barbarous.Tit I.i.134
Demetrius, thou doo'st ouer-weene in all,Demetrius, thou dost overween in all,Tit II.i.29
And so in this, to beare me downe with braues,And so in this, to bear me down with braves.Tit II.i.30
'Tis not the difference of a yeere or two'Tis not the difference of a year or twoTit II.i.31
Makes me lesse gracious, or thee more fortunate:Makes me less gracious, or thee more fortunate:Tit II.i.32
I am as able, and as fit, as thou,I am as able and as fit as thouTit II.i.33
To serue, and to deserue my Mistris grace,To serve and to deserve my mistress' grace,Tit II.i.34
And that my sword vpon thee shall approue,And that my sword upon thee shall approve,Tit II.i.35
And plead my passions for Lauinia's loue.And plead my passions for Lavinia's love.Tit II.i.36
Meanewhile sir, with the little skill I haue,Meanwhile, sir, with the little skill I have,Tit II.i.43
Full well shalt thou perceiue how much I dare.Full well shalt thou perceive how much I dare.Tit II.i.44
For that I am prepar'd, and full resolu'd,For that I am prepared and full resolved,Tit II.i.57
Foule spoken Coward, / That thundrest with thy tongue,Foul-spoken coward, that thund'rest with thy tongueTit II.i.58
And with thy weapon nothing dar'st performe.And with thy weapon nothing dar'st perform.Tit II.i.59
I care not I, knew she and all the world,I care not, I, knew she and all the world:Tit II.i.71
I loue Lauinia more then all the world.I love Lavinia more than all the world.Tit II.i.72
Aaron, a thousand deaths Aaron, a thousand deathsTit II.i.79.2
would I propose, / To atchieue her whom I do loue.Would I propose to achieve her whom I love.Tit II.i.80
I so the turne were serued.Ay, so the turn were served.Tit II.i.96.2
Faith not me.Faith, not me.Tit II.i.101.1
Thy counsell Lad smells of no cowardise.Thy counsel, lad, smells of no cowardice.Tit II.i.132
And this for me, / Strook home to shew my strength.And this for me, struck home to show my strength.Tit II.iii.117
And if she doe, / I would I were an Eunuch,And if she do, I would I were an eunuch.Tit II.iii.128
Drag hence her husband to some secret hole,Drag hence her husband to some secret hole,Tit II.iii.129
And make his dead Trunke-Pillow to our lust.And make his dead trunk pillow to our lust.Tit II.iii.130
I warrant you Madam we will make that sure:I warrant you, madam, we will make that sure.Tit II.iii.133
Come Mistris, now perforce we will enioy,Come, mistress, now perforce we will enjoyTit II.iii.134
That nice-preserued honesty of yours.That nice-preserved honesty of yours.Tit II.iii.135
What, / Would'st thou haue me proue myselfe a bastard?What, wouldst thou have me prove myself a bastard?Tit II.iii.148
Nay then Ile stop your mouthNay then, I'll stop your mouth.Tit II.iii.184.2
Bring thou her husband,(To Demetrius) Bring thou her husband.Tit II.iii.185
This is the Hole where Aaron bid vs hide him.This is the hole where Aaron bid us hide him.Tit II.iii.186
Write downe thy mind, bewray thy meaning so,Write down thy mind, bewray thy meaning so,Tit II.iv.3
And if thy stumpes will let thee play the Scribe.And if thy stumps will let thee play the scribe.Tit II.iv.4
Goe home, / Call for sweet water, wash thy hands.Go home, call for sweet water, wash thy hands.Tit II.iv.6
And t'were my cause, I should goe hang myselfe.An 'twere my cause, I should go hang myself.Tit II.iv.9
Demetrius heeres the sonne of Lucius,Demetrius, here's the son of Lucius;Tit IV.ii.1
He hath some message to deliuer vs.He hath some message to deliver us.Tit IV.ii.2
O 'tis a verse in Horace, I know it well.O, 'tis a verse in Horace, I know it well;Tit IV.ii.22
I read it in the Grammer long agoe.I read it in the grammar long ago.Tit IV.ii.23
A charitable wish, and full of loue.A charitable wish, and full of love.Tit IV.ii.43
And that would she for twenty thousand more.And that would she, for twenty thousand more.Tit IV.ii.45
Belike for ioy the Emperour hath a sonne.Belike for joy the Emperor hath a son.Tit IV.ii.50
Thou hast vndone our mother.Thou hast undone our mother.Tit IV.ii.75
It shall not liue.It shall not live.Tit IV.ii.80.1
Rome will despise her for this foule escape.Rome will despise her for this foul escape.Tit IV.ii.112
I blush to thinke vpon this ignominie.I blush to think upon this ignomy.Tit IV.ii.114
Aaron I see thou wilt not ttust the ayre Aaron, I see thou wilt not trust the airTit IV.ii.168
with secrets.With secrets.Tit IV.ii.169.1
Shew me a Villaine that hath done a Rape,Show me a villain that hath done a rape,Tit V.ii.94
And I am sent to be reueng'd on him.And I am sent to be revenged on him.Tit V.ii.95
Tell vs old man, how shall we be imploy'd?Tell us, old man, how shall we be employed?Tit V.ii.149
Villaines forbeare, we are the Empresse Sonnes.Villains, forbear! We are the Empress' sons.Tit V.ii.161

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