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Titus two Sonnes speakes.MARTIUS and QUINTUS
And shall, or him we will accompany.And shall, or him we will accompany.Tit I.i.361
He that would vouch'd it in any place but heere.He that would vouch it in any place but here.Tit I.i.363
Not I tell Mutius bones be buried.Not I, till Mutius' bones be buried.Tit I.i.372
Father, and in that name doth nature speake.Father, and in that name doth nature speak – Tit I.i.374
No man shed teares for Noble Mutius,No man shed tears for noble Mutius;Tit I.i.392
He liues in Fame, that di'd in vertues cause.He lives in fame, that died in virtue's cause.Tit I.i.393
And mine I promise you, were it not for shame,And mine, I promise you. Were it not for shame,Tit II.iii.196
Well could I leaue our sport to sleepe a while.Well could I leave our sport to sleep awhile.Tit II.iii.197
Oh Brother, / With the dismal'st obiectO brother, with the dismall'st object hurtTit II.iii.204
That euer eye with sight made heart lament.That ever eye with sight made heart lament.Tit II.iii.205
Why dost not comfort me and helpe me out,Why dost not comfort me and help me outTit II.iii.209
From this vnhallow'd and blood-stained Hole?From this unhallowed and blood-stained hole?Tit II.iii.210
To proue thou hast a true diuining heart,To prove thou hast a true-divining heart,Tit II.iii.214
Aaron and thou looke downe into this den,Aaron and thou look down into this denTit II.iii.215
And see a fearefull sight of blood and death.And see a fearful sight of blood and death.Tit II.iii.216
Lord Bassianus lies embrewed heere,Lord Bassianus lies berayed in bloodTit II.iii.222
All on a heape like to the slaughtred Lambe,All on a heap, like to a slaughtered lamb,Tit II.iii.223
In this detested, darke, blood-drinking pit.In this detested, dark, blood-drinking pit.Tit II.iii.224
Vpon his bloody finger he doth weareUpon his bloody finger he doth wearTit II.iii.226
A precious Ring, that lightens all the Hole:A precious ring that lightens all this hole,Tit II.iii.227
Which like a Taper in some Monument,Which like a taper in some monumentTit II.iii.228
Doth shine vpon the dead mans earthly cheekes,Doth shine upon the dead man's earthy cheeks,Tit II.iii.229
And shewes the ragged intrailes of the pit:And shows the ragged entrails of this pit.Tit II.iii.230
So pale did shine the Moone on Piramus,So pale did shine the moon on PyramusTit II.iii.231
When he by night lay bath'd in Maiden blood:When he by night lay bathed in maiden blood.Tit II.iii.232
O Brother helpe me with thy fainting hand.O brother, help me with thy fainting hand – Tit II.iii.233
If feare hath made thee faint, as mee it hath,If fear hath made thee faint, as me it hath – Tit II.iii.234
Out of this fell deuouring receptacle,Out of this fell devouring receptacle,Tit II.iii.235
As hatefull as Ocitus mistie mouth.As hateful as Cocytus' misty mouth.Tit II.iii.236
Nor I no strength to clime without thy help.Nor I no strength to climb without thy help.Tit II.iii.242
The vnhappie sonne of old Andronicus,The unhappy sons of old Andronicus,Tit II.iii.250
Brought hither in a most vnluckie houre,Brought hither in a most unlucky hourTit II.iii.251
To finde thy brother Bassianus dead.To find thy brother Bassianus dead.Tit II.iii.252
We know not where you left him all aliue,We know not where you left them all alive,Tit II.iii.257
But out alas, heere haue we found him dead.But, out alas, here have we found him dead.Tit II.iii.258

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