Original textModern textKey line
My L. Aumerle, is Harry Herford arm'd.My Lord Aumerle, is Harry Hereford armed?R2 I.iii.1
The Duke of Norfolke, sprightfully and bold,The Duke of Norfolk, sprightfully and bold,R2 I.iii.3
Stayes but the summons of the Appealants Trumpet.Stays but the summons of the appellant's trumpet.R2 I.iii.4
In Gods name, and the Kings, say who yu art,In God's name and the King's, say who thou artR2 I.iii.11
And why thou com'st thus knightly clad in Armes?And why thou comest thus knightly-clad in arms,R2 I.iii.12
Against what man thou com'st, and what's thy quarrell,Against what man thou comest, and what thy quarrel.R2 I.iii.13
Speake truly on thy knighthood, and thine oath,Speak truly on thy knighthood and thy oath,R2 I.iii.14
As so defend thee heauen, and thy valour.As so defend thee heaven and thy valour!R2 I.iii.15
What is thy name? and wherfore comst yu hitherWhat is thy name? And wherefore comest thou hitherR2 I.iii.31
Before King Richard in his Royall Lists?Before King Richard in his royal lists?R2 I.iii.32
Against whom com'st thou? and what's thy quarrell?Against whom comest thou? And what's thy quarrel?R2 I.iii.33
Speake like a true Knight, so defend thee heauen.Speak like a true knight, so defend thee heaven!R2 I.iii.34
On paine of death, no person be so bold,On pain of death, no person be so boldR2 I.iii.42
Or daring hardie as to touch the Listes,Or daring-hardy as to touch the listsR2 I.iii.43
Except the Marshall, and such OfficersExcept the Marshal and such officersR2 I.iii.44
Appointed to direct these faire designes.Appointed to direct these fair designs.R2 I.iii.45
The Appealant in all duty greets your Highnes,The appellant in all duty greets your highnessR2 I.iii.52
And craues to kisse your hand, and take his leaue.And craves to kiss your hand, and take his leave.R2 I.iii.53
Harrie of Herford, Lancaster, and Derby,Harry of Hereford, Lancaster, and Derby,R2 I.iii.100
Receiue thy Launce, and heauen defend thy right.Receive thy lance; and God defend the right.R2 I.iii.101
Go beare this Lance to Thomas D. of Norfolke.Go bear this lance to Thomas, Duke of Norfolk.R2 I.iii.103
Sound Trumpets, and set forward Combatants:Sound, trumpets; and set forward, combatants!R2 I.iii.117
Stay, the King hath throwne his Warder downe.Stay! The King hath thrown his warder down.R2 I.iii.118
My Lord, no leaue take I, for I will rideMy lord, no leave take I; for I will rideR2 I.iii.251
As farre as land will let me, by your side.As far as land will let me by your side.R2 I.iii.252