Original textModern textKey line
Behind the tuft of Pines I met them, neuerBehind the tuft of pines I met them. NeverWT II.i.34
Saw I men scowre so on their way: I eyed themSaw I men scour so on their way. I eyed themWT II.i.35
Euen to their Ships.Even to their ships.WT II.i.36.1
By his great authority,By his great authority;WT II.i.53.2
Which often hath no lesse preuail'd, then so,Which often hath no less prevailed than soWT II.i.54
On your command.On your command.WT II.i.55.1
Beseech your Highnesse call the Queene againe.Beseech your highness, call the Queen again.WT II.i.126
For her (my Lord)For her, my lord,WT II.i.129.2
I dare my life lay downe, and will do't (Sir)I dare my life lay down, and will do't, sir,WT II.i.130
Please you t' accept it, that the Queene is spotlessePlease you t' accept it, that the Queen is spotlessWT II.i.131
I'th' eyes of Heauen, and to you (I meaneI'th' eyes of heaven and to you – I meanWT II.i.132
In this, which you accuse her.)In this which you accuse her.WT II.i.133.1
Good my Lord.Good my lord – WT II.i.139.3
I had rather you did lacke then I (my Lord)I had rather you did lack than I, my lord,WT II.i.158
Vpon this ground: and more it would content meUpon this ground; and more it would content meWT II.i.159
To haue her Honor true, then your suspitionTo have her honour true than your suspicion,WT II.i.160
Be blam'd for't how you might.Be blamed for't how you might.WT II.i.161.1
Well done (my Lord.)Well done, my lord.WT II.i.188
You must not enter.You must not enter.WT II.iii.26.2
Lords. LORDS
We can: my Royall Liege,We can. My royal liege,WT II.iii.143.2
He is not guiltie of her comming hither.He is not guilty of her coming hither.WT II.iii.144
Beseech your Highnesse, giue vs better credit:Beseech your highness, give us better credit.WT II.iii.146
We haue alwayes truly seru'd you, and beseech'We have always truly served you, and beseechWT II.iii.147
So to esteeme of vs: and on our knees we begge,So to esteem of us; and on our knees we beg,WT II.iii.148
(As recompence of our deare seruicesAs recompense of our dear servicesWT II.iii.149
Past, and to come) that you doe change this purpose,Past and to come, that you do change this purpose,WT II.iii.150
Which being so horrible, so bloody, mustWhich being so horrible, so bloody, mustWT II.iii.151
Lead on to some foule Issue. We all kneele.Lead on to some foul issue. We all kneel.WT II.iii.152
So please you (Sir) their speedSo please you, sir, their speedWT II.iii.196.2
Hath beene beyond accompt.Hath been beyond accompt.WT II.iii.197.1
This your requestThis your requestWT III.ii.115.2
Is altogether iust: therefore bring forthIs altogether just. Therefore bring forth,WT III.ii.116
(And in Apollo's Name) his Oracle.And in Apollo's name, his oracle.WT III.ii.117
Lords. LORDS
Now blessed be the great Apollo.Now blessed be the great Apollo!WT III.ii.135.1
What fit is this? good Lady?What fit is this, good lady?WT III.ii.172.2
The higher powres forbid.The higher powers forbid!WT III.ii.200.2
Say no more;Say no more.WT III.ii.214.2
How ere the businesse goes, you haue made faultHowe'er the business goes, you have made faultWT III.ii.215
I'th boldnesse of your speech.I'th' boldness of your speech.WT III.ii.216.1
Most Noble Sir,Most noble sir,WT V.i.177.2
That which I shall report, will beare no credit,That which I shall report will bear no credit,WT V.i.178
Were not the proofe so nigh. Please you (great Sir)Were not the proof so nigh. Please you, great sir,WT V.i.179
Bohemia greets you from himselfe, by me:Bohemia greets you from himself by me;WT V.i.180
Desires you to attach his Sonne, who ha'sDesires you to attach his son, who has – WT V.i.181
(His Dignitie, and Dutie both cast off)His dignity and duty both cast off – WT V.i.182
Fled from his Father, from his Hopes, and withFled from his father, from his hopes, and withWT V.i.183
A Shepheards Daughter.A shepherd's daughter.WT V.i.184.1
Here, in your Citie: I now came from him.Here in your city: I now came from him.WT V.i.185
I speake amazedly, and it becomesI speak amazedly, and it becomesWT V.i.186
My meruaile, and my Message. To your CourtMy marvel and my message. To your courtWT V.i.187
Whiles he was hastning (in the Chase, it seemes,Whiles he was hast'ning – in the chase, it seems,WT V.i.188
Of this faire Couple) meetes he on the wayOf this fair couple – meets he on the wayWT V.i.189
The Father of this seeming Lady, andThe father of this seeming lady, andWT V.i.190
Her Brother, hauing both their Countrey quitted,Her brother, having both their country quittedWT V.i.191
With this young Prince.With this young prince.WT V.i.192.1
Lay't so to his charge:Lay't so to his charge.WT V.i.194.2
He's with the King your Father.He's with the King your father.WT V.i.195.1
Camillo (Sir:) I spake with him: who nowCamillo, sir; I spake with him; who nowWT V.i.196
Ha's these poore men in question. Neuer saw IHas these poor men in question. Never saw IWT V.i.197
Wretches so quake: they kneele, they kisse the Earth;Wretches so quake: they kneel, they kiss the earth;WT V.i.198
Forsweare themselues as often as they speake:Forswear themselves as often as they speak;WT V.i.199
Bohemia stops his eares, and threatens themBohemia stops his ears, and threatens themWT V.i.200
With diuers deaths, in death.With divers deaths in death.WT V.i.201.1